No. 6 fandom, i just wanted to say thanks. You're the best fandom EVER!

You’re the best fandom that I had ever been part, we are so united, I remember when we all suffered in the thursgays(anyone remember this?) waiting for the next episode, and then, when the last episode came, we all cried and suffered together, and we were always here for each other… Then new people started to join the fandom, and we started to grow up, and i was (and am) so happy for that. I am so proud for being part of this, thank you so much, I love you all nezushi fans!
I wish we could be reunited, and share this passion together, but unfortunately we are from diferents parts of the world (for example, i’m from Brazil).

Reunited and be together again.

Book 2 is happening, and is 14 episodes long. No, I don’t know when it comes out. REALLY, I DON’T. But no, it won’t be another two years from now, as we are already in production on it (that’s the brutal thing about TV, the schedule overlap). So all I can say, and it is the honest truth, is that we’re working really hard on it!
—  Bryan Konietzko

OMFG this is so cuteeeee >.< i have to post it!