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You’re Beautiful.

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This takes place for the most part before Barry got his powers.

3 years ago…

Barry waited outside of Jitters for Iris to finish her shift so they could go home together. 

The streets were over crowded, probably because they all wanted to get everything done before the Particle Accelerator went on. Today was a big day for STAR Labs, the people of Central City, and in more ways than one; for him too. Not that he was aware of what was going to happen. 

His little moment of spacing out was cut short by a loud male laugh. He looked up as if to catch what was so funny, but instead he was met by a breathtaking sight. 

He saw you cleaning your shirt with a napkin after some coffee had spilled on your shirt. The man he assumed to be your boyfriend couldn’t stop laughing and you gave him a slight annoyed look. 

He was able to catch some of your conversation with the guy. 

“Jerk, why are you laughing?” You asked unable to hold in your own giggles. 

Barry wondered if this is what love at first sight was. You, a beautiful, no, no, the most beautiful girl he had ever seen was standing here in front of him laughing at something most girls would be mad about. 

You looked around and made eye contact with him and smiled. He had no idea if you smiled at him out of kindness or out of embarrassment for yourself but he gave you a reassuring smile. 

He felt his heart shake when the thought that he would probably never see you again crossed his mind. 

He remembered a conversation he had with his mom after he asked her why his dad and her kissed on the lips, and how nasty he had thought it was back then. 

‘Well, one day you will meet someone that will shake you to the very core, and you will be so happy you’ll begin to wonder how you managed to get around all those years without that feeling.’

Those were his mother’s exact words, he now knew what she meant. 

He tried to look everywhere else but you, but you he knew you had already noticed he was attracted to you. He also noticed that he wasn’t the only one amazed by your beauty because there were guys all over staring at you. 

“You ready?” Iris stood behind him. 

“Yeah.” Was all he managed to say before Iris pulled him away.

He looked in your direction one last time and accepted his reality. Guys like him never under any circumstances, get a girl like that.

Present day…

“This is a meta human was captured by the military a week after the Particle Accelerator exploded. Now she has escaped and the military has requested our help to get her back to them. She has the power to control any element to her will and is considered one of the strongest metas alive.” Cisco explained and finally managed to find a picture in the very large file. “Her name is Y/N Y/L/N.”

Now there was a face Barry never thought he’d see again.

So… this is sorta based on the song by James Blunt- You’re Beautiful. I made it a bit different though. Hope you like it.

Rock My World - Kim Taehyung

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Kim Taehyung x Reader (Y/N)

Drabble Game : #35 “What are we exactly?”

Requested by Anonymous

Word Count : 767

Genre : Fluff w/ suggestive Smut

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Not like all lovers, I wouldn’t call her my sunshine. You see, rain has always been my favorite. For she is pure as the raindrops, calming as its sound, giving as its fall, and breathtaking as its sight. She’s rain to me, and I will never love anything like rain on this dull earth.
—  What is rain compared to her?

There is something about libraries that can’t be explained. Why is it that we walk into them and, as if we are being faced with the breathtaking sight of a thundering waterfall or a sun-lit forest full of life, we halt in our steps? Those who enter hold their breath. Our hearts start to beat faster. 

The sight of thousands, millions of books waiting for us, the scent of centuries of knowledge and adventure, the thick backs bearing titles in silver and gold - all that sets our mind free.

In a library, our souls feel soothed, but why is that?

Have you ever wondered? Why a simple room full of books brings us such comfort and warmth? 

Maybe because the treasure of knowledge never comes unprotected. 

Open your eyes. See? The old woman at the counter who checks out your books or accepts them back - do you ever see her go home? Has she always been that old? Her fingers cradle the leather of that book that got you through a stormy night as if it was a child. 

The young boy in the corner, flipping through a book that looks heavier than his fragile smile that never seems to fade - has he always been here? 

The cat that sits on the windowsill outside, yawning, glancing inside with emerald-piercing eyes. The bookshelf that has never been replaced, that is older than the ceiling itself or the books that it bears with patience and silence. The one book that never seems to be taken away from its place, its cover simple black with barely visible letters, your eyes catching onto it and serenity floods your body. 

Have you ever wondered why your mind comes to peace in a room full of books?

That’s because their guardians watch over the sacred knowledge that sits between ink and paper and dust of centuries.

And when you are with them, worshipping their letters with your young, curious eyes, the guardians smile at your back and keep you safe.

Spent a summer with a guy who didn't exist

Author: shaikhchester

Source: Click here

I vividly remember befriending a tall, fair man with rosy cheeks and calling him Shaani Bhai (bhai is the Urdu term for brother,) only to be told that he never existed.

One summer, my family decided on a small tour of the Northern Areas of Pakistan. It’s not unusual to plan such a trip - it’s still done till today and honestly, the sights are breathtaking. This was at a time when my family was not burdened with paying for college tuition, and Pakistan’s economy had yet to see the downfall it did in the subsequent years. I must have been about 7 years old.

This trip was planned with my cousins (I have a ton of them,) their families, and we were to visit some family friends along the way as well.

Somewhere along this trip, on one of these visits to our family friends, I met Shaani Bhai. We’re expected to respect our elders, and this guy was easily in his early 20’s. Any elder man is our uncle, any elder boy is our bhai.

Shaani Bhai was one of the sweetest people there. He entertained my thoughts and humor - something most adults tend not to do. He held on to me while I almost slipped into a water spring. I even took a picture with him - I was standing on the rocks over a body of water and he was standing on a few rocks behind me.

I still remember that he was gorgeous to look at - even my 7 year old self was smitten. I even remember visiting his house and meeting his parents with the rest of my family. I can still describe his house, but the room that I remember in great detail is the kitchen. It had pink walls and led out to the backyard where Shaani Bhai and I would chase each other.

Now I didn’t make much of it. I mean, you meet someone on a family trip where there are dozens of other people. You don’t put in a lot of thought about it, especially when you’re that young. However, a few weeks ago, I brought up Shaani Bhai in front of my mom and aunt. They were reliving all the trips we’ve been on and I decided to contribute as well. Now this is almost 14 years later, so I wasn’t too surprised when they asked me who I was talking about when I referred to Shaani Bhai. I reminded them. They didn’t have a clue. I brought up the photograph. My mom said that all our old photographs burned down with our house in 2007. (Our building was bombed, it was a political thing. Not important.)

I tried my best to remind them. I described him. They didn’t know. I told them about how I was always with him. I described the photograph. They said that there was no Shaani Bhai on the trip. In fact, we don’t have a relative or family friend by that name. At all.

I thought I made him up. That’s the only logical explanation, right? But then I thought about his house. I started describing it to them. I saw their eyes go wide. They said that the house, did, indeed belong to family friends. But we never visited them. They had a son, too, but he wasn’t with us on that trip. He fit the description, but his name wasn’t Shaani. I mean, it wasn’t like they were dead or the son was dead either. They just weren’t on that trip, nor did we ever visit them. Basically, we had never met them. And I had never seen their house. They were surprised that I even knew about any of this.

I still don’t know how I know about Shaani Bhai. I know I met him, I know I was with him. I just can’t prove it. But really - how do I prove that I spent a summer with a guy who supposedly wasn’t there in the first place?

Words of Comfort

Summary: Based on this imagine: Imagine Thranduil when Legolas says his first words.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything. I am a poor college student merely playing with the wonderful universe Mr. Tolkien has created.

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No Pairing other than a father/son relationship.

It was early morning. The sun was just starting to peek through the smallest gaps of the dense forest. King Thranduil used to enjoy these moments best. Mornings encompassed the most beautiful sights of Mirkwood and almost always meant moments of relative peace for him with his family. But that was before his beloved wife left for the Halls of Mandos merely a month earlier. Even now the sight was breathtaking, but Thranduil could no longer find joy in its visage.

The cries of an inpatient elfling pulled the king from his musings. With a sigh, he trudged over to the prince’s room and lifted the child from the cot. No tears coated the infant’s cheeks, belying his fuss as a need for attention. Legolas smiled up at his father, happy to be snuggled  in his arms.

“Up with the birds! Maybe we should have named you little sparrow instead of Greenleaf!” Thranduil laughed as Legolas tugged on his unbraided hair.

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The trigger was this: 

A scare from a dog, a fall from a tree, a hit on the head. And then, Tsuna was looking at his unmoving body on the ground from a third person point of view as his mother tried desperately to wake him up.

Without thinking much, he touched his body and the next thing he knew, he was opening his eyes to see his mother’s worried face. The situation was shelved aside for another time, and forgotten…

Except, it couldn’t be forgotten for that night, when he lay in bed and closed his eyes, he found himself looking down at his body once again.

Once you have Woken Up, you can never go back.


Brilliant threads crisscrossed all over the town, glinting in the moonlight like silver spider webs. The sight was breathtaking but also mildly terrifying for Tsuna, who was terrified of spiders along with every other household pest.

There were a few people walking down the streets near his house and he watched as they walked through the threads as if they naught but an illusion. Tsuna likened it to how he had just phased through the wall of his room and out of the house. He wanted to dismiss this as some incredibly weird dream, but he remembered what had happened just early that day – the dog, the tree, the fall…

Hesitantly, he reached out to grab a nearby thread. Immediately, he was bombarded by images of a young teenage girl running for a life, down endless corridors filled with screaming and crying. A man with a black hat chased after her, his apologies echoing down the hallways, but he never relented in his pursuit. She was strapped to a metal table, shoved in a glass tank, and running with five other girls whose faces were blurred out every time they faced her.

Tsuna was suddenly struck with an overwhelming need to help and he gripped the string with both hands. The string glowed a faint orange and then the images were replaced by that of the same teenage girl working in a diner, meeting a prince who swept her off her feet, caring for a son she loved very much…

Tsuna let go of the string, suddenly feeling drained. He drifted back into his room and lay beside his body, slowly drifting to sleep.

It never occurred to him to wonder why the string had been leading to his house.


For Takeshi, it was like this:

His mother threw a baseball too fast, too hard, and he didn’t get out of the way in time. He looked down at his body and, instinctively, made contact with it.

Like being sucked through a tube and into a somewhat cramped space, Takeshi returned to his body and resumed playing baseball with his mother. He tried not to acknowledge that he felt that the world seemed a little more dull than usual.

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sometimes, you can see Jimin giving Taehyung this look like 'hell, my best friend is hot' [staring intensifies]

this is so true. ;^; i’m in love with vmin sneaking glances at each other, be it in pure adoration or in low-key thirst and appreciation :’D kasdjkasdllkas vmin is so beautiful to watch, so many moments worth to remember ;;

you got no idea what you got yourself into here, anon ^^;;; 

vmin spam under the cut~ heh

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Could you do Autumn au's please? c:

  • “The annual pumpkin patch is in town and they need help unloading the truck, so I volunteered, of course.” AU
  • “Am I the only one who HATES those stupid Starbucks Pumpkin Lattes?!? They don’t even taste like pumpkins!” AU
  • “My most recent job that I’ve landed allows me to drive a tractor out to the apple orchard with customers so that they don’t need to walk back and forth. This one person, though, always comes back, and I seriously doubt they make so many apple pies.” AU
  • “My favorite part of the season is taking afternoon strolls down this one scenic road - the same one from when I was a kid. The comforting sun leaks through the interwoven mosaic of warm colors, giving everything a hue of safety and homeliness. The narrow road weaves and turns to the extent that it’s difficult to believe that it’s a two way street, with the occasional car passing slowly to take in the breathtaking sights. Tea in one hand and camera at my waist, I love to simply breathe in my surroundings and the crisp autumn air.”
    • #1: “Although this has always been a special time for my meditation, I’ve found someone that I truly think is worthy of basking in this golden light with me and sharing this wonderful experience.” AU
    • #2: “Leaning down to snap of photo of a particularly adorable cluster of mushrooms, I saw a shadow dart between the trees.” AU
    • #3: “It felt wonderful, just strolling on this narrow pathway, feeling the warmth of the sun and the scratch of my scarf. I closed my eyes for a single moment and smiled, only to wake up in a hospital only seconds later. Terrified and confused, a nurse told me that someone had found me on the side of the road, almost fatally wounded… just left there, in a pool of warmth and crimson.” AU
  • “I’m not all too thrilled for school to be starting again, but it’s my last year at high school, and this fall’s homecoming is sure to be one that no one will forget.” AU
  • “Raking leaves has been quite the past time for me ever since I could lift one up in my tiny gloved-hands. Over the years, I’ve grown acustomed to the feeling of handle in my grip and the satisfying sight of the perfect pile settled neatly on the edge of my lawn. Although…however many times I do this, my neighbor can’t seem to take the hint that their godforsaken leaf blower needs to keep it’s overly loud and obnoxious engine away from my precariously constructed pile, because every time I come back outside, I find my pile in ruin.” AU
  • “I’ve lost my scarf to the winds yet again, but as this seems to always happen, I’ve taken to pinning it to my jacket, but…it seems to have not worked according to plan.” AU
  • “The smell of new books and the feel of autumnal book fairs will remain some of the most incredible memories of my adolescent life, what-with its ability to break us free from classes for what few hours it granted, and the little erasers, rulers, and tiny electronic delights that we could buy with what little money we had behind our parents’ backs. It was wonderful, but, unfortunately, it definitely lost its splendor at the ripe time of high school when we have to volunteer involuntarily at the book fair to watch these little Gremlins.” AU
  • “Halloween is without a doubt my favorite holiday of the year; it gives even the most shy of us the opportunity to become someone we aren’t. I can be whoever I want to be, so I became (insert video game / movie / television / book character here), of course. However…this year something has gone wrong. Everyone has become who their costumes are. Most people would think ‘but that’s awesome!’, and that’s where they would be wrong. The ‘cool kids’ always group together and choose a specific idea to surround and, well, have you ever heard of that one movie ‘The Purge?’” AU
She was a beautiful sight
Breathtaking; like my lost memories
Tracing her accents with my fingertips
I could feel her warmth
Eyes flickered brightly like the stars
That we counted that night
Her whispers hung around my neck
And the secrets tied my wrists
veins black as the abyss where she laid
I felt
I felt
Searching for what once was
And what once could’ve been
But she is a bird now and the only
Thing that’s left are her thoughts
And the only thing that’s left in me
Is my wish to bring her back
—  pielparaiso

This is what he loved about the middle of the night. The apartment building wasn’t quite so loud after two am, especially on a weekday. The moon was the only source of light except a few on the main streets. Sure, it was ridiculous to be up this late, but if he couldn’t sleep then what else was there to do besides take some photographs?— Probably a lot, but Greyson couldn’t care about anything else in that moment. Grabbing his camera from off the desk, he slung the bag over his shoulder and headed out the door. The beach around this time was one of the most breathtaking sights he had ever seen while living here, getting some more pictures down there might be nice. Unfortunately, he was so caught up in his thoughts that he didn’t see the person rounding the corner. He just barely grazed their shoulder, luckily, but he still stopped in his tracks. “What are you doing up so late? Early– whatever.”

    Keith brought his hover bike to a controlled halt next to another just like it, parking it a few meters away from the small desert shack that he’d come to know as home. Above him, the last orange rays of the sun cast their glow, dyeing the sky in a multitude of pinks and reds that later faded to amethyst and indigo. It was a breathtaking sight, but it also reminded him just how late it actually was.

    Tch. Trust Iverson to keep me obnoxiously late.

    Of course, there was no way the old commander would have known Keith still had a half hour drive back “home” following his evening simulator runs. If he ever found out, he’d probably have a cow… though Keith living in a desert shack vice the dorms was really the lesser offense out of all his extracurricular activities.

    With a tired sigh, he ran his fingers through his tousled locks — he’d foregone the helmet, leaving his hair to make an excellent impression of a bird’s nest. Shiro might scold him for it… but then again, he might take pity on him and just let him be. Which reminded him…

     After a long day, he couldn’t wait to see Shiro. Adjusting his pack over his shoulder, he headed towards the shack. He couldn’t see any light through the windows, which seemed odd. Shiro’s bike was out here, so he should’ve been home.

    “Shiro? Are you in he— what the heck?” He blinked as he took in the sight. There were tiny candles everywhere… on the coffee table, on the side windowsill, on the makeshift dinner table. It was beyond weird. 

    “Shiro? Babe? I’m kinda… freaked out.” His voice was surprisingly steady as he called out, hoping for any signs of life from his boyfriend.


A knock on the door pulls Seungkwan out of his thoughts. He checks himself in the mirror one last time before grabbing his phone and wallet and heading for the door. He pulls the door open and a smile immediately places itself on his face as he looks over the breathtaking sight in front of him.

Vernon stands with his right hand in his pocket, and a beanie placed carefully on his head. He looks up from his phone and smiles at the cutie standing at the door. Seungkwan walks out and locks his front door before taking Vernon’s hand and making their way to the car.

“I wonder who you’re looking good for?” Vernon says with a smile as he starts the car and drives off. Seungkwan laughs and blushes, fluffing his hair mindlessly.

“What are we doing tonight?” he asks Vernon, averting from his partner’s rhetorical question. Vernon chuckles softly, noticing.

“I thought we could have dinner, then watch a movie.” Seungkwan nods and remains quiet for the rest of the ride. Eventually they make it to their destination. Dinner goes by quickly as they both share their day with each other, and small talk here and there. 

At the movie theater, Vernon pays for the new horror film tickets before grabbing Seungkwan’s hand and leading them into the dark cinema. They take their seats at the very top. The room is nearly empty when the movie finally begins.

Forty-five minutes in, the movie begins to get a bit too frightening for Seungkwan. A jump scare pops up and he curls into Vernon’s side, grabbing onto his arm as he hides his face behind it. Vernon looks over at his date, amusement in his gaze. He gently pulls away from Seungkwan in order to pull the arm in between them up. He scoots over to Seungkwan and puts his arm over him, pulling him into his side and wrapping him into a side hug. 

Seungkwan makes himself comfortable as he continues to watch the movie, completely captivated by the story. Vernon has watched the movie many times before and ignores it, deciding instead to watch Seungkwan, amused by his date’s reaction and expressions. 

The end of the movie comes to a near, and it ends with a sad, peaceful ending, bringing Seungkwan to tears. Vernon smiles as he looks over at his date. He brings his thumb to Seungkwan’s cheek, his arm still wrapped around Seungkwan’s shoulder. 

“Did you enjoy the movie?” Vernon asks Seungkwan with an amused smile. The lights remain off as the credits scroll past. Seungkwan sighs and begins to wipe his tears away. Without a heads-up, Vernon brings his free hand to Seungkwan’s chin and lifts his face, bringing their lips together. 

The kiss is gentle and sweet. They pull away from each other and a shy smile places itself on Seungkwan’s lips. He looks down and nods. “I enjoyed the movie..” he trails. “Did you?" 

Vernon laughs as he gets to his feet, grabbing Seungkwan’s hand in his. "I enjoyed watching you watch the movie.” he says with a small smile. He leans in, kisses Seungkwan’s cheek, and leads them out of the cinema, a cheeky smile on his face while Seungkwan’s holds a strong blush.

“I enjoyed that too.” Seungkwan says softly as they exit the theater and make their way to the car and back home, concluding the end to a very successful night.

Lost Girl - Peter Pan Imagine

Rating: PG

Warnings: mentions of kidnapping and fluff

Summary: A trip to London was an opportunity you did not want to pass up. Fortunately and unfortunately, you didn’t see much of London. Then again, what was any city compared to that of the land of dreams, Neverland.

Word Count: 2223

London was an amazing place. You were… some young age that you don’t remember anymore when your school offered a summer trip to London. The sights were breathtaking. The culture, wonderful. The city, inspiring.

You and the other participants were staying in an old corner house in Bloomsbury. The house was abandoned after World War II. The family probably went to the countryside. Because of this, the government used it to house foreign students. It was a brilliant opportunity and a beautiful house. Your bedroom, shared with two other girls, was your favorite room. Mostly because there was a beautiful window seat where you could peacefully watch the stars.


You sighed. “Yes, Miss?”

“Close that window. You don’t want to let the wind in and ruin that new lavender dress of yours.”

You turned around and faced your teacher. “Can’t we leave it a crack open?”

“Why would you request such a thing?”

You crawled into your bed and tucked yourself in. “I want to see the clear sky.”

“Tell you what. I’ll close it, but I won’t lock it. Would you be ok with that?”

You nodded. “Thank you.” You closed your eyes and fell into a peaceful sleep.

The clock struck midnight.

Someone pushed the window open. It wasn’t you. It wasn’t your teacher. It was someone with a hook for a hand. “This is it,” he whispered to his pirate crew. “That Jane girl must be here somewhere.”

A short, pudgy man with gray hair pointed at your roommate. “What about his one here, Cap’n?”

Hook-for-hand took one look at her and scoffed. “Smee, tell me. What is she wearing?”

“Uh… Uh… White, Cap’n!”

“And Jane wears…”

“Purple, Cap’n!”

Hook spoke slowly. “Then, find the girl. Who. Wears. Purple!”

“I found ‘er, Cap’n!”


“Right here.” The pirate pointed at your sleeping figure.

Hook’s lips curled into a devious smile. “Oh, Jane. Wake up. Someone’s back to see you.”

You heard something. But it was so far away, like you were underwater. You blinked, waking yourself up. “What is it?”

You gasped. Pirates! One with a sharp hook where his hand should be and several other shadows behind him.


Then, everything went black.

Next thing you know, you were on a beach. Tied to an anchor. You looked around frantically. Where were you? What had happened while you were asleep? While you were… You were knocked out!

“Hey!” you shouted. “Hey! Someone!”

“Shut your trap, Jane!” someone shouted.

“Jane?” You shook your head. “There must be a mistake. I’m not Jane!”

“Well, if you aren’t Jane, then why ya here?”

You groaned. these pirates were not that bright.

“He’s here! Pan’s here!”

The whole beach erupted.

That man with a hook for a hand sauntered up to you. “Well, Jane, I hope you learn your lesson.”

“I’m not Jane,” you explained. “So, if you don’t mind.” You pulled against the ropes.

“That won’t work, Jane. You have to be her.”

“And why’s that?”

He smirked. “Why, only Jane wears purple.”

You blinked. “I’m dreaming. That’s what’s going on. I am dreaming. Dreaming of dumb pirates, beautiful beaches, and a crow cawing.”

The pirate’s face fell. “A crow?”

“You don’t hear it?”

The caw of a crow echoed throughout the island.

“That crow,” you explained with a laugh.

The captain growled. “Put a bag over her. I don’t like Jane’s voice.”

“I’m not Jane!”

Someone pulled a bag over your head. You tried to get it off yourself, rubbing your head against the anchor and shrinking. However, it didn’t do much.

“Come at me, Codfish!” A boy, you knew. “Come on, boys! I’ve seen a walking fish!”

Laughter. Kid’s laughter.

“Good one, Peter!”

“Ha! A walking fish!”

Then, Hook’s voice cut through the boys’ laughter. “Oh, Peter! We found some treasure for you.”

“And you wanna share? How nice! What is it?”

“A certain…” You could practically hear the old pirate smirk. “Lost Girl?”

“Jane? Let her go now, Hook!”

There was cheering of boys. There was shouting of pirates. There was clanging of swords.

Suddenly, you were lifted into the air.

You did what any normal girl would do. You screamed.

“Calm down, Lost Girl! It’s Peter.”

Light flooded your vision. You squirmed and tried your best to escape your captor.

Then, he gasped. And the arms that held you disappeared.

You screamed, feeling your stomach drop and air hit every part of your body. The ocean was beneath you. That was it. You were going to wake up, and you were going to be in your bed.

But, nothing happened. Arms engulfed you again. “Gotcha!”

With no distractions, you were finally able to open your eyes. Light blinded you once again, but then… It started to come into focus. A boy. A boy with reddish hair and brown eyes. Pointy ears?

“You’re not Jane.”

You laughed. “I know. And you’re not real.”

“Not real?” The boy seemed to take a second to ponder this. “You sure sound like the old Jane!” He laughed and set you down on the beach. “So, old Jane, how’d you like to get a tour of Neverland from Peter Pan himself?”

He threw out his arms and jumped off the rock, flying and circling in the air.

It almost made you dizzy. “Neverland? Why would I name this place Neverland?”

“Ha!” He zoomed in close to you so that his nose was just touching yours. “You’re funny, Ole Jane.”

You swatted him away from you. “My name’s not Jane. I’m (Y/n), (Y/n) (Y/l/n).”

Peter tilted his head and crossed his legs as if he was sitting in the sky. “That’s a funny name, (Y/n) (Y/n).”

You opened your mouth to correct him, but the boy seemed very proud of himself for listening to you. You had another question anyway. “How are you doing that?”

“Doing what?”


“You don’t know how to fly?” Peter Pan exclaimed. “It’s so easy! Easier than pie!”

You crossed your arms and teased, “Well if it’s so easy, why don’t you teach me?”

“Great idea, Old Jane!”

“I told you my name’s-”

Peter grabbed your hand and threw you on his back. “Come on! We’ve got a lot to do before it gets dark!”

You squealed and held on tightly. You closed your eyes, feeling the wind whip your dress carelessly. Your stomach must’ve dropped several feet, because you felt the need to scream and hold on even tighter.

“Careful, girlie. You don’t wanna strangle your knight in shining armor.”

“Who said I needed one!” you screamed into his shirt.

“Sorry, can’t hear you! You can thank me when we land!”

You wanted to scoff, but the emptiness in your stomach prevented you from doing so.

Suddenly, the boy started speaking, but not to you. It was followed by a jingling of bells. “Hey, Tink. What are you talking about? (Y/n) loves flying! See- oh.”

The wind stopped.

“(Y/n)… you ok?”

You opened one eye slowly. Peter Pan was staring at you, worry shining in his eyes.

You gasped. The worry in his eyes was so overwhelming. You’ve never seen anyone look at anyone like how he was gazing at you. This couldn’t be a dream. If you’ve never seen that look, how could you ever dream it?


You blinked. “Just a bit… dizzy. I’ve never flown before.”

Peter’s sad frown and worried eyes immediately changed to an expression of childish hope and joy. “Well, in order to get over the fear of flying, you need to fly. It’s simple, really. Faith, trust, and pixie dust. that’s all you need. That’s why Tink is here to help!”

A ball of light appeared next to him. You blinked and used one hand to rub your eyes. It wasn’t just a ball of light. It was a person! … A tiny person with wings. “A fairy?” You gasped.

Peter laughed. “You look as if you’ve never seen one before.” He turned to the little lady, fairy, and instructed, “Let ‘er rip, Tink!”

Tinker Bell zoomed right to you and stopped in front of your eyes. She was beautiful and seemingly angry. Then, she jingled. and looked at Peter.

“Come on, Tinker Bell. Or I might just have to shake you.”

Tinker Belle huffed. She spun around above your head, showering you with pixie dust. She wasn’t stopping any time soon.

“That’s enough, Tink,” Peter laughed.

Tinker Bell narrowed her eyes and threw another ball of pixie dust at your head.

You closed your eyes and tried to wipe off all the excess dust on your face.

Peter smiled. “Now, think of a happy thought.”

“A happy thought?”

“Any happy thought! For Wendy, it was Mermaid Lagoon. John, the pirate’s cave. And Michael thought of being an Indian Brave.”

You tilted your head and closed your eyes. Your happiest thought made you smile. “Ok, I think I have it.”

Peter smiled. “Then, let go.”


“Let go, or I’ll do it for you,” he taunted.


Too late. He let you go.

You closed your eyes. Fear gutted you, and there was no air in your lungs.

Peter sputtered out a laugh. “Open your eyes, girlie.”

You slowly but surely did. You were flying! You were floating! All on your own!

You laughed and spun in the air. It felt so freeing. You didn’t have to rely on the ground. it was just you and the open sky. “Woohoo!”, you sang out, turning and twisting through the air.

Peter was beside you, laughing. “There you go, (Y/n)! That’s how you fly!”

You smiled. Then, you smirked. “Bet you can’t catch me.”

Peter blinked, obviously surprised by your challenge. Then, he smiled. “Ha! You think you can beat me? I am, clearly, the more experienced one.” He laid down on the air, placing his arms behind his head.

You stopped, propped your head on your hands, and rested your hands on Peter’s chest. “Well, scaredy-cat, are you saying no race?”

Peter’s jaw dropped. He flew out from under and flexed his muscles. “You are talking to Little Flying Eagle here. And Little Flying Eagle never backs down!”

“Then…” You bit your lip. “Let’s fly!” You sped off with your arms outstretched and a smile on your face.

“Hey!” Peter complained. He flew after you.

You, to be honest, forgot about the race. You were just flying, soaring over the island of Neverland. You flew through rainbows and bounced on cotton candy clouds. You touched the clear blue waters and danced under the snow clouds.

In all the fun you were having, you didn’t notice the Indian’s totem pole in front of you.


You gasped. You stared right into the face of a colorful bear. And Peter was behind you, one hand on your hip and the other holding your shoulder. His chest was not touching your back. It was close enough, however, that you could feel the heat coming from his body and his chest moving up and down as he breathed.

“Thanks,” you muttered, out of breath.

“No problem, (Y/n).”

Suddenly, Tinker Bell appeared beside the two of you. She pulled you away from Peter and floated in front of him, jingling frantically.

“Woah, Tink. The boys? Nearing sunset? Already?” Peter tilted his head and stared at the sun. “Oh.” He faced the fairy again. “Lost track of time, then. But, we can still get back in time!” He pulled your arm and flew. “Come on!”

Nights turned into moons. Soon, you had forgotten about London. About your old house. You lived in Neverland, the land of dreams. You had a family. You were a mother, a sister. And soon…

“You’ve earned it.” Peter hands you a lion’s hood. “Lost Girl.”

You blinked. You reached out to touch it, then you hesitated. “Really, Peter? Ya mean it?”

“Of course I do!” He beamed and insisted. “You’re one of us now, (Y/n).”

The Lost Boys cheered and jumped off the walls.

You laughed as one of the twins jumped on you. You held onto him and threw your head back with a joyful cry. “I’m a Lost Girl, boys!” You took the hood from Peter and ut it over your head. “Now, let’s go on an adventure!” You pulled out your machete and cheered with the boys.

Peter smiled. He flew above all of you. “Tink, let’s go!”

TinkerBell zoomed out of her room. She smiled at you, hitting you with her signature pixie dust ball before sprinkling the boys with the magical dust.

“You’ll pay for that, Tinker Bell!” you joked.

Tinker Bell just smirked and floated above your shoulder.

Peter raised his dagger. “All right, Lost Boys.” He bowed to you. “And Girl. Let’s go find some fun!”

“Yeah!” you all answered back with a cheer. The boys flew out first. Peter stayed behind and stared at you. “You coming, girlie?”

You floated to him. “Of course, I am. I am a Lost Girl after all.”

Peter laughed. “Then, Lost Girl, it would be an honor,” he bowed low and held out his hand, “to aid you in your next trip.”

You grinned. “Why, the pleasure’s all mine, Boy.” With that, You accepted his outstretched hand, and the two of you soared into the Neverland sky, looking for a new adventure.

Hello, everyone! Hope you like this one. I made it extra long because Peter Pan from Disney doesn’t have many imagines. All he has is fanfics about Wendy. A few with Jane. I think I found one with reader, but that’s one. It wasn’t even on tumblr. But, I hope this can be good enough to represent!

Have a great night everyone! Now, I need to catch up on math… Wish me luck!