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The angry dice

It was a bit before we started the session. I was the DM and the one that made everyone get into D&D. In my previous attempts to get them into it, i gave everyone their own dice sets.
DM: so does everyone has his character sheets?
All: yes
DM: pencils?
All but player 1: yes
P1: i forgot mine.
DM: that’s like the fourth time in a row isn’t it? Well i’ll lend you a set. (Takes bag with 13 sets out and gives him one)
P1: can i get another? I can’t read the symbols on that one.
DM: sure (gives him another) well, which set to use today… I think i’ll use the ones you didn’t want. They want revenge.
All: laughter
In this session I rolled 12 nat 20s resulting in 4 near- deaths, 2 deaths and a chicken that could suddenly breath fire.

normal lets players playing breath of the wild: “Wow this game is so beautiful, I love zelda and im so grateful to all of my followers for supporting me and this game is just so fantastic…”

game grumps playing breath of the wild: “HOLY FUCK HERE WE GO” *refuse to put on clothing* *blow self up repeatedly* *spend entire episode climbing rocks*

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Forgotten Fact about 413

4+1+3=8. 8 is the atomic number of Oxygen. Oxygen is why you breath. John is a Breath player. Throughout Act 5 Act 2 John had a flirtation thing with Vriska. Vriska. Do you  see it? I’ll say it again: Vriska. Still didn’t catch it? Sound it out with me: Vri. Ska. That’s right. Ska. As in Skaia, the governing force behind the story’s universe. But that’s not really true now is it? We all know Andrew Hussie is the real governing force of the tale. What do we know about Andrew Hussie, that’s it, he is attracted to Vriska. And who is Vriska attracted to at one point? Tavros. The symbol Tavros wears on his shirt is that of the Taurus constellation. Taurus is only one letter away from Tauros as in the Pokemon. Tauros has three tails. Three. Three is how many sides a triangle has. A triangle with an eye in the center is the symbol used by the Illuminati. Eye. Doc Scratch has no eyes. Doc Scratch is an excellent host. Newgrounds hosted [S] Cascade, but the site crashed on its release. Know what else crashed? Three planes on the date September 11th, 2001. One flight did not crash but landed safely. The president on that date was George W. Bush.  George W. Bush was the United State’s 43rd president. Did you catch that? He was the 43rd president and 1 flight did not crash into its intended target.

413 confirmed Bush did 9/11 


Kaner came up to me and said, ‘you had two tonight?’ And I said yeah, and he goes, ‘all right, I’m gonna get it to you’, and he did.” - Ryan Hartman, 1st career hat trick 

  • me: *slaughters entire little villages of monsters who were innocently minding their own damn business*
  • me: *standing over their body parts, blood-encrusted Master Sword in hand* I am the true monster here
  • BotW: *creepy music* 🎶
  • Zelda: The Blood Moon rises once again...
  • Ganon: *resurrects all the countless innocent monsters I murdered*
  • me: oh, thank god
Good job

NPC Dragon: Thank you for helping me with this quest. For your reward, dragonkin, I will allow you to change your elemental power.

Dragonkin fighter: Thank you, I would like to change my fire breath into ice breath.

Other player OOC: Hey, are you sure you’re going to remember that you changed your elemental power?

Dragonkin fighter OOC: Sure I will!

—The very next campaign—

Dragonkin fighter: I use my fire breath to light the fireplace.

All other players: *forehead slap*

DM: Your *ice breath* encases the fireplace completely in ice. It will never light again. Good job.

Monster Hunter: World - Fact Sheet

The latest entry in the critically acclaimed 40 million unit selling action RPG series, Monster Hunter: World introduces a living, breathing ecosystem in which players take on the role of a hunter that seeks and slays ferocious beasts in heart-pounding battles. Venture on quests alone or with up to three other hunters in a newly designed online drop-in multiplayer system which allows cross-region cooperative play between Japan and the West, uniting the global player base for the first time ever. Monster Hunter: World will also be the first game in the series with a worldwide simultaneous launch window and is planned for release on PlayStation® 4 computer entertainment system and Xbox One in early 2018. A PC release will follow at a later date.

Monster Hunter: World sees players gear up to venture on quests to battle against fearsome monsters, progressively improving their hunting abilities as they play. Loot collected from fallen foes can be used to create new equipment and armor upgrades as players seamlessly move across map areas that comprise the living ecosystems. The landscape and its diverse inhabitants play a critical role as players strategically use the surrounding environment to their advantage. Hunters must use their cunning and abilities to survive the intense and evolving fights as they battle to become the ultimate hunter! 

-Welcome to the new World:
Taking on the role of a hunter, players are tasked with going on a research expedition to a newly discovered continent known only as “new world” as they venture on quests to discover more about this mysterious land. 
-Living and breathing ecosystem: Utilize the surrounding environment and wildlife to your advantage. For example, pit monsters against one another to lure the main target creature to the right place, but be careful not to become hindered by the hazards they present.
-Global simultaneous release: For the first time in the Monster Hunter series the latest title will release within the same launch window and unite hunters across the world with cross-region cooperative play options.
-Online drop-in multiplayer: When the battle is too daunting to take on single-handedly, hail up to three other hunters to assist during quests by sending up a SOS flare to a worldwide server full of potential teammates.
-Hunt to craft new gear: Defeat monsters and collect loot from fallen foes to craft equipment and weapons styled after the monsters that have been slain. Selecting the right loadout can help exploit enemy weaknesses to gain an advantage in battle.
-Master the beasts: A variety of ferocious creatures inhabit the new world landscape including the series mainstay Rathalos and the all new Anjanath. Players can mount the monsters with the dynamic riding mechanic, allowing them to travel along the monster’s body and deliver locational damage.
-Seamless gameplay: Players and monsters can move from one map area to another freely and without loading screens whilst gameplay also dynamically transitions between night and day. 

France nt: *better lighting than nyfw, 12 hr footage for every breath the players take, so hd you can see the pores on giroud’s face*

Italy nt: *couple of training pics, nb nb*

Spain nt: *pics taken from a phone but you can still distinguish the players*

Germany nt: *insta story darker than my asshole, glare bigger than my forehead, 2 players total the others presumed dead by a killer clown, big ass white text obscuring half the pic*

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What's your ideas on Joey's possible class? I think she's a likely Maid of Light. I don't have any screenshots, but I remember her saying she's "not [dammek's] maid" a few times, and also her saying that she's not "made of time". Also, her turning on the lights in her house and turning on the power in Dammek's hive i think can be interpreted as her "creating Light".

I agree. I have a few reasons to add “creating Light” as a reason for Joey, and I remember the Maid reference you’re talking about. It’s still SOMEWHAT possible she’s another class–I saw one reference to destruction, but she doesn’t feel like a Prince so I’m still leaning on Maid. But she’s definitely a Light player imo.

I need to get screenshots to make a whole post about it, but my classpect thoughts on the others are:

Xefros is absolutely a Page of Time. There were a fuckload of references to him as a Page already and at least one to Time, which are most of what I’ve got to compile.

Jude is PROBABLY a Seer of Doom. All of his knowledge ends up benefiting or acting through Joey, and she makes explicit reference to being impressed he actually *Knows* his stuff, with respect to all these threats and rogue conspirators he’s predicting. Of course, its still pretty early and there wasnt anything explicit there, so it’s still somewhat up in the air.

Dammek strikes me as a Thief of Breath. Not completely sure on the Thief part–all I have to go on is the fact that he’s so driven and the occasional references to him taking Xefros’ stuff. His passion for communism/non-ownership certainly sounds like “stealing” through “freedom/disattachment” to me for his own benefit, after all. So that’s my rationale there.

But SPECIFICALLY Dammek definitely seems like a Breath player, because he’s strongly referenced as having a talent for leadership and motivating/driving people–providing direction. The fact that Xefros’ classpect matches Aradia’s–Time doesn’t hurt, as Dammek’s analogue would Tavros, the Breath player.

On top of that, it sets up a somewhat interesting inverse dynamic to the relationship we saw between Vriska/Aradia/Tavros.
Where Homestuck’s cycle of revenge began with a Maid of Time getting revenge on a Thief of Light for the abuse of a Page of Breath, Hiveswap’s plot seems to begin with a Maid of Light beginning to heal the withered sense of importance of a Page of Time at the hands of a Thief of Breath.

Not entirely sure if this reading will hold up, of course. But The Dancestors demonstrated an affinity for this kind of karmic role switching, and Scratch seems to be managing the events of this story, to an extent–just as he managed the cycle of revenge. So it wouldn’t surprise me if it pans out. 

Another one?

[context: my favourite type of character to play is a dragonborn druid. My dad was setting up a campaign for two of my friends and I to play.]

>Note: paraphrased<

{character creation/introduction time}

Me: So my character is a Dragonborn Druid named Xorix. She has a scar over her left eye and has major trust issues.

My dad: Another dragonborn Druid? How many of your characters are like that?

Me: Around half. (I’m in like 6 or 7 different campaigns with various friends)

Friends that are over: *crack up*

Me: *deadpan face but secretly can’t breathe*

Hiveswap Classpect Theorys

Yes, Yes, I know that they’re not Paradox Clones and they can’t develop the powers that the Sburb kids do, HOWEVER, we can still apply our knowledge of the Class and Aspects to perhaps find out just what they would be. Using some knowledge based on other examples of the class/aspects in canon, and sticking with the assumption that Blood Colour = Aspect.

Joey Claire:

First off, Joey is a gift and a blessing to us all. Joey shows a few different traits that we can see shared with another relative (Jade Harley anyone?):

-She adores animals. The girl wants to be a vet for god’s sake.

-She’s into art, as shown by the plastering of posters of video games and anime.

-She potentially is into fashion due to knowing what her fashion style is (”simple and comfortable”). Although this might be a little loose.

-She abhors destruction (guns, the monsters making a mess, hating the mess of both the Kitchen and Xefros’ house).

This leads me to believe that Joey Clare’s aspect would be Space. I couldn’t pin down a potential class for her, perhaps Maid or Heir? If anyone else has any ideas lemme know. I’d love to discuss.

Jude Harley:

Jude Harley is clearly an intelligent kid. He knew about the impending threat and knew a cult was watching his house. His traps are also rather devious, enough to ward of Joey from entering his room.

-He’s intelligent and likes theorising, able to see the connections between things.

- The poor kids a bit down on his luck. RIP Pidgeons. :c

-He has that Light speech pattern y’know…the Rose Lalonde/ Aranea Serket longwinded psycho-babble talk.

I reckon Jude Harley, and I say this confidently, is a Mage of Light.

Now onto the trolls, which is a good bit easier!

It’s been established that Troll’s share their class with their blood colour (burgundy are time, Jades are Space, Fucishia’s are life) and we see no canon deviation from this norm. So let’s apply this rule to our two troll boys shall we?

Xefros Tritoh:

My good boy. My good baby boy. Xefros Tritoh shares his blood caste with Aradia and Damara Megido, two-time players. He also shares their telekinetic powers and ability to commune with the dead (although we see no evidence of the latter in Xefros).

-Xefros is deathly afraid of..death. His every action taken he is painfully aware of entropy and death at the actions of Highbloods or Drones.

-Xefros is reserved and emotionally immature. He has room to grow. LOTS of room to grow. Almost like some other Pages we know? Will Joey essentially be a less forceful Aranea to Xefros, unlocking his ‘potential’ (if not time powers, then allowing him to grow strong enough to stand for himself)?

From this, I deduce that Xefros Tritoh is a Page of Time.

Dammek (Tetrarch Dammek):

Dammek, funnily enough, is almost an adult– or whatever passes as an adult on Alternia– due to being close to his “rights of maturity”. Random thing I noted, what with his 8 letter title (Tetrarch). Would an adult Dammek be referred to as The Tetrarch in the same vein as The Signless, The Disciple etc?

Dammek is a Copperblood like Tavros and Rufioh, both breath players. We do not know if Dammek shares their ability to commune with animals. We don’t know much about this fella at all, except what effect he’s had on Xefros’, and his apartment.

-Dammek, quoted from Xefros, believes private property to be the ‘enemy of freedom’. He hates the idea of personal freedom and is using it as a weapon against the Highbloods.

-He is the leader of a rebellion to destroy the freedom of the Highbloods.

-He destroys THROUGH freedom by leading an uprising.

-However, he destroys the freedom of others. He reduces Xefros’ independence to next to nothing, essentially enslaving the boy as his ‘butler’. He also forces him into his band.

-Extremely paranoid, to the point where he’s turned his house into a prison with lockdown system and security cameras (destroying his own freedom).

This troll is certainly a Prince of Breath.


Doesn’t this arrangement look awfully familiar?

A LIGHT Player


A TIME Player

A SPACE Player

I will leave this up to you to refute, dear reader. Please feel free to drop any replies in my inbox to discuss with me. I understand that Joey one feels like a stretch, and I promise I wasn’t forcing it to make it match the Beta Kids.

Thanks for Reading!

Before It’s Too Late (part 5)

Summary: Bucky starts dating a girl from his History of Art class. The only problem: you’re in love with him. College AU.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: just some good ol’ fluff

A/N: gonna put some pictures in here, hope ya don’t mind :)

“What did you get Nat?”

“These earrings she’s been dying to have.” You say. “I got them a while back for her. They’re in my bag at home.”

Bucky sighed. “What do I get her? She’s so picky.”

“I dunno. Something she likes?”

“That’s the problem; I don’t know what she likes.” He lets out a groan. “Fuck it, I’m just gonna get her a cheap ass necklace.”

You shake your head, following him to the jewelry section.

“Which one should I get… hmm…” he scanned the necklaces. “Should I get her an elephant one or the one with the letter ‘N’ on it?” before you could share your thoughts he hummed. “I’m gonna get the one with the ‘N’ on it. Maybe she’ll think it’s meaningful or something.”

You laugh and look down at your list of names while Bucky tosses the necklace into his cart.

“Hey, what’d you get Sam?” you ask, looking up at your friend.

He grinned. “Shampoo and conditioner.”

“No you didn’t.”

“Yeah I did.” He reaches into his cart and shows the bottles to you. “Sam always complains about how we don’t have any ‘manly’ shampoo and conditioner in our apartment so I got him some.”

You snort. “You don’t have any manly shampoo and conditioner?”

“Nope. Steve and I use the one you use. You know, the one that smells really good?”

“Oh my god why.”

Bucky shrugs. “We like how it smells. Plus the ladies like how it smells too.”

You playfully roll your eyes and start walking away.

“What’d you get him?” Bucky questioned, coming up next to you.

“Ima get it right now.”

“Well what is it?”

“You’ll see.”

Bucky looks at his list as well before biting his bottom lip. “Alright well you go get that and I’m gonna get Peggy, Wanda, Tony, Clint and Vision’s gifts.”

“What’re you gonna get Vis?”

“Eh, I dunno. I heard he likes to paint so maybe I’ll get him some paints.” He shrugged.

“Ooo! We can go to Michaels for that and I can get him some canvases there!” you exclaim.

“Alright. Where are you gonna be so I can find you when I’m done?” he asked.

“Probably where the picture frames are.”

Bucky nods and with a salute he turns and walks in the opposite direction. You continue your way until you reach the photo printer and you smiled as you turned on your Bluetooth.

Bucky had just got done getting Clint’s gift and stretched before heading over to the picture frames where you said you’d be. He casually walked through the store in search for the isle which held the picture frames and smiled when he found it and you who was looking at some of them.

“Hey.” Bucky greeted.

“Hey.” You acknowledge him.

“So what’d you get Sam?”

“It’s in that little envelope thing.” You nod over to your cart and Bucky strolls over to it. He picks up the envelope and pulls out the pictures that were in it.

Bucky chuckled. “Aww this is the one I took.” he goes through the other two and his eyebrows knit together before looking up at you. “Y/N, you do know these three pictures are the same, right?”

You grab a picture frame and put it in your cart before smiling. “I know. One’s for Sam, one’s for Tony and one’s for Clint.”

“You’re a horrible gift-giver.” Bucky laughed as he put away the pictures.
“Getting a picture of me is the best gift of all.” You tell him. “You gotta admit, I’m pretty cute.”

The brunette smiled. “You are pretty cute, huh?”

That wasn’t the response you thought he’d give you. You were thinking more along the lines of “you’re sadly mistaken” or “actually I’m pretty cute, not you”. Taken aback you stare at him, not knowing what to say or how to continue that conversation. Bucky stares at you as well, a shy smile on his face like he realized what he had just said. The tall man looks away and you clear your throat.

“Alright so I’m pretty much done here. I ran and got Bruce some science-y looking shirt now all I need is Steve and Vision.” You change the subject.
“What about Wanda and Peggy?”

“I got Wanda a gift card to Forever 21 yesterday when we went shopping and when we get home I have to order Peggy’s.” you respond.

“What’re you getting her?”

“The Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette. She’s been dying for it.”

Bucky made a face. “The who?”

You roll your eyes. “It’s makeup.”

“Oh.” He scoffed. “You should’ve just said that to begin with.”

You chuckle and shake your head before nodding over to his cart. “What’d you get?”

Bucky grinned. “Well I got Wanda a pretty headband and I got Peggy red lipstick because she always wears red lipstick – oh! I got Tony a telescope but a cheap one and I got Clint a bow and arrow from the toy section.”

“You really don’t like spending money on your friends, huh Bucky?” you giggle, picking up the toy bow and arrow and examining it.

“What? I do. I’m just low on cash.”

“What’d you spend it on? Unnecessary things?”

Bucky puts his hands on his hips. “It’s none of your business.”

“Whatever, cheapskate. Let’s go and pay so we can go to Michaels and get Vis his things.”

After getting Vision his gifts you and Bucky went to Best Buy to get Steve his gift. Bucky was shocked when he saw you pick up a box with a record player on it.

“You didn’t.” he gasped as you turned to face him.

“I did.” You smiled.

After paying for it you both head home and carry everything up to your room. The two of you set everything in the corner before falling onto your bed.

“I still can’t believe you actually got him a record player.” Bucky breathed, turning to you.

“He’s been wanting one and I know he collects records so why not?” you shrug, turning Bucky’s way.

“I feel like a shitty friend now. I’ve known the punk basically my whole life and all I got him was socks.” He frowned.

“That’s what happens when you’re a cheapskate.” You murmur.

“Shut up.”

You laugh and Bucky breaks out in a smile. The two of you continue to look at each other, much similar to earlier in the store but it wasn’t long until Bucky broke the staring and silence.

“So, what’d you get me?”

You scoff. “I’m not telling you.”

“Why not?” he pouted.

“Because it’s a surprise.”

“But I wanna know now.”

“Fine. Tell me what you got me and then I’ll tell you.”


“Then I’m not telling you.” You shrug.

“Whatever, we’re staying here together so I’ll figure out what it is eventually.” He replied.

“I doubt it.”
Bucky hummed and stared at you, looking from your eyes to your nose then down to your lips where his gaze lingered longer. You shift and lay your head on your bed, causing a strand of hair to fall in your face but before you could move it, Bucky reached up and tucked it behind your ear. You inhaled sharply, his eyes piercing you and you tried to look away but you couldn’t.

His fingers slid down until they were on your cheek and his thumb caressed the skin under it. His eyes went back to your lips and he bit his own before slowly leaning in. You exhale slowly, watching him get closer and closer, your lips nearly touching and they would have if you hadn’t gasped and sat up.

“I uh… I have to go order the makeup for Peggy!” you exclaim, jumping up from the bed.

“Y/N.” he spoke softly, sitting up but you brushed him aside.

“The laptop’s downstairs and I’ll probably be down there until dinner’s ready so I’ll come get you when it’s done.” And awkward pause sets in and you grab your phone and rush to the door. “Alright, bye.”

And with that, you leave your room.

Bucky stares at the door before laying back down and letting out a much needed sigh.

A/N: oh man, oh man, oh man. Hope ya liked this part, tell me what ya think! And as always, I’ll edit when I wake up!


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Isnt it weird how Kass the musical birb is like the most buff of all the rito? Or is it just me?

Singing career = good breath control, strong lungs

Accordion player = Arm strength, muscle development

Carries his instruments/equipment on him = back support, torso strength

Not surprised in the least that the Travelling Musician also looks like a WWE superstar.