breath of fresh air design

idk i just feel like there’s something rlly cool abt podcast fandoms in terms of fanart, like one of the benchmarks of a well known podcast is a certain similarity between character designs despite it not being the same, exactly, like you just see fanart from an artist you’ve never seen before and you’ll be like hey is that cecil and you read the tags and what do you know it is the gay radio host

like there are barely any character descriptions but somehow a certain design just latches on and that’s really really cool

prince of cats

chapter one: if i profane with my unworthiest hand

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it been a journey to get here. i started outlining in november…. i’m really excited that i’m finally able to share it with everyone! this fic was inspired by two (2) posts. one of which was this video of salem the glittery cat

shoutout to everyone in the miracusquad who was online when i started talking about this! thank you for letting me idea bounce/dump, and thank you for being so supportive in general <3
shoutout to my @mlfanfiction​ fam for not yelling at me when they realize that i had many other things i was supposed to be doing in november. things that were not this fic…. i love you guys
and finally, massive shoutout to @ladriened​!!! thank you for your endless support kc <3 

last quick thing! im going to be using these tags for this fic: ‘proc ml’ and 'prince of cats ml’. obviously i wasnt going to use poc and prince of cats is already used for half a dozen other things because…shakespeare


Marinette hums to herself as she hauls her bag up on her shoulder and flicks off the lights in her apartment. For once, she got a decent amount of sleep and she actually ate breakfast this morning, so today is already better than most. Now if she can get the stitching on this new jacket done before lunch…

She pauses to check her phone as she closes the door behind her. Nothing surprising, nothing pressing. Alya confirming lunch like she does every week and insisting Marinette bring juicy gossip to the table. Marinette rolls her eyes as she turns the key in the lock. Fortunately, or unfortunately for Alya, work has been drama free lately. A nice breath of fresh air after a tense argument between two other designers that ended in screaming a few weeks ago. For days after, the workroom was stifling and awkward. Marinette is glad she has nothing to bring to Alya. Besides, Alya will have more enough to say on her own.

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Animage October 2017 - Tracksuits of Youth! 

 When you ask most Inazuma fans what memorable team-related items come to mind, they’ll probably immediately think of school and team uniforms. However, you can’t forget about the tracksuits they wear when they’re on the move. These clothes are seen just as often as the team uniform, and appear in many important scenes too. Since there’s only one sketch made of rough designs of tracksuits, their designs have to be considered carefully. Staff try to create a ‘Stylish’ and 'Unique’ tracksuit for each team.

 In the new series Ares, the tracksuits of Inaguni Raimon and Teikoku Gakuen have already been shown, and in the latest Walker episode, 61.6% of fans voted on option 4 for the tracksuit design of Kidokawa Seishuu, for a breath of fresh air. A mostly white tracksuit is unusual in Inazuma history, but perhaps you could say it shows the coolness of a high level school like Kidokawa? 

 In that case, we wonder if Zeus will wear a colorful tracksuit in contrast with their mostly white uniform? Rather than that, an elegant tracksuit would suit Zeus better, right? What kind of designs will all the teams have? We’re looking forward to finding out! 

 Gouenji Shuuya 

CV: Nojima Hirofumi

In the new series he separates from Raimon and is despatched to Kidokawa Seishuu. In the previous Walker episode, he talks about how he’s going to have a friendly match with a world champion team, which seems like it’s going to be shown in the new episode 27. 

 ○○ This is Kidokawa Seishuu’s uniform. The amount of red and white is the opposite of the tracksuit. ○○ Special guest on the last Walker episode, Gouenji’s voice actor talked about how the new design is the most tracksuit-like, and the sponsor’s Z logo is incorporated in an interesting way. 

 Actually, the three of them are Salon Mates! 

○○ In the last Walker episode, Pointy Hair Festival, the latest Outer Code episode was also aired. Gouenji, Fudou and Kabeyama all visit the same stylist and make a big fuss over their ridiculous new hairstyles. Since they all go to the same salon, does that mean Fudou also lives in Inazuma Town? When Gouenji calls him 'Akkii~’ to his face, his reaction is hilarious.

“Don’t you love me anymore?! Is that it? Is that why…?!”

“I swear, it’s not like that!”

“And all those times you said you loved me, you were screwing her! How dare you!”


“Just as I thought. Nothing to say. I thought you would break my heart one day. Never knew it would be so soon.”

“I’m sorry.”

“No you’re not. You know what, you can get out of here.”


Dean was on the edge of the stool, poised in such a way he could take the heartbreak for the next line. Dr. Sexy was going to proclaim his love to Dr. Juliana this episode - he had to. It’d been going on forever!

But unfortunately Dean’s viewing time was cut short with the shriek of Charlie Bradbury’s voice. “Hey, Winchester! We’re open, so get your ass out here now!”

Sighing, Dean turned his phone off and took out his headphones. Tucking them into his pocket, he jumped down with a spring in his steps before making his way into the counter.

“What’s got you?” Charlie nudged him.

“Dr. Sexy. Last nights episode. He’s just so…perfect. I can’t believe Dr. Juliana thinks he’s cheating on her. After all these seasons!”

Charlie rolled her eyes dramatically. “It’s just a tv show, Dean.”

“How dare you?!”

“I’m joking. That would be very hypocritical of me. Yeah, I’m not over Gilda from Fantasy Of Nightingale,” she sighed, her eyes glazed and staring out of the window as if her celebrity crush would fly through it and rescue her.

“Right,” Dean eventually said.

He had work to do.

In and out came customers, most boring, some hot, some weird in a good way…others, well, it’s safe to say not in a good way.

It approached around midday, the sun was high, the colours of city life outside the café were vibrant and complimentary to the shops design. Dean grinned to himself, breathing in the fresh air every time the door opened.

It’s not that he hated this job that made him want to quit: he loved every aspect of it here. He just felt like his mind was better off working someplace else. The where was yet to be found.

While Dean was daydreaming, a man entered through and looked slightly out of place.

Dean waited behind the counter and watched closely to the man approaching.

He had hair with no style; it was simply a short raven mess. And his clothing style was like he was going for the ancient-languages-lecturer-at-college aesthetic. The dark blue skinny jeans that were very worn down; the dark off-brown jacket; thin rimmed glasses; his ‘I haven’t shaved in a week’ beard; simply everything about him was a disheveled mess of a professor.

“Excuse me, can I have a medium cappuccino, sir?” His voice was rough and deeper than Dean had ever heard someone near enough his age speak. But it was like a purring engine almost, very sensual too.

“Coming right up. What’s your name?”

“Excuse me?”

Dean paused his actions, holding the cup in one hand and a permanent marker in the other. “For the cup. Your name.”

“Oh, uh…Skywalker, Luke,” the man said with a curl to his full and chapped lips.

“Okay, Mr. Skywalker,” Dean grinned back. This seemed to make 'Luke’ more relaxed. He leaned up against the counter even, looking through his shoulder back and through files (definitely a teacher of some sort, Dean thought), then pulled out his wallet.

The weirdest thing was that he continued beaming and smiling fondly as Dean passed the cup to Charlie to finish up the drink. Dean felt a hint fondness towards this man well up in his chest.

When Charlie was done she called his name with a laugh in her tone.

Dean, by this time had moved onto another customer, but he didn’t stop watching over that man until they shared a glance and he went on his way about the world - never to see each other again.


“Who was that?” Charlie nudged Dean when they were hanging around at hers after their shift.

“Who was who?”

“That guy that you were giving heart eyes too earlier, Luke Skywalker, yeah, like you could forget him. Who was he?”

Dean would be lying if he said he hadn’t been thinking about bright blue eyes and red plaid shirts behind brown jackets all day. Who could blame him - really?

“I have no idea,” he sighed.

“Why didn’t you get his number!? He was totally into you.”

“No he wasn’t. You’re just wishing it was. And so am I. And it’s not like we’re going to find out if he was into me or not now.”

“Yep. Too late, you idiot.”


The next day, around lunch hour, the shift was busy. Dean had been rushing about all morning and he was glad he was only working half a day.

He checked the time. Soon, he thought.

In the midst of tidying up and getting down orders and names, one stood out for him.

“Cappuccino, please.” Dean looked up to see the same man from yesterday. Only today he’d shaved and was wearing a blue shirt with a few buttons undone. Fuck. He was gorgeous.

Dean stared at him for a moment before composing himself. “Same as yesterday?”

The man nodded. “Under the name 'Mulder’, thanks.”

“You got it.”


After that day, surely, surely, he wouldn’t come back for the same order 3 days in a row.

But he did.

“Can I have a-”

“Same as yesterday?” Dean asked, hopeful eyes staring softly at the gentleman in front of him. He felt like he was having a high school crush at this point despite seeing the man only a few times. But he was sweet. And beautiful. And nerdy - which is all Dean ever wanted in life.

“It’s Steve Rogers, the name for the cup,” the man squinted cutely at Dean’s name tag before looking at him back in the eyes, “thank you Dean.”

“You’re welcome.”


“Cappuccino, for Mr…?”

“Starlord.” The man looked smugly at Dean with his hands shoved in his pockets. Dean rolled his eyes at him, wrote down the name anyway. “Can you blame me?”

“No, I can’t. It’s funny, you know. Are you normally this sneaky?” Dean nodded at him. The man just chuckled to himself and looked down. “Okay, fine. Will I be seeing you tomorrow?”

'Starlord’ just winked before waiting for his drink over by Charlie.

For a cute guy he really left a lot of mystery and knowledge to be desired.


By the end of the first 5 days it had become their thing. Dean had the weekend off and just used the time thinking about his new crush. It probably wasn’t healthy but he couldn’t help it.

By the end of week two they had been edging near flirtatious territory. Dean was too scared to ask the guy out or even ask why he was coming to the same shop 5 days a week at near enough the same time. The other guy, well, Dean didn’t even know his real name. All he knew was the man was definitely not straight.

As week three came to a close they’d established this ritual: banter, light conversation, the name of the day before their shared small smiles or prolonged glances.

It was only when week 5 began things changed between them. Their hands lingered more when exchanging cash, or they itched nearer to each other with every moment they could afford.

Dean didn’t mind. It was just he didn’t want this all to be for nothing. A build up without a final hit, an almost something between him an a stranger once upon a time.

Dean waited. It was around this time of day that his 'friend’ entered. Charlie was ready with the cappuccino and Dean was ready with his most attractive smile he could pull of.

Then he came in. Dean sighed in relief.

But something was different about the man this time. Dean couldn’t quite figure it out. He seemed more nervous as he fingered his bag strap or held his own hands awkwardly.

“Are you alright?” Dean asked with some concern.

“I’m fine thank you, Dean.” Dean loved it when he said his name. And when he said he loved it, he means he had no way imagined 'I do, Dean’ in his dreams or anything like that…

“So…What’s it today?”

“Castiel,” he replied slowly.

Dean could pretend he understood what he meant but he didn’t. So with the cup in hand, he stood closer. “I don’t understand that reference?”

“I-It’s not a reference. It’s actually my name.”

“You’re joking- what sort of…” Dean’s almost laughter trailed off at Castiel’s stern look. “You’re not joking. Well, I- uh, well it’s very…” He was being eyed carefully. Dean took in a small breath and braced himself as he let the words flow. “Beautiful. It’s beautiful, Castiel. It’s breathtakingly angelic, l-like your eyes.”

“Way to make a guy feel special,” Castiel blushed.

“I have better ways, I swear.” Dean said it like a hopeful promise.

“I’m sure you do.”

Dean wrote down the name. But this time he added his number and a few kisses underneath before handing the cup over to Charlie. As per usual, Cas stood in the corner and waited for his order.

Smirking, Dean was half watching as to when Cas got his order. It was fairly soon after and Dean’s heart swelled with the look of surprise on Castiel’s face as he saw what Dean had written.

Then he looked back at Dean, biting his lip as if to stop his smile from spreading to wide.

Castiel left the shop with a spring in his step that day. When he got out of sight of Dean, he picked up his phone and called his brothers number.

“Have you done it?”

“I’ve got his number, Gabe! His number!” He practically jumped up and down on the side walk.

“Son of a bitch. Looks like you didn’t need your older brother intervening anyway. What are you going to do with it?” Gabriel said with pride.

“I’m going to ask him out for dinner tomorrow,” Cas nearly squeaked, “holy shit, Gabe. He’s so cute.”

“So you’ve been telling me for the last month,” he dryly said. “Stop wasting time talking about how much you think he’s a God and text him!”

“Okay, okay I’ll do that. What if he’s doesn’t like me? What if I’m too old or something? What if-”

“He wants to kiss you so hard bro, trust me! Now. Text. Him. And. Ask. Him. Out. Understand?”

Cas was too busy smiling to say anything else. He just hung up and wrote down Dean’s number into his contacts.

Something about this felt like it was going to be very special.

Top 10 Anime Girls

Since the very inception of anime, no question has been more difficult to answer than this one “Which anime girl is the best ?”.
Today i aim to share my opinion on this matter. 
Ill cut straight to the point, this is my list of the top 10 anime girls, i will be judging: 
1) Personality 
2) Appearance 
3) Lasting Impact
These were the key points i kept in mind when compiling this list.
Oh and only one character per franchise.
Please enjoy
*this is not a character review, i will only be detailing aspects of characters i enjoyed and aspects that fleshed them out or made appealing and interesting. 
*for future reference and Omni-Bus anime is an anime, often a harem where each of the possible love interest for the MC gets her own arc animated, each arc is self contained and when one arc ends it is considered final and a new arc begins, actions on one arc do not affect other arcs unless specified. Basically every girl gets the MC, but the MC gets only one girl per arc. Each arc should be treated as a self contained story.


PERSONALITY : At the begin of the anime, Mei is the single shyest character i have ever seen, refusing to acknowledge anyone around her out of fear of getting hurt. As the anime goes on, she begins to grow as a character, slowly accepting others and allowing herself to get close to people. She often is well meaning but her shyness, indecisiveness and lack of trust in others causes herself and those around her a great deal of grief. Nonetheless she comes of as a lovable if awkward character with plenty of strength hidden behind all the shyness.

With a character like Mei, she is more grounded in her design, short hair is always plus in my books and her huge eyes may seem a bit odd to those not used to this style,but overall her design was well implemented as it serves the purpose of the story where the “School’s hottest guy” falls for the “average girl”.

Her slight tendency to act violent was a memorable feature of hers, but the real impact came from how well Mei worked as character you could root for no matter how many times she made the situation worse for herself, her struggles felt believable and would easily  connect with those suffering from social anxiety. 


PERSONALITY : The term “tsundere” refers to someone who is initially cold or hostile towards others but over time shows a more caring side. Taiga Aisaka is the first of many to come on this list and also the embodiment of this term. She is a tsundere through and through and a very well developed tsundere at that.Prone to all manner of violence, she is immensely entertaining to watch. Really you truly need to watch Toradora to understand what i mean. I shall say no more.

I have long held the belief that Taiga was designed to appeal to the Lolicon demographic ( which im not to fond of ) and my belief is well placed, she is short like a child, and has several characteristics of a child. With this in mind though, one must actually consider that she is in fact not a child, well, not under the age of 14 anyway, i found myself more attracted to her adorableness rather than any other form of appeal and that worked given her tsundere personality.

Taiga probably had the one of the largest impacts on me out of any character on this list, purely because she is unbelievably entertaining to watch, she steals the screen every second she is in frame and its a definite plus that she gets solid development as the show goes on.

*tsugumi would be here but i decided with chitoge because she got more development as a character.

PERSONALITY : If you were to ask me if i’d ever be sick of tsunderes, i’d laugh for about 10 minuets straight and then slap you. Yes she is another tsundere and i mean heavy on the “tsun”, she is voilent loud and never expresses her feelings. Since the anime hasnt reached a solid conclusion as of yet, she has yet to develop completely as a character, but even so, by the time season 1 ends, you see a noticeably different Chitoge than the one from the beginning. I really look forward to seeing her grow more as a character.

Her appearence really sticks her out as the true star of the show, her long blonde hair with pink tips on the end, her bow on her head that at times act like bunny ears, her “well proportioned” body, as evident in the multiple swimming episodes, all these combine to create a character worthy of a staring role. Her tsundere outbursts are especially adorable, add in the signature “Studio Shaft head tilt” and you have a character who is the centre of attention at all times.

Watching Nisekoi purely for Chitoge is perfectly reasonable, she is indeed the most entertaining character their, while getting a solid amount of development, she left a fair impression on my, and watching her deal with her emotional turmoil was a satisfying endeavor. Its unlikely will see the conclusion to her story soon as season 2 of nisekoi is still a way down the road but seeing Chitoge again makes it worth the wait.


PERSONALITY : Ok, first let me say, i know im going to get a lot of shit for including Minene instead of Yuno, and here is why i did this, Minene is a better character overall, she has a immensely crazy side but manages to keep calm and composed even in the face of many adversities, she also has a caring side to her that is exposed as the series goes on and has one of the most emotional sub-plot in the entire series. Given her background its easy to understand why she is messed up in the head a bit, but unlike Yuno, Minene actually grows as a character and by the end, we she a completely different and greatly imporved Minene.

One other area where she trumps Yuno is in character design, i mean, she is smoking hot !! Long purple hair and incredible body, its obvious the designers made her with sex appeal in mind, given that she has her fair share of nudity in the series. She even manages to rock an eye patch, and that says something. But she does have her adorable moments to. So its not all mindless sex appeal.

She was a definite badass, seriously she may one of the best ass kicking babes in anime, and it was nice to see a women who is sexy and can still kill most of her male opponents in a few seconds. And her ability, not to completely lose her mind ( unlike almost all other characters in the series ) made her really stand out.


PERSONALITY : Yes, another tsundere, but i warned you people there were more to come. Inaba isnt a severe tsundere but still, she is indeed one. She constantly puts up a front of being strong, cold and independent making wise ass remarks about the other characters, but soon we learn her true more fragile and caring nature, and its this sort of character development that makes her easy to root for and relatable. At times she allows her true feelings to slip out leading to both drama and hilarity.

Oh look, short hair, no but seriously, as far as appearance goes i love girls with short hair. Inaba is one step away from being what i would call the perfect looking girl. She is not too short, Short hair, a good body ( not ridiculous ), if she had glasses, she would be unfairly perfect. She hits more a cuteness appeal that sex appeal, which i think given the nature of the show is a very wise decision. ( although a few episodes try to bring her to sex appeal side, but only a few, and they worked fine ).

Given how Inabas story played out, she left me with a big impression, i loved her from start to finish and her pain felt real, instead of some overly dramatic nonsense pushed in just for the sake of drama ( unlike a certain other character in the series ). Inaba was entertaining to watch from start to end, she managed to be a solid character in a very solid show. Also id like to point out that i loved the voice of Sawashiro Miyuki who voiced Inaba. I feel in love with her voice as soon as i heard it.


PERSONALITY : Ryuko starts of the anime as a very hot headed,angry and over confident character whose sole incentive is revenge. But while she is till hot headed and over confident at the end of the anime, she does really grow, mostly due to her the friendships she makes on her way. Ryuko has a solid resolve and an unstoppable drive, her personality feels like a breath of fresh air for a female character, to be able to vulnerable yet strong, weak yet protected, at first she may appear bland and one dimensional, but if you still think that at the end, then you didnt pay attention to her at all.

While Ryuko’s personality may be a breath of fresh air, her appearance is the tried and true form of character design, that of the short hair, bright highlight, and a body to envy ( if your a girl )(body you want to hold if your a guy). But at times it like two different Ryukos exist, one is when she transforms into her battle outfit that shows as much skin as a bikini, but the other, when she is normal, is hugely more grounded, (see above pic). i personally like her “normal” form, she still has the rocking short hair, that in your face highlight, and that damn sailor outfit, seriously, she is a hell of a lot more attractive in that. These two forms are so drastically different its hard to believe its the same girl all the time.

To say Ryuko left a huge impact on we would be saying too much, but she did leave me with a rather large hole in my heart, not often do i fall for girls who have no romance in their anime, so to say goodbye to her with no romantic plot, it felt really odd, im not saying that every anime needs romance, im just saying, what happened here with Ryuko was weird. But regardless she made it so high on this list even without any romance, and thats because she was a solid dynamite character. Dont lose your way Ryuko.


PERSONALITY : Im just gonna come out and say it, she worked, on every level she appealed to me, she is a shy, timid, strict, hardworking, kind and a slightly awkward tsundere and that just worked for me. I loved everything about her personality. I really have no complaints. 

She has glasses and twin tails, you can see where this is going right, again her character design appealed to me greatly, and while the anime portrayed her with a slightly flat chest ( not completely flat ) and tried to give us the impression that she had it as an imperfection in her design, it seemed to ground her more in reality and that in turn added to her appeal and added a cuteness to her every time she got embarrassed about it.

 Best senpai ever !!Easily providing the most enjoyable arc in photokano, Muroto senpai left a huge impression on me, i fell in love with her almost as soon as she was introduced and grew to love her more as the story went on.Being the student council president had a sort of authoritarian appeal to it “if you know what i mean”. Sadly due to the Omni-Bus format of Photokano, we spend only a small amount of time with our beloved senpai though it was marvelous seeing her get her happy ending, if she had a whole season dedicated to herself, she would be in the top 3 easily.


PERSONALITY : Kaga Kuoko, is really an odd one, at the very beginning of Golden Time, i was deeply annoyed with her obsessive and boderline insane possessiveness, but very quickly and much to my amazement i found myself completely in love with her. What were once annoying personality issues became quirky adorable traits, guess its due to the fact that early on we discover that she has such pure motivations behind everything she does, she does it all purely out of love, and who could hate that, especially when the end of the shows come around.

Kuoko does it again, she normally goes against my idea on how the perfect girl would look, but she is so high on this list thanks to those traits as well. Her long light brown hair, her summer bikini figure and her adorable eyes all managed to win me over. 

When the final curtain dropped and the anime ended, i was left wanting more of Kuoko, much much more, she may have been the star through out the show, but that just left me wanting more and more, her tireless efforts to be the best for her love made her easy to sympathize with and her story has some truly heart wrenching moments. Golden Time was such a hit, purely thanks to her. 



PERSONALITY : Misaki was initially hard to like, being a guy i found it hard to enjoy her “anti-male” point of view in the few early episodes. But it wasnt that i didnt understand her, in fact, she grows to learn that she held a misguided point of view and begins to show signs of growth in the form accepting her male students as peers and not enemies, but still has firm grip of things as student council president. This is the point were i began to fall for her, her innocent personality, her strong tsundere character and her strictness as student council president clicked for me, each was balanced perfectly in the right amounts to give her depth,likability, and make sure her character didnt do a complete 180. She even manages to beat some ass every now and then, and that just makes my attraction even stronger. The best thing about her though, is how she truly cares for those close to her, when it comes down to it, she even manages to overcome her shyness to still be there for others. She has a winning personality, which i would have loved to see come full circle, but unfortunately the anime ended permaturely and its unlikely we will ever see a sequel and since this list is anime only i cant consider her “manga version” ( the anime does have a satisfying end though so fear not ), but i cant help but feel that if she did come full circle in the anime, she would have had the number one spot. Well i guess it of to the manga to see how she continues to grow.

 Misaki was designed perfectly, i cant and would never complain about how she looks. Everything from her hair to eyes to body to face, i can not find a single thing i would change. The fact that she spends 50% of her time in a maid outfit is another huge plus in her favour, i know this anime is marketed as shoujo ( anime aimed at the female audience ) but that didnt stop them form giving us guys something to enjoy.

You can tell by now but, i wont be forgetting Misaki any time soon, she has won her way into my heart and is gonna stay their a long time, she is the only character to ever make my want to read a shoujo manga. and im off to do just that. Looks like i got alot more Misaki to look forward to. 



PERSONALITY : Kaoru is so unbelievably lovable. Really she is, she has this ever present innocence about her that just makes everything she does adorable, this coupled with her tomboy attitude worked really well for me. At the begin of her arc she struggles to come to terms with falling in love with her best friend and begins to wonder if it okay to love a close friend, as the arc progresses we start to see her following her heart rather than her head, and this leads to some really funny and heartfelt moments. Its amazing how much her character grew in such few episodes and since she is one of only two characters in the series who has to win Junichi’s affection it added a nice pallet cleanser from watching Junichi try to win a girls affection. Kaoru also gets jealous and embarrassed really easily so it was nice to see her overcome these issues in order to be with the one she loved. She also has a kinky side(which i love) , which i wont spoil, its something you need to experience first hand. Considering Amagami SS is a Omni-Bus anime its incredible how well developed Kaoru was, out of all the girls i felt like she grew the most and thats s big feat, considering that if you combine both seasons of Amagami she has only six episodes to herself.But she till managed to win me over instantly. Perfect personality to a perfect character.

Yet again i find myself so completely in love with her appearance. Intersting thing, i fell in love with Kauro even before her arc began, thats purely because when she popped up as Junichis friend, i fell in love with her character design, she has that beautiful medium short black hair and everything about her overall character design screams perfect, sure she was designed to be more of an average character when compared to the rest of the cast, but here is where i believe perfection lies in simplicity. Also a plus is that she has a super cute waitress outfit that she spends some time in and while we do get a few bikini shots, their isnt too much fan service from her end( except for one glorious scene), which i actually didnt mind at all, because i often find myself more attracted to characters if the arent constantly fumbling around with their clothing as if it was made of water. Honestly if someone came up to me and asked me to describe my idea of the perfect girl, hands down i would describe Kaoru, maybe just add some glasses for kinks sake. 

To be number one on this list and have had only 6 episodes dedicated to herself across 2 seasons should no doubt convey that Kaoru left the biggest impression on me from all the girls in this list. 
And while other characters stories would have benefited from greater lengths to their story, Kaoru came full circle is such a fulfilling manner that the only reason id ask for more episodes with her is just to have more episodes with her in them, its as simple as that, i want more Kaoru, not because she was incomplete, its just i want more. Everything about her was pure perfection from personality to appearance to voice, oh her voice, Satou Rina did one hell of an amazing job voicing Kaoru with hands down the cutest “Thank You” i have ever heard in my entire life. Really, it will melt your heart when you hear it. Ultimately i have no regrets about putting Kaoru as my number one, hell she broke the friendzone, sure she wasnt the only girl in the anime to do it, but she did it best, she saw what she wanted and did everything she could to get it. She was cute, sexy, funny, playful, serious,lovable ,shy,independent, strong, vulnerable, and thats why i loved her. 

Hope everyone enjoyed this list, be sure to check out all the anime ive mentioned if you already havent, really these girls deserve your time.
Ultimately this is my opinion and there is no real way to decide the universal number 1 anime girl. Hope you all enjoyed !!

MCL Sprites Part 5, Good Lord...

Tried some new things with Peggy and Rosa; Peggy holding her… recorder(?) and Rosa’s hair being fabulous as always.  Priya was a breath of fresh air with how simple her design is compared to the two before her, those girls gave me a really hard time, kinda like they do in the game.

Part 1: Nathaniel, Castiel, and Lysander
Part 2: Armin, Alexy, and Kentin
Part 3: Amber, Li, Charlotte, and Capucine
Part 4: Violette, Kim, Melody, and Iris
Part 5: Peggy, Rosalya, and Priya



On January 15th, it was a beautiful winter day so the class went for a walk along the Highline. The street art, as well as the architectural aspects, were very inspirational to us as graphic designers. It was a breath of fresh air to be able to see the city from a different perspective. The sun was setting over New Jersey which lit up the city beautifully. 

Signs of spring are in full bloom with our favorite pattern this month, Geo Florals.  Perfect for infusing color in your home through accent pillows, artwork, or wall treatments, we love seeing this classic pattern bring a breath of fresh air to your home decor.