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“Pardon me, but you’re a Zora, aren’t you? I was hoping perhaps you and I would have a moment to talk…”

(I’d still think Zora!Link is smol LMAO. Also HOORAH for race switch!AU :D)

Back to my zeldoodles 🙇🏻✍🏻📒, i’m still feeling sick. 😫🤧🌡😊 / De vuelta a mis zeldoodles, aún me siento enfermo 😢😐☹️🔺🔺🔺

There’s a very small but very important detail in BotW. On the map there is a field called Romani Plains. Romani, the ranch girl from a completely different reality, has a legacy in Hyrule.

It may be just a shout out from the developers, but story wise that means that the Hero of Time did indeed make it back to Hyrule alive and he told people about Romani, and her story was influential enough that there’s a landmark named after her.

There’s also spots named after Lulu, Mikau, and Darmani. He definitely made it back alive.

This one’s been in the oven a while, tried to unite a bunch of my favorite zelda characters from the series together in a single art style. Some honorable mentions that didn’t make the cut are Beedle, the Darknut, an Octorok, The happy mask salesman, Ravio, and Zant.
(sorry the dimensions are about as un-tumblr-friendly as it gets)