breath of fire 2

Speaking of Breath of Fire Characters that caught me off guard

So in Bof2, in one of the churches you see this little tator tot character that I initially assumed was a woman in a blue dress;

Upon talking to other characters in the room I found out that this was, in fact, “Brother Ray” who is apparently very dreamy.

He shows up a couple times throughout the course of the game to team up with you on little missions and the like, looking like this in combat;

So naturally I assume I’ve got Lucius from Fire Emblem helping me out now.

That’s cool, he’s a pretty rad dude even though he’s one of the higher ups in the pseudo-Christian religion my team is ultimately trying to stamp out. So anyway, one 90’s dial-up search later and I find out, No, apparently Ray looks like this;


To celebrate the 38th anniversary of the liberation of Da Nang, the government of Vietnam has constructed the world’s largest dragon-shaped bridge over the Han River. Not only is it the steel bridge the largest of its type in the world, but it is covered in over 2,500 LED lights also it breathes fire. Construction on Vietnam’s massive 545-foot dragon bridge began in 2009. Now, four years and $85 million later, the eye-catching bridge is complete. More info about this here