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Well, it’s over.

I can’t even feel sad or angry. I’m just…numb.

Please know that if you voted for Trump or Johnson, you voted against my welfare as a woman and a human being, and the welfare of every non-white, non-Christian, LGBTQ, low-income, female, and disabled person in this country.

I hope you’re very proud of yourselves.

If this is the kind of mentality that makes this country “great,” then tonight I am ashamed to be an American.

Bree Leiver finally got a 5 star celebrity boyfriend - don’t know if he’s rich or not yet but it’s a safe guess. Bree now has 4 stars because she’s dating him. They had sex in the elevator. New Possibly Rich Boyfriend is prancing right now but the poor guy doesn’t know Bree’s life goal is to see her wealthy spouse’s rich ghost.

Bree is considering getting pregnant to rush along the proposal and wedding, but feels conflicted as that means she’ll have a kid to look after

Tonight’s Facebook post:

Fair warning - Whether Trump wins or not (and I’m still praying he doesn’t), I’m going to spend the next four years and probably the rest of my life being a lot less tolerant of bigotry in my presence. I don’t care who it is, I don’t care what it is, I don’t care how they “actually” meant it, I don’t care what they “think” they know about whoever it is they’re belittling. If freedom of speech allows you to be casually hateful of your fellow human beings, then it also allows me to remind you that what you’re saying, however funny you find it, is disgusting and has no place in any kind of progressive society.

If I have to live in a country where I have to worry about my friends being shot or imprisoned for being black or latinx or non-Christian or immigrants or LGBTQ, then the least I’m going to do is stop being quiet about how much it pisses me off.

If it’s going to be a fight, then you best believe I will come out swinging.

Bree’s Simple Runes

Okay, so I was catching up on my reading today, and came across a set of simple instructions for creating witches’ runestones in Kate West’s “The Real Witches’ Book of Spells and Rituals.” The author recommends a set of eight simple symbols painted onto pebbles or disks and cast to find the answers to questions.

Drawing from this idea, I decided to make a simple set for myself and test them out. I haven’t had much luck with tarot or oracle cards, and ogham sticks have been similarly baffling. So one Sharpie and a handful of small mirror discs later, I had my own homemade runestones.

My artistic skills are hella lacking, but I managed to make clear representations of 20 different symbols with meaning for me, and I recorded each of their meanings in my witchbook. (Keep in mind that the following associations are ENTIRELY personal to me and may not agree with or reflect the opinions of others.)

  • The Sun - Solar, masculine, energy, glory, favorable outlook
  • The Moon - Lunar, feminine, dreams, intuition, magic
  • The Leaf - Nature, growth, fertility, health, renewal
  • The Coin - Chance, wealth, opportunity, luck
  • The Arrow - Inspiration, Brighid, “look forward,” “forge ahead”
  • The Harp - Pleasure, Lugh, skill, cleverness, “be crafty”
  • The Hammer - Protection, Thor, courage, will, “hold strong”
  • The Teardrop - Choices, Freyja, a journey, “look elsewhere, “search”
  • The Serpent - Ambition, desire, greed, career
  • The Spears - Conflict, trials, suffering, illness
  • The Dagger - Unseen danger, betrayal, a plot, meddlers
  • The Rings - Unity, harmony, friendship, love, family
  • The Cat - Independence, serenity, secrets
  • The Dog - Loyalty, affection, playfulness
  • The Cauldron - Power, creation, wisdom
  • The Wand - Influence, directness, proximity, “it is near”
  • The Spiral - Introspection, confusion, the unknown
  • The Feather - Release, relief, lightness, escape
  • The Web - Caution, entrapment, unseen foe, complication, consequence
  • The Broom - “Start over,” cleanse, banish, re-evaluate

I made a simple casting board with four quadrants - Then, Now, Future, and Within. And with my cheap-o little mirror discs, I did two castings.

The results were clear as a bell and eerily accurate.

I don’t know if it’s the fact that I made the pieces myself, or if it’s the use of symbols that are my own instead of someone else’s, but this set really WORKS for me. And anyone who’s followed me for a fair length of time knows that I am utterly shite with divination.

So for all my witchlings who want to learn divination but are struggling with learning tarot or runes or what-have-you, give this a try! Pick up some discs or pebbles, something with two definite sides, grab a marker or some paints, and make your own set of runes. (Hell, if you can’t draw, you can even use stamps or stickers.)

Use symbols that have meaning for you, and record them in your witchbook or journal. Cast them how you please and read the ones that land face-up.

Have fun!


Fire was in every vein of my body, covering every inch of my skin, gnawing through the marrow of every bone. It felt like I was buried in the middle of my coven’s funeral bonfire, with the flames on every side. There wasn’t a single cell in my body that wasn’t blazing with the worst agony imaginable. I could barely hear myself scream over the pain in my ears.