The breathybiologist appeared in your forest.

A particular Skeleton girl crouches in a bush, silently stalking a strange being who has appeared seemingly out of nowhere in her hunting grounds. As she moves, she accidentally steps on a twig, alerting the strange guy in blue garb and glasses to her. She stays still for a moment, resting one hand on her bow and another on her arrows in case he is hostile.

This is a paragraph style chat.

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EB: Chubby!John John sighed, He hadn’t been out all summer, Just left with his father not a message from a friend saying hey lets hang out or anything even slightly close. And because of this, his fathers feeder like attitute was shining through, John had been given nothing but cake for the entirety of summer and god did it show, His entire body much wider than it used to be His dad had of course gotten him new clothes but it hardly hid John’s new size. He walked nervously into the classroom expecting anything to happen, or some smart remark.

TG: catching up to john, Dave slung an arm around his bros shoulders ‘Sup Egbert?’

EB: John squeaked with surprise as Dave snuck up on him “Hey Dave!” he flashed a smile.

TG: “maaan your dad needs to lay off the cakes, you smell like you walked out of a bakery” Dave smirked playfully and poked Johns cheek lightly

EB: He blushed a little “W-what do you mean?” he crossed his arms over and pouted.

TG: “you smell like cake?” dave chuckled “thats all i meant by that egbert”

EB: John nodded “Yeah well it’s all dads been cooking over summer” he shrugged and pulled his backpack further up his shoulders.

EB: “It’s getting annoying really, he didnt cook normal food at all!” he groaned.

TG: “speaking of all summer, where the heck did you guys go? Jade, Rose and I’ve all been trying to reach you but you never answered us.” Dave stated slowly a small frown forming on his mouth

EB: John looked up at him “Well…Dad took my phone off me and said he wanted some father son time…Sorry Dave I really wanted to hang out!”

TG: “ya know what bro? text dadbert that you’re gonna be over at my place after school, you sound like you need sometime away from him” dave smiled, “plus, you need bro time.”

EB: He nodded lightly hugging Dave “Sure! I will” he smiled again with his usual toothy grin.

TG: “cool” dave mussed up the noirettes hair as he hugged him back

EB: John flailed his arms a little trying to fix his hair, but it was pretty untamable anyways.. “Okay so I guess I’ll meet you after school?”

TG: “definitely”

EB: He nodded “Sweet!, come find me at lunch okay? we can hang out then!”

TG: “sounds epic bro. you got yourself a Strider at lunch.”

EB: He smiled again “Well..I gotta go to music, I’ll see you then?”

TG: “sure thing” Dave stuck his hands in his pockets and headed to Geometry

EB: John went to music, but waited for Dave in the lunch hall after his first two lessons had finished.

TG: slipping up behind John, dave placed his hands over johns eyes knowing it would freak him out “sup egderp?”

EB: John jumped and let out another squeak like earlier “D-Davvve!”

TG: chuckling dave removed his hands and smirked at the noirette

EB: He rolled his eyes and sighed “Sit down then”

TG: “dont mind if i do.” Dave sat next to john and relaxed, placing his arms behind his head and crossing his feet “so, how was class?”

EB: John sighed and looked down at the table “Not so great..”

TG: leaning forward slightly and placing his elbows on the table dave studied johns face “what happened?”

EB: He played with his fingers a little before looking up “…T-they keep calling me fat..” he sighed.

TG: “john, you arent fat…” Dave said slowly

EB: “Y-Yes…I am..” he whimpered slightly

(they had to go at this point in time)

breathybiologist said: I get like £15 a week and it goes on meets or cosplay

whoa, you get paid more than i do!! i’m paid £40 a month, and that goes straight into my bank account. there aren’t any ATMs in my village though, so i have to go over to the next town if i need cash.

since i’ve not been out much due to studying for exams and my social anxiety is being a problem again, i haven’t spent much at all!

but hey, i can totally understand why you’re struggling with money, especially if you’re going out every week!