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Also people who aren’t in Australia but have a spare five minutes. Guys - this one is urgent. There’s a pregnant refugee on Nauru who is in a lot of trouble. She’s nearly 36 weeks along and her baby is in the wrong position for delivery - feet first. She also has a large tumour (it’s benign) against her uterus. Doctors need to manually rotate the baby (for which you need a hospital with an operating theatre on standby) or perform a caesarean (for which you need a hospital with an operating theatre).

Nauru does not have the facilities to do this. The infant mortality rate in Nauru is 30 in 1000 (Australia’s is 3 in 1000) and this woman’s chances, and her baby’s, are not looking good. Aussie doctors believe only experienced obstetricians with neonatal facilities are capable of performing the birth and being on site to treat complications. It’s insanely hard to get a visa to visit Nauru, and as mentioned above, Nauru doesn’t have the facilities regardless.

She needs to come here. So. Here’s what you need to do for her to have a chance of coming to Australia and getting the help she needs.


Minister for Immigration and Border Protection Peter Dutton and Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border Protection Alex Hawke.

Dutton’s emails are - AND

Hawke’s email is

Just something short and sweet, you know the drill - edit this email to your liking if you don’t know what to say.

Dear Minister [DUTTON/HAWKE],

My name is [YOUR NAME] and I am from [YOUR STATE]. Recently I was made aware of the plight of a pregnant refugee on Nauru. Both her baby, and her life are endangered due to the baby’s breech position. There are not enough adequate facilities or medical staff on Nauru to assist with what may be a very difficult delivery.

Please bring this woman to Australia so she can give birth and recover in safety.

I await your reply regarding this urgent issue as soon as possible.

Thank you,



Usually we’d wait till next week to start ringing, but time is of the essence here. After sending the email, you need to ring Dutton’s Canberra office on (02) 6277 7860, and Hawke’s Canberra office on (02) 6277 4430.  

If you live in Dutton’s electorate (Queenslanders in Dickson) or Hawke’s electorate (New South Welshies in Mitchell) also ring (07) 3205 9977 or (02) 9899 7211 respectively.

If you’re nervous about what to say, the above email can also be worked as a script to the people on the other end. Insist on the call being logged and someone following up with you on the issue. 

It’s two days after Australia Day, and after swanning about welcoming new citizens and claiming that we’re open for all those who’ve come across the sea, a woman may die despite being less than four hours flight from the health care she so desperately need. Email and call these ministers now.

We’re halfway there!

*‘Livin’ On A Prayer’ plays in the background*

20 whole weeks! Ollie is doing A-OK, in fact, according to the ultrasound tech he’s already in breech position so I guess he’s anxious to come out already 😂 Slow down bud, we’ve still got 4 and a half more months to go.

We got a look at his face, and even though he kind of looks like a human-esque blob still, he’s definitely got some cheeks on him already. And huuuuuge hands and feet, bless his heart 😭😭 he’s going to be mostly knees and elbows like his daddy.

I’ve started Operation: Get The Nursery Closet Organized and so far all I’ve managed to do is wash and dry and ungodly amount of tiny clothes and socks.

So. Many. Teeny. Socks.

I can feel tiny fluttery kicks on the regular now, especially in the evenings. It feels like little bugs are crawling under my shirt, I don’t know how else to describe it 😂😂 my bump is definitely there and it’s pretty big already. If I had a dollar for every time someone’s looked at my bump and then back at me and said “September? Are you sure? Are you sure it’s not June or July?” Oliver would have a full college fund set up already 😒😒

My legs and hips are killing me, but other than that it’s been smooth sailing. If I can just stop rolling over onto my back while I sleep, we’d be set.

CSJJ Day 23: Unexpected

Hello there, lovely shipmates! This is my submission for @csjanuaryjoy based on the prompt, “I don’t know how to say this, love, but I think you’re pregnant.” This turned out to have a bit more angst than I had originally intended and there is a very brief mention of fatal pregnancy complications but I promise there is a happy ending. Thanks so much for including me! I very much enjoyed being apart of this. 

Rating: M

Word Count: 5,360



Doctor Killian Jones didn’t like to brag. Okay, he did like to brag. He was a talented OBGYN and he very well knew it. Driven and focused as a young lad, he was determined to be successful in his career. His social life. Everything he did.

Everything he wanted, he had. Including the gorgeous, green-eyed pediatrician he currently had pressed firmly against the wall. Emma Swan had enchanted him the moment he laid his eyes on her and from then on he was determined to have her. She had put up a damn good fight, but he always did love a challenge.

Emma’s head was tilted back, allowing him access to her neck as she scrubbed her fingers through his hair. His lips invaded the expanse of her skin, bites and licks that left marks. She moaned softly as his hands slipped under her scrub top and roamed her body, his fingers aching to touch her most intimate places.

“Should we be-?” Her words turned into a breathy moan as he found her hips with his strong hands, giving her a light thrust. She gasped, feeling the hard erection through the thin, cotton material of his pants. Her mind was too frazzled and clouded with lust to think straight or finish her question. His mouth and hands and delicious weight of his toned body against hers drove her crazy like he always did.

A dazzling smile spread across his lips against her neck before he lifted his head to look at her, his eyes lighting up with amusement. “No, but when has the hospital rules ever stopped us before, love?” His voice was dripping with pure sin, the sound of his British accent settling deep inside her belly as he bent his head down to kiss her neck again.

Her eyes fluttered shut as she felt all of the sensations he was offering. He was hard against her center, his lips were greedy as they set her skin ablaze and his hands eagerly pushed up her shirt and bra to cup and massage her breasts. He tweaked her nipples between his index finger and thumb as he growled into the crook of her neck.

Killian’s left palm painfully drifted from her breast, leaving her whining from the loss. However, he made up for it when he lowered his hand and pulled on the string of her scrub bottoms to loosen them before his fingers slipped inside and underneath her panties, finding her wonderfully aching sex. Her skin was ever so delicate and smooth; his fingertips glided easily to the area that awaited him below.

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Meet Tina and Gina from Fiji, twin girls born during Tropical Cyclone Winston. After delivering Tina at one hospital, doctors discovered that Gina was in breech position and had to be transferred to a different hospital. The ambulance carrying their mother Avalon dodged cyclone debris to get her to much-needed care. The story of the girls’ birth will go down in family history:

During pregnancy, there are several physiological and endocrinological changes that occur in preparation for creating the environment for the developing baby. The following changes could result in a misaligned spine or joints:

  • Protruding abdomen and increased back curve
  • Pelvic changes
  • Postural adaptations

Establishing pelvic balance and alignment is another reason to obtain chiropractic care during pregnancy. When the pelvis is misaligned it may reduce the amount of room available for the developing baby. This restriction is called intrauterine constraint. A misaligned pelvis may also make it difficult for the baby to get into the best possible position for delivery. This can affect the mother’s ability to have a natural, non-invasive birth. Breech and posterior positions can interfere with the natural ease of labor and lead to interventions such as c-sections.

The nervous system is the master communication system to all the body systems including the reproductive system. Keeping the spine aligned helps the entire body work more effectively.


#129 - You Have Your Baby

Harry: His hand grips yours, his face right next to your, whispering encouraging words in your ear as you give birth to your first child. “One more (Y/N). Come on baby you can do this.” You fall back, breathing heavily. “I can’t Harry, I can’t,” you cry, exhausted from the hours of painful labor. “Yes you can!” he says determined. “(Y/N) yes you can. One more. I know you can do this.” You look over at him, seeing the happiness behind his eyes. So with everything you have left, you push one more time, the cries of your baby boy following soon after. “Oh my god baby… I knew you could do it,” he said tearing up. “He’s perfect.”

Liam: “You’re doing perfectly baby,” he says softly, on hand holding yours, the other holding your leg up. “C’mon babe, I can see the head! You’re doing amazing,” he cheered, as you put all your strength into your final push, a loud cry filling the room. Falling back into the bed, a tiny body is set onto your now empty stomach. You shakily put your hands on your baby girl, looking at the beautiful life you had brought into the world. “Baby she’s beautiful,” Liam cried, smiling as the tears streamed down his face, kneeling next to you and brushing some hair away from your forehead. Your own tears were building up as your daughter squirmed on your chest. The nurses took her to clean her up as the delivery came to an end. The doctor cleaned you up and rolled you into a private room, where your baby was brought in moments later.

Niall: “Niall,” you cried, reaching your hand out for him to grab. Your breathing was heavy, the labor becoming almost unbearable. It had been nearly 32 hours of endless contractions and an intense one was coming up. He quickly got up from his chair, grabbing your hand tightly and pulling it to his chest. “Baby, baby look at me. Remember our breathing, in…” He took a deep breath in making you follow. “And out…” Niall guided you in the breathing exercise for about 5 minutes until the doctor walked in, and told you it was time to push. A wave of fear overtook your body, as you looked to Niall. “I-I’m not ready,” you stuttered, looking up at him. “(Y/N), hey. Baby, think about it, only a little bit more and we’ll have a baby. Princess you can do this, I’ll be right here.” As the doctors prepared everything, you nodded, feeling an extreme pressure between your legs. “Alright Mrs. Horan, we need you to bear down okay? Let’s deliver this baby.” Taking a deep breath you used the energy you had been saving to push. Niall gripped onto your hand, counting to 10 every time you started again. It was tiring but an hour later when your baby boy, Adam was born, it was all worth it.

Zayn: Holding one of your legs up, Zayn’s eyes kept switching from your face to the miracle happening down below. “You’re doing amazing boo! C’mon, the heads out, one more baby!” You continued pushing, your face going red as you used all the energy you had to deliver this baby. About one minute later, you let out a final cry as a wave of relief washing over you, the piercing cry of your baby echoing through the room. “You did it,” Zayn said, absolutely astonished. “Baby you did it.” Letting go of your leg, he went to cut the cord, tears streaming down his face as the baby was set into your chest. You put your hands on her tiny warm body and held her close to your breast, admiring the tiny features. When the nurses took her to go get cleaned up, the doctor finished up with you, cleaning you up and moving you into a private room, where your new baby girl was brought soon after. Jennifer Ana Malik, 8 pounds, 2 ounces. A healthy baby girl that you and Zayn would cherish the rest of your lives.

Louis: Complications. That was the last word you wanted to hear the doctors say when you went to give birth to your baby. After doing an ultrasound, you had found out that the baby was in a breech position and it wouldn’t be safe to deliver naturally. You were almost devastated. You had been preparing for a fully natural experience, but now that wouldn’t be able to happen. But it was for the baby. You had been keeping that baby safe for 9 months, and you weren’t about to put that small life at risk now. So into surgery you went, Louis standing with the mask over his face, watching them operate on the other side of the curtain. “Louis what’s going on?” you asked groggily, making him look down at you. “They’re almost done love.” He ran his hand through your hair, turning his attention to you until finally the cries of your baby could be heard. You wanted to see. “Lou, Lou boy or girl?” you asked eagerly, tugging on his surgical gown. “Babe it’s a boy. We have a boy,” he cried, happy tears falling down his cheek as he kissed you passionately. “You gave me my boy… and I love you so much. Thank you.”

PS #28 - Labor/Delivery (Ashton)

At your last doctor’s appointment, things didn’t go as well as you wanted to. The twins were both in breech position, which meant that things weren’t going to go the way you had planned. You scheduled your c-section for the next Tuesday, and now that it was the night before, you were stressing.

“You need to sleep…” Ashton said quietly, walking into the bedroom with a warm cup of tea. “You have a big day tomorrow…”

“I can’t sleep… I’m too nervous…” you murmured out quietly, chewing your bottom lip softly.

“I know love… but if you don’t get some sleep, then you won’t be all rested to meet our babies tomorrow…”

Ashton dragged his fingers over your stomach gently, bending over it to press his lips to it, smiling softly. You sighed out softly and watched him, adjusting yourself against the pillow. He looked up at you with a soft smile and moved his body up your body until his face was in front of yours. You looked back at him, giving him a small smile.

“This time tomorrow, our littles babies will be here with us…” he murmured out quietly, pressing his lips against yours gently. “All safe and sound… this is the last night where it’s just you and me…”

“I know…” you whispered, sinking your teeth into your lower lip.

“It’s scary, and exciting, but it’ll be an absolutely amazing day…”


“Okay,” he hummed, rolling away from you and grabbing your tea, setting it off onto the beside table. “We have an early start tomorrow.”

You let out a big yawn, shuffling down under your covers and trying not to think about it all. Ashton shut the light off and adjusted the blankets over the both of you. He kissed your cheek gently and dropped his head onto your shoulder.

“Love you…” he murmured.

“Love you too,” you said quietly, fluttering your eyes shut and trying to catch a couple hours of sleep.


Ashton woke you up before the alarm, wanting to get going so you could get everything settled at the hospital. You were beyond exhausted, but moved sluggishly. You were honestly ready to have most of this extra weight gone and have your babies out in the world.

He grabbed your sweater and slid it over your shoulders and letting you get your arms into the sleeves. He grabbed your hospital bag, his other hand on your lower back.

“You ready?”

“As ready as I can be,” you chuckled, taking a deep breath.

This was really it, this was all really happening and it hadn’t really set in yet. The reality of it all wouldn’t actually click until you were in the hospital.

As you sat in the car on the way to the hospital, you held onto Ashton’s hand tightly. The sun was coming up slowly, bringing on the new day. You took a deep breath, your other hand resting against your belly. He pulled up into a parking spot and pulled your hand up to his lips. You looked over and smiled softly, pushing open your car door. You had to wait for him to come around to help you out of the car, the baby bag over his shoulder. He pulled you up slowly, wrapping his arm around your waist tightly and shutting the door.

You held onto him tightly, feeling the anxiety of the hospital grow and grow the closer you got. As you and Ashton walked up into the front desk to get checked in, you zoned out for a moment, dropping your head against his shoulder. He gave your forehead a gentle kiss, filling out just a little bit of paperwork before you were led to a quiet room. A medical gown was left and nurses came in and out to check the baby’s heartbeat.

Sitting in the bed, you had to wait a few minutes until the operating room was ready. Ashton was given scrubs to slip on, and you couldn’t help but giggle as a nurse helped him get everything on.

“You look very handsome like that,” you chuckled, getting a plastic cap on yourself.

“Yeah?” Ashton giggled, shrugging his shoulders up and getting his hair pushed back to slip under a sanitary cap.

“Yeah,” you sighed, biting your lip softly. A couple of nurses slipped your bed up, putting up the guard rails and unlocking the wheels. This really was it.

Ashton walked alongside the bed as all the medical personnel led you into the OR, getting the bed in place. The doctor greeted you as he came in all ready for the surgery, clearing your stomach of any material. Your arm was brought out to rest on the table so they could make sure everything went okay, and an anesthesiologist came to you, making sure all the medicine and numbing aspects were taken care of.

Then it began.

“You might feel a little pressure (Y/N), but no pain,” the doctor explained, the big sheet in front of you preventing you from seeing anything.

Ashton stayed beside you, watching you until the incision was made before looking over to watch his children be brought into the world. You felt sleepy, but nothing out of the usual. Your eyes stayed on your husband as the work was being done.

Not five minutes later, your first baby was in the world, a healthy cry bursting from its lungs as it was passed onto one of the nurses. You looked over at Ashton who was watching with wide eyes, shock and amazement plastered on his face.

“There’s your son!” someone announced and your eyes filled with tears, the sounds of his healthy crying filling the room, becoming more distant as he was brought over to be cleaned and wrapped up.

You closed your eyes for a moment, feeling pressure in your lower abdomen as they went to get your daughter. The room got quiet, a serious mood settling in the air. You looked around slightly. This was taking longer than you wanted it to.

The doctor and nurses were talking amongst themselves. You didn’t even think the second baby was out, but Ashton bent next to you grabbed onto your hand with both of his.

“And the other one is here,” you heard someone say, but there was no excitement.

“Ashton…” you murmured out, not hearing any cry.

“It’s okay, he reassured, looking over at the doctor.

He was unwrapping the cord quickly from her neck, a nurse standing by with a pump. She pushed it up into the baby’s nose, sucking the fluid and trying to clear the airways. Your heart began to beat louder, enough so that you could hear it in your ears. Your eyes flew around, trying to see anything you possibly could.

“Ashton,” you repeated again, seeing out of the corner of your eyes, your second baby being taken over, still quiet.

Ashton was watching and you let go of his hand, pushing him to go over there and make sure everything was okay. He was hesitant, but he went, quickly being directed towards your son. You felt numb from the waist down and didn’t care about any of that.

What was 3 minutes, felt like an eternity before a loud, desperate cry finally, finally, came from your daughter. Your chest immediately let go of the panic it was about to release and your eyes shut as you listened, two healthy cries filling the room. There was a chorus of cheers from the nurses and a look of warmth and happiness on your husband’s face as he turned to face you. He came over with both of them, one securely in each arm.

Smiling widely, you looked over them, sniffling back some of the tears. They were both healthy and pink, both of them with a tuft of thick hair on the top of their heads. Your daughter was significantly smaller than her brother, weighing in at 5 pounds, 3 ounces, while her brother weighed in at 7 pounds, 1 ounce. That didn’t matter to you though. They were both there and happy.

You traced your finger over your son’s cheek, shaking your head in awe.

“My god…” you breathed out, your voice cracking.

Your eyes were heavy but you fought to keep them open.

“I want to name her Ali… if that’s okay…” Ashton said quietly and you nodded your head quickly, looking up at him.

“Yes, yes,” you murmured, turning towards your son. “I want him to be Joseph…” you said quietly, smiling warmly at the both of your brand new children.

Ashton smiled widely and leaned over you, pressing a tender kiss against your forehead. You wanted them to finish up so you could hold them, but you would wait, in the end, it would all be worth it. They were finally here, and no words could express how happy both you and your husband were.

Kim Kardashian Gives Birth to a Baby Boy, Her Second Child With Kanye West

Break out the mini Air Yeezys, because Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have welcomed a baby boy!

The reality star gave birth to their child, the couple’s second, on Saturday morning.

“KANYE AND I WELCOME OUR BABY BOY!” Kim wrote on her website and app.

“Mother and son are doing well,” the message stated.

His name was not revealed.

Kim had one day earlier posted on social media a selfie showing her nine-month-old baby bump, saying, “Ready whenever you are lol.”

The star, who was also rumored to be planning to get induced early, revealed before Thanksgiving that there was a chance she’d have to get a C-section this time around because her baby was breech, meaning his body was turned in the womb.

Fortunately, Kim was able to undergo a procedure over the Thanksgiving-holiday weekend to have the baby turned in the correct direction, head pointing down. “This weekend I checked into the hospital and underwent a procedure called an ECV (External Cephalic Version, or a Version), which is done to manually turn the baby from a breech position to a head-down position,” she revealed in a Dec. 1 blog post.

“They gave me an IV with medication to relax my uterus, and then three doctors attempted to work together to turn the baby,” she continued. “There was a risk that my water might break or the baby’s heart rate could drop—in which case, an emergency C-section would then take place. I went in with my sisters and my husband. I was prepared for it all!”

“They don’t give you any pain medication, and let me tell you: This was soooooo painful,” Kim wrote. “Probably more painful than childbirth. BUT it worked!!!”

That was a major relief for Kim, who still hoped to deliver the baby naturally. However, “if it’s an emergency and for the safety of my son, I will get a C-section—but if I don’t need one, I’d rather not,” she previously explained.

However, this isn’t her first rodeo when it comes to motherhood, and this time around, she has a little helper that is more than eager to help mommy out with the new addition.

“We talk about baby brother all the time,” the 35-year-old star recently told E! News exclusively about big sis Nori. “She’s so sweet and yesterday she said, ‘Mommy, can I give baby brother a kiss on your tummy?’ and she kissed my stomach. She’s super sweet. She has a hard time when I hold other babies but she’s been getting a little bit better and I’m hoping that with her brother it’s a whole new experience.”

Congratulations Kim and Kanye!

[source: E! News]

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Hi. Forgive me if this too personal to ask, but I was wondering if there is any specific reason why you are having a C-section? I'm a FTM and think it sounds scary and have noticed that almost everyone seems to get them, even when the baby is healthy. I've also read that doctors get more money for C-sections and tend to 'force' their patients into them. I've only just started researching labor & birth so I'm just really curious.

Oh, babe.

I’m having a Cesarean because I’ve had one before, for a mild medical emergency. I had pre-eclampsia and my son, Mylo, was in the transverse position. Unlike the breech position (which is risky to vaginally birth as well, but less so than transverse), the baby is lying sideways with their back down instead of their bottom. Birthing is almost impossible because the baby can’t fold enough to fit through the birth canal. Without our Cesarean, I have no doubt we could/would have both died in labor/birth. However, because of all the scaremongering done by so many in the natural birthing community (read: not all, some), I felt for many months after my birth that my Cesarean was unnecessary and unjust and used for profit!!!!!!!! In all honesty, my doctor should have scheduled it sooner and, yes, been a little more present verbally during the procedure, but it was definitely something that needed to be done. My baby was born healthy BECAUSE of the surgery. My birth trauma doesn’t stem from my section like I first thought, like I was first told. 

The reason I’ve scheduled a repeat Cesarean is because I’m 41 weeks with no dilation and have no wish to go to 42 weeks. My section is scheduled for when I’ll be 41 weeks and 3 days. Our doctor told us today that I’m now part of a 5% group of women with absolutely no signs of labor this far into the pregnancy, and the medical field doesn’t really have a reason on WHY some of us don’t go into spontaneous labor. It could be because EDD are estimated and we’re not as pregnant as we think, but because of the risks of going past 42 weeks, most practices will induce at this time. He’s hoping I’ll go into labor, but he’s also a realist. hahaha

Now, I’ve gotten a lot of people asking me why I don’t just go and get induced and when you think about it, it’s a no brainer. I have a uterine scar. My uterus is only so strong. Augmentation brings on powerful labor, and because of the increased risks of a uterine rupture, they don’t induce VBAC mothers. This is also a reason they don’t allow us to go past 42 weeks. Bigger baby = bigger chance that your uterus will rip. (This happened to our doctor last year. The VBAC mom had a uterine rupture, and the baby was born partially in her intestines. Both mother and baby were fine, but SHIT.) 

Yes, Cesareans can be scary. However, so can vaginal birth. Both are painful and both pose risks. I, however, am not scared to birth with another section. I have an amazing set of capable, competent doctors who pushed and pushed for our vaginal birth. Besides my husband, no one has been so supportive of the decision to birth naturally. THAT’S what matters and THAT’S what you look for in a doctor or midwife. If you have a doctor who doesn’t listen to your thoughts or respects you, FIND A DIFFERENT DOCTOR. DO NOT SETTLE. BE PICKY. ASK QUESTIONS. LEAVE A PRACTICE IF YOU ARE UNCOMFORTABLE. SOME DOCTORS DO SUCK, BUT YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BIRTH WITH THEM. 

I encourage you to research birth, but please also understand that what you find on forums is not the equivalent to medical advice. Honestly, a large majority of the population are idiots and they all seem to have internet connection. Look into birth and labor and positioning and meditation and, I don’t know, delayed cord clamping, but please don’t get caught up in this “AL DOCTROS R EVILL!!!!!!!!!!!” bullshit like I did. They have a degree for a reason. Some are just dicks. Research the complications of inductions, but should you have a Cesarean, don’t you dare let anyone tell you that it wasn’t a “real birth” or empowering or wonderful or a great experience. Things go wrong, so stay flexible. Birth without fear, my friend. 

It is possible to have a great Cesarean just like it is possible to have birth trauma from a home birth. You just don’t hear about those sides often because it doesn’t fit peoples’ agendas. 

Harris also tells the story of killing an 18-week-old unborn child while pregnant with her own 18 week-old baby: “I used electrical suction to remove the amniotic fluid, picked up my forceps and began to remove the fetus in parts, as I always did. I felt lucky that this one was already in the breech position – it would make grasping small parts (legs and arms) a little easier. With my first pass of the forceps, I grasped an extremity and began to pull it down. I could see a small foot hanging from the teeth of my forceps. With a quick tug, I separated the leg. Precisely at that moment, I felt a kick – a fluttery ‘‘thump, thump’’ in my own uterus. It was one of the first times I felt fetal movement. There was a leg and foot in my forceps, and a ‘‘thump, thump’’ in my abdomen. Instantly, tears were streaming from my eyes – without me – meaning my conscious brain - even being aware of what was going on. I felt as if my response had come entirely from my body, bypassing my usual cognitive processing completely. A message seemed to travel from my hand and my uterus to my tear ducts. It was an overwhelming feeling – a brutally visceral response – heartfelt and unmediated by my training or my feminist pro-choice politics. It was one of the more raw moments in my life. Doing second trimester abortions did not get easier after my pregnancy; in fact, dealing with little infant parts of my born baby only made dealing with dismembered fetal parts sadder.’’

(But why are there dolls? Acknowledgements/apologies owed to pilferingapples and kingedmundsroyalmurder )


“And if Feuilly can arrange to speak at the Polish association–I know he has been invited to their meetings–we may find ourselves with several more men.  He says there are many good republicans there.  Then when Bahorel returns from his family visit–”

“Is that Bahorel?" 

Enjolras looked at the paper-weight in his hand.  His mouth set in a line in which Combeferre recognized amusement, though he did not quite smile.  In his other hand was a pen: Feuilly, speaking to immigrants.  "I…it must be an unconscious habit.  Perhaps I think better with my hands occupied.  Some men do."  Carefully, he set down the paper-weight and the pen.  He kept his hands folded in his lap the rest of the evening.  But the next time Combeferre was in Enjolras’s room, their discussion grew animated, and soon Enjolras was anticipating half a dozen possible outcomes from the appointment of Polignac to the ministry of foreign affairs, arguing one voice of opposition against another, testing their merits. 

Combeferre did not mention the inkwell in Enjolras’s hand, or the empty coffee-cup it seemed to be debating with.  Not at the time.  But a week or so later he and Joly were taking a late breakfast together, tired but elated after a night of good results at the hospital: fevers broken, amputations survived, an infant delivered alive from a breech position and the mother seeming strong as well.  They were exhausted and giddy and the story of Enjolras and his idiosyncrasy came up.  "I heard my own voice in that inkwell,” said Combeferre ruefully.  “And I believe the coffee-cup spoke for Courfeyrac.  It had his verve.”

It was rare that he and Joly worked directly together at the hospital and rarer still that they ended a shift with so much good news.  Combeferre could be forgiven his bit of gossip.

From Joly the indiscretion spread to Bossuet and Bahorel…and Prouvaire, and Courfeyrac…  A project took shape.  Plans were submitted.  Plans were abandoned.  Plans were submitted elsewhere.  Plans were pirated and taken wholly in hand by unexpected parties. 

Two months after Joly and Combeferre shared a shift at the hospital, a box magically appeared in the back room of the Musain.  Someone had cut letters from newspapers and pasted them on: E-N-J-o-L-R-a-s.  No one else would open the box, and no one at all would confess to having brought it.  When it was opened, only Bossuet was willing to identify one of the dolls inside.  “Look,” he said, pointing to a single strand of silk embroidered zig-zag along the back of the doll’s round little head, “it has my hair!”

Combeferre walked home with Enjolras.  They said very little of import on the way, but when Enjolras set the box down on his desk and began carefully unpacking it again, Combeferre coughed.  “I really don’t know anything about it." 

"Yes, you said."  Enjolras set the box on its side and placed some of the figures inside.  "I assume it is a joke?”

“But kindly meant, I am sure.”

Enjolras gave Combeferre a quizzical look.  “Friend, why would it be anything else?  They are delightful, and it is not far past my birthday…"  He laughed, barely audible, and set a blue-vested rag-doll with small wire spectacles on top of the box.  "I shall keep this one always ready to hand.  I think better this way, you know.”

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Hey, maybe you can help me collect some facts. I could have sworn that once upon a time most abortions were performed in such a way that was much like inducing a miscarriage, and that the "slicing up of fetuses" wasn't even a thing until pro-life morons had the procedure change for various reasons. Do you know any information about the history about how "safe" abortions have been performed? Thanks :)

Yup! The procedure known as the “partial birth abortion” (correct term being intact dilation and extraction, or IDX) did not involve dismemberment. It allowed grieving people to have a body to hold and mourn when late term complications occurred and an abortion was necessary. Basically, the fetus was turned into a breech position, the body was pulled out through the cervix, and then an incision was made in the skull in order to suction out the brain, causing the skull to collapse, which allowed the fetus to be removed more easily. However, anti-choice groups decided that they didn’t like the idea of the fetus being “partially born” and it was made illegal, despite it’s incredibly low rate of incidence (0.17% in 2000.)

So now we only have the dilation and evacuation (D&E) procedure, which involves the use of forceps to remove the fetus in pieces. Ever seen those anti-choice images of D&E’s where they cry about the horrific way that fetuses are dismembered during abortions? They’re the reason that’s the only option left. Doctors aren’t allowed to remove fetuses intact because anti-choice groups made IDX’s illegal. Making it illegal didn’t stop the reasons why they were performed (late term miscarriage, fetal deformities, fatal conditions, threat to pregnant person’s health, etc), it just made one alternative method illegal. According to my reading on the subject, Kansas made the D&E procedure illegal as well this year, so I have no idea what people do there for second trimester and late term procedures.

All this information came from Wiki, so please read more about it there!