Mousqueton Treuille de Beaulieu Mle1854 1er Type - Treuille de Beaulieu M1854 1st Type carbine

Designed by Antoine Hector Thésée de Beaulieu, made by the Manufacture d’Arme de Chatellerault in France c.1854.
9,9x41 pinfire copper-based cardboard proprietary cartridge, single-shot open-bolt falling-block action, lance-bayonet with 86cm-long blade.

This carbine was designed to equip Napoleon III of France’s elite bodyguard regiment, the Cent-Gardes. It was among the very first metallic cartridge firearms employed by any military, which explains its odd operation - you must learn to walk before you can ride a horse and kill Prussians.
The Treuille de Beaulieu Mle1854 used a proprietary round made with a copper base, a cardboard body and a brass firing pin and extraction loop.

Treuille de Beaulieu cartridge 1st type

The gun’s breech was opened by pulling down on the firing assembly, which served as a breech block, a hammer and a cocking handle all at once. The gun could be put back on half cock once a cartridge was chambered, but this was an extremely unsafe safety as the face of the hammer remained extremely close to the round’s pin

The Treuille de Beaulieu action, fully cocked.

After discharging the gun using its long trigger, the soldier can open the breech and extract the cartridge using its brass loop.
A 2nd type of carbine was issued later that did away with the pinfire mechanism, instead opting to sit the internal percussion cap directly against the now all-brass wall of the cartridge and igniting it with a raised hammer face - instead of the former flat one. This would render the half-cock safety slightly safer.

Treuille de Beaulieu cartridge 2nd Type


GW2 Fashion Week - Day 7 - Vae Artrun

Out of all my character, I think this changed the most. It took me quite long to settle on this armor combo and even longer to figure out the dyes. The result may not be super original, but I still love it.

Armor skins:

  • Fanged Dread Mask
  • Sorcerer’s Epaulets
  • Soul of Koda
  • Winged Gloves
  • Illustrious Breeches
  • Feathered Boots

Weapon skins:

  • Bonetti’s Rapier
  • Balthazar’s Shield
  • Balthazar’s Focus


  • Maroon
  • Greys: Icing, Fog, Dust, Burnished Steel
  • Browns: Beige, Mocha, Midnight Fire

anonymous asked:

is bowbound hal's outfit basically just the prince godtier outfit? How does Hal get his name anyway? also, what is bowbound Equius wearing, not that im planning to draw this or anything (just kidding i am)

-pretty similar to fancy tier dirk without the hood and mostly black with red accents

-i’m gonna write more, you’ll have to wait and see!

-Equius is kind of half dressed; he’s only got his undershirt, breeches, and stockings on. They’re a bit torn up and he lost his shoes and glasses.

-I’m excited to see it!

Darkness ( preview)

The ice glowed against the dark street, the world was destroyed, Iris was dead, Barry was stuck in the speed force, and everyone was in cages by grodd. The world only left 2, Cisco, and Caitlin. Darkness, and the light.

For a month, he walked around, trying to find hope, trying to find a way to restore the timeline, when he stepped on a small necklace that was on the street.

To iris from barry

he almost cried, then he remembered, something, he ran as far away as he could, and opened a breech, and traveled to earth 3.

He lucked up when Jay was just finished with solving a crime.

“Cisco, what’s up?” Jay asked.

Cisco smiled, as he began to tell him all that happened, this was their only, and last chance.


Breechloading Wheellock Musket

Manufactured in central Europe c.17th century.
Although covered in a thick patina and missing a few pieces, this musket is still a magnificent firearm. A very early breechloader, it features a spring-loaded breech block that snaps into place and can be released to the side with a simple thumb catch. This kind of weapon would still need to be primed, but loading itself would be achieved with a self contained metallic cartridge, aligned properly with a little radial peg that would fit the notch in the barrel.

One of the cartridges in question, pictured with another similar rifle.

Such guns would be among the most high-tech you could get your hands on in these days.

Sauce : Forgotten Weapons