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Cheer Up Post #4764 - Ragdoll Cats Edition

For the anon requesting cats from the Ragdoll breed, here!

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anonymous asked:

Hey uh, I'm not a vet but I do like reading your stuff? I find all the science to be interesting, when I was younger I wanted to be a vet but I developed depression around 12 and am really empathetic so it never would've worked out. I was really just wondering if when you mention diseases/illnesses/etc. you give a short explanation of what they are? I find myself having to pause and google stuff constantly. Idk if this needs a qt but do you have a favorite cat breed? I'm kinda fond of ragdolls!

My apologies. I started out explaining conditions in the breed post as I went along, but started to feel like I as repeating myself over and over and thought that would get annoying. I keep forgetting that most of you following this blog are fairly new, in my head I keep assuming that you’ve all been here for years.

Writing these posts in the future I will endeavor to add a very brief description about less common conditions, but I don’t have the time to go back and edit every old post.


Look at this little guy! 

He’s a Ragdoll kitten, a breed of cat that is one of the biggest and fluffiest breeds out there right under Maine Coons or Norwegian Forest cats and he’s my little buddy! I get to bring him home next month. He’s all white with one green eye and one blue eye, which means he’s deaf on the side of his blue eye. 

If anyone wants to help name him any cute or Satanically cute names, then go for it, it might help me get some suggestions and ideas! ☺️

i actually got to draw today amazing 

this time, the team with kitties!

it actually took me forever to decide what cat breed to draw with keith but then i saw the ragdoll and my heart melted so there ya go

art is mine, team voltron belongs to voltron?

aheartful  asked:


Cat breeds:
1. Maine Coon
2. Ragdoll
3. Siamese
4. Scottish Fold
5. Savannah
Honorable mention: Sphyx

Animated movies:
1. The Lion King
2. Coraline
3. FernGully
4. Secret of Kells
5. All Dogs Go to Heaven
Honorable mentions: The Land Before Time and Howl’s Moving Castle

Sorry I didn’t answer sooner afjajgkgxjgx


NEW FILM! Simon’s Cat Logic Guide to Cat Breeds.
This episode is all about Ragdolls!

i went to look up ragdoll on tumblr for dollies but turns out there’s a cat breed called ragdoll so the tag was mostly cats.

but honestly… they’re so cute so it wasn’t a disappointment, 10/10

Signs as cat breeds
  • Aries: Chausie
  • Taurus: Ragdoll
  • Gemini: Manx
  • Cancer: Turkish Angora
  • Leo: Norwegian Forest cat
  • Virgo: Mixed
  • Libra: Devon Rex
  • Scorpio: Havana Brown
  • Sagittarius: German Rex
  • Capricorn: Dog
  • Aquarius: Japanese Bobtail
  • Pisces: Siamese