bree cheerio

Bree did a lot for more Jake’s character development than Marley did. With Marley, Jake was just a personality-less bad boy womanizer who underwent an unbelievably quick metamorphosis and turned into Marley’s bland, perfect boyfriend, until Bree came along. Bree caused us to SEE Jake’s womanizing side instead of just hear stories about it, and she caused him to reflect on his mistakes and want to think about the consequences of his actions.

It’s been a while

I’m sure you all missed me but don’t worry,I’m back. I found myself trying to avoid this site’s endless drama and wasted space altogether, but after hours upon hours of studying day and night even I can admit that this whole thing is way too addicting and entertaining to never come back too. With that being said, What did I miss? and please, if the stories are boring…save them.

Two dresses one ball

Both my dad and my “mom” sent two amazing dreses to chose from for the ball. I have to say the perks of being a daddy’s girl and having a mother who tries her hardest to get you to like her really do pay off sometimes. I should probably actually find a date now though since I’m not going to skip out on the ball like I’d planned.

Sometimes I fantasize what S4 would have been if the writers had used the newbies and TGP “winners” as the new team expies: Harmony (Rachel), Kitty (Quinn), Jake (Puck), Ryder (Finn), Unique (Mercedes/Kurt), Marley (Tina), Betty (Artie), Joe (Mike), Sugar (Brittany), Rory (Sam), and Bree (Santana).