‘Jillian was a force': Lafayette remembers shooting victim Jillian Johnson
"She had all this energy; she was just always creative," a friend said of Johnson, one of two moviegoers killed Thursday in Lafayette.

My hometown was attacked last night. You never think the stories on the news will happen to your childhood home. This is particularly true when you grow up in Lafayette, Louisiana. It was literally voted the happiest city in the country. My love for this town is much like the love that Leslie Knope has for Pawnee. It is unconditional and jaded. However, the rose colored glasses are off now as I hurt and mourn for the two women who were killed yesterday. The man that took my town’s innocence was a drifter. He was a troubled man that picked the happiest town in America to unleash his instabilities. He took away my family and friends sense of safety. He took away the innocence of my beloved home. 

I want to have conversations about the importance of using this tragedy as an opportunity to address the gun laws in Louisiana. I want to talk about support for the mentally unstable. I want to see change come from this tragedy. But tonight, and for the next few nights…I want to grieve for my hometown and with my hometown. 

The picture and article highlight one of the women killed last night. She was a true talent. I’ve seen her band The Figs perform on several occasions and the shop she owned with her husband is a true gem. She celebrated Lafayette history and culture and was a dominant force in the community. Check out her work at Parish Ink and check out her music here.

Celebrate your hometown tonight. Celebrate who it made you today. Celebrate it’s history and people. Then take a moment to think of Lafayette. Mourn for and with them. They all deserve the biggest hug right now. 

White, Right-Wing, Tea Party Extremist Shoots Up Movie Theater, Killing Two And 'Terrorist' Isn't Uttered Once (VIDEO)

White, Right-Wing, Tea Party Extremist Shoots Up Movie Theater, Killing Two And ‘Terrorist’ Isn’t Uttered Once (VIDEO)

A showing of Amy Schumer’s new comedy “Trainwreck” turned into a bloodbath in a Lafayette, Louisiana movie theater. John Russel Houser, 59, a confirmed rabid right-winger, entered the 7 p.m. showing of the movie and opened fire on moviegoers, killing two and injuring nine. Unsurprisingly, the word “terrorist” has not been uttered once in reference to the shooter. Police say Houser entered…

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Louisiana movie theater shooter revealed to be from Alabama

WAAY-TV: Authorities in Lafayette, La. identified the theater gunman who fatally shot 2, injured 9 and killed himself as 59-year-old John Russel Houser. He purchased a ticket and fired 13 rounds into the audience about 20 minutes into the movie.

Two women sitting in front of Houser were killed. They were identified as Maci Breaux, 21, and Jillian Johnson, 33. Police say Houser intended to flee the scene in his car, which was parked near an exit. He went back into the theater and killed himself when he saw law enforcement arrived on the scene.

Follow updates on the shooting at Breaking News.


An unreleased demo by Jillian Johnson, one of two killed in the Lafayette movie theater shooting, whose funeral is today.

My race is run and the ocean is wide
And I’ve reached the other side.