bred ivs

Since QR Code teams are available now, I’m gonna put out my team for you guys. They are all Iv bred (except Kartana, which has max speed and attack anyway) and are some of my most favourite pokemon, use them well and have fun.

Ps: If scanned with the normal scanner, it creates a Sawk.

EDIT: I took down the qr code because apparently hackers can decode it and can wreck your game sync id and get you BANNED. I don’t think anyone would have a reason to do this to me, but I can’t be to careful. ALSO IT’S A PSA PEOPLE, TAKE YOUR CODES DOWN OR YOU COULD BE AT RISK FOR HACKING AND GETTING BANNED. Hopefully the pokemon company fixes this soon. STAY SAFE AND PLAY HARD

i forgot i had a bunch of headcanons about gold and silver so here u go


  • Silver loves to cuddle, and pretends to hate romance
  • Silver was raised as a ‘high class’ person, so he knows how to waltz, swing and play violin and piano
  • Silver has impeccable table manners
  • Silver also has a large inheritance in his name, and is actually a millionaire
  • Silver refuses to use this money himself and ends up letting it collect where he plans to use it for his friends
  • Silver pays for Crystal’s university tutition and for Gold’s Pokémon breeding business
  • Silver ends up moving in with Gold while he studies Pokémon habits and health
  • Silver ends up working under Prof. Elm and Oak
  • Silver opens his lab in the same building as Gold


  • Gold is the  Pokémon Champion through his teenage years, and quickly becomes famous and rather wealthy
  • At 18, Gold opens a Pokémon breeding centre where the Goldenrod Pokémon Daycare was
  • His breeding centre is known worldwide, and he resigns from being Champion to tend to his centre, with Silver (age 20)
  • Gold and Silver, at 23-24, get married
  • Silver opens his lab in the same building as Gold’s centre
  • People come from all over to get IV bred pokemon from Gold, and to get tours of Silver’s lab where he gives beginners their first Pokémon (the strongest out of all labs, being level 7 instead of level 5)

POKEMON GO HEADCANONS? (And Pokémon headcanons in general.) I’m still undecided about Xander and Sakura’s teams and whether to assign them based on their personality or what the rest of their family was doing. It seems like there should be a strong rivalry between Hoshido and Nohr but Instinct is not very competitive and also Leo is 100% Mystic while the rest of his family is not. Opinions?


- Joined Team Instinct because the Hoshidans were all choosing Valor but he likes it there.

- Spends hours training with his Pokémon.

- His Pokémon are very loyal and devoted to him.

- Very fond of his Rapidash.


- Team Instinct

- Looks benign but her team is super strong from fighting and she will crush you in battle.

- The only person who actually likes hatching eggs. Sometimes she sings lullabies to them while they are incubating.

- Has a shiny Dragonair that she raised from an egg.


- Team Mystic

- Super analytical battler, he has the entire type strength/weakness chart memorized.

- Has a team bred for perfect IVs EVs movesets etc.

- He used to ask Camilla to hatch eggs for him but she got attached to them and wouldn’t give them back so now his retainers do it.

- Still can’t beat Xander.

- Likes Dark and Ghost types.


- Team Instinct

- Sometimes adopts Leo’s “imperfect” castoffs.

- Gives cute nicknames to all of her Pokémon and likes to dress them up.

- Wishes her family were all on the same team so they wouldn’t fight each other.

- Likes Fairy types.


- Team Mystic

- Actually once found a Feebas and so now she has a Milotic.

- Likes Water types. (Obviously.)



- Casually rules the local Gym and has yet to be beaten.

- Likes Dragon types.


- Team Valor

- Sometimes catches cute Pokémon for Sakura while she’s out on patrol.

- No longer uses Lures since an incident where one somehow managed to ensnare Setsuna.

- Likes Flying types


- Team Valor

- Super competitive battler but he fights with his favorite Pokémon rather than trying to build a perfect team.

- Once almost got run over in the street chasing after a Mankey.

- Really mad that he can’t beat Leo.


- Felt pressured to join Team Valor but Hinoka encouraged her to follow her heart, expecting her to follow the rest of the family anyway. She surprised everyone by joining Instinct instead.

- Her team is weak as heck because she doesn’t want to make them battle.

- Sleeps with all of her Pokémon in her bed with her.

- Likes Grass types.


- Can’t decide on a team.

- Likes Eevee.