Asian Art Museum exhibits ‘Phantoms of Asia’
San Francisco Examiner

Among the show’s most notable pieces is Choi Jeong Hwa’s large 30-by-24-foot Breathing Flower sculpture in the Civic Center Plaza; its motorized, bright-red fabric leaves simulate the movement of a live lotus, an important symbol in Asian cosmology. Growing in muddy water, the lotus rises and blooms during daytime, closes at night and rises again at dawn. Similarly, Choi’s lotus emerges from the cityscape, seemingly out of nowhere.

i swam across twelve seas to find her, through cancer moon water ripples,
a blue aquarius lagoon, a starry staircase that lead me to capricorn, and i sat
by the throne of leo
i searched for her in every crevasse of a libra’s heart and a virgo’s mind
through riddles written by gemini and scriptures penned by sagittarius. a pisces is filled with so much inner wealth, a palace where i can pray,
a dreamboat i can ride into fantasy and reverie. she is draped in lilac silk stitched in heaven, her flower breath exhales petals sewed by angels. the night sky shines in her reach
and the hollows of the otherside call her back home. to exist is to contain infinity into a body, and to her that is