breathing excercises


One of the things I have always suffered from is being a massive magnet for other people’s misery and negative energy. Only recently have I learned that I could be an Empath, maybe even Clairsentient. Sadly, I used to drink it away, but that is no longer an option. I have researched the topic quite extensively and am trying to practice the advice of others. I have tried using two different approaches:

Repeating this mantra three times, followed by proper breathing excercises,
This works, but it requires me to repeat the process quite often.

Then there is this mantra,
Convert. (to positive energy)
This one doesn’t need to be reset that often, but is not as effective.

I also consistently picture the shield of light when applying the mantras.

Is there anyone with experience that has any other suggestions. I live in a part of the world that is seeing constant aggression and conflict, so I need to protect myself consistently. Especially in public areas. Everyone seems to be pissed off all the time and I am like sponge bob for their crap.

Would be grateful for any aid.

I apologize profusely for bringing this into your life.

self diagnosing yourself as bipolor is great cause like

1) can’t talk to anyone about it cause “you’re just moody, you won’t know till you get tested” plus what are people even supposed to say tbh? besides push you to get help you don’t want to seek out?


2) you don’t trust the testing, you don’t want the drugs

which leads to 

3) you’re handling everything fine, which is why you don’t want to bother. yeah the emotions and that sudden switch to a personality you don’t recognize as yourself is scary but hey- nothing breathing excercises and good music can’t fix. Besides the argument of it could just be a bad case of extreme moodiness is true until proven by testing…that i don’t want

it is a vicious cycle

Today, my gym blasted "Wait 'till you see my dick" by the Ying Yang twins

My gym is filled with nothing but older and bigger people trying to get in shape, with the occasional buff dude/lady. Which is why I go there.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to keep a steady breath when you’re excercising, while you’re trying to hold your laughter at a group lesson being done to the beat of ‘WAIT 'TILL YOU SEE MY DICK, EY BITCH, WAIT 'TILL YOU SEE MY DICK, I'MMA BEAT THAT PUSSY UP.’


Dalek relaxation techniques. Priceless.