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Last night was really bad. I got messaged by an ex of my dads and she said she wants to talk. I told her that it would be good but She still treated me terribly and neglected me and emotionally and verbally abused me and I think that is the root cause of a lot of my anxiety and depression issues. I cried really hard and could barely breathe for a couple hours. I couldn't sleep till like 4 am and I tried texting my girlfriend (who doesn't know I'm a little) and she didn't help much. I'm just lost

I am so very sorry! Just know if you are not ready to talk to her, or think it will not be a positive influence on anything in your life right now, don’t do it. I would rather you be healed and healthy and in a better frame of mind, than talking to someone who was abusive simply because they want to talk/need closure.

As for breathing if that happens again, one of my breathing excercises that works the best is what I call the 4x4 method.
- Breathe in for 4 seconds
- Hold that breathe for 4 seconds
-Breathe out for 4 seconds
- Do it 4 times minimum, or however many times you need.

Does your girlfriend know the issues with this ex of your dads? If she does and didn’t help, I am sorry, if she doesn’t perhaps she didn’t know the words to say, and therefore couldn’t help much?

I wish you all the best and hope you feel better soon!

- Mod Kei


One of the things I have always suffered from is being a massive magnet for other people’s misery and negative energy. Only recently have I learned that I could be an Empath, maybe even Clairsentient. Sadly, I used to drink it away, but that is no longer an option. I have researched the topic quite extensively and am trying to practice the advice of others. I have tried using two different approaches:

Repeating this mantra three times, followed by proper breathing excercises,
This works, but it requires me to repeat the process quite often.

Then there is this mantra,
Convert. (to positive energy)
This one doesn’t need to be reset that often, but is not as effective.

I also consistently picture the shield of light when applying the mantras.

Is there anyone with experience that has any other suggestions. I live in a part of the world that is seeing constant aggression and conflict, so I need to protect myself consistently. Especially in public areas. Everyone seems to be pissed off all the time and I am like sponge bob for their crap.

Would be grateful for any aid.

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What does your daily yoga practice usually entail/what are your favorite tunes for groovin while you flow?

When I did my yoga teacher training I learned a lot about sequencing, so I follow a certain flow that has made it very easy to be creative and adjust to what I need. I like focusing on a few areas and threading it through the entire sequence, progressively getting more challenging, that is how I like my classes and that is how I was taught.

I start off just sitting cross legged and focusing on the breath. I might to do some breathing excercises and then move on to doing many sun salutations making them progressively harder with little additions here and there to warm up. I always include many hip openers, standing postures, core work throughout vinyasas, and do any back bends when I’m at my warmest. I always do spinal twists after backbends. After that I slow down and do pigeon and all my forward folds. And then SAVASANA YAY.

I like flowing to almost any kind of music and it changes with the mood. Most days I’m into a Female Energy-Willow, Girl - The Internet, Mad - Solange, No ordinary love - Sade kinda mood. Others I’m into more of a Cumbia del olvido - Nicola Cruz, Mi Mujer - Nicholas Jaar, If She If He - UV Boi kinda flow.

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I've never thrown a tantrum before, but I feel one coming on... What do I do?

Find the root as to why you want to throw a tantrum.

Also try some breathing excercises. One I use is:
Breathe in for 4 seconds.
Hold your breath for 4 seconds.
Breathe out for 4 seconds.
Do this 4 times - or however many you need.

Also, tell your CG you feel this way, so they can be prepared.#

- Mod Kei

Today, my gym blasted "Wait 'till you see my dick" by the Ying Yang twins

My gym is filled with nothing but older and bigger people trying to get in shape, with the occasional buff dude/lady. Which is why I go there.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to keep a steady breath when you’re excercising, while you’re trying to hold your laughter at a group lesson being done to the beat of ‘WAIT 'TILL YOU SEE MY DICK, EY BITCH, WAIT 'TILL YOU SEE MY DICK, I'MMA BEAT THAT PUSSY UP.’


Dalek relaxation techniques. Priceless.