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KBTBB Headcannon - Saving pregnant MC

Anonymous Request:  I absolutely love your writing can you do a headcanon where a Heavily pregnant mc gets kidnapped and slightly injured because of the KBTBB guys and they go to save her. pretty please

Awww thank you sweetie! I’m glad you like my stuff ^-^ I’ll be happy to do this one for you! :)


When he’d learned that you’d been kidnapped, time stopped. He struggled to breathe again, thinking about the endless horrible possibilities. Eisuke practically flew out of the hotel in order to find you, enlisting the help of the other bidders. Who were all more than happy to help, knowing it wasn’t just you in danger, but the baby as well. He managed to track you down to an old abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of town and made a quick scheme with the others.  

Without any hint of hesitation, Eisuke walked into the warehouse. The kidnappers all turned to face him, smirking and laughing in amusement as he made his way towards them. You were sitting on the ground, your hands bound in front of you. And even at a distance, Eisuke could see the beginnings of a bruise forming on one of your eyes. He clenched his fists and stormed forward, ignoring the kidnappers laughs. They demanded money and jewels from him in exchange for you safe return, but once he was close enough, Eisuke simply stopped. Looking up at them with an almost sadistic smirk, he snapped his fingers. Bullets immediately scattered down, taking down each of the kidnappers, one by one. It all was over with in a matter of a few seconds. The other bidders stepped out of the shadows as Eisuke then rushed to you. 

He lifted you off of the ground and into his arms, carrying you out of the building. “We’re going to the hospital now __, it’s okay.” 

You smiled sweetly up at him. “I’m alright Eisuke, the baby is too.” 

He pressed his forehead against yours, letting out a struggled breath. “I’m so sorry __.” 


He had gotten the call from the kidnappers saying that they’d taken you. Baba immediately paled and struggled to remain standing. He begged, something he’d never done, for the kidnappers to not harm you or the child you carried in your belly. His child. They stated that it was payback from an old heist he had taken part in years ago, and hung up. Baba went into a complete frenzy to search for you, not resting for one second until he finally had tracked you down. 

He snuck in during the dead of night, his thief training proving to be quiet useful. The kidnappers guarded around the building, and Baba skillfully avoided them. He waited patiently for the man standing guard outside the room he assumed they held you in before he made his move. Once the man walked away, Baba sprang from where he hid and crept inside the room and closed the door behind him. Sitting in a chair directly in the middle of the room was you, tied down and looking utterly exhausted. Baba rushed forward to you and began untying you, motioning for your silence when you looked up at him, looking surprised. His heart ached upon seeing the cuts on your body, suppressing the anger he felt towards the men and sneaking you back outside and away from danger.  

When the two of you got him, he fell to his knees in front of you, pressing his face against your belly and wrapping his arms around your waist. “It’s all my fault.” 

You wrapped your arms back around him. “No it’s not Baba, please don’t blame yourself. You saved me didn’t you?” 

“I’m sorry.” Baba whispered as if he’d barely heard you. 


Inui ran into his office and told him the news that you had been kidnapped. Soryu could barely even process the words, a fear he never knew could even exist swelling up in his chest. Inui told him that it was a rival gang that had taken you, and Soryu’s eyes narrowed into deadly slits. He stood from his desk and grabbed his gun from the top drawer, loading it before heading towards the location the kidnappers had given Inui. 

Soryu burst through the front door, holding his gun in front of him. Three men were surrounding you, duck tape covering your mouth and binding your hands and feet together. Your eyes met with his for a brief moment, a tear of relief trickling down your cheek, the cheek that was already looking bruised. That was all it took for Soryu to begin his rampage. Within the blink of an eye, Soryu had managed to shoot down each kidnapper until one remained, the supposed leader. 

“Mercy!” The man screamed, crawling away. 

Fire danced behind Soryu’s eyes. “Sorry. There is no mercy here.” 

Soryu had been quiet the whole way back home after that, carrying you silently up to the bedroom. He sat you down on the edge of it and suddenly crumpled down to the ground in front of you, wrapping his arms around your waist and pressing his forehead against your pregnant belly. 

“They hurt you.” Soryu whispered, his fingers clenching your shirt. 

You gave him a gentle smile, running your fingers through his hair. “They did. But you came for me like I knew you would. That’s all that matters.” 

Soryu’s grasp tightened around you. “You’re safe now __.” 


He’d received a phone call from the kidnappers one afternoon. At first he’d thought it was just a prank, some stupid joke one of the other bidders had come up with. But that was when they put you on the phone, and you called out Ota’s name, sounding frightened. Ota immediately sprang from the chair he’d been sitting in, shouting at the kidnappers to give you back to him. They refused, saying that it was for some auction they’d been a part of that hadn’t gone in their favor. As soon as the phone went dead, Ota asked for the aid of the other bidders, begging them to help him find you. A rare moment for the other bidders, never having heard Ota beg for anything in his life. But they obliged and helped track you down. 

Ota ran ahead of the rest of them, bursting into the abandoned office where they’d traced you to. The kidnappers, not expecting Ota to charge in the way he had, were completely thrown off. Ota attacked the men, with the aid of the rest of the bidders who followed suit after him, and took them down one by one. He then burst into the door the kidnappers had been standing in front of and found you. You were sitting up against a wall, blood trickling down the side of your head when you looked up to see him. 

He rushed forward then and simply pulled you into his arms, his whole body shaking with the utter relief that you were alive. He jumped slightly when he felt your belly kicking back at him as he held you, another wave of relief washing over him. 

“Are you alright __?”

You nodded, giving him a weak smile. “I am now Ota.” 


He was heading home when he saw the kidnappers shoving you into the car. His body acted of its own accord, breaking out into a dead run towards the car, screaming your name as they took of with you inside. He chased after the car for as long as he could, until the car disappeared from sight. He then ran back to the police station in order to begin tracking you down, fear driving him as he worried for you, as well as the baby you were carrying. 

When he finally managed to find where they were holding you, he rushed over immediately. Armed with his handgun, he charged into the building. The kidnappers were there waiting for him, surrounding you as you sat tied up in a little folding chair in the center of the room. Mamoru’s eyes met yours, a combination of relief and fear swimming in your eyes. 

It was then also that Mamoru noticed that cuts and bruises wracking up and down your arms. A cold rage took over his entire body at the sight. One of the kidnappers fired a gun at him but he simply dodged as if it were the easiest thing in the world, and fired his own gun at him. Once all of the kidnappers had been taken care of, Mamoru came forward to release you. 

“You scared me kid… I’m sorry I couldn’t get here sooner.” He said to you, kissing your forehead tenderly and placing his hand on your swollen belly. 

“They were something that should have been precious and beautiful, so beautiful. Instead they were battered and abused, warped out of shape, nearly destroyed.

All because their owner had been forced to hide them, to endure the torture of breaking them into pieces, just so he could survive one more day without being culled.” (x)

based off of that fan fic, but not necessarily from it

just really like karkat with wings wow what a headcanon