breath of fire 2

Speaking of Breath of Fire Characters that caught me off guard

So in Bof2, in one of the churches you see this little tator tot character that I initially assumed was a woman in a blue dress;

Upon talking to other characters in the room I found out that this was, in fact, “Brother Ray” who is apparently very dreamy.

He shows up a couple times throughout the course of the game to team up with you on little missions and the like, looking like this in combat;

So naturally I assume I’ve got Lucius from Fire Emblem helping me out now.

That’s cool, he’s a pretty rad dude even though he’s one of the higher ups in the pseudo-Christian religion my team is ultimately trying to stamp out. So anyway, one 90’s dial-up search later and I find out, No, apparently Ray looks like this;

it’s been on and off but recently I’ve been working on a lil project,  slowly making a matrix of every time predatory behaviour is mentioned in a pokedex entry for each pokemon (almost to spite the blanket ban on anything to do with it or death in the recent anime) and I was going to do some stats on it too see if it’s a significant amount, and if the number differs drastically from the number of pokemon based on predatory taxa BUT ANYWAY, looking at the leaked sm pokedex entries, its mentioned a HUGE amount. To give you an idea, the word prey alone is mentioned fifty nine times in SM dex entries. A lot of entries also aren’t just vague, unspecific ”it hunts insects” which is very common in early generations, but a lot of the time mentioning the specific predation of other pokemon (which is more rare in past dexes), for example the toucan eating the lil mangosteen, wailord eating wishiwashi, toxapex eating corsola (crown of thorns!!) 

Furthermore - death is mentioned a lot in these entries (the koala is born asleep and dies asleep apparently), and also harmful anthropogenic actions, overhunting (shark finning is mentioned for sharpedo), introduction of invasive species etc. 

I think it’s great. Normal animal and plant behaviour is normal. Death is normal. The circle of life, the struggle to survive IS important to understand and respect in order to understand and respect life, and I think it is not right to over-shelter people from it. This is a good and constructive realism. Pokemon is really going back to it’s roots of being based on the natural world, and is also not shy in raising awareness of many of the threats to our own wildlife and environment. All of this is vital if the coming generations are going to have the awareness, respect, and passion to make a difference in these foreseeable grim times. 

You can check out the entries in the leaked text file of SM game text here (it’s a bit tricky to navigate, be warned)