breathe e a s y


You stop in your pace and look towards her. Recalling Naruto’s words,

“Listen, if you hold her hand… maybe she’ll get the message that y’know…” 

Even though Naruto, of all people, is the worst person to ask advice from, you think to yourself it couldn’t hurt to be a little more bold and hold her fucking hand. It’s not like you’re already trying to be bold but she hasn’t been noticing any of your previous gestures. 

You pause before looking away, holding up your hand to her gaze. 

Sakura’s eyes widen to your raised palm. 

Honestly, it really couldn’t hurt to hold hands, you’ve been wanting to do it for quite a w–

Sakura places her bag of groceries on the palm of your hand and smiles. 

“You didn’t have to Sasuke-kun, but if you insist!”

You then hear her giggle and she walks away.  

Your extended palm holds the groceries that Sakura bought earlier and you think to yourself, 

this is going to take some time. 

-but that’s ok. 

Alright, in the midst of this stupid drama, we all need some positivity to split through the negative. So, to lighten the mood, I’m gonna make an ATTEMPT to start a “movement” of sorts? Maybe other people will catch on, or maybe I’m the only one that will do this. Either way, I can at least do my part in putting some peace back into the community.

Sam has kind of been a symbol of positivity for me, and probably is for many others, to. I have not only a regular Sam, but now a GIANT Sam, that I can cuddle with when I’m feeling down. (I know, what a loser.) Oftentimes when I’m in math, my most stressful class, I doodle Sams on my notebook to give me something happy through something I suck at! (I know, what a bigger loser.)

Flower crowns have also grown to build a representation of peace, purity, and happiness in a sort of geeky sense on the internet, so here’s the deal:

Use the tag #SamsWithFlowerCrowns and post a little doodle of Sam in a flower crown! Simple at that! And do whatever you want to spice things up: add Jack or some other YouTubers, put him in some funky scenery– heck, use a completely different kind of Septiceye if you want to!

There might be a lot of hate right now, but I know that we can combat it with teamwork, passion, and love!

TL;DR: 1. Draw Sam in a flower crown, 2. Post it and use #SamsWithFlowerCrowns, 3. Yum yum!

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You ever have those adhd moments where you either don't talk forever or-you-have-to-say-everything-ever-in-one-breath-otherwise-you-will-explode

y e s

i know that red dwarf is a Really Obscure fandom but i just thought ‘trans Lister and Rimmer’ and cant stop…

it’s why lister could get pregnant during Future Echoes hrhghgh but mainly pls imagine rimmer being Extremely™ grossed out by how infrequently lister washes his smegging binder

they were roommates before lister was put into suspension too so just. please imagine that rimmer has just taken a shower and has gotten pitifully stuck in his binder while trying to put it back on and lister refuses to help and just Laughs At Him For Hours because, for some reason, lister Never gets stuck, and rimmer is jealous of his inexplicable skill

after the crew dies and lister is awakened can you imagine the conversations

“well miladdo turns out there’s one upside to being dead”


“holly can project my hologrammatic body any way i want so” rimmer takes a deep breath and practically yodels “G O O D B Y E   D Y S P H O R I A”