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Life Worth Living

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Prompt: Life Worth Living by Laurel

Pairing: Chuck x reader

Warnings: Alcoholism (it is Chuck), Angst, mentions of emotional abuse. *A line that could be taken ad physical abuse, but that is just the wording there is no physical abuse

Summary: The first time (Y/N) met Chuck, her life changed. New ups and downs plagued them, but they found what made their life worth living.

Tags: @loveitsallineed

The first time I met him I was a goner. It wasn’t anything special that did it. He stumbled out of the bar and right into me. I remember thinking he was just another drunk drowning his problems in alcohol. Then he met my eyes with his cloudy blue ones, and everything about him changed in that instant.

He straighten up and his eyes cleared, and I swear for a moment it looked like they shined.  He slowly reached his hand up and touched my cheek, and everything stopped. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. The only things that existed were us, and what felt like a current flowing between us.

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The Night Before The Wedding, Chapter 1

Summary: Belle French came to Las Vegas to get married. Complications arise when she wakes up married to someone who is not her fiancé.

Author’s Notes: My answer to @standbyourmantis call for the Rumbelle fandom to come up with more woke up married in Vegas fics per Anon’s request in the form of awkward crack. I look forward to everyone’s contributions. As always, please let me know what you think and happy reading!

Belle French awoke with the satisfaction of someone who had been thoroughly banged before going to bed. The bliss of rest after joyous exhaustion. She smiled to herself, arching her back with her eyes closed, eager to soak up the feeling of pure contentment.

The hotel room was half-shaded and she looked next to her to see the outline of a particularly fine ass.

She reached out to squeeze it when she had a revelation.

This was not her fiance’s ass.

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