breath of fire dragon quarter

I swear, every time I get some fancy weapon to be identified (freaking 5+ of them), I would either past the identifying person (and can’t go back) or fight a boss battle then go through 3 floor maps to get to one!!!!!!! Same with a save station (and its with either no save token or any if I had to restart my previous saves)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Augh…… why are you so impossible sometimes Dragon Quarter??????!!!!!!!!!!!!


So I happened to be looking through the Dragon Quarter art book the other day and came across the top images, which depict a headless “Nina” skeleton cradling another skeleton. Lo and behold, it’s in the game too, only you can hardly see it through the fence. But you can still make out the red of her wings. You wouldn’t even realize what it was until you saw the sketch.

I love noticing new things about my favorite game. I never really thought about it before, but why are there so many skeletons in this room? It is BioCorp after all, it’s probably just a dumping ground for all the human test subjects, and we know there are more “Ninas” after all…

If anyone who knows Japanese would like to translate, I’d be very happy.

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This is the scary Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter game over screen I mentioned earlier. If I did get this game around the time it came out and I saw that, I would probably have never wanted to play the game again. One of the comments on this video says, “That is like the most terrifying game over screen, ever!”

The game should get here on Thursday. I look forward to playing it. I want to try to beat it, no matter how frustrated I get with it.

Lately I’ve been plowing through the games I didn’t manage to play as a kid. Right now I’m playing Breath of Fire V: Dragon quarter.

I really like it so far! The battle system mixes real time and turn-based  really welland allows for a lot of strategic thinking!

I know that the style and character designs are really far from the usual ofthe series, but I really liked them and found them inspiring so I had to fan art~