bred ivs

Since QR Code teams are available now, I’m gonna put out my team for you guys. They are all Iv bred (except Kartana, which has max speed and attack anyway) and are some of my most favourite pokemon, use them well and have fun.

Ps: If scanned with the normal scanner, it creates a Sawk.

EDIT: I took down the qr code because apparently hackers can decode it and can wreck your game sync id and get you BANNED. I don’t think anyone would have a reason to do this to me, but I can’t be to careful. ALSO IT’S A PSA PEOPLE, TAKE YOUR CODES DOWN OR YOU COULD BE AT RISK FOR HACKING AND GETTING BANNED. Hopefully the pokemon company fixes this soon. STAY SAFE AND PLAY HARD

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Yesterday, while playing pokemon go with my buddies, I caught a male ursaring and I called it Otabear...*whispers* imagine otayuriiiii

ok.,., but yuri playing a main series pokemon game and 5 of his team are cats and his main is an ursaring named otabear and its his highest levelled pokemon


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So I'm wonder trading lookin for that lovely pyroar youre wt'ing out and all I'm getting is Goomies and Mimikyus. Dont get me wrong, Goomy + its evo line are my favorite pseudo-legendaries and I really love Mimikyu, I've even made a plushie of em, but like. Why these two

There are a lot of people who like running Mimikyu and Goodra competitively so there’s a lot of breed rejects in WT from the people who IV bred for them. I get like three Mimikyus per box.

I’m looking for ideas for Pokémon to make into competitive battlers.

List three Pokémon you want to see used in the meta.
Keep it reasonable. No legends, mystical, or UB.
Any fully evolved Pokémon and NFE within reason. You can also suggest things I’ve used, but didn’t have quite mastered because I hadn’t IV bred yet. I’ll breed up some new Pokémon based on your suggestions and challenge you with some of them. Hope to hear from at least a few of you!

  • Bernie Sanders: "Ah yes I love Pokémon. While personally a fan of Gen III, I continue to follow the series to this day. I have bred perfect IVs for my entire team in the past. I can't wait for Sun and Moon to be released. Gotta catch 'em all!"
  • Hillary Clinton: "..Poke-mans"