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Since QR Code teams are available now, I’m gonna put out my team for you guys. They are all Iv bred (except Kartana, which has max speed and attack anyway) and are some of my most favourite pokemon, use them well and have fun.

Ps: If scanned with the normal scanner, it creates a Sawk.

EDIT: I took down the qr code because apparently hackers can decode it and can wreck your game sync id and get you BANNED. I don’t think anyone would have a reason to do this to me, but I can’t be to careful. ALSO IT’S A PSA PEOPLE, TAKE YOUR CODES DOWN OR YOU COULD BE AT RISK FOR HACKING AND GETTING BANNED. Hopefully the pokemon company fixes this soon. STAY SAFE AND PLAY HARD

i forgot i had a bunch of headcanons about gold and silver so here u go


  • Silver loves to cuddle, and pretends to hate romance
  • Silver was raised as a ‘high class’ person, so he knows how to waltz, swing and play violin and piano
  • Silver has impeccable table manners
  • Silver also has a large inheritance in his name, and is actually a millionaire
  • Silver refuses to use this money himself and ends up letting it collect where he plans to use it for his friends
  • Silver pays for Crystal’s university tutition and for Gold’s Pokémon breeding business
  • Silver ends up moving in with Gold while he studies Pokémon habits and health
  • Silver ends up working under Prof. Elm and Oak
  • Silver opens his lab in the same building as Gold


  • Gold is the  Pokémon Champion through his teenage years, and quickly becomes famous and rather wealthy
  • At 18, Gold opens a Pokémon breeding centre where the Goldenrod Pokémon Daycare was
  • His breeding centre is known worldwide, and he resigns from being Champion to tend to his centre, with Silver (age 20)
  • Gold and Silver, at 23-24, get married
  • Silver opens his lab in the same building as Gold’s centre
  • People come from all over to get IV bred pokemon from Gold, and to get tours of Silver’s lab where he gives beginners their first Pokémon (the strongest out of all labs, being level 7 instead of level 5)

houseriot  asked:

A kind of morbid question so feel free not to answer if its uncomfortable. I hope it doesn't happen often, but as a breeder you must see moms loose their pups sometimes. It must be really sad when that happens. Are they buried?

It happens far too often. You can’t be there 24/7 and some, no matter what you do to help increase their chances if survival, are never strong enough or meant to survive. I was told that’s why there are so many in a litter. Ive bred 6 litters so far. The pup I lost in my first litter and the little red collar pup in this last litter were buried. The 6 I lost in my second litter, 1 was buried and 5 others were cremated and ashes scattered at a pet cemetery. I can’t speak for all breeders…but it is truly heart breaking and I still think back to all the ones I’ve lost with sadness and pain in my heart. Some think we just don’t care….there are some breeders, the good ones, that just care to much and that’s why they decide, after one too many heart breaks that they just aren’t cut out to be breeders.

Inktober 2017 - Days 7, 8, and 9.

Featuring Kingdra, one of the first pokemon I IV bred & EV trained for the Battle Tower (and has been on my competitive team ever since). Weavile, a pokemon I bred/trained for a LiveJournal comp that has also stayed on my team since. And then a Poochyena and Ralts that have never been used in any capacity, but I continue to transfer them to each new game. Benny’s named after an old pet, and Mraz is…. in a Dive ball. ….Yeah.

IV Breeding Guide: Pokemon Sun and Moon

This is for those who are new to breeding, and I’ve gone into detail about a lot of things.

Below is a long, but helpful post about IV breeding. So if you’re new to Iv breeding and want to learn how, please check it out! I will reblog this every week or so, and let me know if you or someone else wants to be tagged for easier way to find this!

(NOTE: This will NOT include definitions or percentages. Similar articles like this can be found online. I am only writing about the raw steps you should take to IV Breed.) 


So, basically we’re going to do this based off a 6 IV Ditto that you either have already or can get from me. If you want to learn how to learn how to breed without the convenient Ditto, then that’s a whole different, and much longer process.

Take your Ditto, make sure it has Destiny Knot, and stick it into the day care center.

Now I can tell you how the percentages make out exactly with and without the Destiny Knot, but that gets confusing really quickly. Basically, with the Knot, five IVs are able to be passed down from the parent Pokemon. Without it, it’s only three.

With that said, you need to pick out a second parent Pokemon. We’ll use Turtwig as an example here.

Let’s say you have your Ditto, and have only one Turtwig that is basically useless when it comes to IVs. That’s fine, just start out slow.

Take your Turtwig and stick it into the Pokemon Nursery with Ditto. In Pokemon Sun and Moon, the Pokemon Nursery is in Paniola Town on Akala Island.

Next step is hatching eggs. Hatching eggs can take a long time, so find a comfortable place to wait for eggs and hatch. All my hatching is done around Akala Island. There’s a long road to the right of the Pokemon Nursery that’s pretty long, and wraps all the way around to the Heahea City.

Another tip is to not run off very far when you’re waiting for the girl outside of the Nursery to give you an egg. I’ve found that she updates as soon as an egg is ready, and she’ll move to a different stance when you can take an egg. Saves a little time, and you can run circles around her and Miltank until a new one is ready. (By the way: her Miltank will heal your Pokemon!)

Generally, with a non-IV Pokemon and 6 IV Pokemon, your chances are low of coming out with a 4-5 IV Pokemon. I’m going to assume you want the best, and are going for a 5 IV Pokemon first.

Hatch some eggs and go to the IV checker in your game. In Pokemon Sun and Moon, the IV checker is in your own PC! To unlock this feature, you’ll need to have hatched 20 eggs and need to have unlocked access to the Battle Tree. (To unlock the Battle Tree, you’ll need to be the Champion of Alola, so go take down the former champion!
After that, the Battle Tree is in the Poni Gauntlet on Poni Island. Run through Poni Coast up until you get through to the Battle Tree.)

Once you can unlock the IV checker, go and talk to the Ace Trainer that stands outside of the Battle Tree entrance. Next to him will be a convenient PC in seemingly laptop form! Talk to the guy and he’s ramble on about how extraordinary you are, and his magic words will give you the power to check IVs from any PC.

With newly bred Pokemon fresh out of the egg ready, and the IV checker unlocked, go to the nearest PC and open it up. The PC in this game automatically opens up to your boxes, so just select any Pokemon. If you’ve done it all correctly, the small blue button named ‘Judge’ will be on the bottom right of the screen. Click this and a new screen on the top will appear.

What is this hexagon??

This is how you’ll check IVs for each stat! This game’s pretty different than the old games when it comes to checking IVs. From top to right, the order is HP, Attack, Defense, Speed, Sp. Def, Sp. Atk. These are the Pokemon’s individual stats, all organized into one place to show you the exact numbers. Under each stat name, there is a word that will be either “No Good”, “Decent”, “Pretty Good”, “Very Good”, “Fantastic”, or “Best”. This is what you need to pay attention to the most. Each word will mean a different IV total.

This is what each word will mean pertaining to the IV’s total-

  • * No Good: 0
  • * Decent: 1 to 15
  • * Pretty Good: 16 to 25
  • * Very Good: 26 to 29
  • * Fantastic: 30
  • * Best: 31

IVs can only go up to 31, 31 being the best possible option. If an IV has a total of 31, then it’s perfect. This is the basis of IV breeding.

Check all your baby Pokemon’s IVs, looking for the perfect IV stats. After this, you might want to remember the stats of each Pokemon for future reference, but it’s up to you.

If you click on your Pokemon again, a list will come up. The fourth option is ‘Marking’, and after clicking it, it will bring up another list with a square, triangle, circle, heart, star, and diamond.

I use each shape to represent each IV stat:

  • * Circle: HP
  • * Triangle: Attack
  • * Square: Defense
  • * Heart: Sp. Attack
  • * Star: Sp. Defense
  • * Diamond: Speed

You can change them to whatever order you want, just as long as you can remember them.

In this game, you can make each shape either pink, blue, or grey. I personally use pink for a perfect IV, blue for a fantastic IV, and grey for a no good IV.

With the Ditto, you should at least have 1-2 perfect IVs (or more) on each newly bred Pokemon.

You can now officially say that you have IV Bred.

Going Further

For a competitive battler, a two IV Pokemon will not be enough. Countless times, I’ve had people ask for a 5-6 IV Pokemon for battling and won’t accept anything less.

To get one, you’re basically just repeating the process, but with better Pokemon, in this case a better Turtwig.

Look over your IV Bred Pokemon that you have marked. Take the Turtwig with the highest amount of perfect IVs and then go back to the Day Care Center. Take your original Turtwig out and replace him with the IV bred Turtwig.

Let’s say your Turtwig you picked has 3 perfect IVs. Your chances of passing down more perfect IVs has tripled. Remember, the original Turtwig had no IVs at all, and the only parent Pokemon that could pass down good IVs was only the Ditto.

This is where the Destiny Knot is more understood. Without the Destiny Knot you can only pass down 3 IVs from the parent Pokemon. With the Knot’s power to pass down 5 IVs from the parent Pokemon, IV breeding has gotten a lot easier.

Now, with your IV bred Pokemon, and Ditto, go hatch more eggs.

Passing down 5 IVs from the parent Pokemon doesn’t mean that all 5 will come from the Ditto and they will all be perfect. While, that is possible, the chances are very low.

Passing down 5 IVs means that 5 IVs are completely randomly passed down from both the Turtwig and Ditto. So 2 IVs could come from Ditto, while 3 could come from the Turtwig.

You also don’t know which ones will be passed down. Based on probability, or mainly luck, you may or may not pass down the perfect IVs that are in Turtwig. This is why a 6 IV Ditto comes in handy. Not only is it able to breed with whatever you want, but whatever stats are passed down from it are going to be perfect, since all it’s stats are perfect.

Now you can either pay attention to the facts about passing down IVs, or continue on to actually breeding.

By now, you should of hatched a new set of Pokemon. Go back to the IV Checker and check IVs.

Hopefully, you notice a difference in Perfect IVs. If not, don’t worry about, just keep trying. You are either going to get good luck or bad when it comes to IV Breeding.

If you breed a 3 IV Pokemon with a 6 IV Pokemon, then you are able to get a 5 IV Pokemon, but the chances are low.

The best pair is going to be a 5 IV Pokemon with a 6 IV Pokemon. This way you are almost guaranteed a 4-6 IV Pokemon that will be bred.

Going for that 6th Stat

This is the most time consuming part.

The last stat will be completely random, sad to say.

If you noticed, when you use a Destiny Knot, you are only able to pass down 5 IVs total to the child Pokemon.

“What if I want a 6 IV Pokemon?”

They are definitely the best when battling, though they aren’t completely needed. Some people are more concerned with the stats that are beter for the individual Pokemon. Like I said, I don’t battle, so I really don’t know what Pokemon will need what stats. I only know how to get the stats.

If you’ve bred a 5 IV Pokemon, or already have one, then you will want to stick it in with Ditto.

(Like before, that is a good pair for IV breeding, but there is a chance of getting a 4 IV Pokemon.)

Now you’re going to breed over and over and over until that last stat falls on a perfect stat.

Each stat in total, can range from 0 to 31, so obviously, the stat will have a 1 in 31 chance to land on a perfect IV.

So, keep your Destiny Knot close, and get to breeding. Eventually you will breed a 6 IV, Perfect Pokemon.

two things:

  1. fuck whoever decided to give ultra Necrozma Smart Strike when it doesn’t even learn that move by level-up SPECIFICALLY as a fuck-you to the one real chance I had to win that fight without cheesing it because my poor Ninetales got blasted before I could even set up Aurora Veil
  2. super MEGA fuck whoever decided that this absurdly broken pokemon needed to be level 60, with its stats not only intact but boosted

the ONE and ONLY reason I won that fight is because I’ve been toting around my level 100 Latios for this whole playthrough and he just so happened to not disobey me so I could get ONE hit in because this asshole was seriously outspeeding and OHKOing everything I HAD (and half my team is EV trained and IV bred, it was steamrolling competitively focused pokes)

That shit wasn’t challenging so much as it was just completely unfair especially when they moved back the kahuna fight against Hapu and made the level cap for traded pokemon obeying only 65 when you’re going up against an ultimate form for a level 60 legendary with stats through the ROOF (so guess what, if you’re doing a wonderlocke you’re fucked unless you get lucky like I did). I’ve been enjoying this game for the most part but that was just completely unnecessary in every sense. :|