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MAREANIE VARIATIONS because one was just not enough

But wait! The fun isn’t done!

Preface: due to Mareanie’s aggressive disposition, most of these breeds are already difficult to find in the wild. Nonetheless, at least one of each specimen presented has been recorded and studied, and captured if deemed necessary.

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hi emily, i know you own a bully breed so i was wondering what your opinion is on pit bulls and other bully breeds being banned in some places? xx

I think it’s a complete and utter farce. Blame the deed, not the breed. Louie is literally the biggest softy you could ever meet and to think that he, and similar breeds, are banned in certain places is a joke.


26-year-old Takara with her 7-year-old daughter Sakari, her 3-year-old calf Kamea and her nearly 2 week old calf. This is a matriline. This is the most prominent feature of orca life and this is what the breeding ban takes away. Sakari, Kamea and especially this new calf are doomed to live in stunted social situations because activists believe they would be better off never having lived than living in human care. They could have started their own matrilines, have their own calves to protect, nurture and teach. Themselves and their calves could have educated and inspired thousands to protect their wild counterparts. They could have informed scientists about the secrets of orca life, biology and cognition. Instead Sakari, Kamea and this calf get to watch as their social groups dwindle one by one till no one is left. The social diversity of the rest of these animals’ lives will be similar to what it was in the 80′s and 90′s when pod structure was unnatural and forced. It’s sad to realize this is the last time a group of SeaWorld’s whales will be able to live in a naturalistic, diverse social structure. 

…Any dog can bite, regardless of its breed, and more often people are bitten by dogs they know. It’s not the dog’s breed that determines risk – it’s the dog’s behavior, general size, number of dogs involved and the vulnerability of the person bitten that determines whether or not a dog or dogs will cause a serious bite injury. Dogs can be aggressive for all sorts of reasons. A dog that has bitten once can bite again, and a dog that has never bitten could still bite.

Don’t rely on breed stereotypes to keep yourself safe from dog bites. A dog’s individual history and behavior are much more important than its breed, and since you don’t always know a dog’s history or behavior, it’s not a good idea to make assumptions. Instead, concentrate on prevention: educate yourself, teach children about proper interactions and behaviors with dogs, and learn how to recognize risky and escalating situations with aggressive dogs. These steps – not breed-specific legislation – will lead to fewer dog bites.
—  (part of) American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) position on Breed Specific Legislation

Hey, Doc, I was wondering what you thought of those dog DNA tests? I work in the pet care industry, and myself, a coworker and two clients adopted mixed breed dogs around the same time last year and all took DNA tests of the same brand. After getting the results, I can totally see it in my dog and the clients’ dogs, but not my coworker’s dog. Do you think they’re accurate, or more of a fun diversion? The one we took did not have us send in a picture, or anything other than the cheek swab. None of us adopted dogs with known parentage- my boy was a year when I brought him home.

This is the dog I rescued- my amazing Jack Russell\Cattle Dog\Staffordshire (according to the DNA test). Because I love to show my perfect boy off.

I think they’re better than a random guess, and most of the results I’ve seen have been believable. They become more unreliable when you get into smaller percentages of breeds present (<10%) and it doesn’t necessarily tell you which side is paternal or maternal, but they’re generally believable.

Sometimes they claim small percentages of extremely rare breeds, which I suspect is an error due to random genetic shuffling, but for 50%-12% they seem to do alright.

They are mostly fun though, but can be useful to have an idea of how big a puppy is going to be, or what it might be prone to.

I also know some people who have used the DNA test to ‘prove’ their dog is not a banned or restricted breed, like a pit bull.

Only little hitch with using these tests in that way, is that the test we sell (Advance), wont publish results if the dog happens to be part banned breed. They just go “Oh well it’s half X, but the other half we totally don’t know.”

Reason being, they don’t want to inadvertently publish something that gets a dog killed.

English people are always on this site like “omg I can’t believe the US banned kinder eggs how do you guys live???”













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Greetings, friend! Not to be pedantic, but the problem with your honoured mother and similar people is not Christianity, nor religion. The true problem is that every ideology can be ruined by emotionally unbalanced or just villainous people that will can use anything to justify their selfishness and intolerance. Be it Christianity, Islam, Nazism, Veganism, Patriotism, Harry Potter, Ophthalmology, how much eggs can you fit in your mouth; any thing in the Universe can be used by evil. Best wishes!

Christianity is a religion of hate. Don’t believe me? Read the Bible. Read the whole thing, don’t skip the Old Testament.
It is a FACT that Christianity promotes:

-Killing another living being to rid yourself of guilt and punishment
-The monarchy

And many more horrible things.

A few of these horrible things were later dismissed by Jesus. But that actually doesn’t fucking matter. The Bible makes it very clear that the Christian god is never changing. The Bible makes it clear that the god of the Old Testament supported all of these things. Therefor, the god of the New Testament also supports these things.
One of the many MANY continuity errors in the Bible is the dramatic shift from the old testament’s violent and angry god to the new testament’s peace loving and /somewhat/ accepting god in the form of Jesus Christ when it has been made clear that God is unchanging.

Religion is a breeding ground for hate and evil. It is incredibly rare to find a religion that doesn’t have evil at its core, I’d argue that Buddhism is the only (mostly) harmless religion, though it cannot be denied that it too has bred hate at certain times.


-Outlaws rational thinking
-Bans asking any difficult questions
-Censors anything it has conflict with (namely science)
-Teaches its followers to value life very little and look forward to death
-Gives a false sense of security in times where real preparation is needed
-And once again -drum roll please- breeds hate
-Often bans very basic and natural human needs (like sex (which is needed by most but not all) or even fucking eating)

Listening to all the dog breeds that municipalities can BAN residents from owning because of public perception is infuriating. Do you know what breed bans have done for the overall bite incidence in these municipalities? Not a damn thing and yet they exist. I am of the mind that no dog should be subject to laws because of their breed.

I puzzle about how pro-captive folks get so upset, saying that banning breeding is The Worst. Think of the cetaceans’ quality of life, they say. 

Dudes. When have you ever thought of the cetaceans’ quality of life. That’s sort of the problem.

It’s the exact same nonsense as when Seaworld banned its orca breeding program (featuring the same inane qualities of their prior comments vs. their actions)

Racing Around The World: Ban-Ei

Country of Origin: Japan

Species/Breed: Horse, Ban-Ei

Ban-Ei racing is a sport that is unique to Japan, and is a race not of speed but of strength and strategy. There used to be several racetracks around the country, but today only one single track that remains is Obihiro Racecourse in Hokkaido. The horses are specifically bred for this race and have become their own breed, having originated from Percheron, Breton and Belgian breeds.

Once the gate opens these massive horses charge up a small hill pulling large weighted sleds behind them. The weight of the sled varies by different factors. Young horses, those in the lower race ranks and mares pull lower weights. Stallions and Championship races have heavier weights. Some of these Championship races can have sleds that way a maximum of 1 ton!

After the horses make it up and down the first hill, they have a few yards of flat ground before they must conquer a much larger hill. This is where the strategy comes in. The jockey balances himself on the sled, and must decide when to stop and rest his horse before attempting the second hill. Any decision on where to stop and how long could end up causing him the race.

After the second hill there is another flat drive to the finish line. There are few “By-A-Nose” wins here, as the whole sled must cross the finish line to have officially finished the race!


I live in a place where, according to the law, my dog is vicous and a danger to society. They force me to make her wear this anytime we leave the house. She would never hurt anyone and its heartbreaking when I cant walk her down the road without people staring or moving as far from us as possible because she has this on her face. No breed of dog should be forced to wear this if its not necessary. This is Ontario.

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Hi Dr. Ferox. I have a question in regard to the ethics of the procedures declawing/ear cropping. A veterinarian I worked with explained to me that she will declaw a cat because she fears that if she does not do it herself, the owner will find a way to have it done, and that way may not be through a licensed veterinarian. Do you think denying people such a "service" may lead to the animal being harmed by unlicensed people attempting to do it themselves? What can be done about this? Thank you.

I seriously hope there isn’t some layperson going around chopping off the last bone of a cat’s toes because a veterinarian declined to do it. If that is happening, both the owner seeking the procedure and the non-veterinarian should be heavily prosecuted for animal cruelty and performing acts of veterinary medicine without a license.

Originally posted by softly-satanic

Some vets will reluctantly agree to perform declawing of cats as a last resort because they feel that they understand just how much pain the cat will be in and use a higher quality analgesia protocol than another vet might. They feel that if it’s going to be done somewhere, it might as well be done by them with practiced surgical technique and the best quality pain relief available.

They may also believe that the cat will be rehomed, abandoned or euthanised due to not being declawed, and that therefore performing the procedure effectively saves the cat’s life. I think this belief is false, as the procedure is illegal here in Australia with no difference in the oversupply of cats. If someone is going to surrender their cat, they will do so. If they don’t have the surgical declawing option, which they perceive as an ‘easy’ solution, they are more likely to pursue a better compromise like soft paws or regular nail trimming.

Ear cropping is a little different in that it is a 100% cosmetic procedure with zero medical benefit for the dog. It’s only done for human aesthetics because somewhere along the line dog breeders decided that surgically altering a dog’s ears to the desired shape was easier than breeding them that way. It should be banned and universally condemned. If you want a breed with straight ears, then breed them to have straight ears. No breed should require surgery to ‘look right’.

Cat declawing, dog ear cropping and dog tail cropping are banned in Australia without a specific medical intervention, as it should be. Dog breeds that were traditionally docked and cropped have had no downturn in popularity, no increase in injury, and more and more breed clubs have banned surgically altered dogs from being shown. These are steps in the right direction.

If somebody attempts to dock tails or crop ears at home, they can be prosecuted for animal cruelty and I have had no hesitation in reporting them in the past. When I graduated the ban had only just come into effect, and many old school ‘breed enthusiasts’ were moaning about it. They complained that ‘young vets these days didn’t really understand dogs’ and similar such nonsense. They’ve had to get over it, and dogs get to keep their natural ears and tails as a result. Interestingly, Rottweilers in general seem much more confident with tails.

As veterinarians we are supposed to promote good animal welfare. That’s what started us on this path, right? Most (all?) professional veterinary associations condemn declawing, ear cropping and tail docking.

If we don’t decline to do unnecessary cosmetic surgery, then public opinion will never change, and the demand will never lessen. We owe it to the countless future dogs and cats yet to be born to speak out against these practices. This it why even if they were legal down here, I would personally refuse to do them.

(As a side note, desexing is entirely different. Desexing has a proven medical and social benefit, and is only soft tissue surgery compared to a partial amputation or cutting away cartilage. Far less pain, far more benefits.)

So, what are my thoughts on the park board’s decision?

It’s a load of bull. Like, if they only  banned the breeding of captive cetaceans, I would still be mad, but banning rescued cetaceans is fucking insane. If you are an anti and you support this decision because they’re “better off dead than fed”, but go around claiming that you care about these animals,  then you’re a hypocrite. The next time Taiji decides to kill thousands of dolphins don’t start complaining because they're “better off dead than fed”. The next time a pod of cetaceans gets stranded and dies don’t complain because they're “better off dead than fed”. When the SRKW, Québéc’s belugas, the vaquitas and other endangered cetaceans go extinct don’t complain because they're “better off dead than fed”. Oh wait! I forgot that most of the antis that supported this decision hardly ever acknowledged these endangered cetaceans. It just goes to show how extremely uncaring these radical anticaps can be. Let’s see how many of the radical antis who support this decision are gonna start rambling about how pros who don’t agree with this decision  don’t care about the cetaceans and their well being and how they only care about their “circus performer”.

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You know your imagine 'pitball love' I would just like to point out (to no fault of your own and not wanting to come across rude or anything so please forgive me is I do) that Tom's dog, Tessa, isn't a pitball but is actually a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. The pitball breed is actually banned in the uk so Tom wouldn't be able to own one. Again, I'm sorry if that sounds rude I'm truly not trying to be rude I just want to point it out, I'm aware it was request so it's not your fault.

I KNEW IT I SWEAR I was like “I thought they were banned here” but I’m also dumb so I just was like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ thanks for telling me! And don’t worry you were not rude at all!

Headcanon #012

Having blue eyes used to be a trait only elves had some thousand years ago. Then, an elf and a human fell in love and had a blue-eyed child with enough human qualities that it looked like a human. Once other elves found out, cross-breeding was banned, but the human-elf hybrid went on into society, eventually becoming known as our first blue eyed ancestor. That means every human with blue eyes is a tiny bit part elf.

There is hope


Can I just say - This is huge. For years we have fought SeaWorld with little success. They stood fast in the face of ever growing criticism, they covered their eyes and stuck fingers in their ears denying there was a problem. For this company to suddenly change tack and end orca breeding is enormous. This could be the catalyst that ends Orca captivity across the globe.

We did it. The power of social media has forced a huge, powerful company to change its ways. We have the power to dictate what these companies do by hitting their wallets. We can do anything. This is not only a victory for all those who have campaigned for those whales but also a finger in the face to all those who derided our efforts.

This breeding ban seems to apply to all the whales in SeaWorlds collection, including those in Loro Parque. It is currently uncertain what will happen to Shouka, who is on breeding loan from Marineland France. Presumably this ban will be effected by separating the females from the males when they’re cyling or using medicinal birth control. Assuming Takara’s pregnancy is problem free, her calf will be the last baby shamu. Only time will tell if this ban holds true, it would be all too easy for “accidental” pregnancies to occur.

I would urge everyone not to be fooled by this announcement. SeaWorld hasn’t suddenly developed a conscience. This is a business decision and a response to the inevitable. When the application to import wild beluga whales into the US was blocked, it dealt a huge blow to the industry.  Gone was any chance of being able to import internationally caught wild cetaceans without huge public backlash and legislative blocks. This was helped by the deal made between Virgin and SeaWorld to never capture wild cetaceans again – a deal brought about by public pressure. The death of Valentin, a previously untapped source of genetic diversity, and the seemingly poor viability of Ulises sperm combined with the huge bias of Tilikum’s, Katina’s and Kasatka’s genes within the breeding program has extinguished the long term  viability of the captive orca population. SeaWorld knows this, and is using this announcement to maximising its gains in a time of endless bad press.

The Blue World Project is now officially out of the water. The scraping of this project proves that the tank expansion wasn’t about improving living conditions but about providing more room for captive bred whales. It is a shame that the expansion won’t be going ahead, however the company will not make such a huge investment in their animals without the promise of economic gain from more baby whales.

However this announcement will also hopefully prevent the expansion of SeaWorld’s Orca program into Asia. There have been many rumours of SeaWorld teaming up with other companies such as a partnership with Samsung in South Korea. Again only time will tell if such plans come to fruition, or if in light of SeaWorld financial trouble they choose to abandon such plans.

This announcement hasn’t clarified a very important issue, the separation of family groups. Without the need to move animals around for breeding purposes SeaWorld will find it hard to justify the separation of mothers and calves. I don’t want Kasatka to loose another daughter, I want Takara Kamea and Sakari to live out their lives together. If SeaWorld is serious about the welfare of their animals no more Orca mothers will cry for their children.

SeaWorld still intends to keep the Orca in their show tanks. This breeding ban doesn’t address broken teeth, stereotypical behaviour, surface logging, confinement, chronic stress, shortened lifespans, continual medication and all the other issues facing captive whales. So far sea pens are still “Sea-cages”, we can only keep campaigning till the whales get what they need and deserve – an ocean sanctuary. A month ago we would have thought a breeding ban was impossible, we can win a better home for these whales.

Of course the emphasis on expanding their animal rescue plan is a double edged sword. Unreleasable animals will continue to be performers, even in the supposed new “educational shows”. And as brilliant as this ban is, it does not include SeaWorlds other cetaceans. Nor does it prevent SeaWorld from heading to Antarctica to help itself to penguin chicks. Who’s to say SeaWorld won’t stock Shamu stadium with rescued pilot whales instead. They need to be watched closely, we must keep them on their toes. We cannot forget the other animals which get less press coverage. The dolphins, pilot whales and belugas suffer as much as any Orca.

Now is not the time to be complacent. This is the being of a very long war to empty the tanks for good. If SeaWorld chooses they could be an instrumental player in this alternative future. It’s time to phase out captivity of ALL cetaceans, open up their animals to REAL research, open sea-sanctuaries for their animals and for all those rescued who can’t return home. They should be rallying cries to tear down the Snake River dams, to end once and for all the drive hunts and condemn those new parks in china holding wild Russian whales. They should teach every single adult and child that walks through their gates about plastic pollution, ocean acidification and overfishing. I don’t want kids walking out saying they want to be trainers, they should be shouting from the rooftops that they want to be marine biologists, scientists and environmental campaigners.  I want real education, research and conservation. I want a real commitment to cetacean welfare.  I want SeaWorld to stand up and admit they were wrong. Only then will I pay money to walk through their gates.

Despite the battle ahead, this is a new beginning, a step in the right direction. We will see an end to cetacean captivity in our lifetime.

We will live in a world where every dolphin, whale and porpoise is wild and free.

Azurian Husky -

The Azurian Husky is a rare breed of husky found in some places in Russia, but mainly in Alaska. It’s most known for it’s brilliantly blue-grey pigmented fur that is a result of years of select and inbreeding. Professional breeders of Azurian Huskies have related the strange fur colour to the skin disease Argyria, though it does not affect the skin of the dog. However, Alaskan government has recently put a ban on breeding Azurian Huskies after several cases of dogs being murdered for their unique coat, Russia has yet to adopt the same law. [x]