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To Be Close To You [P. 2] (Newt Scamander x Reader)

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✩ prompt: p2 of this and a request i had to write an angsty story about newt still being in love with leta lestrange. also i strongly recommend listening to “portrait gallery” by luke howard and “sparks” by coldplay whilst reading and after if you’d really like to wallow in melancholy.

✩ word count: the number of eddie's freckles

✩ warnings: melancholy angst and mild fluff 

To Be Close To You [P. 2]

She really doesn’t know how long they’ve been like this. How long they’ve been close like this. How long they’ve felt close like this. 

But, right now, in this moment, she’s allowed herself to be in love. Allowed herself to want more than just a freckled smile, or the glint of his eyes, allowed herself to indulge in the warmth of his chest and the heat of his breath on her skin.

She’s allowed herself, in these dissolving seconds to pretend they’re in love. To pretend that his closeness is not fleeting, that his touch isn’t out of friendship and that the kiss he plants on her forehead isn’t meaningless.

It seems like he’s everywhere and nowhere all at once. Because there are layers between them, that aren’t just clothing. 

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Supercorp and nightmares

Lena woke up with a start. Something wasn’t right. The bed was shaking. Kara was screaming.

“Oh my god.” Lena said, watching Kara moving violently. “Kara…” She said gently, hesitant to touch her.

“Please- please don’t kill her-” Kara choked out. “Please I love her.”

Lena took a deep breath and extended her hand towards Kara. She gently touched her shoulder. “Kara,” She whispered, “Please wake up.”

Kara’s eyes snapped open, but she still wasn’t really awake. She flipped on top of Lena, pinning her arms above her head. Lena grunted from the weight of the woman above her and from the pain of Kara’s grip.

Kara’s breathing was labored. Her eyes were blazing. She took in her surroundings, immediately seeing Lena underneath her gasping for air.

“Oh fuck.” Kara said, loosening her grip and falling forward, wrapping her arms around Lena while sobbing earnestly. “I’m so sorry Lena- I-I thought they were going to kill you- I’m sorry I hurt you.”

“Oh Kara. Darling, it’s alright.” Lena said, rubbing her hands across Kara’s naked back soothingly. “You’re alright. I’m alright.”

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Head Canon #6

You have no idea how much I NEED a scene in a future Fantastic Beasts movie, in which Newt, Tina, Queenie, Jacob and Newtina’s little child are eating dinner one night and talking about wizarding schools. And the child suddenly looks towards Newt and innocently asks him, ‘daddy, is Hogwarts or Ilvermorny the better school?’ And for a split second Tina holds her breath, Jacob sighs like here we go. Newt and Queenie instinctively glare at each other, hands edging a bit closer to their wands and get into a heated discussion on why Hogwarts or ilvermorny is better. Tina is just trying to control the damage before anyone tries to jinx the other, by trying to butt in with ‘they’re both good schools!’, but Newt and Queenie ignore her and the kid just wide-eyed watches this debate going back and forth.

Dear Skam,

I am sure this has been said about a million times since the final scene from last night, but I am so incredibly impressed by how Skam has written Isak and Evan’s story line. I do not suffer from a mental illness, however since my father passed away when I was 10, I became the support system for my mom when she would suffer from crippling panic attacks due to the acute anxiety she suffers from. I am the one who she comes to at 2 or 3 in the morning when she can’t breathe and can barely speak. I am the one that counts with her and breathes with her. I have been doing this for years. However, my mom is not defined by these moments. Just as Skam didn’t define Even by his mania. What Skam did, and what many other tv shows and movies do not, is let us get to know Even before they showed him falling apart. We define him as the boy who likes to listen to Nas and Gabrielle. We define him as the boy who does weird things with paper towels to get his crushes attention and draws cute cartoons about parallel universes. We define him as someone who smiles with his whole face and never stops giving eskimo kisses. And we got to collect all these definitions through Isak’s eyes, which made it all that more special. For Isak, Even was bright and new. Always bathed in sunlight and the colors blue or maroon. Even the little moments where we could see a hint of something not being right, Isak still saw him as light. I loved this. It paints mental illness in such a powerful way. Especially for those of us who don’t suffer ourselves but have to watch those we love suffer without really knowing what to do. Even is not being defined by his mania, just as my mom can’t be defined by her anxiety. I will forever be thankful that I stumbled across this show. It has seriously changed my life. The acting, the cinematography, I do not think I will ever be able to find a show like this again. 

This love VI

‘Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have a baby? More details coming soon!“

'Taylor goes to the hospital with cramps and comes out with a baby? Find out more about Taylor Swift’s shocking reveal tonight.’

'CONFIRMED! Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris welcome first child together!’

"Well the cat’s out of the bag now.” Taylor breathed out, setting her phone down on the coffee table as she sat on Adam’s lap. He kissed her lips, smiling a little.

“It’ll be fine, alright?” She nodded her head, leaning against him.

“We need diapers.” Taylor broke the silence and Adam laughed lightly, pecking her forehead. “We’re running out.”

“I’ll go and get it. Do we need anything else?” He questioned. Things had become normal now. It was stable, as much as possible. It felt like a family life most of the time despite the abnormality of the circumstances and Taylor tried to ignore the fact that it wasn’t going to be like this forever because eventually Adam would have to go back to LA and she would have to make the decision of where to live. Although it felt like the future she once envisioned with Adam, she knew it wasn’t real because they hadn’t labeled what they had, they weren’t together and things seemed too complicated at the time to even think about it.

“No, we’re good.” Taylor smiled, standing up.

“Alright then.” He kissed her lips and moved past her. “See you soon! Love you!” He yelled out just as he opened the door and she froze, registering what he said while he did the same thing with door shut behind him as he made his way to the car.

Did he just say he loves her? Everything stopped in her mind for a few seconds before she heard Danny. She walked to his crib, sighing softly.

“Hi, my love. Come here…” she smiled, taking him in her arms. “Your daddy is driving me crazy, Danny.” She sighed, sitting down on the rocking chair that Adam had gotten on his first trip to the store to get things for the baby. “It’s complicated, huh? It shouldn’t be like this, baby. But mommy and daddy love you lots, sweetie. We always will, no matter what.”

“Was this what you imagined?” Adam asked, looking down at Danny who was wide awake in his arms. Taylor looked away from the tv to look at them and furrowed her brows.

“What do you mean?”

“When you imagined our future back when we were together, was this it?” He clarified his question and Taylor rubbed Danny’s cheek with her finger, a soft smile on her lips.

“In a way.” She nodded. “Not the circumstances, but you, me, our son, I pictured that. All of it. But the feeling is better than I imagined.” She told him. She had envisioned a future with Adam back then and if she was honest thinking about the fact that she had it right there if only she let go of all those doubts and fears, made her happy because she had one bit of that perfect future.

“I wish I hadn’t screwed up.” Adam said sincerely. “Things would be different. We would be different and this situation,” he looked down at Danny. “would be completely different.”

“Well there’s no point of thinking what if, what matters is that we’re good. Not the best we can be but we’re good.” She smiled, kissing his cheek. Her eyes go back to the tv and she thinks of how normal this sight must be. How much of family that they looked like, which they were. No matter what happened they would be family forever.

Adam watched her for a few moments as her eyes went back to the Friends’ episode, he watched her giggle softly, her beautiful smile that he had missed so much. He thought of how gorgeous she was to him and how much the woman in front of him mattered to him. He would do absolutely anything for her and he wanted her to know that.

“Babe?” He called out and she hummed, not looking away from the TV. “Look at me.”

“What is it?” She smiled that beautiful smile of hers.

“I love you.”

She stopped breathing for a second before her face broke out into a huge grin and all of Adam’s worries faded away the moment she placed her lips on his, only pulling away to whisper to him. “I love you.” He laughed, happiness cursing through his body.

“Did you hear that, Dan? Mommy and daddy love each other.” Adam said to the baby who looked at him, tapping Adam’s face with his little hands making him laugh.

“Mommy and daddy love each other and they love you so much.” Taylor spoke, kissing Danny’s cheek.


“Yeah?” Taylor hummed, sighing softly as she turned on her side to face him, just about to roll her eyes as this happened constantly.

“Look at him.” Adam chuckled, looking down at Danny on his chest sleeping with him bum up and his face on his hands.

“Oh my god…” Taylor giggled, grabbing her phone to take a picture. “He’s so cute!”

“We make adorable children!” Adam winked, smirking.

“We do.” She mumbled, grinning as she watched Danny sleep. “Maybe you should go put him in the crib, he’ll probably wake in an hour or so to eat.” She suggested.

“You’re right.” Adam stood up in a gentle way. He didn’t want to wake Danny, getting him to fall asleep had been difficult, it was only when Taylor picked him up that he calmed down. He was a mommy’s boy, you could tell and Taylor would lie if she said she didn’t love it.

Adam went back to bed, pulling Taylor towards him, she smiled, snuggling closer to him. She lifted her head up at him, noticing he looked pensive. Taylor leaned up to press a kiss to his chin.

“What’s up?” She questioned, knowing something was off.

“We need to talk, babe.” He told her softly.

“About what?” She gulped, worried. He rubbed her back, sighing.

“I have to go back to LA.”

She stopped, closing her eyes. She had tried to ignore that talk for a while but it seemed that now it would be impossible.

“When?” She murmured.

“A few days. They called me just before dinner. I have get back in the studio and play Vegas. It’s been a whole month of cancelling gigs, they say either I go or it’s over.” He explained and she felt tears pricking her eyes and she held them back. “Love, say something.” He said and she sat up, making him miss her presence in his arms. She looked at him, sighing.

“I…you have to go. It’s not like you have a choice so we’ll have to make this work.” Taylor nodded, trying to convince herself it was going to be fine. Adam frowned, reaching for her hand.

“It’s not forever, Tay. I’ll be back as soon as I can. And we’ll be fine until we figure everything out. I promise.”

“I know. It’s just. You’ve been here for this whole month and I’m just scared I won’t be able to handle it by myself.” She confessed, sighing.

Adam but his lip, looking at his hand for second as he got nervous about suggestion he was about to make. “What if…what if you came with me?” She stopped for a second, actually considering it. She glanced at the crib and then back at Adam. “I mean I could send someone to get a crib and set it up in your house in LA and that way you’ll be close to me.” He gulped as she stayed a little too silent for his liking. “It’s just a thought. I…forget it…I shouldn’t have said that.” He cleared his throats and she placed a hand on his cheek.

“Babe, I’m just worried. I want to be with you. We’ve talked about this, you know I want to be close by.” She nodded, biting her lip. “But for now, I think I should stay here. Until he’s a little bigger at least.” Adam tried to hide his disappointment, failing miserably and Taylor pulled him in, holding him against her. He sighed softly, wrapping her up in his arms. “I’m just scared.”

“We’ll figure it out. We can do this.” Adam promised, pulling away so he was looking into her eyes.

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Supercorp + flying

Kara put her arms around Lena. “Now put your arms around me.” She whispered into Lena’s ear. Lena took a shaky breath and wrapped her arms around Kara. As much as she tried hiding it, Kara could feel Lena’s shaking and elevated heart beat.

“Are you scared of flying?” Kara asked quietly, looking into Lena’s eyes.

Lena took a deep breath. “No…”

“No?” Kara brought her hand up to Lena’s jaw. She watched with wonder as the woman leaned into her touch. “It doesn’t look like you’re afraid of me either…” Kara began floating a bit, with Lena held closely.

“Why are you shaking, Lena.” Kara breathed out, watching Lena’s eyes dip downwards to look at Kara’s mouth.

Lena’s eyebrows furrowed slightly. “I don’t-” She looked back up into Kara’s eyes. Kara held her breath when Lena leaned in and rested her head on Kara’s shoulder, lips on her pulse. Kara felt Lena’s lips quirk up when she felt Kara’s pulse begin to quicken. 

“Take me home.” She whispered into Kara’s ear. “Take me home…” She rested her lips on Kara’s neck again. Kara tightened her grip when she felt Lena begin to pepper kisses on her neck. 

Kara closed her eyes and flew them home.

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Omega!Character A has very strict parents that never let them leave the house without supervision. Eventually they get tired of this. One night while A is in heat and very frustrated at being kept inside, they sneak out and head to a bar/party. There they meet Alpha!Character B, who is immediately attracted to their smell and asks A why they’re out in such a vulnerable condition. B finds out that A doesn’t know much about the way things work and decides to show A how it’s done. *wink*

Sparrow let out a huff, obviously not noticing odd stares that Alphas were giving her as she downed another shot. “Dumbass parents…” She grumbled under her breath, shaking her head.

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Friend I would like to request Quiet me Gajevy (maybe like Levy calming Gajeel down from his memories?)

This should be fun!

The Christmas lights strung across the bedroom lit the dark like a night light, bathing the sleeping pair in a warm glow. There was a soft growl beside her. Levy’s eye opened at the sound. It wasn’t very loud, but still it was enough to pull her from sleep. She lay there under the black blankets, her eyes heavy again.

Another, more forceful growl rumbled through his chest as he slept. Levy turned over to face Gajeel. He stirred, turning his head to the other side, though he remained asleep. His bare chest was uncovered; he had kicked his half almost completely off.

She watched his chest rise and fall with his breathing. Her eyes lingered on the relaxed muscles of his abdomen. Abruptly, Gajeel turned his head towards her with another growl. Lines were seen at the corners of his eyes as he kept them shut and scrunched.

He was having a bad dream. She swallowed.

More often than not, she was apprehensive when it came to his less than desirable moods. Even more so when he was unconscious. And especially given that she was still not due for another month.

Gingerly, she touched his bicep and said, “Gajeel, wake up.”

He stirred again, and she put more force into her touch. Her other hand rested on her belly and she closed her eyes when the sandpaper feel grazed them. “Gajeel, you’re dreaming.” She said loudly.

She was suddenly jerked backwards with a sharp yank. Her lungs sucked in a gasp and she squeezed her eyes shut when her head hit the space between their pillows. Instinctively, she held her belly with her free hand. She laid brown eyes on her husband, still squeezing her tiny wrist with his large fist.

“Gajeel!” She cried in fear. He was half way up, leaning towards her.

His eyes were open, but it was very clear that he was not seeing what was in front of him. Mouth open, teeth bared, and brow furrowed, Gajeel looked as if he were about to kill.

She squirmed. “Gajeel, please!”

At his name, he blinked.

His eyes moved and roamed over his wife. His sluggish mind was already working to make sense of the situation. Glancing to his hand on hers, his fist broke open, letting go of her wrist. Red eyes wide, Gajeel pushed himself to his knees.

“Levy? Shit! Shit, what did I do!?” He snapped.

Slowly bringing herself to a sitting position on the mattress, she rubbed her whole arm as it tingled. “You were dreaming. It woke me, is all. I tried to wake you up so-”

“You know you can’t do that!” He shouted, not caring that he was interrupting her. He placed his hands on his head, letting his fingers rake through them as he sat and looked at her. “I could have hurt you! You and the baby!”

“You didn’t though. We’re both fine.” Levy insisted. She reached for him, but he flinched.

He sat back on his ass, unfolding his legs to stretch out on the bed before him. Taking a deep breath, he let it out in a rough rush. With his head bowed, he took another breath and held it as he tried to calm himself. The image of him doing physical damage to her stung him over and over. It wouldn’t have been the first time.

In his train of thought, he began to shake. He had hurt her before they had been married. She easily forgave him then, said it was because she loved him with her whole being. How could she love a man who couldn’t control himself? How weak that made him out to be, that his wife had to be stronger than what she was to be with him-

He felt warm fingers touch his side and slide up to his chest. Behind him, Levy had moved to lean on his back and wrap her arms around him. Her lips briefly pressed across his back. He reached to his chest and enclosed one of hers.

“Why do you put up with me?” His voice was quiet, ashamed.

“Because I love you. And I don’t ‘put up with’ you, honey.”

He snorted and kept his head bowed. “Really? You could do a lot better than my sorry ass.”

She pulled her lips from his skin, leaving a cold area. “If I wanted to leave you, I would have a lot time ago.”

Missing her lips on him, Gajeel reached around for her. He wrapped his arm around her and gently brought her to sit in his lap. Cradling her in his thick arms, he watched her as she pushed her head against his chest. Sighing, she smiled. “I love this. That even though you could break me, you don’t.”

He narrowed his eyes, his voice flat. “You love that I’m dangerous.”

“No,” she giggled. “Not dangerous. But aware of your strength in comparison to mine. We balance one another very well.”

Knowing she couldn’t see his face, Gajeel fought the smile that crept in, threatening to twist his lips at the corners. He laid his cheek on hers. His heart rate was back to normal now, and his breathing was easy. Able to catch his breath without force.

He laid his palm on her stomach. The warmth caused a gentle kick from within. Levy smiled again. She placed her hand on top of his.

Gajeel was overcome with the love he felt from the both of them. Sniffling once, he let out a sound similar to a chuckle. It was quiet, like he knew Levy was right but didn’t want to say it. And she usually was.

He moved his head to kiss her blue hair. “Yea, we do.”

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Title: i have done this before (not like this) (6/?)
Writer: alyciatheist

“The truth was, Lexa wanted to kiss her. Kiss her until she didn’t know which breath was her’s and which was Clarke’s. Kiss her until the aching feeling inside of her was gone. She couldn’t. She had done this before, just not like this.”

Lexa, daughter of the founder of one of the biggest banks America has ever known, who’s genuinely loved by practically everyone, meets Clarke, art hoé, very cocky when drunk and a bit of a lost soul.

It’s a cliché high school story, it sure is.

But, maybe not so much.


chapter fourteen; when cayden goes into surgery

“We’re losing him,” was all she said, though she spoke the words under her breath. Cayden’s heart rate slowed dramatically, and Thea felt her stomach drop. “Shit.”

“BP is still dropping,” Liam said, “We need an IV to stabilize him.”

Thea’s hand grew shaky again.

The monitor continued to beep loudly.

Cayden’s heart slowed to a nearly nonexistent beat.

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Maggie isn't having the best day. It's so bad that when she gets home from work she goes radio silent and turns her phone off and goes straight to bed. Laying there just feeling awful. Alex is worried and goes to check on her, Maggie didn't even lock her door. Alex makes her way to bedroom and sees Maggie. She hears sniffles and notices Maggie's body shaking in the dark room. "Oh honey" Alex takes her shoes and jacket off and crawls into bed with her, wraps her arms around her. "Just breathe."

hurt/comfort a known kink of mine

Alpha+Omega || Carey+Olivia

Olivia hurried down the sidewalk, breathing heavily through her nose, still dressed in the tight white tshirt clinging to her and her camouflage Amy fatigue pants and boots.
She’d tried to fight it, but she couldn’t handle it anymore. The scent of her heat was so strong that she could her the men around her positively growled, finding any excuse to touch her, to get close to her. Any stronger and they’d lose control and she wasn’t having that.
Today the smell had been much stronger and so was her desperation. She needed it as much as they wanted it. But she left. She wasn’t going to have it. She needed someone to claim her, to break her knot, she knew that. It was too strong this time not to be just that.
She didn’t want any of those men claiming her, she didn’t want to carry their child.
But God, if she didn’t get something…
She ducked into the public library thinking surely not many people would be there early as it was. She hurried inside, rushing to the back, trying to find somewhere to just hide.


Cordelia sat next to Lucas on the bench, but he didn’t say anything. At this point the loudest sound was a tie between Cordelia catching her breath and the waterfall in front of them. Lucas turned to look at her and took in a deep breath.

“So, I was thinking about things and, well, Cordelia, you’re amazing. I really like you, and,” Lucas took a pause and looked down at his fidgeting fingers.

Cordelia’s heart dropped. The worst was going through her mind. She’d been here before. This was how it usually went. “You’re really cool but you’re not what I’m looking for” or “You’re sweet and pretty but I think we should take a break.” She was mentally prepping herself for disappointment. Of course the first decent guy she met online was going to end it with her.

there are three series in this world i know shit fuck about despite seeing it constantly 

Final Fantasy - sometimes they have swords??? Sometimes they’re driving. There’s an anime and i think there are movies but they all sorta look like they’re movies anyways….was there ever a final fantasy 1 

Metal Gear - i swear there’s a cyborg ninja that exists but i haven’t seen him lately so it’s been this dog with an eyepatch?? and a gruff man and some boxes and another older, gruffer man. That woman in the bikini breathes through her flesh

JoJo - i actually watched this and im still confused. that dog looks like david bowie 

girlwhowearsglasses: Doc! Did you see the picture of Rupert playing Candy Crush? Red and I have been distracted by thoughts of big, warm, Lestrade hands. Is that enough of a prompt? (Also, he’s wearing glasses.)

She loved it when he wore his glasses. She loved his grey hair, his glasses, his dear little paunch, the veins standing prominent on the backs of his hands; loved each marker of years well spent, of experience, of his vital existence on this earth.

“Oh hello, love,” he said, setting aside the tablet and standing to kiss her cheek. He always stood for her. It was ridiculous. She adored it.

They murmured inanities to each other. Their days had been fine. The tube was okay. There was no work tonight.

His large hand, his warm hand, on her nape, massaging lightly; the other resting on the small of her back. Her breath on his throat. In these small things, they built their home.

Into The Deep End - Chapter 20

Popping one of T.K.’s breath mints into her mouth, Sasha wiped her sweaty palms down the front of her dressing gown. Joe was supposed to be at her place in fifteen minutes and she was nervous. They’d made the arrangement the day before – the kids would be at school, he’d have finished his physical therapy for the day and both of them would have time to kill. She’d never exactly scheduled sex before, and he was showing up at her apartment at one thirty for that very reason. It was kind of booty call-ish, but in a strangely hot way, she thought. Their relationship was new and they both liked the pace at which it was going, but there was no harm in spicing it up. 

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an hour more

ooooooo i got an idea for this one. ending of 4x06. bus kids DUH

maybe even though Daisy ran after Mack and now she knows how it feels to run after someone who she cares about and doesn’t want to be caught, she’s gonna leave anyway.

maybe she’s packing her things from the Zephr, taking a long time though she only really needs to pack her backpack and she doesn’t have a lot of material things anyway.

maybe Fitz and Jemma, standing so close that they seem to mold into each other, watch her and don’t know what to say.

Daisy slings the backpack over her shoulder and as she whisks around she catches sight of them, freezing with her breath hitching in her throat.

“I’m- I’m glad you’re okay. Both of you.” She manages to say.

(She wishes she could say more.)

“Thanks.” Fitz says, nodding solemnly.

(He wishes he could say more.)

“You leaving?” Jemma says, unable to hide the way her voice cracks. Unable to hide that she just got her best friend back but another one is leaving.

(She wishes she could say more.)

Daisy shrugs, looks at the floor unable to meet their eyes, and she walks briskly away. 

None of them say anything.

(This is what Daisy wishes she could’ve said:

I’m sorry. I understand that you don’t understand, but I need to do this. I need to save all of you the pain and hurt that I bring with me. I know I’m hurting you now, but I’m doing the best I can, and I am so so sorry.)

(This is what Fitz wishes he could’ve said:

I’m sorry that you feel like you need to go through this alone. But you’re not. We’re here. We can get through this together if you just let us in. I shouldn’t have been so hard on you earlier with Mack, but I just don’t want you to be in pain, and I am so so sorry.)

(This is what Jemma wishes she could’ve said:

I’m sorry that I wasn’t always there for you, but I’ve learned. I wish you could stay an hour more– a day more– years more, but I know you have to figure it out on your own. We can’t force you to stay, but we can welcome you back. I wish that I could bear some of your pain so that you wouldn’t have to, but I can’t, and I am so so sorry. )

But they don’t say anything at all.


She slammed the door forcefully. She was acting immature, but who cared? Certainly not her. She wiped the tears that spilled from her eyes. She needed to talk to someone. Dialing, the only number she could, she held the phone to her face. “Hello?”

“Daddy!” She sniffled, unable to hold back her tears.

“Faye.” Her father’s voice on the other end was impatient. “You know my hours. I’m on set now.” Oh right, for that other cooking show.

She tried to steady her breathing. “I know that you’re working today. I just-” She stopped, trying not to show any weakness to her father, but failing. “You should be on break now, right? I double checked the time.”

“That’s besides the point, honey,” He answered. “I don’t need to be taken out of work mode with any distractions.”

Pulling the phone from her face, she let out a small whimper. She understood. Work came first. That’s why Chloe was sent home. No distractions. “Faye?”

Hearing his voice, she brought the phone back up to her face. “Yes daddy?”

“Call your mother. She’s probably not busy right now.”