Rest a Moment

Rest a moment in the silence
just a moment, peace be still
breathing out mental violence
is to be preferred over any pill

Allow all thoughts to drift away
float gently back to long ago
return to a forgotten yesterday 
find a child you used to know

An innocent soul, yet they cry
shh, don’t judge, just observe 
ask not, maybe there is no why
it’s love they need and deserve

Go yet deeper touch the sorrow
abundance was turned to lack
both of you have lost tomorrow
and you alone can give it back

Rest a moment in the silence
just a moment, peace be still

The galaxy is a strange place

Its so very far from here,
Where stars burst without thought of plastic wrappers and gravity compiles
Love letters to protostars,
Beyond what these neural networks
Can comprehend
I am incapable, physically
And yet here it is also
That expanse and matter surrounds me
Consumes me, and its toothless bite
Sinks tranquility within
It warms up my lungs
In a long deep breath

Breathe is my child, and if anyone ever says something bad about that song I will personally go to their house and follow them everywhere they go screaming “IT’S TWO AM FEELING LIKE I JUST LOST A FRIEND” in their face until they acknowledge that this song is a beautiful gift that we do not deserve.