breathing for health

Here, the one with a stone face and a cold heart loses it, shudders, frantically catches her breath, over and over, silently, ever so subtly.

Those around will not see it, will never see how she, helplessly, mixes her drink with a sedative, closes her eyes and freezes.

Here, the one who is in control, the one who knows her shit, loses it, stares at the void for too long, holds her breath for too long, bounces at once.

What poisons her from the inside does it insensibly for those around, but for her it causes Pompeii to fall to ruin.

Somewhere, sometime, the strong one learns to hold it together. 

Now, she tries to loosen the stranglehold around her neck, to untangle the knots on the back of her throat, fecklessly.

The drink tastes awful, takes countenance to finish, and once she does, it all vanishes, all she holds onto, both prudence and reasoning, and leaves her with knots, lumps, uncertainty, those around.

Here, she accepts.

let it go, let it happen, sit back, give it some time  || Anastasia K.

People often ask ‘how is life treating you?’ Perhaps the more accurate question is ‘how are you treating yourself?’
—  Sepi Tajima
Observe your own body. It breathes. You breathe when you are asleep, when you are no longer conscious of your own ideas of self-identity. Who, then, is breathing? The collection of information that you mistakenly think is you is not the main protagonist in this drama called the breath. In fact, you are not breathing; breath is naturally happening to you. You can purposely end your own life, but you cannot purposely keep your own life going. The expression, “My life”, is actually an oxymoron, a result of ignorance and mistaken assumption. You don’t posses life; life expresses itself through you. Your body is a flower that life lets bloom - a phenomenon created by life.
—  Ilchi Lee

I’m officially posting my very first tag post ! I was tagged in the #myaestheticself post and I was so excited to do it because I had so many ideas! A few words to describe my aesthetic would be: Woodland cottages 🌲Nature 🌿🦋🐝Woodwind instrumental music 🎼 Foxes 🦊 Flowers 🌷🌻 Writing 📝 Tea ☕️ Candles 🕯 and Holistic Healing and Herbalism🌱

Sometimes it’s necessary to check and make sure that you yourself have both feet planted on the ground; that you are secure. Are you genuinely happy? Healthy? Do you have a well balanced state of mind? Life can be both exciting, demanding, and draining; thus, it’s important that you are taken care of and ready to take on everything that it has to offer to you.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

So, I heard it was Mental Health Month, and the first week is for methods of self-care. I remember this one from an assembly our school once had, and it’s super helpful. When you’re feeling stressed or extremely anxious, or even if you have the feeling where you can’t breathe, take a deep 5 second inhale through your nose, and then exhale through your mouth for five seconds. Personally, it helps a lot.

Prayers for my mother

She has been having some breathing problems and yeah we’re not too sure what’s going on she will be going to the ER mother is only 45 and has never had any major health issues so this is becoming increasingly worry some.and yeah she is a mother to 3 and 2 grandchildren and it would be like really bad if something were to happen to her.I pray that my grandma and uncle up in heaven are not trying to call her.again prayers and any wishes would be great

Different feelings will come and go. When they do, allow them to stay for as long as they’re meant to. Fully experience them, for pushing them away without acknowledgment will only make them bubble up to the surface at a later time. Don’t force happiness. Don’t force positivity. Just feel what you do, and develop from the experience.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin