breath mints

faleronofkingsreach asked:

Quintis + “I’m like 75% this won’t explode on us.”

“It’s okay, I’m like 75% sure this won’t explode on us.”

He turned to Happy who had her usual look of despair, minus the humourous tick in her eyes. “Toby, it’s mentos and coke. Of course it’s gonna explode!” She threw her hands out in emphasis, which only made the medical professional chuckle.

“Relax Happy, I’ve got this.”

“Last time you said that, we ended up in a cell” Happy muttered beneath her breath, still catching the quick glimpse of Toby in acknowledgement that he had heard her. But he ignored the statement, and instead finished setting up the experiment.

Once he was done - placing the small chip of breath mint on the wooden panel hovering loose over the bottle of carbonated soda - he called out a loud “haul ass!” in Happy’s direction. They both ducked for cover behind the turned-over dining room table, covered in a thich woolen blanket for extra protection.

Once Toby had checked that the cost was clear - free from Walter who was upstairs, Sylvester who was visiting Megan, Paige who was running errands, and Ferret Bueller who remained safely hidden beneath the mathematician’s desk, chewing on a stray piece of jerky - he threw the cover over and gripped the string in his left hand.

“Are you positive Doc?” Happy asked, detecting Toby’s mischievous grin from the darkness of the hiding spot.


They counted down from three, slowly, before Toby’s grip tightened and he pulled.

A moment of silence was followed by a sharp fizz, as the small tablet hit the liquid. The fizzing got louder, until finally it exploded. They felt the impact as something hit the table, making them both jump back in surprise. A few more crashes and bangs were detected before the shattering of glass ended the concerto of noise.

After the silence had well and truly set back in, the two geniuses emerged, lifting their heads above the blanket to assess the damage. Happy gasped as she observed her truck; parked absently by the edge of the trailer but now missing a driver’s side window. There was also a large dint in the fridge door and many pieces of debree splayed all over the floor. Not to mention the mass of coke that covered everything, from floor to ceiling.

“That, was, awesome!” Toby cheered, turning to Happy with his hands raised. Happy however didn’t meet his palms in a celebratory high-five, but her ferocious stare caught his eye, and he automatically began to sink back.

She was just about the lash out at the doctor, before another booming voice stopped her in her tracks; “Tobias M. Curtis, Harvard Trained, I am going to pulverize you!”