The Importance of ‘No’

I haven’t been able to write a description for this video since the content is pretty self-explanatory :) 

Also after watching you’ll be happy to know I said no to working an overnight at work because I’m tired enough as it is, so you know, progress.

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  • My favorite thing about your blog: your posts 
  • What fandom I associate you with the most: everything?? idk man
  • What I think of your URL: it makes me hungry 4 bacon
  • If I follow you and why: yes because you are perfect 

Pop Punk’s Not Dead | Bree Bacon

…but it might be soon if we don’t pull our heads in.

I made a video inspired by the Hayley Williams/Bill Werde tweets about 5 Seconds of Summer that happened after the Billboard awards last week, I actually think it opened up a nice discussion so let me know your thoughts in the comments of the video.

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Also the AP article I talk about can be found here
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The day before I moved back home I wrote a diary entry, in it I wrote to Melbourne and thanked it for teaching me so much. I’ve decided to share that diary entry with you all, along with some clips from the past few years. I’m not one for nostalgia because I don’t deal with strong emotions rationally (aka I cry too much), but I caved in and let myself feel nostalgic about this journey I’ve had over the past couple few years.



Katie and I spit water all over my bedroom while attempting to sing for each other. I’m pretty sure this deserves a watch in memory of my clean linen and floor ;)


New video! Katie and I attempt to bake Zombie cookies in honor of Hazel’s new Zombie film :) 

Hazel’s film can be found here

The Sorted Food recipe we used can be found here


New videooooooo :)


So I’ve gone and done a life update video, I talk about things and stuff and some things that came in the mail.

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I finally did another TALK response video, check it out! Also if you’re Australian then this video might be pretty relevant to you and I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments of the video :D x


I did a #YouTubeLowFiWeek video guys! Check it out, ask it on a date, buy it dinner, hold it’s hand, and then and only then may you reblog it x


Spooky Ghost Train! | Bree and Katie’s Kitchen

Katie and I made another video together! We’re hilarious. She’s great. Go watch it.

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breebacon answered your questionhas anyone else watched the new becoming youtube?


oh god i know it made me feel really bad about myself but then i realised that i actually do give to charity and im part of a youth group so i shouldnt feel bad for spending my down time watching something interesting and real rather than junk made for public consumption on television