breathtaking mountain scene

Give up Atheists.

Regarding the Big Bang theory:

Let’s just see how insane this theory is. So by a single random explosion there came the earth and all the planets perfectly aligned, if the sun was any closer we’d all burn to death, any further we’d freeze to death, if the earth rotated any slower or faster there would be catastrophe on the earth with the seasons, then we have the plants, beautiful in all different colours, the oceans and streams, the breathtaking scenes of mountains, waterfalls and greenery, then we have the animals being unique in structure, size and shape, then we have the tiny little insects in the depths of the jungles to the birds in the sky, the different types of fish in the sea, then we have the most unique of them all and that is the human being, the heart pumping blood, the veins and muscles, eyes to see, ears to hear, nose to smell and teeth to chew the food, and the Atheist tells us all of this was created by a random explosion?