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Lance ==>> Rise up

I redid Lance’s classpect art cause I didn’t really draw him right the first time so I may delete the old (or leave it to show not all art turns our right)

Lance, my boi, my dude, love u but u r very difficult to draw!

The Voltron classpect sorting sega continues

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could I maybe get some Page of Breath positivity up in here? 💖

A Page of Breath!
First, and I feel I must get this out of the way with a canon classpect, not all Pages of Breath are Tavros Nitram, as much as I love Tavros Nitram.
Second, the obvious. Pages have huge potential in their aspect! There is a long journey they have to undertake to achieve it, and they are often underestimated.
Just because your aspect exists in you in a scattered, twisted, and/or repressed state doesn’t mean that you don’t have it in abundance! Pages start off, in fact, with plenty of their aspect — they just have to learn how to apply it! And just that you need to develop before you fully realize your powers doesn’t mean that you’re useless. It means that you have so much room to grow!
Like with the rhyming class, the exact powers of a Page are something up for much debate. However, from what we’ve seen with Jake’s Page of Hope powers, they can, once developed, do some really badass things with their aspect! A parallel of Jake’s Hope bubble might be a “Breath bubble” where nothing is anchored to everything due to the fierce winds blowing through said bubble in a fearsome cyclone of unimaginable proportions!
Or something like that. Either way, the Page of Breath has incredible potential in their aspect of freedom, independence, and wind, and that could lead to an incredibly powerful team member if they properly develop. Be good to your resident Page of Breath, for they deserve it and you will all only gain in the end! 

transparent jane crocker, roxy lalonde, john egbert, rose lalonde, and kanaya maryam prepare to fight!

all of them separate

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Hello there! Do you think that you could do an analysis for a Muse of Breath? (Maybe if you're okay with it, a weapon/strife specious suggestion? Since I can't think of any good ones.. Totally an optional thing though, I don't want to make you do something you don't want to!) -Kay

Huh, I’ve never gotten an ask for a Muse or Breath player analysis, so let’s see how this goes! (Also I’m perfectly fine with taking weapon suggestions! Those are always fun! I’m going to put them up in a separate post right after this one, though).

Breath is the aspect of freedom, independence, adaptability, and unconcern. Muses inspire or inspire with their aspect.


The Muse of Breath would be good at encouraging freedom. They would wish for the liberty of others, and they would likely have the potential to be great leaders, able to inspire people to take a stand and make their dreams come true, or to stand up for themselves and be more independent. The Muse of Breath would also be very carefree. They would probably be able to recover quickly from tragedy. They would be unfaltering, always moving forwards and inspiring others to do the same. They would also be independent people, but possibly a bit off in their own world, at times. I see them as being very happy-go-lucky and/or respectable. I bet that they would make a good activist, rallying others to fight for their rights. If they wanted to, they could probably grow up to lead a revolution. However, being the most passive class, there’s a good chance that they would also be a pacifist, so they would probably be the one convincing people to join the cause rather than actually leading the revolution. Their teammates would greatly benefit from the Muse’s encouragement, becoming extremely driven to fight for the new universe so that they can claim their freedom from SBURB.


The Muse of Breath is a master class, making them a force to reckon with. I imagine that the Muse would hold a great amount of power, even if they would rarely, if ever, use it. They would be, putting it simply, the master of Breath. They would be able to create a tornado effortlessly, and they would hear things in the breeze. They would be able to work with the wind in pretty much any and every way to achieve whatever they wanted. On the other hand, as the most passive class, there’s a chance that they wouldn’t have any abilities that could be used in combat. Still, their power is nothing to scoff at. If Breath were a song, this Muse would be the conductor. They wouldn’t even have to fight to be an amazing asset to their team. They would be a tremendous help just by being themselves.

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Guys our Prince of Breath godtiered by his questbed falling on him I can't stop fucking laughing

Mysterious are the ways of the game, aren’t they?

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