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5000beesinatrenchcoat  asked:

How big should a tank be for a full grown saharan sand boa as far as gallons go? A lady at the reptile show breeds them and told me 10 gallons is good for life, but i just dont think that's right!! :(

Depends on the sex! 

So the thing with sand boas is they have hilariously enormous sexual dimorphism. Males rarely reach much more than a foot in length. Females, on the other hand, are hilarious sausage animals that get double what the boys do in length and triple the diamater. So a male sand boa’s completely comfy in a ten his entire life, but the girls need at least a 20 long! This is one of my fave illustrations of that.

This is an adult male and his girlfriend this season, both belonging to Moatuz Alhaj. He’s 60 grams, she’s 530, nearly nine times heavier than he is. She’s an average female, and he’s not a particularly small male. He’s actually older than she is! So it really depends on the sex of the animal.


Supreme Champion Thoroughbred: CP Glamour by Juanita Marchesani

lillieisabllagrace  asked:

Hey! I've really been enjoying your evaluation of the different breeds! I hope this becomes a regular and you eventually get through all the popular breeds, even the fairly healthy ones. So, what about Shih Tzus. While I only intend on ever adopting rather than a breeder, it's still my favorite breed. I understand they are probably pretty problematic because of their faces. Can you do them next?

If by ‘next’ you mean ‘over a week later’, then sure.

While the shih tzu is a fairly touch little breed and often long lived, it has a couple of concerns that are worth noting.

(Image source)

Let’s start with eyes because that it my biggest concern with this breed. The picture above shows a one-eyed shih tzu’s remaining ‘normal’ eye. If you look critically, you’ll see that it’s still not actually normal. There appears to be some kind of lesion on the cornea, and the eye is bulging much further out of the socket that it should be.

These bulging eyes (really you shouldn’t be able to see much white at all) are associated with lots of issues, and abnormal eyes are frequently painful. Sometimes, with minimal effort, these eyes will pop out of their eyelids. Sometimes the eyelids can’t completely close over the eyeball, even when asleep. This leads to the eye drying out, especially where the eyelids can’t close properly as the tears aren’t spread over this area, leading corneal ulcers and exposure keratopathy. All because their eyes are a bit too big, their eyelids a bit too loose and not quite enough space in their skull.

They are also prone to anatomical abnormalities of the eyelids, either rolling in or rolling out, and it’s relatively common for this breed to develop extra eyelashes or hair on the inside of their eyelids. Because there’s not enough difficulty with these eyes already.

Shih tzu are also a brachycephalic breed, and I have written at length about what that means for the dog. They are not the most extreme example, but the flatter the face, the harder it is to breath.

The round shape of the skull also predisposes to hydrocephalus, which can push the eyes more forward and laterally.

The combination of brachycephaly and mild hydrocephalus worsens the bulging of the eyeballs, and their associated problems.

Their unusual skull means that many of these dogs are poor chewers, resulting in significant dental disease. The undershot jaw doesn’t help this at all.

Compare this Shih Tzu skull above (Source)

… with this average dog skull (Source)

You can easily see how the eye sockets are shallower, and the dental arrangement is just bizzaire.

They are prone to chondrodysplasia, often with very obvious bending or bowing of the legs, particularly the front legs. This can cause significant elbow pain if the limbs are quite bent, and may require corrective surgery.

Tagging along with the chondrdysplasia, Shih Tzu are another very common patient for the spinal surgeon. While not as ubiquitous as dachshunds they were regulars. 

Luxating patellas (knee caps) are also very common, especially in individuals with bowed front legs, and although this can be improved surgically that’s not something I would like to see as ‘standard’ within the breed.

As with many things, the severity of these problems is directly linked to the extremeness of anatomy.

From a metabolic point of view, they are prone to bladder stones for some reason, but not anything particularly obscure. These stones can be prevented with special diets, so it’s possible to manage an affected dog with minimal changes to quality of life.

They also get all the common old dog diseases fairly regularly; Cushing’s, hypothyroidism, renal disease, etc. I don’t think this is an inherant problem with the breed, more a reflection that these dogs are achieving old age on a regular basis. That’s, broadly speaking, a good thing.

So the breed has their faults, but you could select individuals that are less extreme to minimize many of these.

The breed also requires regular maintenance for its coat, whether that means frequent grooming or being clipped short. It would surprise you to know how many people don’t know this.

Originally posted by thegirlwiththelexatattoo

On the whole they are dear little dogs but do show up frequently in shelters. This is usually because they are favored companions for the elderly, and elderly people will sometimes find themselves… well…deceased. There isn’t always a plan in place for their pets, especially if their little shih tzu was their only companion.

Many people are estranged from the occultist because love is not his outstanding characteristic. The difference between his attitude and that of the lover of humanity may be likened to the difference between the person who keeps animals as pets and the one who breeds them for show purposes. The latter sets out to bring the species to the highest degree of perfection of which it is capable, and with that end in view, he is ruthless with the individual. The standard of training in the higher degrees is very exacting and few achieve it; these few are those whom tradition regards as super-human. But they are not super-human, they are human beings developed to the highest pitch of which the human vehicle is capable. Such excellence in any walk of life is obtained only as the reward of arduous labours, and these leave their mark on the adept. He travels too fast for the average humanity, and they resent it; but of those souls who delight in great adventure he is the chosen companion and beloved friend.
—  The Training and Work of an Initiate, Dion Fortune

anonymous asked:

"Only people involved in halter can speak on halter horses." SILENCING TACTIC "Speaking up about issues makes the breed look bad." SILENCING TACTIC Mudslinging about "backyard arabians" SILENCING TACTIC

(Is someone specifically doing that? Feel free to point that out if you like. You can stay on Anon.)

Mmmmmm dat derailing. Dat othering. 

I’m not impressed with anyone that wants to gatekeep and play holier-than-thou with other folks as a means to deflect, and certainly not with anyone that thinks that keeping appearances is more important than addressing very real issues within an industry. 

But that’s just me.

anonymous asked:

About your pure breed aesthetic post for graystripe, with that breed, could he still have that dark stripe in his back? Or is that posible in any way? PD: love your posts ❤💘

uh ok so the only way i can think of to get the “darker stripe” on his back is for him to be ticked. it doesn’t really give a solid stripe but it gives the effect of a darker back lol. the nebelung (breed i showed) doesn’t come in that standard bc it’s essentially a longhaired russian blue

black silver ticked tabby

blue ticked tabby (effect isn’t that noticeable)