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[ whisper s diana/riven throwing flowers @ each other ]

Send me gay af prompts!!!! 

It is funny, Diana thinks, that they have traveled more miles together than they have shared words. It is better this way, and such is agreed not with words but with the way they walk side by side and not a peep spoken. It is a comfortable strength that she feels, a warmth that radiates from the tan skin not inches from her. 

(The knowledge that the woman standing beside you would kill for you, and hold you up when you fell so you might continue to defend yourself.) 

Still, Diana does not like travelling in the sunlight. It has never sat well with her, and ever since the night became her daytime such light has given her headaches. It is for this reason she squints. It is for this reason her sights are fastened to the grass. It is dark, despite the light, and she finds it soothing to the ache that hides behind her eyes. 

At least, until a delicate white dagger is thrust under her gaze. 

It is a lily, and Riven presents it without expectation or smile. 

“It reminded me of you,” she says simply, and before Diana can protest, it is tucked behind her ear, very nearly camouflaging in the silver locks that frame it. 

Diana cannot simply allow that to sit. They walk on. 

They pass lilies but it is not enough to mimic, Diana must outdo. Daffodils too, but those are too yellow for the tint to Riven’s skin. They are too bright, there is nothing like the sunlight about this tired exile who walks with the weight of a million wars upon her back. 

It is a dandelion Diana thrusts back, and at first, Riven is almost apt to smile. 

(Diana is being so very serious; as though she had not selected a weed.) 

“It reminded me of you.” Diana says, but when Riven raises a brow, incredulous and amused, Diana is forced to explain. 

“We call these antochí flowers,” she says, looking at the dull yellow that twiddles between her fingers. “There is no time of year they do not sprout, and if their roots are unearthed they grow still. They are the flowers of endurance.” 

Riven only pauses for a moment before accepting the flower behind her ear. 

sometimes when the cat wants affection and she doesn’t know how to get it she gets really close and just breathes loudly into my face like “hello fellow expeller of CO2”

anyway hashtag relatable i guess

do you ever see one of your online friends reblog/mention something that could imply you but you’re not sure and you don’t want to ask because what if it’s not you so you just sort of stare blankly at the computer screen and make weird facial expressions

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random question but who are your top 5 gintama characters?

HELLO ANON I LUV U THANK U FOR ASKING!!!! SHINPACHI AND GINTOKI ARE ETERNALLY TIED FOR NO1 IN MY HEART!!!!!  sougo comes in a very close second (third). otherwise, i love kagura, zaki (anpan), taka-tin, tojo and zura too much so dont make me choose between them ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_