breed of the day

This is Senna! She’s a rescued dog from Sardinia and she’s 4 months old in this picture (she’s 6 months now). Because they found her on the streets when she was only a few days old, we don’t know what breed she is… She’s very stubborn and likes to talk when she’s bored! 

here is a cool thing: Horses and ponies while classified as the same species, are very different. They are not reliable variations like what one might find in “breeds” but two distinct forms of the same species. In the old days, you’d say that a pony was any horse under 14 hands, however, there are lots of horses that are 14 hands and sometimes smaller, and lots of ponies who push this size barrier (often called Cob size). However, there are also breeds of horses/ponies whose name changes, depending on who u talk to (ie. Icelandic Horse vs Icelandic Pony, Fjord Horse vs Fjord Pony) because they contain characteristics of both

those characteristics again, depend on who you really talk to. Generally speaking, ponies are stockier, stronger pound for pound, have thicker coats and manes, hardier and sturdier than horses who are taller, faster, have shorter/sleeker coats and finer manes and tails. Ponies are also generally considered to be smarter and more stubborn than horses, with better problem solving abilities and considered friendlier/less flighty.

but, the above, again, can cross over and both horses and ponies can contain both sets of characteristics, its a total sum of all the characteristics present and historical naming conventions that lead to pony and horse classification

but then you get into miniature horses vs miniature ponies (Falabella vs Shetlands) where its been a heated debate for decades over whether or not there is a difference between horses and ponies in this sense, as both miniature horses and ponies share common characteristics, they’re small, short legs, elongated middle sections, and under the height classification, they are ponies. HOWEVER if you go by the other characteristics, they don’t fit into the pony definition, because they don’t have a thick coat, the muscle, the thick raggedy mane and tail or the stubborn/cunning nature of a Shetland. You can also take into account that miniature horses have a much higher chance of dwarfism than shetlands, because shetlands well, basically evolved to suit the harsh island climate of the Shetland islands in northern Scotland while miniature horses were bred purely for their size and prettiness

what im saying is:

horse classifications are hilariously subjective and there are no laws in this world

“That lightsaber was Luke’s, and his father’s before him - and now it calls to you”

ok so this line here is supposed to be really meaningful and stuff but i can’t help but chuckle at the fact that Anakin once broke 3 lightsabers in less than 24 hours

and I can’t help but imagine that the reason Obi Wan made that specific light saber seem so valuable was so that he didn’t have to deal with another Skywalker kid going through lightsabers like Oreos

You wouldn’t know it now, but these two had a slightly rocky start almost a year ago~

Westminster dog breed descriptions that do NOT apply to me as a human

  • “agile in mind and body”
  • “superior athlete”
  • “has the endurance to work all day”

Westminster dog breed descriptions that DO apply to me as a human

  • “loves being out in the field”
  • “it matters not where he lives, as long as he lives in a house with people he loves”
  • “quiet manner and fondness for children”