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GOT7 Japan Tour 2017

i’m not going *tear trickles down face with a fixed smile while looking into the distance out of my window while it’s raining (bc dramatuc lighting) so its an oscar winning performance* but hYPE. I hope they’re safe and healthy during tour and I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS

Boyfriend Kris

tao version: here!

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  • tol bf yifan is such a great cuddler
  • his big limbs just encase you and keep you warm, chin resting on your head
  • your nose is buried in his chest, inhaling his cologne
  • “Is this the one I got for your birthday?”
  • “Of course”
  • lightly runs his nails up and down your back when you can’t sleep
  • keeps little memento’s of dates, such as cinema tickets or the jewelry item that broke on your first date so u jokingly told him to keep it
  • and he did, in a shoe box, in his closet
  • it’s not something he talks about
  • you discover it while cleaning one day but know that he would only get embarrassed if you told him. so you were super romantic & horny all that day and while he didn’t know why, he wasn’t going to complain
  • cups your jaw in those big hands while kissing you
  • then ruins the moment by remembering something stupid and laughing into your mouth
  • “babe,” he says, pulling away to explain, “the funniest thing happened on set today - “
  • won’t text you much unless he’s gone for a while, on business/filming/recording/etc …
  • couple selca’s
  • he melts when you wear his big, oversized hoodies
  • lowkey matching couples items like phone cases or shoes
  • drags you to the gym with him, not bc he thinks u need to work out but so you can admire him while he does
  • “look how much I can lift, babe, babe - are you paying attention?”
  • although he’s big and tough he’s a child really
  • he’s not jealous or insecure
  • but he does like being the centre of your attention
  • esp if there’s other guys around
  • you can cuddle up to a girl all you want (even if you’re not only into boys) but don’t u dare touch a gross male. it’s not the possibility of u cheating that bothers him. it’s that he feels like you already have a man so why even breathe in the direction of another one??? like?? I’m right here?? breathe near me??
  • holds hands but his big one engulfs yours so it’s super cute
  • randomly pokes your nose
  • has a playlist on his phone of songs you recommended
  • your family adores him
  • he’s really easy to get along with and is so respectful. he keeps touching to a bare minimum, only holding your hand or something as equally innocent. if a family member tries to cause anarchy and brings up sex he’s such an angel like :) idk what that is :) never had it w your child :) nope :) never :)
  • knocks over everything, all the time, always
  • blames u tho
  • “yifan, you just knocking over all my books, how is that my fault?!”
  • “you distracted me!”
  • “I was just brushing my hair?!”
  • “in a distracting manner! also … don’t leave books around like that!”
  • children aren’t a thing that will happen soon. but he does think about it often, maybe more than you know
  • every time he sees a child he wonders what you two would be like as parents
  • then he hears the child cry and decides that the future is a good time to have em
  • not now
  • definitely not now
  • his family likes to bring the topic up though; “ooh, when will be able to call ourselves grandparents?”
  • “Uuuuh,, idk mom,, liek not soon?”
  • flicks you when he’s bored just to piss you off
  • fights can be explosive or you both suddenly realise your mad faces are hilarious and start giggling
  • there’s no in between
  • he’s very trustworthy and stable, with the only bumps being from fights. it may take a few days but all issues are sorted out maturely. once he’s in love, he really dedicates his time to you and thinks seriously about your future together. he’s busy now with his career but every job he takes brings him one step closer to providing for his future family, to making them proud and making you proud too

So a place less than hour away from my house caught fire. There’s so much smoke in the air you can barely see the damn roads in town. The moon’s freakin’ red because of the smoke and ash. Speaking of the ash, it’s falling from the sky. Little grey ash specks - like snow. Fun times.

My uncle’s stressing out and worried that we’ll have to pack up and book it in a matter of hours. We have severe wind forecasted for the next few days, and with several fires all around us, we just gotta pray the wind blows in a direction away from us.

Good news, looks like storm weather. We desperately need rain, but I’m worried about more lightning. That’s how this whole mess started.

We’re living in a dystopian novel. The end is nigh, much?

(My uncle strung up our garden hose to the roof. Because that’ll save the house.)

((Also a good friend of mine went off to fight some of the fires in another town last week, and even though I’m sure he’ll be fine, he’s Fighting A Fire. A Big Bad Wildfire.))

So, anyway. I’m really sorry I’m behind in answering asks and messages and generally the upkeep of this blog, but I’m pretty sure I’m living in the eve of an apocalypse. Sorry, all.

Because When It's Only Raining, It's Better To Surrender- Part 1


 Author: @dylan-trash-tbh 

Pairing: Stuart x Reader 


 A/N:SO HERE IT IS GUYS. This is the first part of my 1k special :)

Thank you soo much ❤️ I really appreciate every single one of you!

 A special thanks to my Piggie for helping me out and be my co-pilot for this. 💕🐷 @golddaggers

 Let me know what you think about it!


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watching sports as a fan; nervous as hell, if they dont win right now im suing they ass, someone; breathes near my fave players, me; ref card them, the result turns into the most important thing in life, gets ready to fight every bitch who says a bad thing about them

watching sports as a neutral; gets out the popcorn for the drama, laughs every time something dumb happens, makes memes, is here for all the spillage of tea

the madness of her poetry

this story - tossed like a grenade -
lands at
my feet
barking - like a dog -

fumes …
firestorms …

sits near me … by the window
where dreams
try to sneak into
this house dressed … like a zoo;

this is bowlegged Saturday … darkened by clouds
i read
her poems
as they drip of
blood and semen
escorted by demons
hell-bent on some radical
colonization and cultural irreverence

a story of rain & thunder
lies on this table in the form
of a poem, twisted into madness
asking to be read … a mental disorder …
leaping into a dance i can’t control anymore -

her and her poetry
my mental state - that’s all there is in this world

we are
a coalition
of madness leaking
from dark corridors we live in - behind the walls

… and the poems
keep clawing back
into the
daylight -

To the Four of Us (EPILOGUE)

Words: 2,569

Author’s note: It took me weeks (months?) to get this right. I got so attached to my TTFOU characters that I had to make sure they had the right sendoff. I ended up loving this story. I loved writing it, I loved reading your comments (don’t think for a second that I didn’t read EVERY SINGLE ONE of them. I did. And they ALL made me smile), and I love that you guys loved it so much. Seriously I can’t thank you all enough for letting me share this with you and for supporting me. I don’t wanna get long and sappy so I’ll leave it here. Also, I’m sorry for the wait, but I really hope you enjoy it now that it’s here!

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Now, without further adieu, the TTFOU epilogue!!

There’s comfort in familiarity. That was why when they turned onto the familiar street with the familiar lampposts and the familiar trees John literally squealed with delight despite the snow which fell softly onto the windshield.

Alexander raised an eyebrow at his husband. Normally in the presence of snow, John would be at least a little grumpy.

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Three is a Crowd~ Warren Worthington III x Fem!Reader

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Request:  “Come over here and make me.” And No one needs to know. For Warren Worthington III, and also based off of a HC I saw

Warnings: nothing it’s pretty much fluff

Pairing: Warren Worthington III x reader

Warren glared at Y/N from across the room. She was flirting with Alex. What did she even see in him anyways? He was the person she always went to in the middle of the night. The person who she crawled into bed with at 2am. But no. He had agreed to have an “open relationship” with Y/N. It hurt him when she would go into other people’s rooms at the end of the day. But he never showed it. No one needed to know how strong his feelings were for her. He was so caught up in his own thoughts that he didn’t even notice Y/N was standing right in front of him.

“Warren? Hello? You alive in there?” Y/N teased.

He grunted in return, his feathers ruffling with irritation. It bothered him that Y/N didn’t realize how much he cared about her. How much it bothered him to see her with anyone else but him. Suddenly, gentle fingers caressed his feathers making him shudder.

“Are you upset with me, Angel?” Y/N whispered, her lips brushing against his ear.

“I will be if you keep teasing me like that,” he growled.

“Oooo scary.”

“You should be scared, I am terrifying.”

Y/N  let out a small laugh under her breath causing Warren to feel like his heart was being squeezed. She was overwhelmingly beautiful. Sometimes whenever she walked into the room, Warren felt he was unable to breath. Their eyes met and he clenched his jaw. He couldn’t do this for much longer.

“Warren? Are you okay?”

“I have to go, I have something that I have to do,” Warren mumbled under his breath, while stalking out of the room. If she looked at him one more time, he would not be able to control himself.

Y/N stared after Warren. She hated when he would do this. Every time she spent time with him was the moments she treasured the most. It was hard to remember whose idea it was to have an open relationship but it had seemed like a good idea at the time. They just weren’t ready for a relationship yet but now. Now everything was different. Now she only wanted to have her fingers woven into his curly hair, only kiss his soft lips and feel his calloused hands on her. Alex walked up to stand beside her.

“Hey, I know you wanted to go to that new music store? Did you want to go now or would you want to go some other time?”

“Maybe some other time, Alex. But thank you.”

Y/N sat on her bed, staring at her lap. She needed to tell him right now. When she glanced at her bedside clock it was 3:00am but she didn’t care.

Warren stretched out his wings while he lay on the bed. It was always hard for him to go to sleep now a days. Every night had a new nightmare waiting for him and he always failed to wake himself up, forced to re-live every bad memory. That’s when he heard the door open and creak shut. His eyes fluttered shut as he let out a long sigh.  

“What do you want, Y/N?”

“Why are you talking to me like that? Why are you mad at me?”

Warren shoved himself off the bed and walked straight towards Y/N. His breath came out ragged and his jaw was clenched. Y/N’s mouth was in a straight line and her arms crossed. They glared at each other for what seemed like eternity.

“Warren, how am I supposed to fix it if I don’t know is wrong!? I don’t know what’s wrong! Why won’t you talk to me? Why do you keep avoiding me? Like I want to talk to you! I miss you and I miss talking to you and just being with you! But no you are being a giant baby and ignoring me. What is wrong with you?”

“Will you just shut up!?”

“How about you come over here and make me!?”

Warren strode over to where Y/N stood, only leaving an inch between them. His eyes searched hers’. All of the tension seeped out of him, and he rested his forehead against hers’.

“I want you, okay?”


“I want you! Just you! I don’t want anyone else! I hate seeing you off with those other guys when I only want you to kiss me, to sleep next to me, to have sex with, I want to be the only one! Can you not understand that? Can you not see how much I love you every time you talk to me or sit next to me or even breath near me? I can’t breath sometimes!”

Y/N stood there, eyes wide. Warren stared back, shoulders heaving and breathless. Y/N closed the distance between them, curling her fingers into his hair and kissing him hard. Warren let out a sigh and kissed her back. The kiss softened and in between kisses there was whispered words: “I love you”.

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okay so as anyone who breathes near me knows, i'm in love with your fic. i wanted to ask, you mentioned you'd planned a buzzfeed article in an early fic draft. did you ever write it? could we see it? speaking of buzzfeed, i keep thinking of the memes about these two (post-)canon. "top 10 nikiforov-katsuki rivalry moments that actually might have just been really really bad flirting"

I never wrote it but it might appear in the companion fic if it fits in well enough! And omg  “top 10 nikiforov-katsuki rivalry moments that actually might have just been really really bad flirting” would be so hilarious like, ‘that moment when Katsuki said something to Nikiforov on the Olympic podium that stunned him, was he insulting him or flirting with him - cast your votes now’

Sigma Chi Boy - Part 2 (fratboy!Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Part 2 of Sigma Chi Boy. You wake up the day after and find out that your drink had been spiked the night before. Grayson is more than upset.
Word Count: 2,276
Warnings: Mentions of drugs, but nothing serious.
A/N: You all loved part 1 so much, so I decided to keep going with a part 2! Your feedback means the world to me. Hope you like it :) ♡


Someone was whispering my name gently, the syllables rolling off their tongue smoothly. I felt my head pounding before I even opened my eyes and I furrowed my eyebrows, rolling over in the bed.

I heard a snort coming from whoever was rude enough to wake me and sighed tiredly, deciding that peeking one eye open wasn’t gonna hurt me too bad. But boy was I wrong; the lamp on my nightstand hurt my eyes but I refused to close them before I got a good look at the rude person.

Of course it was Grayson, who else would it be?

“What the hell is wrong with you, Dolan?” I murmured, voice awfully hoarse.

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And unlike any other night, the dark today felt different, like a color that had outgrown everything I had hid in its closet. Often, times like this filled dread inside my skin, like a storm making home inside my heart. But something about the air felt different. And I could sense a presence somewhere near the door I could never close, like a loosely held hope never let me latch the lock. My feet tingled with fear, if only I could run away from everything I had been trying to hold on.

And suddenly the air felt warmer like someone had sprinkled spring on my life long winter. All the fragments of my imagination had come to life, all those assumptions of resemblance that I used to paint over and over on page seemed to breathe somewhere near me, in the same air. And the next moment, my hand felt the embrace, a gesture of affection so deep I could hardly fit all the love in my words, the one I had been imagining since long, like somewhere deep down I had a whole different life written, with words that had been singing the lullaby of something that didn’t exist and I still urged the poems to let me stay in the make believe world. I blinked my eyes often enough to not let me be tear blinded when the time had finally arrived to live the moment I had been penning about.

I wanted to bathe in the silence of this situation and at the same moment I wanted to scream at God for being so selfish to take away what could have been my only hope for every next day. He should have known, I needed him here.