breathing with mouth open


“That moment in 2005′s Pride and Prejudice when Elizabeth and Darcy are arguing in the rain and both their chests are heaving and with every word they’re moving closer and closer together and Elizabeth shouts “You’re the last man in the world I would ever be prevailed upon to marry!” and she’s like six inches away from Darcy and even though he’s completely crushed he looks at her lips and tilts his head slightly and she catches her breath and her mouth sort of drops open a little like GOD DAMN IT JUST KISS ALREADY” - @bethofbells (original post)


It’s not always pleasant.  It’s not some fantasy scenario where everything is the most perfect and nothing goes wrong.  He’s not head over heels in love every second of every day.

And he’s okay with that.

Sometimes Bittle is Bittle, and he’s persistent and annoying.  Sometimes he’s hyper emotional on days that Jack can’t process it, and does’t have the capacity to help, and that’s frustrating.  They fight.  Like any other couple–they fight then kiss and make up.

Sometimes they don’t talk for a day or two before the kissing.

But it always comes back down to this.  Bittle in his bed, one arm above the pillow, the other clutching Señor Bun to his chest.  His head is turned away from the window as though his sleeping form is already anticipating the way they get morning sunlight through it.  He’s never been an early riser, and never will be.

His hair is tousled, mouth half open.  His breath doesn’t smell great.

He has a bit of crust in the corner of his left eye, and his right cheek still bears the creases from where it was pressed against the pillow case.

He’s a little bit of a disaster.

But he’s the most beautiful disaster Jack has ever seen.

Jac knows he’s profoundly lucky to find someone who wanted to stick around–because none of this was going to be easy.  Jack wasn’t going to change.  He’d evolve, yes.  He understood that.  He would grow as a person, like a vine winding round Bittle’s life, and the lives of the Falconers, and the NHL, and his friends.  But he’s still Jack.  He’s still difficult, and he doesn’t always emote outwardly the way other people do.  He’s funny, but sometimes he’s overly literal, and his filter doesn’t always work so he hurts people’s feelings without meaning to.

But Bittle has learnt to read him, to understand all of the things Jack can’t say aloud.  He loves Jack–and not in spite of all that, either.  He just…loves him.  The way Jack just loves Bittle for all that he is–the good and the annoying.

Jack curls his fingers into his palm, and takes the backs of his knuckles, tracing along Bittle’s exposed collarbone.  He brushes them up his neck, pausing to feel the thrumming pulse against his skin.  It’s nice, and sometimes he feels like he could just sit there and feel the evidence of Bittle’s life against the palm of his hand for hours and hours.

He doesn’t, though.  He moves his hand up, touching Bittle’s jaw. 

At that, Bittle shifts.  Just slightly at first, makes a strangled noise in the back of his throat.  He clutches Señor Bun a little tighter, and rolls onto his side, curling into a ball.

No,” he murmurs against the pillow.

Jack can’t help a smile as he curls round Bittle tight, tucking his arm at the smaller man’s waist.  He hitches him up close, and buries his nose in the back of Bittle’s neck, breathing him in.  “Okay,” he whispers.

“Too early,” Bittle says for emphasis, though his tone tells Jack he’s still mostly asleep, functioning on autopilot.

Jack closes his eyes and doesn’t say anything else.  Wants to say he loves him, wants to scream it, because it’s bubbling hot and fierce in his chest.  But that would be counter productive.  And besides, Bittle already knows.

Jack’s going to get up soon.  He will always be an early riser, which is okay.  It means there will always be hot, fresh coffee waiting for Bittle when Jack’s in town.  It means Bittle won’t have to wait for morning cuddles on the sofa as Jack catches up on ESPN highlights, and Bittle catches up on his twitter feed.

That, in itself, is perfection.  And that is what keeps Jack smiling.

The Joker x Reader *Happy Birthday”

Mister J never wants to tell you how old he is but you don’t give up. Nobody is supposed to know nothing personal about the Joker. But damn it, you are not a nobody!!

You’ve been trying to get it out of him since like…forever.

You always try to guess and he would just mislead you:

“Puddin, are you… 37?”

”Close enough, doll,” he grins at you, satisfied to see you so worked up about it.


“Almost got it, Pumpkin.”


“It’s possible.”

“42?!” At this point your voice is high pitch and it amuses him to death. Why does he have to be such a jerk?

“Ahhhh, Kitten, you’re so close,” and he just leaves the bedroom, snickering. Your mouth is open, attempting to breathe in some air; you are so annoyed right now. No matter what number you tell him, J would never admit to it. You feel childish, but you really want to know, what’s the big deal?!

So you came up with a different strategy.

Every day you give him a birthday card, a cute cupcake with a lit up candle (that he refuses to blow) and no matter what he does, you just start singing Happy Birthday.

*Aha, there he is watching TV.*

“Happy Birthday to you…”

He cuts you off (like he usually does):

“NO!!!” he doesn’t look happy but you don’t care.

“If you want this to stop, Puddin, you just have to tell me how old you are,” you fake smile in a way that he would notice.

“Go away, Pumpkin!” he growls at you and you just lift your shoulders, plant the card on his knees, turn around, blow the candle and head towards the kitchen to eat the sweet present.

*Aha, he’s going over paperwork in his office.*

“Happy Birthday to you…”

“Seriously, Y/N ?!!! Shut up and put it to rest. I have 3 boxes full of birthday cards! You need to stop this nonsense,” the Joker points his finger at you, threatening.

You sigh and put the card on his desk but you don’t leave.

“I guess I’m going to eat this cupcake too and get fat,” you complain, taking a bite. You go sit on his lap. You expect him to push you away but he doesn’t.  You turn J’s chin towards you and then use your index finger to trace his cheekbone, staring at his face. His blue eyes avoid looking at yours.

“Hmmm, hardly any wrinkles, you can’t be that old. But you’re not in your 20’s, I know that… Are you pushing 50?” you giggle and immediately get up and run, knowing he’s going to try and slap your butt or something.

“Princess, go away!” You barely avoid the groping and the slapping.

*Aha, he’s taking a bath.*

“Happy birthday to…”

“Shut it down!!”

“OK,” you agree to comply, but you just get in the bathtub with your clothes on, the cupcake with the candle in one hand and the birthday card in the other. ”For you, Mister J,” you sweetly smile, letting go of the card right in front of him. “Here, blow this candle at least!”

“NO!! Stop pestering me, what’s wrong with you?!”

“BLOW…the…flipping…CANDLE!” you scream, splashing him.

“You asked for it!” the Joker is heading towards your side of the bathtub. Oh, shit, time to run.

*Aha, he’s on his laptop.*

“Happy birthday to you…”

“You must be kidding me; I’m seriously getting pissed! I mean it!”

“Well, me too, what the hell?! Tell me how old you are, you know I would die before telling someone else.”

“You don’t get to treat me like this, doll!” Mister J gets off the couch, scoffing. You wish you would have known he’s in a foul mood.

You think he’s joking but the insane look in his eyes lets you know that you probably pushed it too much. You’re instinctively starting to back out, suddenly worried while you watch him stump towards you.

There is so much rage in him when he grabs your wrists that you drop your card and the cupcake and you already know you’ll have bruises.

“What is wrong with you, hmm? Are you really trying to see how much you can push me? You want me to kill you ?”

“Let go, you’re hurting me…” you whimper in pain, feeling your bones will snap soon.

His eyes have darkened.

“Don’t play games with me, OK?” he hisses at you. ”I’m not the playful type, I told you to stop this so many times!”

You start crying, scared and defeated.

“Fine, fine, I’ll stop, just let me go, I can’t feel my hands anymore…please…”

Your sobbing makes him soften his hold and he finally lets you go.


It’s been a week since you’ve been avoiding him at all costs. You get out of the penthouse early and come back late. Sometimes he’s not even there.


It sounds crazy (and he knows crazy), but he misses you bugging him every day with your stupid birthday song, the card and the cupcake.


You’ve been sleeping in the spare bedroom with your door locked, afraid he might hurt you again.

He can’t fall sleep in the big bed all by himself, tossing and turning on pins and needles every single night. You looked so frightened and hurt when he almost broke your wrists. Shit, he can be such a dick sometimes, but he can’t help it. J finally gets up and decides to go to your door, trying to open it. It’s locked, but he has the spare key. You forgot you guys keep it in the office.

He opens the door slowly and snicks in. It’s not too dark in the room because you always have a night light on. The Joker sees you curled up in a ball, eyes closed, holding to your pillow really tight and ohhhh… his chest aches, strangely enough when he sees your wrists all bruised up, marked by his rage.

He takes a deep breath,using his hands to get his green hair out of his face and cuddles in bed by you, watching you sleep until he decides to pull you in his arms. You feel the movement and wake up with your head resting on his tattoos. You’re not sure what to do, is he in one of his moods again?

You lift your eyes to meet his and it surprises you there’s no anger in them. You gulp and hesitantly reach your left hand to caress his face, not knowing what to expect. J starts purring, shoving himself into you even more.

“39,” he mutters, kissing your forehead.

Your face lights up with the brightest smile he saw in a while.

“Happy birthday to you…”

“I wouldn’t push it, Princess,” he grins, but this time there is no animosity in his voice.

“So…January?” you ask as innocently as possible, hoping you’re on steady ground.

“Almost got it,” J softly laughs, kind of surprised you still have the balls.


“So close, Kitten.”


“It’s possible, Pumpkin.”

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Sherlock yawned.

His eyes opened slowly and revealed a sleeping John Watson lying next to him. His mouth opened slightly and short bursts of his breath on his face. Sherlock smiled and thought about last night. How John laid awake with him for hours before his crying finally stopped and he fell asleep. He kicked himself, he was displaying a gross expression of emotion yesterday. He threw logic out the window and filled his head with sentiment and he’s ashamed to think of how John saw him crying over the sink full of dishes because he wasn’t talking to him. Sherlock told himself in that moment that he shouldn’t cry because this wasn’t new to him. He knew the day would come when John would finally decide that he wasn’t worth his time, that he could find somebody better than him. He braced himself for the news, and it hurt him to think that he wasn’t enough for John when John was the whole world to him. He nearly made it without crying, but then he looked at John, who was so close to him, drying the dishes and he couldn’t help himself. When John kissed him, and told him that he loved him, he still cried, but it was because the man of his dreams told him, the most obnoxious, rude, and unpleasant man that anyone could have the misfortune to meet, that he loved him.

The only other time Sherlock had been this happy was when John agreed to move in with him.

The only time Sherlock can say that he’s been happy is only when John is around. The love of his life, his blogger, his doctor…

“John Watson.” He breathed. Said man pawed his face and shuffled closer to Sherlock. Sherlock was sitting up; John’s arms were wrapped around his waist and his head was resting on Sherlock’s stomach. He smiled and rested a hand on John’s back, raking his free hand through the soft blond hair. He had to admit, John’s new hair was very fitting for him, he was always handsome to Sherlock. John let out a soft groan at Sherlock’s head massage and held him even tighter.

“Don’t stop.” John spoke, still half-sleep. Sherlock chuckled. “I have no intention to.”

Sherlock heard John yawn. He raised his head to look at Sherlock. His eyes were still glassy from sleep, and his smile lopsided but so warm and compassionate that Sherlock thought he would cry all over again.

“Do you know that you look quite stunning when you wake up?” John laughed at the question and rolled his eyes. They didn’t say anything after that, John moved to rest his head on Sherlock’s chest, and closed his eyes from the pleasure Sherlock’s massage was giving him.

“You kissed me last night. Well, we kissed for a second time.”

“Yes, I remember.” The conversation trailed off for a bit before John asked, “Why?”

Sherlock’s hands clutched to John’s hair at the question.

“I…I was…I wanted to know if we could, quite possibly, make it a third time?”

John’s laugh came out as a breath. He opened his eyes and sat up to Sherlock’s level.

“Yeah, Sherlock, we can make it a third time, and a fourth time, we can kiss as many times as we want.”

Sherlock felt the blush rising in his cheeks as he thought about all the future kisses they would share. All the days and nights he would fall asleep and wake up in John’s arms. He was so excited to finally be with John, and not just as best friends or flat mates or even as bedmates. He was allowed be in love with John and shower him adoration and affection that the soldier needed desperately. He hummed.

“Let’s make it a third time and see if it is enough.” Sherlock’s lips were already starting to pucker. John’s pressed against his and Sherlock moaned at the joy of being able to do this. John’s mouth spread into a smile, still pressed against Sherlock’s, and he was laughing. Sherlock joined him, the two still nose-to-nose with each other, grinning in the other’s face.

“Was that enough?” John’s voice lowered, making Sherlock’s smile widen to its limits.

“It was enough, John. You’re enough for me.” They both shared a few more kisses until they heard Rosie’s cries from down the hall.

“The day awaits us, love.” John threw his blankets off his body and left to tend to his daughter. Sherlock was still in the bed, fingers lightly caressing his lips and in awe. He put his hand down and whispered, “Love?”

He couldn’t help but smile to himself.


So yes, the next few chapters will include domestic johnlock, so that I can show their gentle transition into finally being together. 

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2 episodes into Supernatural, you had fallen asleep on NamJoon’s lap. He didn’t realize until he heard a little noise come from your soft, slightly opened lips. He stares down at you watching the cute quirks you have while sleeping. How your mouth slightly parts open to breath in and closes to breath out. How you twitch occasionally when you’re fast asleep. How you curl your hands up to your face when you’re cold. He continued to stare thinking to himself how he could have ever deserved someone as amazing and special as you. A smile spreads across his face.

“Why is she so perfect” he thought to himself as he reached his hand forward and started massaging his hands through your hair.

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“Y/N watch this!” Jin said as he grabbed you and pulled you into his chest as he places his phone in front of you. It was a focus of him during BS&T abd you can tell he was super into himself by the “yes look at me go” and the “you have the best boyfriend ever, look at his moves” but you were so tired you ended up falling asleep after watching the video for 30 seconds. Jin noticed right away and put his phone down to silence the room of any noise and pulled the covers on top of the both of you so you wouldn’t freeze throughout the night. He slowly wrapped his arms around you ever so carefully not to wake you up and whispered “goodnight my love” before giving you a peck on the forehead and falling asleep himself.

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“Can we cuddle and take a nap”

Your boyfriend yoongi yells as he steps into your shared apartment after a long day of work.

“All you ever want to do is nap oppa” you yell back at him.

“But I like falling asleep next to you” he says as he plops himself on the bed next to you head first into the mattress.

“You’re too cute” you say pushing him off the bed.

Yoongi gets up and attacks you by jumping back into the bed and grabbing you into a tight hold. He calms down after a little bit because his muscles are tired from practicing all day. You both lay there in silence until you slowly felt yourself falling asleep. You didn’t want to sleep because you knew it would mess up your sleeping schedule but you couldn’t help it. Being wrapped up in his arms, breathing in his scent, hearing his heart beat at a steady pace and feeling his chest rise and lower from his breathing knocked you out. Yoongi realized you were asleep and laughed to himself

“I thought I was always the one who fell asleep first.” He says. He pulls you in tighter into his chest before falling asleep right next to you and where he always wants to be. In your arms.

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You and Hoseok have been driving back home from a weekend getaway trip for your one year anniversary. You went to this local beach that no one knows about and camped out in a terrible made tent on the sand. Yes, it wasn’t the ideal camping trip, but that’s what made it special to you. Hoseok and you didn’t have the perfect ideal relationship with him being gone all the time promoting BTS and their newest comeback. But that’s what you loved about it. You’re relationship wasn’t what everyone else’s relationship is like, it was specific to you and Hoseok.

You have been driving for 2 hours now and it was late at night and Frank Hamilton was playing in the radio, it was the perfect image. You didn’t get much sleep last night because of the poorly made sleeping area. You slowly drift off to sleep and lay your head on the window and bring your knees up to your chest. Hoseok looks over at you and smiles the biggest smile ever.

“Why are you so adorable Jagi.”

He says poking at your side knowing how ticklish you were.

“Stop hoseok” you say as you swat his hand away from you but he just grabs it and intertwines his fingers into yours like a perfect puzzle piece.

He brings your hand up to his mouth and places a gentle kiss on it before bringing it back down to allow you to cuddle yourself around his arm and fall back to sleep wrapped in his scent and warmth.

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“AISH! Don’t sneeze on me!”

You had been sick with the flu for the past two weeks and Jimin at first was a very nice boyfriend, making sure you were always comfortable, made you soup, brought you flowers, all the cute things. Now he’s just there, not being cute anymore, he’s just sitting around with you to keep you company. You didn’t mind it at all, you just wanted him to be around and here with you and that’s all it took to know that he cares for you.

“Are you cold y/n” you hear Jimin mumble under his breath while looking up memes on his phone.

“A little” you reply

“I’ll be back” he throws his phone onto the chair he was just sitting on and goes to the front closet to grab you a few more blankets. He walks over to you and carefully starts to unfold the blankets and places them on top of you. He starts to walk back to his previous position but you grab his arm and pull him back to you where he’s on his knees in front of you.

“Lay with me” you say with your eyes watering and nose bright red from rubbing it with tissues.

“I’m not laying with you on the couch” Jimin says as he stands up and wraps his arms around your body as he lifts you up wrapped in blankets and all and carries you over to your bedroom and carefully placed you onto the cold bed. You curl back up into a comfortable position as you feel his arms wrap around you. As soon as his warmth hits your skin you’re knocked out cold finally sleeping peacefully for the first time in two weeks. Jimin looks down at you and places a few kisses all over your head before whispering “how are you so irresistible even with snot coming out of your nose”

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Taehyung and you were at a drive in movie. You had pulled the seats down in the back of his minivan and turned the back into a makeshift bed so you two could cuddle and watch the movie together. Taehyung was off getting snacks for the two of you and with it being 11pm already you kept yawning and finding yourself drift into a deep sleep. You are awoken by taehyung throwing candy in your face. You look up and see a smiling taehyung jumping into the back with you yelling “ITS STARTING ITS STARTING!”

He scoots down to meet you laying on the blankets and pillows. You slowly curl up into his chest and try to focus on the movie. Which was hard. The movie was extremely boring and predictable, you thought you would just close your eyes for a few seconds but ended up going into a deep sleep. You slept through the entire movie.

“You ready to go home?” Taehyung says

No response

“Y/n?” He says again, he quickly realizes you have fallen asleep on top of him. A smile spreads across his face as he carefully maneuvers his way out of your hold and picks you up to carry you into the front seat. As he buckles you into the seat you curl up into a ball and place your head on taehyung’s arm.

“You’re too perfect” he says before getting out of your grip and driving you both home to make sure his little angel sleeps in a real bed.

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“Y/N you need to stay awake!” You hear your boyfriend Jungkook yell into your ear as you’re trying to rest a little.

“Hey! Give me like 10 more minutes!” You yell back from under the covers. Suddenly you feel a cold, swift air hit your bare legs as Jungkook rips the covers off of you and throws them on the floor.

“You’re getting up now and we’re going to go sit on the couch and be a perfect couple and watch a movie and you’re going to like it” Jungkook says imitating NamJoon when he’s trying to get the boys settled down.

You moan and groan as you pick yourself up from the comfortable warm bed and go to the living room. Your bare feet hits the cold wooden floor and send shivers all over your body as you poop yourself onto the couch in the same position you were just in in your bed. You feel your legs get lifted and placed on jungkooks lap.

“Now what movie are we watching”

Before he knew it, you were passed out. Snores escaping from your mouth as your breathing gets heavier. There’s no waking you up from this. Jungkook laughs to himself.

“This girl can really pass out anywhere she wants.”

He lifts your legs up from his lap. Reaches down and places a kiss on your little head before going to grab a big blanket and laying it on top of the two of you as he falls asleep next to you.

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You know those stories you hear about, that makes you think that this would only happen in a movie? That’s the kind of story I found myself experiencing first hand today. Nasalaa Allah al-Afiyaah.

As a Muslim i don’t believe in coincidences. I believe that Allah places us different places for us to learn and be reminded. I received a phone call today from someone who informed me that an older woman I know of was in the hospital floating between life and death.

Of course without any hesitation I said I would go to her right away, hoping that I could help her utter the Shahada before leaving this filthy world .. And little did I know.

I called a sister, and told her that I was coming for her and that we are going to the hosp.

We arrived ..
The woman was laying in her bed, with her mouth open, struggling to breath and all numb. Still aware of who is entering and leaving the room we greeted her with salaam and sat down for a minute.

The daughter of my Quran teacher happened to be at the same hospital just a couple of floors down - She called me, and told me she wanted to come up and check up on the lady.

When she entered the room, she was clearly moved by the woman in front of her slowly but painfully dying, so she held her hand and asked her to repeat the words she said. She started with the Shahada, and then started reciting Sûrah al-Ikhlas, begging the woman to repeat.

And she did - BUT, in a way you could never imagine. Every single time she tried to say Allah or Muhammad she started coughing so much that she ended up throwing up. And this happened at least ten times! We then realized, that the woman in front of us was being tortured to death by Malik al-Mawt.

He (the angel) was literally using her as a yoyo, taking her soul and throwing it back into her. She chocked multiple times and then got back to struggling for her breath. Now this is not the worst part of the story.

Now, this women is in her 70’s now and is married to a man who is 27! - One may ask, what does a young guy want with someone that old? I’ll tell you.

She is a millionaire, and every single penny this woman got, was earned in Harām. How she earned them, I won’t tell you because the story is bad enough as it is now SubhanAllāh!

This guy LITERALLY stood there and waited for her to take her last breath so he could take all the money she would leave behind her. And while we where standing in the room, the woman’s kids called him SEVERAL times, arguing with him and yelling at him because they felt like they had more right to her money

(the woman isn’t even dead, yet and they’re fighting over the money!)

Her kids have not spoken to her or seen her in six years - And now they are asking about the money, but don’t want to hear anything about her condition.

All of a sudden, while I stood next to her I heard her uttering something, but because she was choking while coughing it was really hard understanding what it was that she was trying to say.

My heart dropped to the floor when I heard her.

She said: “Aoudhubillah, go away from me go away from me. Aoudhubillah”

No one standing in front of her, and I wasn’t in her eye sight, it was clear that she was speaking to something that none of us could see besides her.

Malik al-Mawt ..

Her condition got worse from that second on.

I noticed that all the windows where open and I asked if we could close them so she wasn’t cold and I was told that if the windows where shut, that would result in her dying because she needed the oxygen.

Her entire body was exposed and the only thing that was covered was from her stomach and up, and that’s a reminder from Allah that you’re gonna die the way you lived.

You didn’t cover up for Him in the Dunya, He will expose you while leaving it..

She had signed a paper that allowed the doctors to give her CPR when her heart stopped and she insisted that they’d do ANYTHING POSSIBLE to keep her alive.

Holding on the a world that the Almighty is in control of, not knowing that no matter how many times they try to pump her heart back into life - The angel is rejoicing at the fact that he is seconds away from revenging for his and our Lord!

Leaving the hospital I told the sister, I ask Allah for a good end, and she said: Asking Allah for a good end is not as important as asking Allah for a good meeting (with him)

May Allah azza-wa-jall grant us the best of meetings with Him Jala wa -‘alaa 😔💔

Mess with Them

Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: This is a re-write of Chandler and Monica’s secret relationship.

Word Count: 801

Warnings: Language, Mild Sex

A/N: Based on Friends aka the best fucking show ever. Some dialogues will be taken from the show, I obviously don’t own that. I really hope you’ll like it, I’m super excited about it. :D

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10]

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“Shh,” Steve leaned down and pressed a soft kiss on your cheek. “They’re going to hear us.”

Your mouth was hanging open, your heavy breathing made your throat dry. You licked your lips to reply something when he swiveled his hips and hit your g-spot.

Your eyes crossed in pleasure, a high pitched moan tore from your throat. Immediately, Steve stopped moving and you put your hands over your mouth. He strained his ear to pick up any sound that might come in your direction. When he didn’t hear anything, he resumed his thrusts.

“Y-Your f-fault.” You breathed out, desperately trying to hold on. “God, you’re so good at this.”

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I’m Just Glad You’re Speaking

This is the fic I wrote for that headcanon I wrote yesterday! It’s not exactly the same but I made it a thing! I did as much research about mutism and traumatic mutism so I hope I wrote about it accurately…

it’s also on AO3…  

Lance knew he was pushing it. He could tell by the twitch of Keith’s hand and the way his shoulders tensed every time Lance so much as opened his mouth to breathe. He was being too loud again but he couldn’t help it. As fucked up as it was, he would prefer annoying others by being too loud than never speaking at all.

Lance would know – he’d done both.

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An Angel, Sinning


Namjoon x reader Smut

Word Count: 1289

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You looked peaceful, sleeping. Your mouth was open a little and your breathing was louder than what it was while you were awake, but it was nice to watch you. The sun shone in through a gap in the blinds and lit you up perfectly, giving you an angelic glow. You looked so happy and healthy; it made his heart swell.

Namjoon sat up, careful not to wake you, but it was evident that it would take more than shuffling around to actually wake you.

What would wake you up? Namjoon thought to himself. He looked at your sleeping form, hair askew on the pillow, hands splayed across the mattress and eyes twitching every so often. Your night shirt had ridden up in your sleep; only the quilt was protecting your legs from the cold.

Slowly, Namjoon peeled back the quilt, revealing that you were quite very naked under it. Your legs were slightly open, one of them bent at the knee, allowing Namjoon to see all your glory. Ideas were turning in his head when he remembered one day when you told him one of your biggest fantasies.

“I want you to wake me up by eating me out one day.” You said absentmindedly, not even noticing that you had confessed something so dirty to him.

“Oh, really?” Namjoon asked, raising an eyebrow, corner of his lip tugging up into a smirk.

Namjoon grinned, seeing as the opportunity was here, and he was going to take it. He looked at your glistening core, wet with juices. It made him wonder if you were dreaming right now.

He brought his palm up to your thigh, spreading your legs open even more. He licked his lips and got on his front in between your legs, face so close to you that his breath tickled your thighs, making you subconsciously move your legs even further apart. He started out with peppering kisses along your inner thighs, sometimes his tongue would poke out between his lips. Every now and then he’d nip and suck, sure to leave bruises behind for you to admire later in the day, a reminder of a fantasy coming true.

Then his tongue started to lick up your folds, tasting your slick juices and circling around your clit. You jolted, back arching and body twitching at the sensation. Your body knew exactly how to react. You were moaning in your sleep and stirring. Your head was moving from side to side.

Namjoon took note of this and continued his ministrations, even circling your entrance with his finger, slowly sliding it in and curling it up. It didn’t take long for him to add another finger. You awoke with a gasp, eyes shooting open and shudders running down your spine. Your fists were clenching the sheets.

Namjoon noticed you were awake but continued to pleasure you, curling his fingers and sucking on your clit and licking up your juices, cleaning you up. You moaned, “Namjoon…”

Namjoon smirked, pulling away and looking at you. “Good morning, baby.” Then he went straight back in, hooking his arms around your thighs and digging his nails into them. He held your legs open, preventing you from closing them around his head as he made you shake in pleasure.

You were writhing about and squirming, mewling for more. God, this couldn’t get any better, especially just after the dream you were having. Your hands went to Namjoon’s hair and you grabbed a fistful of this locks, pushing him to carry on.

Namjoon was still using his fingers and tongue like a pro. Sucking, nipping, licking, you name it. And when you were nearing your climax, Namjoon pulled away.

“Namjoon please.”
“Don’t you want my cock baby?” He asked, getting up on his knees and pushing down his boxers already. You didn’t object, instead you grinned and pulled off the night shirt you had been wearing, letting your body go on full display for Namjoon.

Namjoon hovered over you as he slid into you easily, you were nice and lubricated with your own juices and you had been extra prepped thanks to Namjoon’s little gift of the morning. You moaned as he stretched you and buried himself inside you. He started to set a pace as he thrusted, coming down to suck the skin of your neck in between his lips. You wrapped your legs around his waist in an attempt to pull him closer to you, letting him put his weight on yours.

He snapped his hips against you, sliding out and then filling you back up swiftly and easily, searching for your g-spot. You couldn’t help but squeak and whine as you were pleasured.

Namjoon then detached his lips from your neck, admiring the blooming bruises before smirking and flipping the two of you over; he always loved the view of you when you were on top.

You took a bit of control, not too much, knowing Namjoon is the dominant one, but you took it upon you to grind your hips and bounce. Your boobs bounced with you, amusing Namjoon slightly but turning him on even more. He reached up to cup each one in each palm, rolling your nipples with your thumb. The sensation made you tingle, adding to your pleasure.

While bouncing on Namjoon’s cock, his dick hit your g-spot, causing you to moan out and almost lose balance. Namjoon moaned also as you clenched around him, your walls tightening. His hands went to your hips as he watched his dick disappear inside of you. The sight itself was orgasmic and the thought only brought him nearer and nearer to the edge, his body threatening to come loose and release his hot seed. But he held on, encouraging himself silently not to cum there and then. To let the moment last a little while longer.

Again, the position changed, Namjoon flipping you over again. You giggled as your head hit the soft pillows, hair splaying out against the fabric and framing your head. To Namjoon, you looked angelic. An angel sinning in bed with him right now. God, he loved it.

Namjoon leaned down to kiss you as he continuously pumped into you. He swallowed all your moans and gasps as he hit your g-spot; sometimes missing it, but finding it again soon after. You nipped on Namjoon’s bottom lip and sucked on it before you allowed him to slip his tongue past your own pink lips. The kiss was full of fiery passion; burning you alive with sweet sensation. But it wasn’t the only thing that was burning. You were on the edge now, hanging off it by a thread and at any moment you would-


Your back arched off the bed and your lips parted from Namjoon’s as a cry left them. Juices spilled from you and soaked the sheets beneath which Namjoon was in awe about; he made you do that? Your toes curled as Namjoon helped ride you through your orgasm, still amazed at the sight he witnessed.

You flopped back on the bed with an exhale as you came down from your high, breathless. Namjoon still had yet to cum but he pulled out of you, hand going to his length and finishing himself off. He grunted when he finally released, letting his cum shoot out onto your stomach. He twitched slightly, electricity shooting through him as he finally achieved what he had been wanting all morning.

You giggled at the warmth, then finally sitting up. Namjoon pulled you closer, not really bothered if his own cum got on him.

“Oh my god, we made a mess.” You commented.

Namjoon chuckled, “Not a bad thing.” He kissed you on the cheek. “Let’s shower first.”


Helping Hand

Prompt Credit: Here from phanfic

Description: dan leaves a camera in phils room to record a prank, but the prank doesn’t work. instead, he ends up videoing phil getting naked/jerking off. dan watches the footage back later and ends up jerking off to it. maybe phil walks in on him doing that??

Tags: Masturbation; Handjobs; Prompt

Words: 3225

‘"Holy shit.“ Dan breathes, going forward a little and playing the video, pausing instantly after stumbling on another crude screenshot involving Phil, this time standing beside the bed with his arm propping his body up on his dresser. Fingers grazing his dick and mouth open in sucked breaths.

Should Dan really be watching this? After all it is super embarrassing to Phil if he ever found out. But Phil doesn’t have to find out. Dan’s inner battle is won over by the heat shooting straight to his dick and the need for touch growing over his remaining thoughts like ivy.’

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The minutes have melted into months but the breath from my open mouth still fogs the screen and stickies the keyboard. It hurts.

And I know you’re busy and you’re busy and you’re busy and your shoes sink into tequila soaked carpet when you aren’t crunching plastic cups beneath the soles I bought for you and your fingers are scrambling to remember the scratch of her lace against your skin because what color were they what color were they what color were they? And I know you sleep with your face smothered beneath three layers of quilts so the fragments of light don’t wake up the constant throb in the back of your head but I can’t stop I can’t stop I can’t stop the ache in my jaw like I swallowed something much bigger than the coin you pressed into my cold palm with your warm one not because you owed me but because it meant something it meant something.

It’s been two weeks since you’ve marked a message Read and it’s been six months since we all said goodbye in the dingy lighting and aging flooring of the train station whose name I could never pronounce choking back waterfalls and swallowing hiccups because there were people there were people there were people. You cried after I left.

Three videos will never leave my hard drive no matter how much my heart rots in your absence. One love you from a newfound friend who was the first I could mark with intimacy and not vomit guilt up afterwards. She was the first and last I ever admitted it to and god I miss the way she’d tilt her head back and laugh even when the words bubbling out of my mouth lacked sentience and humor. Another from a refuge found in a sea of empty vessels. I always crushed our shared butts beneath the toe of my moth-eaten shoe and he always kept quiet about the way I couldn’t help but wet the end of the cigarette every time I passed it back. He smoked menthols; I said he had no taste. A final from a soul which will always harbor a fraction of mine. His shirts smelled like cinnamon and my hair smelled like strawberries and I still picture his back against my cheek when sleep lulls me. What do his clothes reek of now?

We all share two tongues but she wakes up in a puddle of skylight drenched in cotton sheets and he sleeps when the music trickles to a hum under a queen sized quilt on a twin sized bed that creaks with every exhale and reeks of sixth grade perfume while I pry open drunken lids swimming in a sea of one one one three suffocating blankets that mimic the weight of another’s existence because she’s here he’s there and I’m alone I’m alone I’m alone.

We haven’t talked or touched and I haven’t felt the scratch of his beard against my cheek or swallowed the smell of her perfume or swapped cancer between my index and middle and you’re okay she’s okay he’s okay we’re okay we’re okay we’re okay. But he doesn’t steal slugs of my coke anymore and it sits and fizzes flat. And I don’t share lipstick in shades I don’t even like just to mimic her glow. We’re not gone but we’re not together not together not together.

None of us like goodbyes but we swear that I love you and I love you and I love you.
See you guys later.

—  the worst thing about friendships is there’s never a formal goodbye

That moment in 2005′s Pride and Prejudice when Elizabeth and Darcy are arguing in the rain and both their chests are heaving and with every word they’re moving closer and closer together and Elizabeth shouts “You’re the last man in the world I would ever be prevailed upon to marry!” and she’s like six inches away from Darcy and even though he’s completely crushed he looks at her lips and tilts his head slightly and she catches her breath and her mouth sort of drops open a little like GOD DAMN IT JUST KISS ALREADY

The Regulars- Part 3

(i’m sorry this is so long and basically a ramble. i am also sorry my mind took this elsewhere and didn’t stick with the request.)

A small laugh leaves him as he turns and opens the top drawer of the dresser. I can hear him shuffling things around but I cant see what he has.
Im sweating, my heart is racing and my head is pounding. 
My wrists are aching, and my shoulders are burning from being extended backwards for so long. I occasionally cringe trying to make this position comfortable.

He turns around slowly, his mouth open showing his silver capped teeth. he is holding a small tray in one hand and it has a black silk sheet covering whatever items he has.

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He has on a white button up shirt but its buttoned down past his chest. Every move he makes I can see his muscles contracting under his skin. 
I close my eyes and take a deep breath in through my nose and let it out through my mouth.
I open my eyes back up slowly, accepting my fate. I’ll never be able to fight him, he’s The Joker, I’m sure even if I made it out this door there would be hell to pay outside.

He walks close the bed and places the tray at and angle so I can see the black silk glimmer in the light.
I don’t know what I am expecting it to be but sweat beads are forming on by my hairline. 
He takes the sheet off, it’s a tattoo gun.
I want to laugh at myself for thinking it would be worse but I also don’t know if there is a way to kill someone with a tattoo gun.
I just stare at the silver and gold object, its quite beautiful and intricate. There is also 3 small caps full of black ink and a white silk sheet folded on the silver tray.
My eyes start trailing down his pale fingers but i’m quickly brought back to reality by him shoving the black sheet in my mouth.
My eyes open wide adjusting my mouth. He wags his finger at me, telling me to behave.

“You’re a blank canvas.” He leans close to my face and grins, “Have you been waiting for me?" 

My eyes close as I try and swallow the lump in my throat and not choke on the fabric, I can’t speak so I just blink at him a few times. 

"I saved you, ya know.” He pulls the chair that was in the corner and puts the back of the chair against the bed. He grabs his pants by his upper thigh and hikes them up as he puts his leg over the chair to straddle it. “I don’t save anyone anymore, doll." 

He places the tray on my bare stomach, my body flinches from the cold sensation, “Don’t move.” He orders with his eyes stern.

I bite my lip and close my eyes tight, I can feel him shuffling things on the tray and then I hear the gun turn on.
I close my eyes ever tighter as the sound gets closer. 
My heart starts beating faster as panic sets in.

The needle from the gun punctures the underside of my left arm and i try to pull it away even though I’m cuffed in position. 
He grabs my face hard, “Open your eyes.” His grip on my face tightens.

I open my eyes wide and his face is close to mine, “Do not move.” He lets a growl escape his throat. He lets go of my face with a push causing me to look at the door. I stay that way and close my eyes again. He lets out another growl as I disobey him by not watching but he lets it go.

The gun comes back and my arm flexes from the irritating pain. I can feel him dragging the needle in my skin, i’m biting down as hard as I can on the silk and I lock my jaw at certain points. He stops every few seconds and wipes away excess ink and, i’m sure, blood. It becomes difficult to breath through my nose as the sensation has me holding my breath at times. I try my best to get it under control.
The vibration from the gun almost makes my skin feel numb, it becomes extremely uncomfortable but not so much painful now.
My eyes stay closed tight as I try to focus on other things. 

My mind shoots to Bri and Ryan, will they go looking for me, what if they call the cops, Bri is going to be so mad.
Something short of a smile comes across my face thinking of Bri getting mad at this scumbag tattooing me. 
I try to think of what he could possibly want to tattoo on me so bad that he had to kidnap me. 

I have no track of time in here but he finally pulls away and I hear him get up. I turn my head to look at my arm as i twist it so the underside is facing me now. 

A haunted look comes over me, my eyes open wide and I can feel my heart sink into my stomach.
I slowly read what has permanently been punctured into my skin.

‘Property Of Joker’ 

It is in classic script font, the black letters stand out against my skin and it takes up my entire bicep. I definitely can’t hide this unless I live in long sleeve shirts.

“Do you like it doll?” He has a spray bottle in his hand, he walks up to me and gives a couple of cool mists onto the fresh ink. He wipes it clean with the white silk cloth. He reaches down and pulls the black silk from my mouth and tosses it to the floor.
I lick my lips and take in a deep breath, I let the saliva come back into my mouth.
I don’t answer his question, i am still in shock from the word ‘Property’.
‘He thinks he owns me now? Because he saved me? I would rather die! He truly is insane’ My thoughts take off.

Another growl, this one is much deeper, “Fucking answer me.” He tosses the chair aside and it clashes with the wall.

My eyes start to tear up as I stutter out the word, “Yes.” 

“Yes what?” His teeth barley parting for the words to come out.

“Yes, I love it.” I take a deep breath trying to hold back the tears. 

“Good.” He shows a faint smile.
He reaches for the key ring again and picks out a red key, he grabs onto the cuffs, my eyes are focussed on being set free. 
“You run, fight, or do anything to set me off, i’ll kill you. Understood?”

I nod slightly and whisper, “Yes.”

He unlocks the cuffs and my arms come down, my shoulder cracks from being held in that position for so long. I rub my wrist where there are a few indentions on my skin. I lay there as he makes his way to my ankles. He undoes them quickly and walks towards the door. 

“Follow me.” His voice demanding as the last cuff comes off.

I stumble out of the bed and catch up to him, I cross my arms over my chest trying to hide the nudity just in case there are others in the house. The new ink stings as I press it against myself but I ignore it for now. 
We walk past the living room, I give it another look over and I notice the few gold, silver and black pieces places throughout. 
‘He has a good eye for decor.’ a small laugh escapes my lips.

He ignores it. I follow behind him, watching his stride. His legs are long, every step he takes I have to take two. His shoulders are upright, I can see his shoulders and back move with the swing of his arms.  
I became so focused on him that I didn’t realize he stopped walking, I walk right into him. 
My face lands directly into his arm and I stumble backwards, I don’t fall completely and as soon as I get my balance back i’m apologizing, “Im so sorry, I was, I got distracted. I’m sorry…” I bite my lip, my face screaming fear. 

He lets out a scoff and the corner of his mouth turned to a smile. 
We were in the hallway on the other side of the living room, these doors were purple and there is only two on this side. 
He turns the gold knob and opens the door, he lets me walk in first. 

The room is huge, bigger than our three bedroom apartment. The gold and white marble floors cover the entire room, there is a bed covered in burgundy blankets and gold pillows. The walls are painted a light gray and there are two floor to ceiling windows next to the bed. 

“Go on.” His hand touches the small of my back and I inhale sharply from his cool touch. I walk into the room and away from his touch quickly. 
There is another door on the left, i walk towards it and look back at him waiting for his permission to open the door. He nods. 
Its a bathroom, everything is bright white and its beautiful. There is a huge bathtub and shower on the left, across from that is a mirror that goes across the entire room, I ignore looking at myself and walk to the door at the end of the bathroom. 
He didn’t follow me in here so i open the door. 
Tears form at the corner of my eyes, its all my clothes. they barley even cover one rack of the huge closet. ‘He plans on keeping me.’
There are dresses, shirts, jeans, shorts and shoes on one side of the closet. I recognize one of the shirts, this stuff is hers. 
She’s been gone for a few years though, well, thats what we have been told by the news.

“Doll?” His voice rings out and I so badly want to run. 
Instead I close the closet door and walk back to the bedroom. 

“Do you think you’ll enjoy it here?” He laughs knowing that was a rhetorical question. 

“This is your room, you are to only come to this room unless asked otherwise. I’ll come get you for dinner or any other activities I might want you for. You have no need to go upstairs, so don’t think about it. You answer when called and you do as your told. If you’re a good girl, I might just keep ya.” A smile spreads across his face.

I nod trying to take all this in, not just the house, but him, and the rules, and the fact that i’m basically a pet now. It hasn’t fully set in and I don’t know if it ever will. 

“Now, i am going to go get some wrap for your pretty ink. Stay put doll.” He closes the door as he walks out.

I want to call Bri and tell her i’m alive, i’m breathing but i’m also being held at The Jokers home. I hate thinking about her and Ryan worrying about me, especially because this is the last place they would think of me being held, alive.

The door opens and I quickly wipe the few tears that were falling down my cheek, I shake off the feeling the best I can and stand up a little straighter. 

“Hold your arm out.” He walks over to me and has a roll of clear wrap in one hand. 

I do as I’m told and hold it out to my side. He gently places a few pieces of plastic over the fresh script. It sticks to my skin as he runs his fingers over it. 
His touch is calming and arousing. I let a deep sigh out of my nose and i didn’t even realize it. His face leans in and I keep my focus in the door hoping he leaves. HIs lips press against my shoulder and i’m sure he heard me swallow. 

“I’ll wrap this for you every morning and every night.” His face is still close to my skin and I can feel his breath on me, it sent a shiver down my spine. He takes a step back, “Dinner is soon, throw on a shirt.” He jerks his head to the side like he was also trying to get the thoughts out of his head as he walked out. 

I lay back on the bed and cover my face with my hands. ‘What the fuck was that Skylar!’ Im screaming at myself. I look over at my wrapped arm and i shake my head. ‘This is ridiculous.’ I get up and go the closet, I grab one of my gray t-shirts and throw it on. I take a little bit of a better look in the bathroom. 
There is shampoo, conditioner, soap, razors, makeup and boxes of different color hair dye. ‘Has he been planning on doing this?’ I look over the stuff in shock.

By the time I make it back into the bedroom the door is flying open, “Dinner is ready doll.” He holds his arm out for me to link his. I ignore it and give him a smile as I walk past him. 
Probably not the best way to start things out but I would rather die than act like i’m ‘his property’, he gives me a pressed smile back. 

I walk towards the living room and wait for him to lead the way to the dinner table. He walks by me towards the front door, I think he is going to let me walk out of here. I hurry my pace to meet him. He makes a turn into an archway by the front door, its a dinning room. 
There is a long glass table with eight black chairs placed around it. There are only two place settings, they are next to each other on one end of the table. 
I was hoping we would Mr. & Mrs. Smith this and sit on opposite ends. 
He takes the seat at the end of the table and I pull the chair out next to him and sit down. I stare at the white plates and wine glass in front of me, I try to prepare for this dinner and predict how it will go. 

“Miss?” A small voice next to me brings me to present times. She’s holding a bottle of wine and lifts it toward me asking if I would like some. I want to take the bottle from her but instead I nod and give her a smile. 
She has red curly hair thats pulled into a bun, she has on black pants and a black shirt with a white apron over it and tied in a bow in the back. 
She fills my glass half way and does the same to The Jokers. 
Its awkward, at least for me. I don’t know if i’m allowed to even talk, what conversation could i possibly bring up with this man.
The curly red haired woman comes back with a big plate of food. She sets a piece of meat on my tray and she scoops green beans on the side, again she repeats the same to his plate. 
He takes his fork and starts eating. I can’t seem to find my appetite though, so I push the food around on my plate.

“Do you not like food? I believe we have dog food somewhere around here.” He sits back and cocks his head to the side as he looks at me.

That left a sting, I pick up my fork and start to eat the vegetables. 

“Good girl.” His lips curl to a smile as he takes another bite. 

The dinner is eaten in pure silence and my hatred. 

I place my fork down next to the plate once i’m finished. He finished his drink and food minutes ago but sat there watching me, making sure I ate every bite and drank every drop. 

“Thank you.” I whisper to the same woman as she picks up our plates. She gives a shy smile. 

The Joker gets up from the table, he twitches his head telling me to follow.
I quickly get up and follow him, he is standing by the front door with his hand out, its my cellphone.

My face glows and I instantly think of calling Bri. 

“Oh, thank you Jok..” 
Gun shots and laughter cut me off.

I crouched down in a ball with my arms over my head when the gun shot rang out. I hear his laughter again and I look up. 
He shot my phone and its in thousands of pieces all over the floor. Tears filling my eyes from fear, I look up at him.

“Did I scare ya?” He reaches his hand out to help me up. 

I grab it reluctantly and he pulls me close to him, my face directly in front of his, “Good.” He whispers and then lets me go.
I take a few steps back creating a distance. 

“Here, no passwords and no other numbers are allowed but one. Mine.” He takes a brand new phone from his pocket and holds it out for me to grab. 

I give him a questioned look and then quickly grab the phone and put it in my jeans.

He gives a smirk and turns to walk up the stairs, “Time for bed Harl…” He stops in his tracks.
My heart breaks a little bit for him as his head hangs down and he brushes his hair back with his hand. 

“Go to bed.” His voice was tense. He continued up the stairs, he opened the first door and slammed it behind him.
I jump a little from the sound but walk towards my room. I close the door behind me and lock it. 

There is a phone charger on my bed and I plug it in. There really is only one number in the phone, his and it’s saved as Mr. J. 

I lay back on the bed knowing I really wont sleep tonight. I pull one of the blankets over me.
Hours have passed and I’m still in the same spot, still trying to figure everything out. 

I get up and I’m extremely thirsty, I haven’t had any water all day and the wine has made my mouth dry. 
I unlock the door quietly and open it up slowly. I jump back inside my room when i see the same guy that brought me here standing next to my door.

He is looking at me and shakes his head ‘no’. 

“You work for The Joker right? You’re not going to take me to another insane persons house for another tattoo, are you?” I let the sarcasm bleed through. 

“What do you need?” His voice is a whisper.

“I just want water.” I calm my voice. 

He closes the door softly, I lean up against the wall next to it. 
Its not long before a small knock is on the door and then it opens up slowly. 
He hands me a glass of ice water.

“Thank you.” I take a sip of the water and go back into the room.
The cold water almost burns my throat. I can feel the sip reach every inch of my throat.

“No, I have to put that back. If he finds that in here.” He raises his eyebrows at me.

I let out a sigh but understand. I stand against the doorframe next to him and start drinking.

“Whats your name?” He seems a lot easier to make small talk with.

“Mason.” He gives a smile like no one has ever asked his name before.

“I’m Skylar. Nice to officially meet you.” I let a small laugh out, I figure i don’t have long but I have a lot of questions. 
“Do you know why he is doing this? Why me?” Im almost begging with the question.

“Ah, I wish I could tell you. I really don’t know. You’re the first.” He shrugs and I believe him. 

My glass is almost empty and i just have one more question, “Does Harley Quinn still live here? Her things are still in this closet.”

His eyes meet mine, its dark so i can’t entirely make out the colors, “One, don’t mention her name around him. Two, she does not live here. She split one day, as i’m sure you have heard.” I nod, “Yeah, The Joker didn’t take that too well. That was someone he thought he would always have, or if anything he would be the one leaving her. I don’t think he has completely healed.” He lets out a sigh, he knows he has talked more than his boss would of ever allowed.

“Here,” I hand him the glass, “Thanks again, Mason.” I give him a smile and he forces one back. 
I close the door as he walks away, I get back into bed and stare the screen on the phone.
I want to just text Bri or Ryan and stop their worrying. I need to think of an excuse first though. 
My mind is still trying to wrap around the current situation, so I toss the phone the side and curl up under the blankets. 
I lay awake and now i’m starting to see the sunrise.

Just Friends (part nine) - Stiles Stilinski

You were standing in your drive way.  Yours.  Not Stiles’.  Staring up at your house.  Questions and thoughts racing through your mind.  Your Mom’s car was in the drive, was she still home? What if she was just on a walk.  You didn’t see Jerry’s car around, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t there.  You swallowed thickly.  Would your mother even want to see you? Did she know what happened? 

You swallowed, and turned back to see Stiles sitting in the front seat, where you told him to stay. ‘You okay?’ he mouthed, and you nodded.

You turned back to the house, and walked up to the door.  You needed to talk to your mother.

A shaky hand knocked three times, and as you waited anxiously, you sucked in sharp breaths.

And when the door opened, you stared with your mouth hung open.

“y/n?” Your mom smiled a watery little smile.  “Baby where have you been?” She cried now, and you wanted to hug her- but you didn’t know what was right to do.  “Come in, we have a lot to talk about” She said softly, and you nodded, following her in.  You stole a glance back at Stiles before you closed the front door, and gave him a quick thumbs up.

“Is Jerry home-”

“Oh baby I’m so sorry” Your mother said, pulling you in for a hug.  You didn’t hesitate this time, just squeezed onto her and hugged her tight.  “I got a call from the Sheriff at the police station last night and I- I was just so scared” Tears brimmed your eyes.  “He told me you were safe… staying at his home- baby I’m so sorry” 

“I’m sorry too mom” You cried.  “I could’ve done better I-I should’ve done better” She pulled away from you, holding your face in your hands.  You saw her eyes wander over the light bruises on your skin.  

“No shh no” She cooed, petting your hair softly.  “You did nothing wrong” She told you.  “You did nothing wrong I- it’s my fault it’s all my fault y/n I’m so sorry” You didn’t know what to say, again, too shocked to do anything, just stared at your mom’s wet eyes.  “I let him into our home- I-I-I-” She choked on her own words.  “I wasn’t here for you” Her voice cracked as a fresh stream of tears coated her cheeks.  “And I’m so sorry, I love you so much it’s all I have to give you” She said.

“Mom he..” You didn’t even have to finish your sentence, you knew she understood the question you were trying to convey.

“He’s gone baby he’s gone… he’s not coming back.. he’s under police custody right now at the station” She said quietly.

Your platonic emotions grew into a smile.

“Really?” You breathed.  “You did that?”

“Of course baby… I may not have been the best mother recently, but nobody hurts my little girl” You were both crying when you hugged her, a tight, and much needed hug.

“Mom I…”

“It’s okay” She cooed, rubbing your back and petting your hair.  “I love you-”

“Mom I think I need to stay with the Sheriff for a little longer” You whispered, letting go of her.

“Oh” Was all she said.

“I’d just be really comfortable if I did.. until we figure out a plan for the whole… thing” You said weakly.  Your mother nodded a little, taking your hands in hers.

“Okay” She breathed.  “Okay, okay I can handle that” She said, meeting your eyes again.

“Thank you” You said quietly.  She just nodded, and you heard her sniff.  “Mom please don’t cry… I’m not leaving you” You told her.  “I’m coming back” You said.  “I’m coming back” You repeated softly.  She nodded, wiping her eyes.  “Would you like to meet Stiles again? To know I’m safe?” You asked.  “He’s in the car, I could go get him”

“Yeah that’d actually be nice to properly meet him” She said, and you nodded, squeezing her hands in yours.

“I’ll go get him” You told her, and walked off towards the door.  You walked onto the front steps, and Stiles’ eyes instantly locked with yours.  You waved your hand, motioning for him to come out, and the boy scrambled out of the jeep, running clumsily up to you.

“Are you okay- is everything okay?” He panted, and you giggled a little bit to yourself.

“I’m fine, it’s just my mom inside” You told him, and stared off behind him as you spoke.  “She… wanted to meet you properly” You told him.  “You know.. cause last time I didn’t really let you guys talk but…” Your eyes met his now.  “I dunno… I don’t think it’s a bad idea for her to meet you” Stiles smiled, and nodded his head.

“Well I’m happy to meet her” He told you.

You, Stiles, and your mom talked around the table over grilled cheeses and apple juice.  You and Stiles shared a lot of things you’ve done, both dumb and fun, sharing embarrassing stories.  Your mom didn’t hold back on the most humiliating memories of your childhood, she told Stiles all of it with a big, unapologetic smile on her face.  But the worst part, was that Stiles seemed to love it.  He laughed when she told him about how you would play mermaid in the bathtub.  Or how you preferred to sit in the closet of your bedroom when you played with your toys, in hiding…. or how you once threw spaghetti all over your body when you were two.Stiles just laughed and smiled through all of it, while you were avoiding all glances thrown your way, trying to hide your red blush of embarrassment.

“y/n and I are actually going to Prom together on Saturday” Stiles said at one point, and your mom gave you a look, smiling wide.

“Well it’s about time she gets out there into the world of boyfriends-”

“Oh no no, not like that” Stiles chuckled out before you could protest yourself.  “In her defense, she kinda got stuck with me.  My friends Kira and Lydia made her go” You laughed a little too.

“Yeah they did, I eat lunch with them for a day and suddenly we’re best friends” You said, loosening up a little.  Your mom smiled again, happy that you seemed comfortable with these new friends of yours.

“Well I’m glad you all have something exciting to do together this weekend” She said.

“Yeah me too” You said.

Your mother reluctantly allowed you to go to your room, packing up a few more outfits to take to the Stilinski house.  Stiles stayed downstairs with her.

“Miss y/l/n?”

“Oh, y/m/n is fine sweetie” She smiled warmly.

“I uh… I just wanted to say thank you”

“Thank you? For what?” Your mother asked, beginning to clear the table.  

“For… for y/n I guess” Stiles laughed nervously, rubbing the back of his neck as he stood to help her.  She looked at him, a smile forming on her face.

“You’re awfully smitten about my girl, aren’t you?” Smitten, Stiles repeated the word in his head.  And suddenly, he couldn’t come up with a better word for his feelings towards you.

“Yeah… yeah I guess I am” He said, a big smile playing onto his mouth.  Your mom chuckled.  “Is-is that okay?” He asked quickly after seeing her reaction.

“Stiles, let me tell you something honest about y/n” Your mother said quietly, and he walked forwards a little.  “She’s the most stubborn person in the world, I’ll tell you that, but when she cares about something, she pursues it.  It’s like… she doesn’t see a point in having something around if she has no feelings towards the matter” Your mom explained.  “Now for you? I haven’t seen her even attempt to say hello to someone, and today at the table, I’ve never seen her so carefree with someone” 

Stiles’ heart thundered in his chest and he tried not to smile too dorkily.

“I haven’t been around much, I haven’t been around enough, especially not when she needed me.  So really, I should be thanking you Stiles” She said, and put a hand on his shoulder.  “Thank you for taking care of my baby girl”

Before he could reply, you came bounding down the stairs, a bag of clothes in your hand, and a smile on your face.  “I’m all set” You said.

Two more days.  It had been two more whole days.  Two days of living in Stiles’ home, alternating the couch and his bed- even though you ended up staying together no matter where you were.  Using excuses like ‘i came down for a drink of water but you seemed cold so i slept with you on the sofa’ or ‘i thought i left my phone in your room, so i came up to look for it but i’m too tired to walk down the stairs so i slept with you in the bed’.

Even though you knew damn well your phone was in your pocket the whole time.

But it was a Thursday afternoon, and you were studying on the couch in rolled up jeans and a tee shirt when rapid knocking hit the door.  You looked at Stiles, who was sitting in the chair next to you on his phone.

“It’s your turn to get it” You said.

“Ha, nice try.  I got it an hour ago for the mail man” Stiles snickered, and you groaned, throwing your head back.  More knocks hit the door.

“Coming!” You said, setting your textbook aside, and capping your highlighter as you trudged to the door.  You opened it with an irritated face, but it quickly turned to surprise when you found Kira and Lydia.

“Hi!” Kira said, pulling you in for a quick hug.  You dropped your hands behind your back, hiding the revealed bandages on your wrists.

“Uhm, hey, what’re you doing here?” You asked, careful not to let them see your arms.  Sure, you and the two girls were friends, but you didn’t want to scare them away with your ugly history.

“Dress shopping for prom, duh!” Lydia said.  “Ready to go?”

“Wh-what?” You stuttered.

“We thought you’d want to come dress shopping with us” Kira said.  “Is Stiles home? I have a message from Scott”

“I’m here” The boy walked up next to you, just slightly in front so that your wrists were well hidden.  “What’s up?”

“We were thinking y/n could come dress shopping with us” Lydia said.  “If she’s up for it?” You looked between her green eyes and Stiles.

“Like like just us?” You asked.

“Of course, Stiles can’t see your dress, just like Scott can’t see mine” Kira said with a bubbly smile.  “It’s like a wedding!” Her eyes lit up, and she clapped as she bounced on her feet.  “So whad’ya say? Will you come?” You couldn’t help but smile at Kira’s big hopeful eyes.

“Sure, why not” You said with a shrug.  “I’m just gonna go change first” You said, and quickly turned, holding your hands to your chest as you went up the stairs, again so your bandages wouldn’t be revealed.

You quickly went into the bathroom, deciding maybe you could just take them off.  So you went in and closed the door, locking it behind you for safe measures.  You were careful about taking the gauze off, cutting it slowly until it fell off.

No, you weren’t completely healed, and you knew you wouldn’t be any time soon.  But the redness was gone, and the swelling had stopped.  So using concealer to cover up the scabbed slits.

And when you finished, you inspected your handiwork, proud of yourself in a sick way for being able to make your cuts appear to have never existed.

But just for safe measures, you threw on a blue knitted sweater anyways before going downstairs.

“I’m ready” You grinned, slipping on converse at the door.

“Yay!” Kira squealed, jumping again as she waited for you to tie your shoes.

“I’ll go start the car” Lydia said, heading back to where her car was parked in the driveway.  When you stood and looked at Stiles, Kira skipped off after her strawberry blonde friend.

“See you later” You said with a smile, turning to go.

“You have your phone right?” Stiles asked before you could step out of the door.

“Yep” You responded.

“And it’s turned on?” He asked again, and you nearly giggled.

“Yes Stiles, I’m fine, I’m with Kira and Lydia” You shrugged.  Stiles rolled his eyes a little, putting his hands on his hips.

“Is that sass? Was that sass? You’re with Lyd for two seconds and now you’re sassing me.  They’re coming between us!” He exclaimed.  You rolled your eyes and put your hands on hi shoulder.

“Come here doof” You said, your arms wrapping around his neck in what was supposed to be a quick hug.  “I can take care of myself you know” You said.  “Just because I’ve got a bad track record doesn’t mean I’m not trying” Stiles hugged you a little tighter.

“I know” He said.  You smiled and pated his back.

“I gotta get going” You told him, and he hesitated on releasing you.

“Okay” He breathed, and you walked out the door, shooting him a quick smile as you climbed into the front seat of Lydia’s car. Kira sat in the middle back.

It had been nearly two hours, and you still hadn’t found a dress.  Kira had, a beautiful inky blue dress that hugged her waist and flowed down to her ankles.  It’s sweetheart neckline was a little glittery, but not too much.  It was just perfect for her.  But you and Lydia were still searching.  At least Lydia knew that she wanted something green, you on the other hand, had no idea what to look for.

“How about one that matches your eyes?” Kira asked, but you crinkled your nose and shook your head.  The pixie girl huffed, putting back the three she’d already found for you.

“Well let’s make this easy.  What’s Stiles’ favorite color?” Lydia asked, and you shrugged.

“I dunno.. all of them?” Lydia let out a little laugh.

“Alright, well then lets focus on styles of dresses” She said.

You learned more about fashion in the next half hour, than you learned about anything in your entire life.  Everyone was right, Lydia was a pro at this.  She knew exactly what she was doing.  From necklines to lengths, colors, patterns, shoes accessories, purses and makeup, the list went on.  But she would recite it like it was her religion.  And it may very well be.  But the best words you heard from her, were when she grinned at you eagerly, eyes sparkling as she said,

I found the perfect one”

And it very well was the perfect one.

Lydia had found a dress for herself with ease, a long deep green strapless one that pooled at her feet, but in her heels it didn’t touch the floor.  When you’d all purchased your dresses, (and by all Lydia paid for them, too excited to not help her friends out with cash that didn’t come so easy for them) you all agreed to have dinner at the food court of the mall.

You sat at a four person table, you and Kira with sub sandwiches and Lydia with her salad.. she only seemed to eat on the healthy side and you wondered how she managed it.  You talked about little things, cute little memories and the loads of work from school.  Until Lydia said something you knew was bound to come up.

“So.  You and Stiles are pretty close huh?” 

“Yeah I would say so” You said.  “I mean I’ve been staying at his house for a few days now” Lydia smiled.

“Well? Is there something there?” She asked again.

“Something where” You asked, picking at your nail in search of a distraction.

“Don’t play dumb silly, do you like him?” You immediately blushed at her question, making Lydia and Kira both bear grins.  “I knew it! OMG I’m so excited you’d be soo cute together” Lydia gushed.

“Right! All he does is talk about how much he likes her” Kira added, and your wide eyes shot to hers fast.

“Wha-what did you say?” You asked quietly, wondering if you heard her wrong.  It was quiet for a few moments.

“Oh shit I did it again didn’t I?” Kira cringed, and Lydia gnawed on her lip.  Stiles was going to kill them.

Your phone began to ring in your pocket, and you pulled yourself out of your frozen state of awe to answer it.  

“y/n, y/n are you still at the mall?” Speak of the devil.

“Yeah Stiles, why?” You asked.

“I’m here” He said.  Your brows furrowed and you cocked your head to the side, giving the girls a weir look. 


“Jerry’s making his plea at the station”

“The station why not-”

“If he pleads guilty, he’s going to prison straight away” Stiles said.  “I’m here to know if you want to be there-”

“I do” You cut him off this time.  “I’m getting my things I’ll be out the main entrance in a minute” You said, then hung up your phone.

“Everything alright?” Kira asked, eyes full of concern.

“I just need to go be with Stiles and his father at the station” You said, trying to make it sound like it was nothing.  “Thank you guys so much, I haven’t had this much fun in a while.  And thank you for buying me the dress it’s gorgeous, and thanks-” Lydia stood up and hugged you.

“Don’t mention it” She said.  “But I did put my number and snapchat and followed myself on Instagram on your phone, so you better be texting me and stuff” She added, making you smile.  “I did it for Kira too” 

“Thanks, I’ll see you tomorrow” You waved and said your goodbyes, then rushed out the large entrance of the mall.

Stiles’ baby blue beat up jeep sat right in the front, and you ran over to it, opening and closing the door fast as you got inside.

“You ready?” Stiles asked as you put on your seat belt, and you nodded.

“I guess I’m ready as I’ll ever be” You said.

The drive was a silent one.

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ok so i know the relationship between the reader+lydia+kira grew super fast but i feel like they would automatically make someone their friend yano? kira would totally be all over it and lydia would be there making sure they’re flawless and ye ok.  also i was wondering what y’all thought of the dress, I don’t usually prefer to use exact examples of outfits cuz everyone’s style is different and stuff but idk.  TWO PARTS TO GO! stay gold.
xoxo ~ Jordie