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  • all of these are in english
  • if you have any recommendations or additions, please let me know!
  • some fanfictions that i originally planned to include on this list were deleted by their authors :( 

CLASSICS (favorites)

The Art Of Being Extraordinary - if you haven’t read this already, wyd? The ending will destroy you - be prepared to cry. 

Letters From War - another extremely well known fic among swen. a heart-wrenching and beautifully written AU fic. even if AUs aren’t your thing, seriously, give this one a try.

Emma is a soldier on reserve in Fort Benning. Regina is the Mayor of Storybrooke. Through a pen pal program designed to ease the ache of homesick soldiers, Emma and Regina begin sending letters to one another as their relationship grows from cordial acquaintance to something neither woman would have expected - until the letters stop coming.

A Trail Of Destruction - DEFINITELY a classic imo. this is one of my favorite fanfictions of all time.

A hostage situation in City Hall leaves behind a battered, broken sheriff, and a mayor wracked with guilt. Trigger warnings for violence and gun threats and general angst. Slow-burn swan queen.

Miles To Go - AU; emma and regina meet at a party and the rest is history. this ones pretty long (80 chapters), but so worth the read! angsty & lots of ‘sexy times’ 

Everyone has their own story, this one is theirs and it paints the picture of a love story that spans over two decades, with all the ups and downs and everything else in between. SwanQueen AU

Of Love and Loathing - a lot of angry sex in the beginning, which eventually turns into lovey sex. another well known and well written fic - this author is one of my favorites. *reaaallyyy hot smut 

“I have been sleeping with someone,” Regina began tentatively, an acute awareness that once she said the words out loud that the madness behind her highly unorthodox situation became all the more real, “whom I absolutely loathe.” •Emma/Regina•

Meet me Halfway - one of the first swan queen fan fictions i ever read! still a classic to this day. AU

Emma Swan works hard every night as a bartender, struggling to raise her son and save up enough to own her own bar. Regina Mills is an upper class New York photographer who wouldn’t normally spare a second glance at people below her. When their paths cross, their lives adapt to each other, but how much are they willing to change?

Love Undefined - in the process of re-reading this one because of how much i love it. angsty as hell but such a beautiful story.

It’s been eight years since the last time Regina and Emma saw each other, eight years since Emma lost part of her happiness, her family, and everything fell apart. But she hasn’t forgotten those three years in New York, or any of what Regina had brought into her life. A late night phone call to Regina takes Emma back eleven years to when they met, saved each other from loneliness, and Emma started learning what it meant to live. She relives the moments that had changed her life for the better, and even the ones that had hurt.


Emma Swan is starting her senior year. Her friends tell her about the Creative Writing teacher that she has on her schedule and how no one had passed her class with an A, not even her bookworm friend, Belle. What will she do? And who exactly is this ‘bitchy Evil Queen’ as they claim her to be? SwanQueen. Student/Teacher. M for language and future chapters.

Lost in Translation - i wasn’t sure about this before reading it but i LOVED it. the description pretty much sums it up.

AU. Regina is deaf. Emma is the only one who refuses to give her pity. In response, Regina is thrilled by this new challenge and the stand-offs commence, but over time she finds out there is more to the blonde woman than just a target to throw a stinging quip and pointed glare at.

Send Up a Signal - emma and regina are actresses and their fans ship them with each other. ;)

Emma Swan is catapulted into stardom, the newest lead actress on a sanitized show featuring modern fairytales. Regina Mills is a long-undermined star with a chip on her shoulder and a thousand reasons why she’s invested. Naturally, they loathe each other on sight.Their characters’ fanbases, however, have other ideas.

Reset - SO. GOOD. 95 chapters. if you’re looking for long fanfics, this is for you. 

Following the breaking of the curse everyone in Storybrooke is finding their happy ending, with one exception. Resigning herself to having lost Henry’s love and respect forever, Regina decides there is only one path available to her.

Take Me Home Tonight - AU!! lots of smut :) this is a newer one that i’ve seen around twitter and tumblr and i really enjoyed it! this one’s pretty short (14 chapters)

AU: Nineteen year old Emma Swan is a senior at the exclusive all girls boarding school, Foxhaven Academy. When her friends find out she’s a virgin they send her to the city to find a guy to take her v-card. But Emma is more interested in a sexy older woman she meets in a bar. A SwanQueen story.

The Staircase - non-consensual sex in the first chapter, so please be aware of that; its not for eveyone. this story is very dark but has a happy ending i promise!

Regina could still smell her cologne and feel the cheap pleather pressing into her back. The brunette sucked in a breath. She was still lying on the floor at the staircase’s base and she stared back up at it. Everything was different now. Changed. She felt broken by what had just happened, appalled and enraged, dirty. WARNING: NC17 for non-consensual sex. Dark. (But gets lighter.)

the trouble with emma - very very well known within the swan queen community. i’ll be honest, i never really got into the story but i can acknowledge that it is the most well-written fanfiction i have read to date. the author is truly talented. (the first in a series of fanfics)

Post ep 4x23, Emma becomes the Dark One and learns nothing is quite as it seems or as simple as black versus white. When Regina removes the curse no one in Storybrooke is prepared for the far reaching fallout which leaves none of their lives unaltered or untouched, least of all Regina’s.


shadow haven  - the one smut fic everyone has read.

Emma Swan is a PR agent who is sent on a holiday by her boss. Regina Mills is the owner of a private island named Shadow Haven. There is more to Regina than initially meets the eye. This story dips heavily into the BDSM subculture. Swan Queen romance / BDSM story.

the wicked stepmother - the one kinky fic everyone has read- or attempted to. i couldn’t get through the whole thing but the first few chapters,,, holy hell.

When the Evil Queen catches baby Emma along with Snow White, she decides on a new revenge. In Storybrooke, Snow White will be allowed to raise her daughter… but on her eighteenth birthday, Regina will come for her. Emma might just enjoy that.

in control  - Regina had never been in the habit of relinquishing control, but when it came to Emma Swan, she was starting to find out that giving in had its benefits. - Established Swan Queen - One Shot. Rated M for language and content.

the collar - It will carry strong mature themes as well as a Mistress/Slave relationship but it is also a lot more than that. However, as a warning this story will celebrate the shades of grey of our favourite couple as they find their way to each other and will deal with darker elements of their characters. Emma’s history differs a little from canon but will be covered by the story but there is no Henry and she is an adult in this fiction.

a little taste  - author of A Fine Line and Letters from War. 

Emma has been desperate to know what it’s like to kiss the smirk off of Regina Mills, but when she finally gets the chance, it doesn’t seem to be enough.

tempest - A storm ushers in an expected opportunity for Regina to finally rid herself of Emma Swan. She will posses the sheriff’s heart and then crush it. But what happens when nothing goes as planned? Rated M for language and Swan Queen sexytimes.

come on be nice - Regina has decided that the quickest way to get rid of Emma Swan is to scare off the commitment phobic woman with a come-on. This, as with many of Regina’s plans, does not go as, well, planned. Rated M for Swan Queen sex.

black lace - Emma and Henry find a way around the 'no visiting’ rule involving binoculars and the walkie talkie. Emma’s attention is fully on her son, she truly doesn’t intend to watch Regina at all. At least until the mayor begins undressing in front of her window..

dirty words - Regina is plagued by thoughts of a certain blonde. Deciding she is in need of cathartic release, she writes a quick narrative in hopes of cleansing her system. However, by a happy accident, the story falls into the wrong hands. What will Emma do with this new and intriguing insight into the mayor’s mind?

damn you, miss swan  Emma visits the mayor one night with a bottle of wine to cheer her up. Anger issues and smeared lippy ensues. WARNING: Includes a non-explicit passing reference to rape. This is my first story. A/N Jan 2015: Way back when I wrote this, no one knew anyone’s back stories, so I just made up stuff. Don’t be upset for canon divergence if you read it now. It wasn’t canon then.

mirror tricks The Evil Queen has made her way to Storybrooke, but she only seems to be interested in one thing: Emma. When Regina realises this, her jealousy starts to get the better of her.

my enemy’s enemy After her mother’s death, Regina finds a terrible surprise hidden among the witch’s belongings. Unfortunately, the only one able to cure her from the ailment is Emma…if she agrees. Strong language and mature themes. First stab at SwanQueen :)


to remember her happy ending - “She doesn’t even remember her family! How am I going to explain this to her when she hates me!” She was falling apart now. The way the women in the other room had just looked at her, with such disdain. That wasn’t her wife. That was the Mayor, the Evil Queen maybe…but not her wife.

for endings are where we begin Regina Mills is your average working mom - she spends long hours at her bakery, loves her son Henry with all that she is, and can touch dead things and bring them back to life.Emma Swan is an orphan, an ex-convict, and a bail bondsperson residing in Massachusetts. She is also currently dead.This is the story of how they meet.

the loudest silence - New to Chicago Emma, a professional cellist, is shocked to find that a beautiful deaf woman is her new president of the board. As their friendship grows Emma begins to wonder, what does it look like when a world of sound and a world of silence meet somewhere in the middle? SwanQueen AU

broken 16 year Emma Swan is a preachers daughter on a tight leash, what happens when Regina Mills returns to town, dark, mysterious and dangerous? Will her father’s expectations take over or will Emma follow her heart? Is Regina legit or is Emma cute little pawn? Will Emma be able to love Regina for who she is or will her dark past ruin it ALL! SwanQueen G!P Some BDSM

bring her home Cora’s dead. Henry lives with the Charmings. Regina continues spiraling through grief and loss and hatred. Then Emma suddenly falls unconscious and Henry shows up at Regina’s door because he needs her help to bring Emma back. Reluctantly, Regina embarks on a wild swan chase through Emma’s mind, a whirlwind of ‘roads‐less‐traveled’ and ‘what‐ifs’ and ‘might‐have‐beens’, in order to bring her home.

if the blazer fits Emma decides to dress up like Regina for a Halloween party at The Rabbit Hole, a seemingly innocent decision that surprisingly leads to a relationship. The romance is openly feared by some and secretly despised by an unlikely source, who plots to end it.

a fine line Upon Regina’s banishment, the small town of Storybrooke becomes protected once again by an enchantment that prevents anyone from leaving or entering Storybrooke. Emma and Regina find themselves on the edge of the town, wishing for a way to the other side.

a pale imitation Regina is furious with Emma after she brings back Marian, but since she can’t take it out on her, Regina creates a mindless clone of Emma to hit instead. The clone doesn’t stay mindless for long though, developing an obsession with Regina. Written for summer 2014 Swan Queen Big Bang. (TW for sexual assault/rape and graphic depictions of violence)


one fine mess - Regina’s gut twisted with an agonizing pull and, for just a moment, she thought she might need to take up the same position as the woman crouched before her. “You’re pregnant?” she whispered grimly. Emma’s only response was to turn and retch into the toilet again. — Swan Queen, magic!pregnancy

coffee at midnight - (so good) Slow burn AU that starts with two women from different parts of the USA meeting on Twitter. Emma is an insomniac loner who is a Personal Trainer. Regina is a writer with a sleepless baby. Their lack of sleep and love for coffee soon brings them together and after that they find it hard to part. This is a fic where coffee is taking to mythical levels, despite it’s bad effect on people with insomnia and people with babies - showing that sometimes what you need and want isn’t always the thing that is wholesome and harmless. But also that denying yourself it will only lead to misery, something which Regina has to apply to other parts of her life.

all the single ladies With the library in desperate need of renovation, Storybrooke prepares for a fundraising dinner and bachelorette auction. What mischief and romance can be found as a result? SwanQueen with some RedBeauty Rating has been raised to M - now including adult content.


teacher’s pet - see above (classics)

take me home tonight - see above (classics)

step into my office, baby  - This is what you get for doing the nice thing, Emma thinks. You do that whole Pay It Forward bullshit - you buy a lady some coffee and you pretend like it isn’t totally motivated by how she looks in a pencil skirt - and she goes and insults your business card and turns out to be your company’s new Executive Director. Real fucking cute.From now on, she is drinking tea.or, the one where they’re in an office.

teaching miss mills  - Swan Queen Teacher AU: Emma is a gym teacher, who moves to Storybrooke Academy after becoming disenchanted with her job back in Boston. Regina Mills is the Head of English who Emma somehow seems to keep having run-ins with, despite the best of intentions. Along the way, Emma adjusts to small-town life, gets her teaching mojo back and grows closer to Regina. NOW COMPLETE

troubled teachers - COMPLETE! SwanQueen AU. Geography teacher Emma Swan starts a new life far from her troubled past and meets history teacher Regina Mills. But all is not as it seems when it comes to the composed, intelligent, and beautiful brunette. Family struggles and difficult relationships lead to a friendship and soon something more blossoms. Rated M for Ch 7, 18, 22, 24, 28, 29, 31, 35 and 38

not a virgin anymore When college student Emma Swan wakes up one morning with no memory of what happened the night before she’s very surprised she finds herself in professor Mills’s bed. 

is that so, miss swan? - College student, Emma Swan, is confronted by her favorite professor and secret heart-throb, Dr. Regina Mills. What happens when Emma is forced to reveal her secrets? We shall see. AU. Slightly OOC at times. No magic. SwanQueen. Rated M for serious language and eventual sexy times between our two favorite ladies.

butterfly effect - in her final year of college, Emma finds she has more to account for than the extra credits she needs in order to graduate. Only… she doesn’t expect it to come in the form of her newest instructor, Professor Regina Mills. Complete. AU Swan Queen

a sophisticated seduction Emma’s a college student, working as an intern at the Dazzle Magazine for a powerful woman she has never had the good fortune of meeting. But everything in her life is about to change when they finally meet. Especially when one falls so deeply in love with the other and the insecurities from a broken marriage comes to light. (Not Based on The Devil Wears Prada)

some other faves

down east decisions - Massachusetts State Police Capt. Emma Swan leaves her red-hot career to become the police chief of sleepy Storybrooke, Maine. She’s hoping for a less-complicated, less-dangerous life, a desire that is dashed on both counts. AU. No magic. Crime drama and romance. Swan Queen is endgame.

that drunken night - Emma’s wasted and accidentally calls Regina instead of her mom. And Regina isn’t as loathe to talk to the blonde as she usually pretends. Did things change between them so radically while they were in Neverland? (No copyright infringement intended.)

chasing henry - SQ. Tired of the tricks and lies of both of his mothers, Henry follows the dwarves, Red and Granny when they use Tiny’s magic beans to return themselves to their old land. Emma and Regina both chase after him, and they reluctantly travel together through the Enchanted Forest in order to find him and bring him back home safely.

so does this make us both the other woman? - Set after 3b in a peaceful Storybrooke where Regina is with Robin and Emma’s fallen into a relationship with Hook. Shame about all that subtext that’s rapidly threatening to become text.

things of therapy
  • closing eyes whilst listening to classical music
  • walking under the moon searching for a fallen star
  • hiding away with a book
  • quoting alice’s adventures in wonderland
  • watching a film in an empty cinema
  • baking
  • reciting favourite poems under my breath
  • lying in bed crying
  • looking through vintage photographs
  • barricading myself from the outside world with sheet forts
  • not looking into people’s eyes
  • collecting natural little wonders
  • waiting for christmas 
Little Fireheart. (Rowaelin Oneshot)


Rowan’s eyes shot open.

He glanced at his wife, her breathing steady and quiet, her body outlined by the light of the moon. Rowan had been away with Aedion for the last week, overseeing Terrasen’s new recruits, and he had spent hours making it up to Aelin earlier that evening. Considering how often she moaned his name, and the marks on his back from her nails, he figured he was forgiven.

With a smile, he pulled up the thin, white blanket to her bare shoulders, and kissed her forehead gently. “I love you, Fireheart.”

As he stood, he swore he heard her mumble Buzzard, but when he looked back, eyebrows raised, she was still sound asleep. He pulled on his pants with a chuckle and grabbed a blanket from the chair by the fireplace on his way out the door.

The creaking of the stairs had stopped, and the pitter-patter of small feet were now heavy on the main floor. Wrapping the blanket around his broad shoulders, Rowan silently took the stairs two at a time.

He found her by the window, watching the city-goers walk by their private residence under the streetlights. She had her chin perched on her knees and her arms wrapped around her legs as she sat on the window sill, her golden hair a mess and her pajamas rumpled. She was clinging to her white-fur blanket, the one she was given by Gavriel the day she was born.

He leaned against the door frame, watching her, admiringly. He thought back to the first time he held her in his arms, bundled in that same blanket, when terror and love and utter joy flooded him. He remembered looking into the eyes of his firstborn, his daughter, and knowing he was in trouble. She had put him through hell since the day she’d been born, and she was only four. There was a lot more hell to go.

And he loved every minute of it.

“Didn’t your mother tell you to stay in bed?”

The small figure jumped at her father’s voice, her cheeks turning pink as she turned to face him. “Maybe….”

The silver-haired fae crossed his arms as he tried not to smile, and failed. “Ana.”

When her lip began to wobble, he ran to her side and pulled her into his arms. Once her small arms had wrapped around his neck, and her head was lying on his shoulder, he sighed.

“Are you mad, daddy?” she asked.

Rowan sat down on the cushioned couch that sat in front of the fireplace and wrapped his blanket around his daughter. “No, why would I be mad?”

“Mommy gets mad when I get out of bed,” she said, matter-of-factly.

He laughed. “Mommy doesn’t get mad. She just wants you to get a good night’s rest, that’s all. So you can grow big and strong.”

“Does mommy get mad at you when you get out of bed?”

He pulled back and looked into those curious, pine-green eyes. It was the only trait she’d gotten from him. “Yes. So, don’t tell her I was out of my bed, and I won’t tell her you were out of yours. Deal?”

She held up her pinkie in answer, and Rowan wrapped his around hers.

“Deal,” she giggled, and fell into his chest.

“Why can’t you sleep?” he asked her, after a minute. “It is late.”

“I thought you were on my side,” her high-pitched voice was highly offended.

He held up his hands in defense.

The little girl sighed. “Uncle Aedion told me a scary story. Aunt Lysy got mad at him, but he thought it was funny.”

Aedion and Lysandra had taken Aliana to the square earlier that afternoon for lunch, and to find a dress for Friday’s gathering. Apparently, Aedion liked to add his own fun to the agenda.

“Scary story?” he brushed her hair back behind her ear. “About what?”

“About snow leopards.”

“Snow leopards?”

“Yeah, about how they eat little girls with-with blonde hair.”

Rowan made a mental note to kick Aedion’s ass tomorrow when they met for their early morning workout. “Uncle Aedion was just joking, Ana.”

She frowned. “Well, he’s not very funny.”

The corner of Rowan’s lips tugged upward as the little girl in his lap yawned.

“Go to sleep, Ana,” he kissed the top of her head. “I love you.”

“Will you stay?” she asked, pine-green eyes growing wide.

“Of course,” he promised, pulling her tighter against his chest.

Another yawn escaped. “Love you, too, daddy.”

They sat there, just the two of them, in silence as he patted her back, giving her the comfort that only he could.


“Hmm?” he asked, realizing he was dozing off.

“Can I be a bird like you?”

It took him a moment to realize she was talking about shape-shifting, and the thought made him laugh, breathily. “You can be anything you want to be, my Little Fireheart.”

But, when he didn’t get a reply, and he looked down at the four-year-old cradled in his arms, her eyes were closed, and her breathing was steady.

A small flame rose, and grew, from within the fireplace.

Rowan glanced toward the door frame and gave its occupant a soft grin. He whispered, “I thought I wore you out.”

She rolled her eyes, but there was humor there, and love. “I came to see why I was the only one in bed.”

He held out his free arm, and before he could take another breath, she was there, lying her head against his shoulder and taking her daughter’s feet into her lap.

“She’s getting so big,” she sighed. “I don’t understand why she thinks I’d be mad to find her downstairs. Remind me to kick Aedion’s ass, by the way.”

Rowan chuckled. “I’d be scared of you, too, Majesty.” Aelin stuck her tongue out at her husband. With a smirk, he continued, “How long were you standing there?”

“Long enough to come to the conclusion that you two must keep a lot of secrets from me,” she narrowed her eyes as if to say liars.

He shrugged. “A pinkie swear cannot be broken.”

She nudged him in the ribs, then continued to rub his chest with her finger in lazy circles to the sound of his quiet laughter.

“She’s perfect,” Aelin whispered, as Rowan’s eyes closed. “I still think that, every day, just how perfect she is. She reminds me of you.”

“She’s just like her mother,” Rowan whispered, back. “Yes, she is perfect. And beautiful. And kind. And smart.”

As he opened his eyes, he caught the tear that had fallen down his wife’s cheek.

“There was a time when I didn’t think I would ever have this life,” she whispered. “There was a time when I dreamt of this life, with you. Sometimes, it feels like a dream after all that we’ve endured.”

“I often have to remind myself that it’s not,” he kissed her head as the flames in the fireplace grew. “I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

“To whatever end.”

“Always,” she smiled. “To whatever end.”

Aelin fell asleep a minute later, and Rowan sat there, holding them both tightly, lovingly, admiringly, until the flames turned to embers, the logs turned to ashes, and sleep consumed him.


Summary: Where did he go?

Pairing: dad!bucky barnes x reader

Word Count: 624

A/N: a short, (terrible) floofy drabble for my love, blade; hope you like it!

Originally posted by seabasschino

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anonymous asked:

Maybe 43 and prinxiety?

(sorry this took so long ;-;) 


Prompt: “I feel like I can’t breathe”
Pair: Prinxiety.
Triggers: Panic attack, crying.  Hurt/comfort
Tag: @inalandofmythandtimeofmagic @analogically-prinxiety .  @princeyandanxiety @pattonscardigan . @prinxietyhell@polysandershell @polysandershell @dan-yuna @starlight-sanders @imin-loveanon

Sometimes it’s not always the light that leads the dark.. but the wounded that help the fallen…

He swayed on his feet falling to his knees, he was shaking, hot, clinging to the fabric that stuck to his skin, tight and constricting. Eyes darting left to right before white wiped his vision.

His eyes shone with terror as they groggily opened and looked up at the shadow looming over him. Cold arms wrapped around his waist.  Warm breath on his neck. He was shaking? crying? This wasn’t right… ‘ I feel like I can’t breathe.’ He couldn’t quite see in the darkness, vision hazy.  His lungs were screaming, burning for more air.

“R-Roman, you-  


. -C’mon,

- 4.”

The voice was disjointed, he couldn’t understand, why was it so muffled? He gasped in a breath, coughing at the dryness. ‘Can’t breathe. why can’t I breathe??’   His heart was beating so loudly and quickly. He wanted to squirm at the odd sensation settling in his chest and gut.

He frantically tried to pull away, too scared of all the touching, the figure pulled away as if stung.

“Chill out. It’s just me ok? It’s  Virgil, I’m not gonna hurt you”

His hand was taken by a pleasantly cold one and placed over the figure’s chest.

“Feel it”

The thumping of his heart steading Princes rampant thoughts. Reluctantly Roman was pulled back into the soft embrace, he vaguely felt his hair being lightly tousled. A relaxing sensation as his nerves ebbed. He struggled weakly before accepting the gesture.

“Listen to it.. Breathe with it.. Calm down… you are with me.. you’re Ok.”

The faint and slowly less muffled voice continued to coo at him. He held his eyes shut, muscles still tensed into digging into his arms. They were slowly removed by soft hands rubbing his palms lightly as they were placed to grip the fabric of the figure that was holding him.

“Safe.” “You’re safe” “Breath for me Ro.. “

He could now recognize the way his chest wasn’t moving. Taking in a cautionary small gulp before trying to get deeper. His eyes were still full of tears as he painfully nuzzled into the emos chest.

“S-so..-’ his breathing hitched and Anxiety shushed him. “I know… I know..” Virgils voice cracked, he was in tears too at this point as he continued to teach the struggling Royal to breathe again.  

Roman was lying flush against him now, breathing more steadily, sweat gleaming his unusually pale red completion.  He was still holding anxiety like a lifeline as he gently snored. Drained by the episode.

“I’m sorry Roman.”Anxiety whispered placing a tender kiss on his forehead. “ I can’t stop them… but you won’t suffer them alone… ever.”  He placed another soft kiss on his lover’s lips.  ‘I promise. You won’t go through it like I did. You’re my hero, but it’s just as much my job to protect you..’ He shut his eyes, dragging his fingers through the mess of soft locks, humming quietly. ‘I will rescue you eventually… no matter how much you push me away’

Not long after, Patton had come back, awing at the two before fetching blankets for the pair to keep them warm on the couch. He gazed fondly before placing a small kiss on Anxiety’s head and ruffling his head lightly. “You did good kiddo.. ‘M very proud.”

Just as he sunk down he could’ve sworn he saw the glint of a smile.

Lie about love - Dean Winchester x Reader

Title: Lie about love

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader, Castiel x Reader (slight, not really)

Warnings: Possessed Reader

Prompt: Reader gets possessed and tells Dean lies about reader&cas just to hurt him, but then cas comes and exorcises the demon and Dean thinks that what the demon said was true (bc of huggin etc) but then time skip reader tells the truth about her feelings?

“Do you think she’d ever have feelings for you? Dean Winchester?” she scoffed, spite in her voice but Dean couldn’t bring himself entirely to hate it because it was your face, it was your voice, it was your eyes- your everything that he actually loved. He couldn’t bring himself to be strong an face the monster because he was actually facing the woman he loved more than anything. She laughed. But it was not the same laugh that would usually make his heart skip a beat because unfortunately it was no longer you that laughed.

“Like hell” she scoffed “She’d rather kill herself than fall for you, much less get any closer as far as a relationship is concerned.” she said in a hiss “You’re one big damn flaw, Dean. Broken, in every possible way. You are a mess, a man with daddy issues, womanizer and an alcoholic. What would she ever want to do with you?” she scoffed and Dean swallowed down the lump in his throat.

He fought so hard to not let it show how much your words were getting to him.Because he knew it wasn’t yours words exactly it was her words because she was the one speaking. But in the very end she was inside you, she could see all of your thoughts and feelings. How could Dean be sure she was only lying to him?

“Shut up.” Dean growled, his hands not even flexing to throw the holly water at you like he would do with any other demon. He couldn’t bring himself to hurt you not even when it wasn’t actually you.

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When You Least Expect It

Requested by @gracefullydrunk, an Alpha!Sam x Omega!reader fic where the reader and Sam discover they are soulmates after reader gets mildly injured on a hunt.

Warning: A/B/O dynamics, smut

Word Count: 2700ish

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Wait, You’re Not Together?

In which everyone sees the way they act around each other

Kara still claims they’re “just friends” and “it’s how friends act around each other”

Also on AO3:

Kara furrows her brows as she reads the text one more time.

Because after months (twelve months and thirteen days to be exact), Cat Grant (Ms. Grant) showed a sign that she’s alive, well and is, in fact, up to date on what’s happening in National City.

It’s a simple message, three lines, and Kara surely reads it at least four times and she still doesn’t get it:

10:25am – [received from Ms. Grant] – Just read your last article on L-Corp and Lena Luthor. I hope she treats you well.

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One of Adam's firsts? Something he didn't have the chance to do as a kid because his dad thought it was a waste of time or money? Adam's first petting zoo/Aquarium? Adam's first amusement park? Adam's first, uh, airplane ride/vacay out of Virginia?

“We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to,” Ronan says, cautiously. Ronan is hardly ever cautious, which makes Adam feel even worse.

“It’s fine,” he replies flatly, drying his palms on his jeans. Ronan, as always hyper-aware of Adam’s hands, gives him a skeptical look.

“I can see that. Listen, it’s not too late to cancel.” 

Adam can tell both that Ronan doesn’t want to cancel, and that he would in a heartbeat.

“It is too late to cancel,” he says stubbornly. “We would lose the money.”

“I’m not exactly terrified, Parrish.”

Adam throws him a withering glance. “Some of us don’t have the ability to just dream up checks.”

Ronan shrugs. It’s not real, this sparring, Adam knows that, even though only a year and some change ago it would have devolved into an absolutely real and ugly fight. The calculated insolence in the set of Ronan’s shoulders means he’s putting on an act, pushing Adam’s buttons with the spoilt Aglionby prince attitude, in an effort to distract him from his nerves. Adam is a little awed – both at Ronan’s strange brand of thoughtfulness and at their ability to read each other so well. He guesses dating for a year will do that.

A year. He can hardly believe it. And yet they’ve lasted this long, in spite of demons, hit men, and the various obstacles of long-distance relationships. And that’s why they’re here, at an airport, waiting to board a flight to Paris for their first anniversary. Paris, of all places. That’s something else Adam can’t believe.

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What if Salazar had really bad balance and kept falling or tripping over:
Salazar:     (Picks up poster) Jack Sparrow. Do you know
                        this pirate?

 Henry:       Only by name

(Salazar trips over nothing, Lesaro facepalms)

  Henry:       -Oh! Um … Are you ok?

 Salazar:     (Now lying on his back on the ground,
                          acting casual as though tripping over is                                     normal for him)Yes, I’ll just continue
                          questioning you from down here

 Henry:       Um … ok  

 Salazar:      You’re looking for him?

( Henry continues gawking a him)  

Salazar:       Is that a yes?

 Henry:         Y-yes.


 Jack:                Can I please have a drink … please?

 Bartender:      Where’s your silver?

 Jack:                Silver? How about a trade? Give me the

(Slams the compass down)
 Lesaro:            Capitan, what’s happening?! 

Jack Sparrow … Jack Sparrow has given                                     away the compass!

(Rocks crumble, sunshine appears)  

Daylight!- (Trips over, Lesaro curses under
                               his breath)

  Salazar:          (Lying on the ground, acting casual)
It’s                                    time to hunt a pirate


Capitan, a ship sails toward us

(Salazar causes the Silent Mary to rear up over the

 Barbossa:         CAPTAIN SALAZAR, I HEAR YE BE
                                 LOOKIN’ FOR JACK SPARROW?!

 (Salazar stops, then suddenly his crew start jumping down onto the Queen Anne’s Revenge, and finally, Salazar jumps down, but then as he is walking up to Barbossa, he trips over. Barbossa does not know how to react - Lesaro, however, is not amused)

  Barbossa:         (Trying to ignore the fact that Salazar is
                                   now lying on the deck of the ship in a                                         twisted position) My name’s Captain
                                   Barbossa, I stand before you with                                                       cordial intent

 Salazar:             (Totally not phased about the fact he is
                                 unable to get back up) Eeh, cordial

Little Bird (5) (NSFW)

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Sam Wilson x Reader

Warnings: angst, smut

A/N: I didn’t get a chance to proofread this really so please let me know if there are any crazy errors in it. Hope you enjoy.

Steve walked into the kitchen to see a rather depressed looking Sam sitting at the counter.

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marvel-is-my-job  asked:

8 with Sirius???? Pretty please 💗

I got like 6 requests for this so let’s do it! :D This gets…not smutty but I guess just kind of hot and intense so if that’s not your thing don’t read it!

#8 – seductive kiss

You had never seen the Leaky Cauldron so packed; you supposed everyone had seen the headline in the Daily Prophet–Ten Muggles Murdered Outside Yorkshire–and had come to the pub to talk, then try and drink until they forgot about it.  It seemed like every day there was a new disappearance or death, and it was starting to affect the non-magical world as well.  You and the rest of the Order were especially concerned.  If your world was revealed because of all these Dark attacks on Muggles, it would likely mean a two-front war against not only Lord Voldemort, but the nonmagical population as well.  You had nothing against most Muggles, but there always seemed to be that percentage of them that was so keen to fight people different from themselves.

“Dangerous, isn’t it, all of us gathering at once?” You wondered aloud.

“Hmm?” Sirius was standing next to you at the bar, leaning against it and swirling his drink in his hand.

You turned to face him and repeated, “I said it’s risky for us all to be here.”  You gestured at the dozen or so Order members all congregated in the same place–you were sitting ducks with targets on your backs should the Death Eaters choose to attack now–but Sirius merely shrugged.  “How can you be so nonchalant?” you asked him.

“I just don’t reckon Voldemort’s followers are going to come knocking down the door looking for drinks, is all,” he said as he shook his dark hair out of his face.

“They might, they did just kill ten Muggles.  They’ll want to celebrate,” you said sarcastically, and Sirius laughed as he took another sip.  You surveyed everyone milling about, talking in hushed voices and in some cases booming ones about what this meant for the Wizarding community, for He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, for students at Hogwarts.  A strange silence fell between you and Sirius while you stood next to him, stealing occasional glances as he did the same thing.

That’s how it always was between you two.  You were partners on almost all Order missions and had never failed a single one because you worked so well as a team.  In seventh year, you and he had always seemed to teeter on the edge of a relationship, or at the very least, a fling, but it just never happened and now that you had jobs to do you knew it went without saying that it never would.  And that was okay.  But still, every now and then you felt a rush of warmth in your face when he walked into a room, or you would notice him pause just a little too long after you finished a sentence, or feel those gray eyes of his lingering on you as you tried to work.

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Please Don’t Leave - Auston Matthews

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Ok, so I wrote this pretty quickly last night since my work schedule’s been all over the place so I didn’t edit it, oops!  Sorry in advance if there are any god-awful errors!  I hope you guys enjoy this one! Much love pals! <3

Word count: 1118

Warnings: a couple swear words!

Request: “Hey can you do an Auston Matthews imagine with prompt 152? Thanks! Love this blog btw :)” - @thecrosby-chronicles

Prompt: #152 “Please don’t leave me.”

Up next: Jake Guentzel


“Good morning Aus” you murmured as you rolled into your boyfriend’s side.  

He squinted his eyes then gave you a small grin before wrapping his arm around your waist, pulling you tightly against him.  “Morning love.”

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Forgiveness (Can You Imagine?)

Forget Me Not | Think of Me

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A/N: Final part in this series! I hope you all enjoyed it ^.^

Jason felt more nervous than he had ever felt before. He hadn’t even been this on edge when he asked Y/N out that first time. But here he stood, butterflies running amok in his stomach, hesitating at even knocking on her- their door.

He knew he didn’t deserve to even see her face again, but Dick was right: he had to apologize.

He slowly reached up and rapped on the door. He held his breath as he heard footsteps approach. When the door opened, his heart leapt to his throat. He thought he had been prepared to see her again, but he guessed he had forgotten how beautiful she was, even though he had regained the majority of his memories.

“Jay,” She said in surprise. “What are you doing here?”

“I live here.” Jason said, mentally kicking himself for not coming up with anything better to say.

Y/N bit her lip and gestured for him to come in. “I knew that,” she chuckled nervously. “I meant, why are you here? I would didn’t expect you to come here so soon.”

“Yeah, um, doc gave me the go ahead so I figured I’d leave.” Jason said as he looked around the apartment. It looked almost exactly like he remembered. Except…

“What are those boxes for?” Jason asked, his brow furrowing in confusion.

Y/N looked sheepish as she walked over and resumed putting items in it. “I’m moving.”

It felt like a vice was squeezing Jason’s chest. “Moving?”

“Yeah,” Y/N said as she avoided his gaze. “I thought about it and I decided that I am not going to expect you to stay with me when you cannot even remember our first date.”

“You’re not even going to try and help me remember you?” Jason asked quietly.

Y/N froze, her face downcast in an attempt to keep her feelings hidden from him. “I kind of got the impression you didn’t want to remember me.” She whispered as she moved to grab another item to put in the box.

Her words stung, but Jason knew he deserved it. He watched in silence as she filled the box before closing it and grabbing another. “What if I told you I do remember you.” He said quietly.

“Look,you don’t need to pretend for me. I’m a big girl, Jason. I can deal with heartbreak.” She said. She looked at him briefly before looking away again. “Lord knows I have had enough of it in the past couple of months.” She said under her breath.

“I’m not lying, Y/N,” Jason said, stepping forward and taking both her hands in his. “I remember our first date, the day you moved in with me, the day I took you to the manor to meet my family. How you cried when I crawled through our window, beaten and bloody, and you found out about my night job. I remembered how in love with you I am. Even if I haven’t acted like it for too long.”

Y/N continued to avoid his gaze, fearful of the powerful emotions she might find there. He gently tilted her chin up until their eyes met. She started when she saw he was crying. In all the time she had known him, she had never seen him cry before. “I need you to know how sorry I am.” He said, cupping her face. “I know I don’t deserve you after how shitty I have treated you and I won’t blame you if you continue to pack your things and never look back, but I need you to know that I love you and I am so sorry for hurting you.”

Y/N was silent for several moments as she processed his words, which Jason took as a refusal. He slowly retracted his hands. “I’ll, um, leave you to think about it.”

“Wait.” Y/N said as she stepped forward. Jason was frozen, waiting for whatever she was willing to give him. “It’s gonna take more than just words for me to forgive you.”

“What do you want? I’ll do anything.” Jason said, ready to make good on his promise.

“You owe me at least a month’s worth of date nights, for starters. On top of the regularly scheduled ones.” Y/N said in a slightly teasing tone.

Jason sighed deeply, all the tension leaving his body. “Doll, I’ll take you out for dinner every night for the rest of our lives if it means you’ll forgive how shitty I was to you.”

“Well, it would certainly be a start.” Y/N laughed. Jason pulled her close and kissed her like he had been dying to since he saw her face again. In that moment, despite all that had happened and all they would have to work through, they knew they would get through it together.

All For You

I’m almost scared to post this…

I maybe shed a tear or two proof-reading, so apologies for any errors! Warning for major character death ❤️️


Try not to imagine Dean growing old with Castiel at his side, the angel agonised that he can do nothing to heal his hunter’s ailing body. Dean sitting on the porch drinking whiskey and recounting tales of his youth with Sam, and Cas smiling quietly because he’s heard it all before but hearing it again is his favourite way to pass the time.

Don’t think about Dean accepting it all with that wry smile he always wears, and holding Cas’ hand while the angel tries to think of some way, any way, that he can follow the hunter when the life finally ebbs out of him. For where Dean will go, Castiel cannot follow, and for that his heart breaks a thousand times over. Don’t think about Cas crying: he normally does it in private where Dean can’t see, because he doesn’t want his hunter to see him break apart.

Don’t dare to imagine Dean unable to drive Baby any more, but looking at her longingly and stroking her as memories twist his lips into a smile. Castiel driving, taking Dean on long road trips just because he can. Then shorter ones, because Dean gets tired and sore quickly and likes to be near their home.

You mustn’t think of Dean breathing his last, lying comfortably in Castiel’s arms as they stare up at the stars together. He had known it was his last sunset, and had asked Cas to drive them to the beach so they could watch it go down together, the explosion of burnt crimson across the skies as the sun bleeds into the ocean for the final time. Castiel kissing Dean’s lips as the life bleeds away from him so that he knows how loved he is, and even the broken tears of an angel aren’t enough to bring him back.

Imaging Castiel taking it hard is the worst. The angel curling up on Dean’s bed and screaming as his heartbreak courses through him, through his very being, destroying him and even having his wings torn off didn’t feel as painful as this. Pleasing with anybody out there to take everything he has and more, if he can just see the face of his hunter one more time. Castiel will be all right; the pain will lessen and he will learn to smile for Dean instead of cry, but the bad days will still come from time to time.

And if you do have to imagine it, if you just can’t help yourself, then try not to cry, because they wouldn’t want that. Because Castiel is out there somewhere, behind the wheel of the Impala, thinking of Dean and smiling. Because the life they shared was beautiful and vibrant and exquisite, and one Castiel knows will stay with him until the end of time. They lived for each other, died for each other, and would do it all again if you asked them to. As Castiel wanders amongst humanity, he’s alone but never lonely: the memories of the years with his hunter are all he needs to keep him safe.

As the earth changes and the people around him ebb and flow, the skies above the fallen angel will remain forever the same, and Castiel knows that when he looks up towards Heaven that his hunter will be the star shining the brightest. Waiting for him. So they can finally, blissfully, as in love as they always had been on earth, burn out together.