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You know as a former clown breeder I do have to say that breeding clowns isn’t as easy as selecting your male and your female and putting them in the same enclosure. 

First, you have to make sure your female is ready to mate. If you put a male and a female together when the female is not ready, you’re going to waste time, effort, and supplies. Really, check your clowns for readiness to breed! Each breed of clown is ready to mate at different intervals (as little as 14 day cycles to as long as 3 years), so it’s probably best to do your research on your clown’s schedule. It’s fairly easy to decipher if she’s ready, once you’ve gotten down the basics of what clown readiness looks like.

This female is not ready to breed. Her natural markings are still very bright and colorful, and her “fleshy” tones only really extend on her hands and somewhat on her face. An inexperienced clown breeder might consider this clown ‘ready’ because she’s getting rather mono-chromatic with her markings on her legs and arms, but this should never be mistaken for the fleshy tone that signals a female is ready. 

This female is ready. The flesh tone has extended from her hands up to her elbows, and I’d bet you money the tone extends beneath the knee as well. Her facial markings are much brighter, and her variety and intensity of color tell me this clown and well and truly ready to mate. How exciting!

Second, your clowns have to be properly fed. I know people have previously gone over proper clown care and feeding (fresh spun cotton candy is a must, they’re obligate candyvores), but introducing the breeding pair can be a very stressful time for clowns. It’s a good idea to supplement your candy diet with some fresh salted popcorn, or maybe giant novelty lollipops- you know, regular clown treats. This will help your clowns feel more at ease as they transition into your breeding tent. 

Finally, clowns can be particular about when they mate. You’ll know it’s happening because of the distinctive high pitched honking both breeding partners produce. It can take up to a week for clowns to acclimate to their mate and the tent you’ve transferred them to, so don’t get discouraged if you put your clowns together and nothing happens for a few days! They may just be skittish. Feel free to introduce additional toys and treats like a fresh batch of balloons or a unicycle to try to help them feel comfortable. 

What I’ve found with my clowns, back when I did this, is that most clowns seemed to prefer breeding between four and seven a.m., when chances for frivolity and merriment are low regardless. Now, the honking is extremely loud, so if you are going to breed your clowns, invest in some earplugs and a white noise machine. 

That’s how you can get your clowns to mate, but this is getting really long, so I won’t go into clown gestation specifics for now, or how to care for the young. Just know your work is far from over. 





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Are commercially bred fish (such as goldfish and bettas, who have been altered by humans for their pretty tails/colors/patterns) considered domesticated? Wikipedia classed them as such but I'd like a professionals opinion in conjunction with that.

Yes, they’re considered domesticated. Humans have kept them for multiple, multiple generations and selectively bred them to an extent that they are now very different genetically and phenotypically from their wild ancestors.

For example, the Prussian Carp


Was eventually turned into multiple varieties of goldfish.

(Examples from here)

That’s the result of a long period of selective breeding. There’s some pretty strange shapes we’ve bred into those fish, several of them making me downright uncomfortable. Some of these fish can’t see in front of their face, they can’t see what they’re eating. They’re pretty, but I wish people would remember these things are alive too.

I was very keen on Bettas in my adolescence. I think the most I had was twelve at one point. I would classify them as domesticated as well, because we took a fish like this:

and bred them into these:

They’re genetically and phenotypically different from the wild type betta. It shows, too. Breeding half-moons and over half-moons is very challenging, especially if you’re using a ‘quality’ male. The volume of finnage they have to drag around is huge, and they breed by wrapping their body around a female and squeezing her. The female is lucky enough to have much shorter fins.

They are very pretty and I like them a lot, these little fish to actually have personality and attitude, but I also feel like going beyond super delta is too far.

The welfare aspects of breeding fish to such extreme shapes s generally overlooked, and will probably remain that was because fish are often viewed more like ornaments than like animals. I hope that changes, but I doubt it will happen very soon.

And I’d like to take a moment to indulge a pet peeve. Someone, somewhere, had the bright idea of taking my favorite species of fish, the beautiful pearl gourami…

… and inbreeding it to the point where we end up with creatures like this…

I mean, WHY did you have to do this? It just saddens me like you wouldn’t believe.

Just because we can do these things, doesn’t always mean we should.

 if you don’t health test or test a dogs mental state and don’t pay attention to it’s structure  and all you care about is having cute puppies. You shouldn’t be breeding. 

If you aren’t breeding for the better outcome of the breed and just to breed. You shouldn’t breed.

If you think that a show title is enough to justify breeding.  you should not breed.

I’ve seen some really gross flat faced pugs that struggle to breath in the ring that should not be bred, yet are.

If you think that you should breed just because your dog is pretty. You shouldn’t.

If you treat your dog like a human rather than an animal. But wonder why it has behavioral issues. Blame yourself.

If you hit your dog and wonder why it snaps at you. Blame yourself.

If you look at well trained dogs and go.. I wish my dog was like that. Train your dog yourself or go for professional training.

Chaining your dog, with shade, water, food, and a decent length. Is NOT abuse. For some people that is the only thing keeping their dog from getting hit by a car.

If you don’t let your dog out but get mad it shits everywhere. Blame. Yourself

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Do you have a favorite breed of dog?

I’m not sure about the favorite breed, but sighthounds are definitely my favorite type (pretty evident if you’ve ever seen any of my drawings). Some of my top favorites among that group are Greyhound, Saluki (especially the smooth/desert variety), Sloughi, Azawakh, Borzoi and Afghan hound, even though I’m pretty much a fan of all of them. I adore Ibizan Hounds and other Mediterranean Podencos a lot. I’m also very interested in sighthounds that aren’t recognized by Western kennel clubs, such as Taigan, Hortaya Borzaya, Xigou, Kanni and Mudhol

I’ve always loved Dobermans. I don’t think I’ll ever have what it takes to own one (I lack the right kind of personality and their health issues worry me) so I’m going to have to settle for admiring them from afar. I like the look of vintage/working line German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois. Standard Poodles are a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine, when trimmed in a moderate and tasteful way, and I have a soft spot for hairless dogs like Xoloitzcuintli. Lately I’ve been very interested in some livestock guardian dogs, particularly Kangal and Central Asian Ovcharka


Five years ago today, I brought home this feisty little banana queen!  She was a year old when we got her–the breeder was selling her because she was “too small” to breed show cockatiels, and decided I should have Beatrix because she’s fiery enough to stand up to the budgies (or so the breeder thought, lol).  This demanding little creature decided I was her mate within 24 hours of bringing her home.  I’m so glad she’s in my life and I look forward to many, many more years with her! <3  Happy Birdday, Beatrix!

Field vs. Show Goldens

Hey! I really liked that little lesson on goldens. I have a question though, are field goldens still taken to dog shows? Do they have their own category? I personally prefer a dog that looks more like a field golden than a show golden. Do field goldens still have a pedigree? Do breeders breed field and show golden retrievers together sometimes to get the best of both worlds out of them? If you know of a tumblr that could have a lot more information on the topic I’d really appreciate it!

Hi! It depends on the breeder, but there is usually a distinct difference in look between a field and show Golden.

This is my field line. He’s darker and trim with lots of feathers, but not a lot of fluff. Field lines do have a pedigree–hunting people are all about that pedigree, same as show people! These dogs are usually smaller and more compact, not just because they are more inclined to be athletic based on their use, but also because they need to be more portable! It’s easier to fit a 50lb-ish Golden into a canoe than it is a 100lb-ish Golden! They have more drive, but not necessarily more energy. See pawsitivelypowerful’s post on drive for more info on this distinction.

What a lovely stack, right? Well, maybe not lol, but you can still see how itty-bitty he is compared to your stereotypical Golden.

Meanwhile, here is a show line I trained. He’s lighter in color, thicker, and very fluffy! The show lines are stout and less “intense,” aka more likely to be couch potatoes. That’s not to say that they can’t be athletic–they totally can! But AKC likes a stout dog that’s yellow-gold, so that’s what a lot show lines are. 

Above is the AKC standard drawing of the preferred Golden. See how much it looks like the dogs after it? Fluffy, big ol head, thick body? Pretty different from my dark, slim and feathery boy.

AKC judges prefer the show line, but fields can do well in UKC! Some breeders (and ideally all breeders, eventually) will have a Golden that “has it all” for working and conformation, but–like most breeds–that is not always the case. 

I hope this helps!

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Draw Elphaba and Glinda as cats

Elphaba is a Somali, Glinda is a Turkish Van

So like, I have opinions about how shows should structure themselves. Specifically like adventure-y, action-y shows like the Hundo. It’s built upon my years and years and years of watching shit like Buffy, Farscape, Charmed, Roswell, etc. (Micheal Geurin ILY)

This is basically my Grand Plan for when I inevitably am given a CW show. Inevitably. You know I’m for cereal because I’m going full adult capitalization on this bitch. 

Overall Show Structure


First of all, I think a show should know how long it wants to run. There should be an end date in mind rather than letting it just go on forever until it dies in a last, pathetic choke for relevance. Yeah, lookin’ to you SPN. As far as I’m concerned 3, 5, and 7 seasons are the best options for intended length but I think an argument can be made for other choices. 

I’m going to focus on a 5 season structure because it’s the one I think is best from both a story telling and fandom supporting stance. So, lets brush quickly on why I think 3 and 7 seasons are also good options.

3 Season Run

This form of the story is clear, concise and focused. There’s nothing extraneous in a short run like this and I think there’s a lot to be said for clean story telling like this. In a 3 season run season 1 shows us who characters are and what their relationships are; season 2 tests those relationships and asks characters to stretch themselves; season 3 breaks those relationships and the tensions first overcome in season 1 as the tearing points. 

7 Season Run

Telling a story for this long is a big ask. A lot changes in that many seasons and honestly, I think this is the longest possible run before a show loses coherency (crime procedurals can escape this but I think they’re a unique breed). The 7 season show follows the same structure as the 5 season run but the last 2 seasons pull from a dangled bit of information in season 3. This’ll make a little more sense as we dig into my season break down. You’re also almost certainly looking at some pretty big central cast choices by the end of 7 seasons.

5 Season Run

Okay, so my personal favourite, the 5 season run. I think this is the best length for a show of this type, action adventure stories that are ultimately about people. In a 5 season run you build characters, break them down, and let them reform themselves. 5 seasons is enough to really explore the depths of characters with time and focus but not so long that you end up repeating personal stories in clumsy ways.  In broad brush strokes seasons 1 and 2 set up who are characters are and what their relationships will be; season 3 picks away and their sense of self and leaves them at their lowest point in it’s finale; seasons 4 and 5 build them back up, reaffirm who they are and why it is that they’re doing this. 

Season By Season Breakdown 

Season 1

A good first season is a hard one. You need a small, tight story with small, personal stakes. This is where you set up the core of your show (hopefully the central cast that will carry all the way to the end of your run) and tell us who we’re rooting for. We’re given 3 or 4 characters who are going to be at the heart of our show and we need to learn who they are. It’s important that they have interpersonal tension and that by the end of the season they have a stable, working relationship.

This is also when you want to keep the stakes low. No one saves the world in the first season. Where do you go from there? The first season is about personal danger and personal stakes. We shouldn’t even meet the real antagonist this season. Our plucky heroes duke it out with lackies and maybe a lieutenant, a second or third in command. We hear about but never meet the Big Bad. The season ends with the  heroes defeating the small scale. For Buffy that was overcoming a prophecy of her own death. For the Hundo that was repelling an attacking force from their home. Small scale, personal. It shows us who our characters are but doesn’t ask to much of them.

Season 2

All those relationships we set up in season 1 are going to be tested. We’re going to meet the Big Bad who was calling the shots last season and we’re going to take a swing at them. But season 2 also leads directly from season 1, maybe there’s a time jump but it’s short. Maybe there’s a new direction but it is born out of the ashes of the season 1 finale hook.  

Our core group expands, they stretch their wings and test what their relationships do under the stress of higher odds. Season 2 feels pressure on a bigger scale, the core group aren’t the only ones at stake now. Maybe it’s family and friends, or their town. The Big Bad has seen that they really are a threat and is playing for keeps. In a fatal show we should suffer a loss that hurts in the final episodes. There is a victory but it’s not without it’s losses 

Season 3

We get a departure from our first two seasons. Season 3 can take a time jump, it doesn’t have to fall directly on the heels of the second season. But something late in season 1 comes back up. A good way to play this is to take the antagonist from a two episode arch shortly before the conclusion of season 1 and make them a big deal. This is a good time to make the antagonist here someone with whom the Big Bad in the first two seasons had their own tension with. The heroes do this antagonist a favour when they take out the Big Bad but it proves that they’re a force to be reckoned with. 

This is a good season to narrow down, break a couple of those relationships. Swinging at the Big Bad last season cost our heroes something. In season 3 we know that heroes don’t have plot armor, the Good Guys don’t always walk away. The loss of a friend and the knowledge that this probably wont be the last loss weighs heavily on our heroes. They handle it differently and it starts to rupture the fabric of the group. Tension in the season is born of a question of how or if our group will stick together.

This is a good season to have one of our heroes play on the dark side a little. Maybe our new antagonist isn’t totally wrong about the way they view the world. 

The end of this season should see this antagonist dead and our heroes tentatively recommitted to the cause. A Pyrrhic victory at the conclusion of this season can make sure our heroes don’t want those deaths to be in vain. 

Season 4

At some point in first half of the first season a lacky  mentioned some Ultimate Villain that our first Big Bad was afraid of. Yeah, that mother fucker is back in the game. Or heroes are only tentatively recommitted to the cause, they’re as dark as we’ve ever seen them and they’re not all comfortable with the things they’ve done to get here. So season 4 is going to make them earn it. This is a season where they’re asked to prove that they are hero types, to make hard calls, to stretch themselves. 

But we also get victories. Someone they helped in the first or second season comes back as a guest star, is involved in their lives in a positive way because they helped them. This is where we get to see our heroes really commit, really see that they’re a force for good.

At the end of season 4 the Ultimate Villain isn’t defeated but they know what they have to do. They have achieved the first half of defeating this villain, maybe it’s securing a Magic Item, or a certain location, maybe it’s just figuring out who the fuck the villain actually is and what that means. But at the end of season 4 our heroes are poised to take their step at the Ultimate Villain. This is where we have our “I aim to misbehave” speech. Going into the fifth season our heroes are hard, are focused, and are ready to take no prisoners. 

Season 5

We should get a victory march. Season 5 should be an absolutely adoring ode to why we love these characters. It shouldn’t be easy for them, hell no. It should cost. We need one of the core group to die, absolutely. And die senselessly, die because the group make a stupid arrogant call because they’re the Heroes and they forgot what that can cost. Season 5 should pull away the arrogance that they learned in seasons 2, 3 and 4. By the end of season 5 they defeat the Ultimate Villain and walk out on top, but they do it by being the characters we first meet, the best versions of themselves. They have had all their rough edges buffed away by seasons of hardship and then they have the arrogance that winning gave them kicked out by hard, aching losses. But at the end of the finale the surviving cast should be their best selves, alive and well because they were the people that their friends could count on and because their relationships have helped make them the best they can be. 

So. Yeah. Someone give me a show.