breathing in the snowflakes

Fake us - Dean Winchester x Reader

Title: Fake us

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader, Jensen Ackles x Reader

Word count: 3,232

Warnings: None

Prompt: Hii can u do one kinda like the french mistake but in reverse where J2 are sent to the spn world (dean and reader have feelings for each other but don’t know yet) and in the “real world” jensen is married to the readers actress and dean is jealous xo

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“What the… hell?” Jensen breathed out, moving around frantically.

“This- something’s not right” Jared frowned, looking around him “Wasn’t the scene supposed to finish at this?” he added.

Jensen nodded his head “Yeah but- forget that. Where the heck is everybody? And where did they take the cameras?”

“More importantly- what is… this?” Jared breathed out, pointing to the wall right in front of him. Ure he knew what it was but he knew it wasn’t supposed to be there. connected to another wall and then another and in the end forming a complete, closed room. And even worst than everybody being gone along with the cameras, this looked so realistic to the point it scared them.

Jensen laughed nervously to cover up for his discomfort “Bet Misha decided to play some really messed up joke on us”

“I am actually really hoping it’s that because if it’s not then-”

“No, no this is messed up. It is too messed up to even think about let alone-”

“Dean? Sam? Oh hey guys! Didn’t know you were here” you smiled at them as soon as you entered the bunker. You frowned for a second as you took a look at them. The way they were standing was different from normal.

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signs as winter things
  • aries: hot cocoa, red and green lights
  • taurus: animal prints in the snow, candycanes
  • gemini: fuzzy socks, telling kids santa is dead and so are their dreams
  • cancer: warming your hands by the fire, snow angels
  • leo: snowball fights, cute ornaments
  • virgo: mistletoe, cats with santa hats
  • libra: sugar cookies cooling on the rack, the smell of pine
  • scorpio: too much eggnog, christmas specials
  • sagittarius: peppermint mochas, seeing your breath in clouds
  • capricorn: catching snowflakes on your tongue, gingerbread men
  • aquarius: heavy blankets, hats with pompoms
  • pisces: reindeer wrapping paper, 2 hour delays

I don’t believe in god, but I believe in the desperation to be reminded that we are breathing. I believe in falling leaves fading to floating snowflakes, and the idea that the human race is interconnected in more ways than one. I believe in creatures of the stars, and that being truly alone is an impossibility.

I don’t believe that human nature is good or bad, but I believe that we are no longer natural humans. I believe that incidents are more than just coincidence, and that nothing can be taken for granted. I believe that music and literature can change everything about a person, and that freedom is a state of mind.

I don’t believe in politics, but I believe in the ability to change the perspectives of others based on seemingly habitual reasoning. I believe in self respect, acceptance, and an open mind that our society walked away from years ago.

“The A Team”

White lips, pale face Breathing in snowflakes Burnt lungs, sour taste Light’s gone, day’s end Struggling to pay rent Long nights, strange men

And they say She’s in the Class A Team Stuck in her daydream Been this way since eighteen But lately her face seems Slowly sinking, wasting Crumbling like pastries And they scream The worst things in life come free to us ‘Cause we’re just under the upper hand And go mad for a couple grams And she don’t want to go outside tonight And in a pipe she flies to the Motherland Or sells love to another man It’s too cold outside For angels to fly Angels to fly

Ripped gloves, raincoat Tried to swim and stay afloat Dry house, wet clothes Loose change, bank notes Weary-eyed, dry throat Call girl, no phone

- Ed Sheeran

“I’ve dipped my fingers inside my ribcage and pulled out my wet ashes with clawed fingers
They blew away in charcoal clumps the same way my hair clings stringy to my palm when it’s raining outside

The heater is full blast inside my car but rain is dripping slowly down my veins slinking in through my pores I think I see the water running under my skin and throbbing in my eardrums and underneath my tongue, it drips

I can’t remember what it was to inhale but I’ve dragged my body through constellations
My lungs fill with seaweed it slips inside my bloodstream, my head is thick with salt

My fingertips are blackened, my bruises are blue with cold while snowflake leaves tremble in clouds of my breath
My tongue is numb, I licked metal and now the snow is red with my lips, I sizzle like lava

I’ll sit here, teeth in a story of ashes, chilled to the core
there are too many choices trampled under salt water waves and I cannot move for fear that the snow and fire will grip me
I will crumble, soft as charcoal, under pressure.”

miel-de-la-reine  asked:

I love your descriptions so much so I'll ask another, if that's alright lovely? December? 🌹✨

That’s so nice of you. December was pale blushes, blues that made my eyes hurt, walking the streets in Cambridge, fairytale afternoons, telling tales of a German town by a limpid river, learning new dances, Ondaatje’s poetry, soft textures, reverent breathing in cathedrals, light snowflakes frosted on my eyelashes

raven boy aesthetics (+ blue)
  • gansey: huge fireplaces, tea that's gone cold, socks with stripes, the smell of old books
  • adam: kicking up dust on a dirt road, jigsaw puzzles, soda at the gas station, dirty white converse
  • ronan: the smoke after a firework, catching fireflies, holding your breath underwater, riding a bike with no hands
  • noah: paper snowflakes, foggy mornings, dipping your hands in ice water, braiding hair
  • blue: reorganizing your room, parallel parking, doodles on school desks, too much incense
Continuation w/the-king-of-fun


Yukianesa and Jack played with the children, also helping them with new ideas and other things with their imagination, being creative along having fun before the ice maiden decided to make her land rain in gentle snow with her snow breath as small soft white balls of snow alongside snowflakes appeared. The children were happy to see it as they try to touch the snow flakes.

Sat on the hood of his car, Ben just finished tuning his guitar before he thought for a moment. Starting a tune of a song that he’s recently heard on the station, Ben began to sing;
          “White lips, pale face
          Breathing in snowflakes
         Burnt lungs, sour taste
         Light’s gone, days end
        Struggling to pay rent
        Long nights, strange men—“

He only stopped when he heard someone approach, clearing his throat he looked over with a sheepish smile. “Hey.”

rosy red mid-autumn cheeks that are swollen from goodbyes and bitten from the cold
that are raw from desire and blushed from a wondrous yearning,
petaling from the mind’s eye like a fresh wound,
reaching for love as it gropes your soul and grazes your flushed skin
do you feel it?
do you feel it in your somersaulting bones and in the rush of your ever-beating heart?
listen to the way it falls against the silence like snowflakes,
the way it breathes a melody between your teeth,
caresses the notches in your spine,
sighs a quiet prayer on the inside of your cheeks,
settles on your unspoken tongue,
knots and unknots your pulsing veins,
watch it water your wilted past,
as gardens ripen beneath your skin,
let it grow, let it flower,
everything good is in the palms of your hands,
and we’re laying on your bedroom floor in the middle of the night,
imagining constellations on the ceiling,
merlot tongues tied together,
that leave us feeling melty and otherworldly,
i bruise your neck with my teeth,
and dreams whisper to us in the darkness as our hipbones collide,
i tell you that i’m falling
you say, darling?
i’m fallen
—  first love

Made the mistake of going on a gaming meme blog today. Whoo boy was that dumb.

It’s amazing how the gamer bros will in one breath mock women who play video games for thinking we’re “special snowflakes” who “demand attention” because of our uteruses or vaginas or what-have-you but then will turn around and make cracks about how once we “discover” gaming they “won’t have a sandwich for weeks,” or  the classic “I’m a gamer so girls don’t like me” schtick.

Guess what, assholes: women don’t like you because you’re a bunch of sexist asses. When you see women as people and treat us accordingly, then you might stand a fucking chance.

I need to go find some pictures of kittens or something now.

Favorite Childhood Memories
  • Slytherin: Catching fireflies with the neighborhood kids, crunching on leaves as they walk home from school, eating s'mores in the summer, swinging as high as possible on the swings, singing along to the radio in the car, playing in the sprinkler, watching/helping mom and dad repaint the basement, looking for billboards in the car, sitting with dad while he watched sports
  • Gryffindor: Making drawings on the windows with their breath, watching mom fix dinner while they sat on the counter, making snowflakes in the winter out of coffee filters, finding bugs in the garden, pretending the floor was lava, playing tag at recess, climbing trees (even the small ones), watergun fights, coloring outside the lines, blwing really big bubbles with bubblegum
  • Ravenclaw: Sitting on granparents' laps while being read to, blowing bubbles out their bedroom window, their dad teaching them how to rollerblade, waking up early on weekends to sneak snacks and watch cartoons, staying up at night under the covers playing with their toys, exploring neighbors' yards, building snowforts with friends, planting a garden with mom
  • Hufflepuff: Sitting on the back porch eating a popcisle as the juice dripped down their hand because they were watching the sunset, building snow people with siblings, riding bikes around the neighborhood with the other kids, looking for rocks in the creek, playing with pets, sneaking extra Halloween candy, going apple/pumpkin picking, school carnivals, temporary tattoos