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IM SO SAD!!!! Holiday Night is likely to not go #1 and it would be their first album to not do so, I really don't care for success as long as the girls are happy and we are happy but it would have been so so nice? and It's just sad how the streak is ending like that. I don't even wanna be negative but like I don't really see us staning a chance against Wanna One who already have passed 500k preorders and have a massive fanbase for some reason... we shld all get a 2nd copy in the 2nd week lol

hi there! so hey!! I know it’s hard not to panic because our girls DESERVE THIS, but don’t count them out yet, you’re giving up a bit early! Sones are a massive fanbase and we’ll do our best. And if you have the ability to buy multiple albums then yes, go for it!! Even if they don’t get number one though, still enjoy the comeback, yeah? We’ve waiting two years for this, and awards, views, and wins shouldn’t make any part of this experience negative. There’s no use panicking about it if you’ve done all you can do, yknow? 

i’ve also seen some panic about music shows on twitter, again because of the album sales for the new group so far. Yes W/annaOne is popular debut group, but SNSD has gone up against every popular group out there, and are having their 10th anniversary comeback that the entire country is anticipating. I mean, just Taeyeon herself won against Tw*ce, arguably the most trendy group right now. No, it might not be easy, but I still have faith in Sones to help our girls get some music show wins! 

Also, there’s something you can do to help besides buying the album! Go message Sunny Global Fan on twitter and she will help you get a Melon streaming pass so you can stream the new album to increase the unique listeners and increase the girls’ music show scores!

But besides all that, just take a step back and enjoy this. Fully. Don’t get bogged down in all the overwhelming stuff. This is SNSD’s 10th anniversary, and that’s just incredible in itself. They’ve proven themselves to be the best of the best over and over again in the last 10 years, and everything here on out is just like cherries on top of a cake of accomplishments, success, and a unmatched legacy. 

witchy thing to do right now

pick a colour

close your eyes

take a slow deep breath in

breathe in white light coming in through your skull, face, forehead, nostrils, mouth, eyes, ears

the white light is filling your lungs like a cup being filled with crystal clear water

hold it there for a second and feel it’s power

now breathe out a misty cloud of your colour. feel it surround your head and then shoulders and then body. breathe it out into your aura or energy field.

do this as many times as you need to feel awesome + charged

<3 u all

Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your thoughts. Whenever your mind becomes scattered, use your breath as the means to take hold of your mind again.