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How are pokemon chosen to be "starter pokemon"? Also, why don't I actually see starter pokemon in the wild that much?

Starter Pokémon are generally chosen for their adaptability, ease of training, wide movepool, and rapid evolution.

You don’t see wild starters for the same reason you don’t see many wild poodles, Clydesdale horses, or Himalayan cats – a combination of specialized breeding and wild extinction.

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  • american shorthair: dream pet?
  • chartreaux: thoughts on hunting?
  • himalayan: how do you do in cold weather?
  • manx: do you have good running form?
  • munchkin: what's a controversial opinion you have?
  • norwegian forest: what are you overprotective of?
  • ragdoll: will you put up with people you don't like?
  • siamese: do you always speak up when you want to?
  • singapura: how tall do you want to be?
  • sphynx: favorite outfit?
  • rita: you're orange and i love you
The Signs As Cat Breeds

Aries: British Shorthair - sweet, affectionate and loyal

Taurus: Himalayan - gentle, calm and sweet-tempered 

Gemini: Birman - affectionate, gentle and faithful

Cancer: Javanese - playful, devoted and loyal

Leo: Manx - Intelligent, active and fun-loving

Virgo: Abyssinian - playful, curious and high-spirited

Libra: Persian - Perfect Companion, placid, sweet-tempered

Scorpio: Siamese - Social, dependent and loyal

Sagittarius: Bengal - Playful, gregarious and energetic 

Capricorn: Ragdoll - Docile, mild-mannered and congenial

Aquarius: Scottish Fold - intelligent, sweet-tempered, soft spoken and easily adaptable

Pisces: Norwegian Forest Cat: Curious, active, playful, family oriented