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What did your family think when they first saw Odin? In the same vine, do you have any cute baby Odin or when your family first saw him?

Most thought he was cute because he was so tiny! I had several reptiles in the past before Odin and had been raised around many lizards, snakes and even a alligator so many were not surprised that I got him! The only person who was really surprised and had negative things to say about me getting him, Odin still does not tolerate being around them and is one of the only few people Odin has ever pooped on! 

Here’s one of the only pictures I have of him the first day I got him! He was so tiny!

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What is your favorite memory with Odin? (Btw I always look forward to seeing your posts!! Sometimes I just think about Odin and hope he's havin a good day)

I have so many good memories with Odin but I think my favorite was from he was about a 1 ½ years old! When Odin was younger before we upgraded his enclosure he had a enclosure with sliding plixiglass door on it that my step-dad built. Well one night my mother and I were making cheesecakes for holiday dessert that was in the next few days. After we had finished baking the first one and had just put the second one into bake we heard a loud crash! Next thing we know we hear this fast click! click! click! sound on the hard wood floors and suddenly Odin strolls around the corner and into the kitchen and along the way he is smelling everything! I of course go to pick him up to make sure he is ok and he throws a fit! Huffing and puffing and wiggling! My mom tells me to put him down and she will watch over him while I go find out what happened I agree and went to see what the loud crash had been about! Odin somehow had busted out the plixiglass door and had split the wood that made up the sliding track for the plixiglass door!  My mother suddenly calls me back to the kitchen telling me I need to come see this! When I get to the kitchen I see Odin trying to climb the cabinets, sticking his tongue out as farrr as he can smelling, right where the fresh baked cheese cake was sitting on the counter at! From then on it’s always been a joke between friends and family that you don’t bring cheesecake around Odin or even mention cheesecake around him because he will break down doors to get to it!

Thank you! I’m glad you enjoy seeing pictures of Odin it always makes me happy knowing that people enjoy seeing pictures of him! Odin sends some lizards kisses your way!

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Reborn, Mukuro and Xanxus with civillian s/o


~Thanks for the support, Chief~. I hope you like the way this turned out, Anon. (^_^)v

admin Adelheid


He entered the foyer, took off his leather gloves and loosened his tie but only when he was halfway over to the living room did he remember he still had one thing left to do now that he was home.

“I’m home.” He called out quietly.

It went against every instinct he had as a hitman but it was the only thing you requested of him when you agreed to marry him and damned if he was going to make you unhappy because he can’t even do something as simple as this.

He heard your footsteps approach and he waited, already feeling that calm in his soul you always seem to inspire in him whenever you were around. As soon as you saw him his breath caught in his throat at the way your eyes skimmed his form as though looking for some injury.

He had suspected you knew what he did for a living for a while now. He should have known it would be impossible for him to hide such things from you. You have always seen right though him. But he didn’t have the strength to test your love for him at the moment. Not when he could come home to you like this every night. So he pretended to not have noticed; and you pretended to be ignorant. The Mafia an unspoken secret between you both.

Silently he walked toward you to quietly show you he was alright. You fell limp as he placed his arms around you and the both of you inhaled deeply of each other’s scent.

“Welcome home.” You greeted him quietly as you burrowed deeply in his arms.

Reborn couldn’t help but try to swallow the lump in his throat as he held you closer, his heart beating a mile a minute. The emotions you make him feel whenever you acted like this…

It was another thing he needed to get used to. His heart felt too full whenever he held you like this especially after a hit. It sometimes felt as though his heart was going to burst by how full it was with all the emotions you gave him. You are a comfort to him. A cleansing blessing from the sins he had bathed himself with the moment he stepped outside this house where you made him whole.

“Have you eaten yet?” you asked quietly, still unable to let go.

“No,” he replied, kissing your temple gently, running his fingers through your hair and relishing the feel of it. “Let’s just go to bed.”


He watched as the prisoner writhed and drooled at the literal mental torture Mukuro was putting him through. The man was a rat. He had caused the death of several people under the Vongola’s protection. Tsunayoshi had wanted the man to suffer while spilling all his secrets and called Mukuro in to do the job.

Mukuro smirked coldly and decided he would give the man five more minutes before he started questioning him again to see if there were any more rats like him littering within the Vongola.

Suddenly he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. His eyes widened at the name on the caller id and quickly sealed the man’s lips to shut him up without breaking the torture before he answered the phone.

“Darling?” he purred into the phone. “Is everything alright?”

You smiled on the other line while looking into the fridge. “Hi, honey. I was just wondering if you can make it to dinner tonight.”

Mukuro shot an annoyed glare at the writhing man in front of him before answering you. “Perhaps. I’m a little tied up at the moment.”

“Your boss is sure keeping you busy, huh? Is everything alright with the company?” you replied innocently, taking out a few ingredients out to the marble island in the middle of the kitchen.

“Just a few minor problems with the product launching,” he lied smoothly. He had decided long ago that he was not going to involve you in the dark business of the Mafia. “It’s nothing big but it involves a lot of paperwork.”

“My poor baby,” you tease him over the phone making him grin in delight. “Want me to bring you dinner? I’m making your favorite. I’ll even bring dessert.”

Mukuro felt his mouth water at the salacious innuendo from the offered treat. Sadly, he was going to be down here in the ‘basement’ for a little while longer. “Darling, stop distracting me.”

You laughed so sweetly on the other line that Mukuro couldn’t help but smile too. His heart feeling like it was made of cotton every time he heard that beautiful sound coming from you.

“Fine. Just in case you come home tonight I’ll keep some leftovers in the fridge. Don’t overwork, okay?”

“I’ll try.”

“I love you.”

Mukuro had to swallow the lump in his throat as his breath caught at the words. His mind briefly wondering how on earth he became so lucky as he responded a little hoarsely. “I love you.”

As soon as he hung up the phone he removed the illusion stopping his captive from making any more noises. It annoyed him now that he had to spend time with this stubborn creature when he could have been at home, having dinner and making love to his sweet wife.

“Alright now,” he finally stopped the illusion scrambling the man’s brains and the prisoner panted as he glared at the blue haired Mist user. “I’m still being generous. You can make this easy for the both of us if you tell me what I want to know.”

The prisoner responded by spitting at Mukuro’s shoes. The same shoes you had painstakingly cleaned and worked to a shine this morning before you yourself had gone off to work. The smile on the illusionist’s face turned from cold to absolutely sadistic. It made the man want to puke out his intestines in terror.

“Very well,” Mukuro sat back in his chair, legs crossed and arms relaxed in the chair’s arms. “Have it your way then.”


Xanxus dismissed your hidden bodyguards with a jerk of his head when he picked you up from the office that evening. Said bodyguard for the day rejoined his officers on a distant rooftop, carefully eyeing the perimeter as he picked you up from the building’s lobby.

“Really, Xanxus, you’re being weird. What is this all about?”

He said nothing as he led you into the sitting room. He had it all planned out today.

He picked you up from work and then took you out to eat at your favorite restaurant. Never mind that it was just an average diner that luckily had private booths for customers who wanted some privacy and served a mean combo of chicken wings and fries. He held you close as the both of you walked home together, trusting that Squalo and his men would keep any problems at bay.

And now this.

He was pretty sure you were going to like it but he still couldn’t help the little knot in his stomach as he led you into the room where he showed you a nice, comfortable chair within touching distance from his own.

Your gasp of pleasure and the naked delight on your face made his heart want to fly up into the air and dance. Not that he was going to admit that to anyone of course.

“Oh, Xanxus…” you approached the chair and ran your delicate fingers over it as though it was made of glass. “You remembered…!”

“Hn,” he grunted as he crossed his arms over his chest, watching you sit in the chair and hug a cushioned arm as though it were a stuffed toy. “I was sick of you mourning over that stupid chair.”

“Hey!” you pouted up at him. “I loved that chair!”

“It was butt ugly and smelled like Levi’s feet. It belonged to the trash.”

“A~HA! So you did burn it up on purpose!”

Xanxus gave you a stubborn scowl. “I should get a goddamn medal for burning that piece of shit up.”

You sigh as you leaned back against the comfortable chair. It was hard getting mad when you feel as though you were sitting on a cloud. So you gave up. “Xanxus, honey? I would argue that you had no sentimentality if you hadn’t just gotten me this perfect, perfect present. Thank you.”

His lip twitched into a semblance of a smile before walking over to his chair; his long legs knocking with yours as he did so. “Yeah.”

Your smile turned sweet and loving and Xanxus couldn’t stop himself from staring.  He wondered if he would ever get tired of staring at you.

“Now then, speaking of presents, I guess it’s my turn now,” and then your smile turned wicked as you stood up and―much to Xanxus’ surprise and excitement― started slowly, sensuously take your dress off revealing a delicious set of new lingerie exclusively for his eyes to see. “Happy anniversary, my love…”

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first costume you ever made for Odin?

The first ever costume I made for Odin was a lion costume! It looked really bad and he hated it! After the first time I put it on him and took pictures I never put it back on him again. Here’s a picture of it!

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Does odin have any favorite toys? ☺️

Yes! Odin really seems to enjoy chasing his fishing lure toy and will even seek out the fishing rod that I attach the lure to wanting to chase it and will not leave it alone until I play the “lizard fishing game” with him for awhile!

He has also lately been enjoying digging and playing in what I have started to call his “mud pit” which is just a big bowl shaped planter that I fill with dirt and water until its a soupy muddy mess and then he spends hours digging and getting it all over his enclosure and him! II don’t know if that would be considered a toy but it keeps him entertained!


59 Chevrolet Impala by Greg Gjerdingen 


Via Flickr:
MSRA “BACK TO THE 50′s” 40th ANNIVERSARY June 21-23, 2013 State Fairgrounds St. Paul Minnesota More Car Pictures:…