bree vandecamp

Thoughts on LAST DESPERATE!!! (day late AGAIN, I know...sheeesh what's wrong with me?)

Really good ending. It was a really nice way to end such great show.
-“- I LOVED how they showed all the ghosts…or…spirits or whatever at the end. Perfect.
-”- I was kinda sad that we got to see how everyone’s lives turned out except for Susan’s…she was always my favorite and I wanted to see past just her moving out.
-“- They all promised they’d meet up again and still be best friends, but that clearly never happened. Really?
-”- Tom and Lynnette!!!!!!! YAY!!!! They’re all good and happy and lovey and yay!!!
-“- Karen…no…I love her even more for sticking up for Bree because she’s a freaking genius!!!! But every scene she was in with Roy, or any scene with just Roy, broke my heart. :(
-”- I love Renee so much. I’ve understood everything she’s done and was never mad at her. And she was so beautiful in BOTH wedding dresses!!!

sigh…the show’s actually over…it’s weird to think about.