breathing her in

Clexa shippers talk about and love Costia. We write stories and headcanons about Costia and Lexa and what they meant to each other. Blarke shippers basically pretend Gina never existed. They never really talk about how important Gina was to Bellamy after Mount Weather and how she brought him peace and comfort. How she knew about how his mom read him stories from the Iliad and gave him the book. How with her dying breath she helped save Raven and Sinclair.

Furthermore, most Clexa shippers don’t hate on Niylah even though she slept with Clarke. Most of us actually love Niylah! We love her because she was caring and kind to Clarke and she is just an amazing character. We see the importance Niylah played in Clarke’s life over those 3 months and being a friend to her and provided her comfort. She was person that reminded Clarke of her humanity. All I see coming from Blarkers is that both Niylah and Lexa were manipulative people that were basically just ‘bed warmers’ for Bellamy and Blarke.

Bellamy, Gina, Clarke, Lexa, etc. deserve better than Blarkers.

we visited in the summer, but she doesn’t like the warm so we stayed inside in her room. i was laying in her bed while she was sleeping. the tv was playing a movie i didn’t pay attention to. i couldn’t pay attention to it. it was dark in her room but very warm and her breath was peaceful and gentle. i felt right there like i could melt into the soft blankets and melt into the shadows that the tv cast and just melt into her and i wanted to. it felt like the room was a hug and when i looked around everything felt like home. she was so calm. she was so, so calm.

My mom was battling cancer however doctors said she had a very high survival rate. She just went back to work. I didn’t get to talk to her on Thursday and that night she called 911 complaining that she couldn’t breathe. They tried bringing her back but her heart wouldn’t beat on its own. I wish I could’ve called her instead of texting her but I was so busy at work. I regret it because I usually talked to her every day.

8 Days Left to Chicon

This is the fifth in a silly, smutty little series of drabbles written for my @oriona75 as we count down to Chicon. It’s a single!Jared and single!Ori au and is totally just for fun.

12 Days    11 Days   10 Days 9 Days

Ori walks across the room, feeling like every eye is on her, even though she knows no one is watching. She is shaking as she steps up to the door, wondering what the hell she’s doing even as the convention volunteers nod her through.

Into a small, dark supply closet.


And then Jared is there. Jared Fucking Padalecki, warm and huge and almost but not quite touching her, breath sweet and hot over Ori’s face.

“That dress. I can’t stop thinking about…can I just…” He leans in, eyes drifting closed, and Ori stops thinking, stops panicking. Instinct takes over, and it’s just easy to lean up, to meet his lips and sink into the kiss. His hands find the side of her face, fingers almost wrapping around her entire head as he cradles her, holds her there while he drinks her in. It’s intoxicating, heart in her throat and every inch of her buzzing with just the idea of Jared, let alone the taste of him. “I’m sorry,” he says, pulling away for breath. “I didn’t mean to be pushy, just…”

Ori stops him by deciding she’s going to take full advantage of this situation. Her fingers curl into his hair, thick and soft as it twists around her hand, and she pulls him down into another kiss, wetter and dirtier than the first as their tongues slide together. He presses into her, hands splaying across her back, grins against her lips when she arches her back and lifts one of her feet.

They kiss for what feels like hours, but it’s over much too soon when he leans back, lips red and swollen.

“I have to go,” he says.

Ori pouts, and a devilish, sexy as hell look crosses his face. Slowly, he smirks and pulls a plastic card from his pocket. A hotel room key. Ori holds her breath as he slides it between her breasts, into her bra.

“Meet me later, if you want. That’s for my room.” It’s clear from his tone that it’s an invitation, one that Ori is free to turn down if she wants.

She doesn’t want to.

asktaosmeargles  asked:

A little pink pup skips over to the Leafeon. The word 'Miss' escapes her breath repeatedly with every leap she makes until she finally stops by her side, nearly tripping in the process. "Miss! Ya said ya water all th' fwowers?! But this pwace so big! How do ya do it on your own?! Magic?! Say!!"

So in a way, I guess it is magic~


Cinderella found herself a room, an empty classroom the excitement was contagious truthfully but after dodging and hurrying around she jumped at the chance to find a quick sanctuary to catch her breath, she sat down at one of the many empty chairs and pulled out her journal beginning her entry with her pen when the door opened startling her she closed her journal, “I-Im I not supposed to be in here?” 

“So your sister in law Missy… That name is familiar…” Penny says thinking, wondering why the mention of the name Missy and her being Sheldon’s sister make her tummy hurt.

“It’s the girl you saw Leonard kissing,” Bernadette reminds her.

“Oh yeah,” Penny says then mutters under her breath. “That skank.”

“Excuse me?” Amy says offended.

“Don’t mind her Amy. Penny still has a thing for Leonard,” Bernadette tells Amy.

“That is contrary to everything I know to be true,” Amy says. “You broke Leonard’s heart then tap danced on the pieces,” Amy says and now Penny is offended.

“I did not tap dance on anything. I let Leonard down very gently,” Penny protests.

“Then why did Sheldon call me and make me go console him. As Leonard cried hysterically and sang a sad song on repeat,” Amy tells her looking over her glasses at her.

“Oh jeez that bad?” Penny moans.

“It was pretty bad. Though he has a new lady friend now so he seems to be getting better,” Amy says.

“A new lady friend? He has a girlfriend. That’s cool,” Penny sniffs.

“Not a girlfriend persay. Her name is Leslie, she invites herself over under the false pretense of studying. Then they make out, but when he asks her out on a date she balks. Leonard asked me if this is normal behavior. Honestly I haven’t a clue, Sheldon and I always put studying first. Is that normal?” Amy asks.

“Yes, I used to do it all the time in high school. It’s why I started tutoring Joey Holt. He was so dumb but so hot!” Bernadette tells her fanning her face.

“Sounds kind of slutty if you ask me,” Penny scoffs.

“Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle slutty?” Bernadette teases.

“Not of you! Of this Leslie girl. It’s wrong to lead Leonard on like that. If she likes him then she should be with him. Right now she is just using him,” Penny says blowing her blonde hair out of her eyes.

“Sounds like you want to be the one using Leonard,” Bernadette says playfully elbowing her.

“No!” Penny protests. “Well maybe… I don’t know! Shut up!” She says slapping Bernadette’s arm away.

“If you like Leonard and Leonard most certainly likes you back. Then why not just be with Leonard?” Amy asks perplexed. “Why date a man you don’t even like and be jealous of every girl Leonard encounters?”

“It’s complicated,” Penny says throwing Amy’s words back at her.

Bernadette looks between her two friends. What was meant to be a fun night just talking about boys was turning heavy. Bernadette knows she has to turn their frowns upside down. So she grabs the bottle of tequila on the bed and holds it out.

“How about we turn those frowns upside down with a little game?” She says wiggling her eyebrows.

To be continued… 9/1/16

Retail Sneak Peek/Drabble Request

98. “Hold me back!’ - 3 anons and @namay 

Originally posted by skylerlockerbie

As Bucky witnessed his boss fling herself into the restroom he also watched as Maria sadly shuffled onto the floor out front to greet the dreaded four and a half lady. Frantically, he didn’t know whether to hang around towards the back or follow the poor old lady out front. He chose the latter, tailing Maria quietly to see just how scary the small footed lady was that made his boss jump a mile into the toilet. “Hello, how are you doing?” Maria greeted with a forced smile on her face, muttering under her breath to Bucky, but he couldn’t hear a single word she breathed out.

“Uh huh,” the lady acknowledged as she looked among the shelves of shoes. “Do you have these in a four and a half?” she held up a taupe colored strappy sandal to Maria.

“I’ll check,” Maria replied, turning her back towards the floor as she moved back into the shelves. “This woman never buys and she always asks us to pull out a million different shoes.”

“Do you even have anything in a four and a half?” Bucky leaned against the wall as he stared at the small woman looking into the shelves.

“Nope,” she answered, walking back out to where the lady stood. She let out a heavy sigh as soon as she saw her, a sigh that only Bucky heard as he followed her again. In the customer’s arms were about eight shoes, waiting to ask poor Maria for more sizes. “No, smallest is a seven.”

“Well, let me try it on, just so I can get the feel of it.”

“Oh my God,” a quiet voice sounded behind Bucky, making him jump slightly in reaction. He turned to see (Y/N) standing behind him with her arms crossed. “Why am I not surprised?”

“How was your escape to the restroom?” Bucky joked, chuckling at her reaction towards the customer as he observed Maria getting more agitated by the second.

“How kind of you to ask, Bucky,” you laughed.

“Do you have any of these in a four and a half?”

“I’ll check,” Maria said robotically. Before she could turn around, a small smile shined on her face as she greeted the FedEx delivery brightly. “Steven, good morning!”

The tall, blonde haired man, parking his shipment cart right outside the store window before walking in with a smile on his face. “Hello, ladies. How many do we have today?”

“Just ten, not that bad,” (Y/N) replied in a high pitched voice as she gestured towards the pile of bagged shoes, making Bucky crinkle his eyebrows in curiosity at her reaction towards the FedEx guy.

“New guy?” the man by the name of Steven questioned (Y/N) with a nod.

“Yeah, Bucky meet Steve. Steve, Bucky,” she introduced them to each other as Maria squeezed past them to the back to grab the customer her shoes.

Before Bucky or Steve could utter a word in greeting to each other, the lady sitting on the couch annoyingly complained. “Are you the manager? Because what you’re doing is very rude and you can expect me to never come back here again,” she said as she threw her purse over her shoulder and stormed out of the store.

(Y/N) scoffed as soon as she left, yelling at Maria to stop looking. “I was about to ask you boys to hold me back because I was going to rip that bitch apart,” she joked, whispering out a quiet “shit” as she realized that she had cursed.

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i have this routine
it’s 2am and i open my window
i light a cigarette and listen
to my heartbeat

i open my eyes
i open them and look at the sky
i compare her to the stars
they’re both so similar

i play that song
the one that reminds me
of her lips
her breath
her touch
her smell

i close the window
i close my eyes
i close my mind
i close my heart
until tomorrow at 2am

—  k.f

Well, here we go. I had this idea floating around, and I’m rolling with it. It’s a reader-insert, of sorts, but a chapter imagine, so the reader has a name and a personality and history that’s probably very much unlike your own. (Also, any language translations were courtesy of Google. I don’t speak languages other than English and American Sign..)

Pairing: Barba/Reader Insert (Female)
Rating/Warnings: NSFW in later chapters. Sexual assault, abuse, rape - as is related to SVU Canon and beyond in later chapters.
Summary: When a NYC transplant from the Midwest meets Rafael Barba, her world is turned upside down in ways that make her heart beat fast, her breathing grow shallow, and her senses to be alert to every new development. Once everything changes in a moment of tragedy, she struggles to find her footing with the help of her new beau. 


For the first time in recent memory, you couldn’t understand why you were trying so hard to make something of yourself. As a first generation college graduate, that one achievement could have easily been enough. Your mom cried when you received your degree, your dad hugged you and told you just how proud he was of his baby girl, and your older sister and her two kids, well, they radiated so much joy that you couldn’t help but smile with each glance at them.

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You are my home - pt.3 ‘A Spark Rises’

Claire confronts Bree over her plans to return to the future.

Claire paused outside Bree’s bedroom door to catch her breath and ready herself for the fight that she was prepared to have in order to keep her child. She took several steadying breaths and when she was ready, knocked lightly on the old oak door.
Bree called her in and Claire eased the door open, closing it softly behind her. Bree set down her book and looked up her initial smile of greeting wavering and then falling away at whatever she saw in Claire’s eyes.
“What’s the matter?”

“I know what you’re planning Bree.”
Claire’s voice was firm and resolute but inside her heart was pounding.

Bree raised her eyebrows innocently at her mother but Claire only shook her head.

“The Stones.”
The word hung in the air between them, loaded and heavy but somehow the atmosphere in the room lightened. The secret between them was over and if nothing else there could now be honesty.

“Robbie told you.”
Bree said flatly, transferring the book from her lap to the drawers beside her. Claire sat down on the bed and smoothed her skirts.

“Fergus actually.”

“How did he even …”
Brianna waved the thought off, it was unimportant and logic dictated that she focus all her energies on only the most important aspects of this confrontation. She ran one long finger down the bridge of her nose and sat forward, legs crossed neatly beneath her.
“Say what you have to say Mama.”

“Please do not go.”
Claire blinked in surprise. She had intended to begin cautiously and to try and persuade Brianna with gentle words but now that the time came, she found herself unable to lead with guile.

“I have to know that Daddy’s okay.”
Bree bit her lip and looked at Claire openly.
“I have to Mama. The way we left …”

Claire reached out and caught her daughter’s hand in her own, squeezing tightly.
“That was my fault Brianna. You have nothing to feel guilty about.”

“I know I don’t Mama!”
Her voice had risen slightly and she tried to control it but her temper was beginning to flare more with every word her mother spoke.
“None of this is my fault. It’s not Da’s fault either. He sent you back! He wanted you to stay there!”

“He thought he was going to die!”
Claire cried and released Brianna’s hand as if bitten.
“I would never have gone back if I thought he would live!”

“So you used Daddy until you found out Da lived.”
Bree swallowed and clenched her jaw. She knew she was being unkind but she doubted anyone had ever spelt out for her mother just how callous she had been and figured now was as good a time as any.

“It was more complicated than that.”
Claire shrugged, she had no illusions about the way she had treated Frank nor how calculated her choices might look. But Claire had lived those choices; she had made each and every one of them with the best of intentions and she did not, could not, regret them. Regret lay behind a door she had neither time nor patience to open.
“If you’re worried that Frank won’t know where we went, you don’t need to. I left him a note.”

“A note?”

“Yes I …What?”
Claire frowned and noted with alarm the tips of Brianna’s ears beginning to burn

“You left him a fucking note?”

“I ….”

“What did it say? Hey Frank, Thanks for taking us in and all but I’m taking your daughter. Sorry.”

“No! Of course not …”

Bree leapt off the bed and stared furiously at her mother
“Do you have any idea how cold that is?”

“Would you have preferred that we just vanished?”

“I would have preferred him to be warned properly.”

Claire shrugged helplessly
“He wouldn’t have let you go.”

“You could have reasoned with him!”
Brianna snapped, her voice still high but not as loud as before and Claire allowed a small sigh to escape her lips. Arguing with any Fraser was exhausting but arguing with Bree reminded her of Jamie when he was a very young man and even more pig-headed than he was now.

“Trust me, Brianna. He would not have let you go.”
Claire said with certainty. She plucked a stray thread from her skirt and stood up.
“I have made such a mess Bree and yet even now I don’t know what I could have done differently. I had to come back to Jamie. ”
Her voice cracked over his name and Brianna bit her lip, reining her temper in with difficulty.

“I know you did Mama and I am glad you did. I am glad I got to know my real father and all this time that I have spent with him. I don’t know what I would have done if you told me when I was an adult.”

“Probably smashed something.”
Claire smiled weakly and Bree grinned in acknowledgement.

“Yeah, I most likely would have.”

Mother and daughter looked at each other for a long moment and then Claire held out her arms and gathered Bree to her.
“Please Brianna. The stones are so dangerous. You remember the screaming?”
Claire felt Bree shudder against her

“I do.”

“Those were trapped souls Bree. I can’t tell you how I know it but I do. I have travelled three times and each time it got harder. The last time …”
Claire shook her head to clear the memory and squeezed Bree a little tighter.
“If something has happened to Frank, there is nothing to pull you through to the other side.”

“Maybe my soul mate is there.”
Bree shrugged but the memory of the stones and the screaming had taken Claire’s good humour away with it.

“Don’t be ridiculous Brianna!”

“I’m not being ridiculous. That’s how it worked for you! Da is your soulmate it’s why you were taken the first time.”

Claire paused and bit her tongue lightly between her teeth. Had fate pulled her through to Jamie? She knew that her connection to him had helped her pass back through with Brianna but that first time? Perhaps it was as Bree said but that did not detract from the peril facing Bree now.

“Have you been unhappy here?”

The question caught Brianna off guard and as she pulled back, Claire saw a flash of true sorrow cloud those beautiful blue eyes, so like her father’s.
“No Mama. I love my life here. I love you and Da and Robbie… but I love Daddy as well and I need to see him.”

Claire lightly caressed her temple with the middle and index finger of her left hand. She had not feared this day, nor dreaded it. In truth she had never thought it would happen.
“I didn’t realise you still thought of him. You were so little when we left …”

“I was nine Mama!”
Bree smiled but it was a sad and confused smile that trembled fragilely on her lips.
“Robbie is only eight but do you really think if someone took him away now that he would forget you and Da?”

Claire closed her eyes as the truth of Brianna’s statement washed over her. For Claire it had been easy not to think about Frank after a time. She had Jamie and Bree and then a new baby to think about and the four of them together made up her world. Frank had become a distant memory and one that she had learned to set aside when he came up.

“I beg you Bree, please do not try and go through those stones. Frank would not want you risking your life any more than I do.”

“It’s not about what you want, or what he wants, it’s about what I need.”
Bree spoke softly, the developed lilt of the highlands more prominent in her lowered voice, auburn lashes sweeping across her Viking bones.
“I could become a doctor or an architect or an engineer there Mama. Here the best I can hope for is to become a wife and mother.”

Claire opened her mouth to protest and closed it again, twice before finally finding the words
“If you wish to be a healer I could teach you.”

“I want to have options. Like you did.”

It wasn’t an accusation but it could have been and Claire felt heat creep into her face. Had she sacrificed Bree’s future to try and regain her own past? It hadn’t felt like that but still …
“You were conceived in this time Bree, you are a child of the eighteenth century…”

“And yet I know what a television is and that heart surgery is possible. I know about germs and cars and equal rights.”
Bree spread her hands helplessly and Claire saw the conflict etched in the dark smudges beneath her eyes.
“I belong in two worlds and I want to have my choice of which one to spend my life in Mama.”

“Oh Bree…”
Claire let the tears which she had held at bay make their way down her cheeks.

Was it really so unreasonable? Dangerous and foolish, maybe but unreasonable? No. It was not. Bree *was* a child of split-times and she had seen each, now as a woman grown was it not her right to choose her path, her destiny, her life? Claire felt as though her world was crumbling but it wasn’t about her world any more, this was Brianna’s world. Her fierce, defiant, brilliant daughter. Jamie’s daughter. Whatever Bree chose it would be her own heart and mind which propelled her, it was the right of her blood and bones and if she was bold enough to go, then she came by such courage honestly. And what could they really do? Lock her up? Send her away to a convent to be watched day and night? Better to guide her than try to force her.

“I want you to think on it, if you do that I will help you tell your father and prepare but I want you to think on it first Bree.”

“For how long?”
Hope and suspicion mingled in her voice and Claire forced herself to open her eyes and look at her daughter properly.

“Until I can think of a way to tell your father!”
Claire grimaced. Bree nodded and then squared her shoulders.

“I’ll tell him. He should hear it from me.”

The Long Hello [1]

“–to be wed once they are 21.”

“I’m sorry what?”

The anger that roared from her throat was dulled by Elena stumbling through the push door to the living room she had hid herself from.

“Abuela, who the hell is this and what is he doing in your house-” Elena started as she placed her fists on her hips and glared at the white blond man at the table.

“Elena, please–” Her grandmother attempted to cut her off but it was to no avail.

“–saying that I’ll be married to God knows who because he said so?”

There was a beat of silence as her breath was ragged with rage. Her red-tainted tunnel vision suddenly expanded and finally she notices the beautiful blonde girl sitting next to him. A girl who looked very familiar to her for some reason and was for some reason not looking at her face but her where her pants should be.

Should be.

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Be Still My Heart | Chapter One

Be Still My Heart | Chapter One

Pairing: Barba/Reader Insert (Female)
Rating/Warnings:NSFW in later chapters. Sexual assault, abuse, rape - as is related to SVU Canon and beyond in later chapters.
Summary: When a NYC transplant from the Midwest meets Rafael Barba, her world is turned upside down in ways that make her heart beat fast, her breathing grow shallow, and her senses to be alert to every new development. Once everything changes in a moment of tragedy, she struggles to find her footing with the help of her new beau.
Previous Chapter HERE.

Chapter One:

You didn’t usually sit at the counter at Lenox, the coffee shop you lived above. Not unless it was unusually slow or the right barista was working. It was often too crowded and inconvenient for studying. But today was different. You had just taken an exam in one of your two literature classes, were swamped in the office, and had to translate for a young girl and her mother from the Congo who were seeking a better life in the United States. The stories were harrowing. Your only relief was that you had been allowed to drop to a part-time position at your office, but it made your budget incredibly tight.

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Give Me A Try [21/?]

[Symmetra kisses Junkrat.  Chaos ensues.  Unconventional slow burn with a developing relationship.]

Despite her history with it Rio de Janiero felt like an oasis in the desert as she stepped off of her transport to see Sanjay waiting with a broad and welcoming smile.  She hadn’t realized how much tension she was holding until some of it dissipated and took a breath that felt like the first she had in weeks.  His face was familiar and familiarity was sorely needed.  

“Satya!  It’s so good to see you.”

She clasped his hands in greeting as she smiled at him in return, allowing a relieved breath to escape her.

“And you too, Sanjay. It’s been so long.”

“Yes.  We shouldn’t have let them keep you.”

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Fanfic: Everything

She gave a quiet gasp, her eyes falling closed, and he parted his lips and put them back on her, right where her neck met her shoulder, his tongue dancing along her skin. She breathed his name, tipping her head back and stepping back against him.

Because there’s still a market for Post - Tahoe Waige smut, yes?

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