Captain Swan (37)

Prompt given by painorlove: Emma and Killian getting interrupted.

Hopefully this is what you wanted :)

There are many fics about this with Snowing interrupting (and they are all perfect) so I had someone else interrupt. 


Emma and Killian breathed out loudly as Killian got off of her and laid on her side. His hands automatically circled her waist, as his head nuzzled her neck.

They laid like that - naked limbs under the tousled sheets for what felt like eternity.  Emma smiled, remembering all the sinful things Killian had just done to her with his skillful tongue. The man really knew how to make a woman writhe under him to the point where she was begging for him.

She looked over at him, his eyes shut as he was exhausted from all the hard work. They had been at it since Emma woke up to Killian’s mouth sucking on her nipples and when she tried to leave (she really tried), he gave her a puppy eyed look and how could she refuse him? Surely Regina would understand that the Savior could skip one magic training appointment. So with a quick excuse of “feeling sick” text to Regina, Emma let Killian make her scream his name over and over again.

Grinning, Emma suddenly sat on top of him. His eyes flew open as she sucked on his pulse point, “You wanton woman. I’m exhausted”  he breathed, but brought his hands to tug on her hair lightly.

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I’ve recently made a new town called Ethereal, it’s going to be a mythical town and I’m so excited because all of my previous towns never really had a theme but I’ve got so many ideas for this one! I just need some free time to play around with my map and pin point building placements /breathes loudly


there’s 15 minutes left of valentine’s day where i am, which means it’s nobody-is-online o’clock on the 14th in most parts of the USA

here are some romantic amis for you regardless


Sometimes I wonder if I draw Nico sleeping too often. Then I remember my hc that he sleeps with his mouth open and tongue hanging (Nico says it’s like a corpse and hates it, Will says he looks like a cat and it’s adorable) and I draw him again

also any weird positions are brittany's fault

do you ever see one of your online friends reblog/mention something that could imply you but you’re not sure and you don’t want to ask because what if it’s not you so you just sort of stare blankly at the computer screen and make weird facial expressions