breathes fire


Don’t worry Winston, it’ll be okay. Don’t be nervous. Okay be nervous. What if they’re fire breathing dragons and they don’t like the color blue? Omg shit. Run.

Day 01: Your Favorite Colors
Day 02: Business Presentation
Day 03: Destination Wedding Guest
Day 04: Dance Class
Day 05: Meeting the Parents

Day 06: Home Improvement
Day 07: Lazy Sunday
Day 08: Music Festival
Day 09: Hiking Trip
Day 10: Graduation Day
Day 11: Royalty
Day 12: Secret Agent
Day 13: Comic Convention
Day 14: Ski Trip
Day 15: Grade School Teacher
Day 16: Disco Fever
Day 17: Springtime Picnic
Day 18: Pop Star
Day 19: Professional Athlete
Day 20: Day at the Beach
Day 21: Red Carpet
Day 22: Flight Attendant
Day 23: Stepford Housewife
Day 24: Teenage Emo Phase
Day 25: 60’s Bohemian

terraem  asked:

Considering you like Ryu's design in Breath of Fire 3, I'd be very curious to hear what your thoughts and feelings are on the series as whole.

BoF1 : generic

BoF2: good

BoF3: fantastic

BoF4: ehhhhh not that great

Dragon Quarter: ye old has not playede

rambunctioushuckebein  asked:

how long does it take for breath of fire 3 to become 'fantastic' because I've tried playing it before a bunch of times and at the very least it starts out just fucking abysmally. Is it really a case of 'the first few hours suck but then it gets better' or if I can't stand the beginning is it just not a game for me?

it gets way better after the bronies attack

  • Rowan: A talking door knocker? How did you react?
  • Aelin: Oh, I guess I was... MORTified.
  • Rowan: ...
  • Aelin: ...
  • Rowan: ...
  • Aelin: ...
  • Rowan *opens window*: Throw yourself out.

I got inspired after I decided Bones was part dragon in the tags of the last thing I posted.  Now everyone’s part dragon.