Choose five OTPs without looking at the questions in the read more first, then tag five people (if you want).

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I get worried about making people feel left out, so I’m gonna be diplomatic and see who comes up on my dash first and go by that

i tag breathablebubbles, c-has-a-blog, phasers, columbiaskies​, fromcarouseltohair


  1. Charlie/Meyer
  2. Margaret/AR
  3. Carolyn/AR
  4. Charlie/Meyer/Benny
  5. Sirius/Remus

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mapleavenues  asked:

The things you write in your Boardwalk tags give me life. I learned so much from you and I now have an appreciation for Billie Kent that wasn't really there before.


Thank you for liking my endless tag rambling you are a very sweet human <3