breath of fire dragon quarter


So I happened to be looking through the Dragon Quarter art book the other day and came across the top images, which depict a headless “Nina” skeleton cradling another skeleton. Lo and behold, it’s in the game too, only you can hardly see it through the fence. But you can still make out the red of her wings. You wouldn’t even realize what it was until you saw the sketch.

I love noticing new things about my favorite game. I never really thought about it before, but why are there so many skeletons in this room? It is BioCorp after all, it’s probably just a dumping ground for all the human test subjects, and we know there are more “Ninas” after all…

If anyone who knows Japanese would like to translate, I’d be very happy.

Aaand here’s tonight’s drawing: Ryu’s dragon form in Breath of Fire V.

His dragon form, for which no official artwork nor concept art for his finalized design exists. Just renders of his in-game model. What concept art for his dragon form that does exist looks drastically different, resembling something closer to a SMT demon.

…that torso does look kind of weird.

So I just started watching Gurren Lagann on Netflix recently, and I’ve noticed a few things that a pretty amusing.

Anyone who’s played Breath of Fire Dragon Quarter on PS2 can CLEARLY see the inspiration in both plot and Simon’s character design (and before any of you Otaku nerds tell me that Breath of Fire copied it, Dragon Quarter came out 5 years before this show).

And then when I was watching episode 3 or 4 last night, I became confused when I thought my phone had started playing the Wild Arms 5 soundtrack. There’s a theme in one of the towns of that game that has harmonica, and it’s very clearly the same tune being used in Gurren Lagann (this game also came out before the show). Hahaha. So I don’t know if it’s a sort of royalty free harmonica track that anybody can use or what, but I thought it was funny that two of my favorite video games have already been referenced. Loving this show so far!

Wild Arms 5 track - “An Encounter in the Sunset”

Gurren Lagann track - “Geez, Travels Are So Tiring”

(Image of Elyon, Odjn, and Chetyre from the Breath of Fire V artbook, page 6. Perhaps this was from when he was linked with Odjn? After defeating Chetyre, they’re about to open the hatches, until Elyon stops…)

Well since no one wants to talk about the Nina skeleton anymore, let’s talk about D-Ratios and Elyon for the hell of it.

Well, I have my reasons actually, so humor me please.

Do you think the concept of D-Ratios came to be before or after Elyon became Regent? Elyon was the first Chosen to link with a dragon half (or at least with Odjn) so perhaps no one knew it was possible before. Therefore there would be no reason to even have D-Ratios before the linking…

So maybe Elyon came up with D-Ratios as a method of controlling the population after taking over; He didn’t want a repeat of what happened with him. The higher a person’s D-Ratio is, the better chance they have of linking with a dragon half. So High-Ds are kept in the upper levels of Shelter to keep them in check, not necessarily because they’re better. This way they were closer to Centre and therefore closer to the regents, who could deal with the more swiftly if they were in close proximity.

Having better living conditions and better jobs compared to Low-Ds may be a way of pacifying them so they don’t rebel. The rest of the population is generally ignored, which is why it’d be easier for Elyon to pick out Low-Ds for his “Odjn linking experiments” (as I was discussing in this theory post). Like I said before, by time the other Regents figure out a Low-D linked with Odjn, it’s be too late. so long as the person was strong enough to survive.

Any thoughts on that?

Also, on the topic of D-Ratios, how is one’s D-Ratio determined anyway? Some form of testing? Blood/Gene testing? What do you think?

Lastly, I’m curious as to what people think Elyon’s motivation was for wanting to leave Shelter and open the Sky? Could it have been disgust with the injustices he sees in Shelter? Wanting to save someone special, like Ryu (which would kind of lead to my theory with the linking experiments… Sort of in a “If it worked to motivate me, the same could be said for other people?” way)? Or maybe he just wanted freedom…. That desire could always lead to what actually happened: Elyon fearing he wasn’t acting of his own free will (because maybe it was just Odjn who wanted to be free) and severing the link with Odjn.

Of course this is all just speculation. I’d really like input from others though. Because it may or may not be for a projectcoughdoujinshicough

Experimenting and playing around in SAI - look, no contour lines, for once!
I seem to rarely draw Breath of Fire fan art, and I seldom draw any of Dragon Quarter, which is strange because I actually like Dragon Quarter a fair bit. Even had the art book for it open so I had references for Ryu and Nina, haha.

(…but where’s Lin?)

Drew this while listening to Chihiro Onitsuka singing castle.imitation, the ending song for the game, which has some…interesting lyrics.