breed of cat himalayan

The Signs As Cat Breeds

Aries: British Shorthair - sweet, affectionate and loyal

Taurus: Himalayan - gentle, calm and sweet-tempered 

Gemini: Birman - affectionate, gentle and faithful

Cancer: Javanese - playful, devoted and loyal

Leo: Manx - Intelligent, active and fun-loving

Virgo: Abyssinian - playful, curious and high-spirited

Libra: Persian - Perfect Companion, placid, sweet-tempered

Scorpio: Siamese - Social, dependent and loyal

Sagittarius: Bengal - Playful, gregarious and energetic 

Capricorn: Ragdoll - Docile, mild-mannered and congenial

Aquarius: Scottish Fold - intelligent, sweet-tempered, soft spoken and easily adaptable

Pisces: Norwegian Forest Cat: Curious, active, playful, family oriented