breat michaels

#11 Marks *Visuals* [5SOS Preference]

Warning: Slight Smut with Visuals

Luke *His POV*: The first night with Y/N after being apart for three months was the best one I could ever ask for. I knew the boys knew what we did. Hell, even the One Direction lads could hear us in the other tour bus. I didn’t mind, though, I was too into Y/N to even think about it. “What shirt for tonight?” Calum asked as he held up a singlet and a tshirt. I looked at the two and nodded towards the singlet. He gave me a small smile then took off his shirt and put on the singlet. I went towards the closet and grabbed the first t-shirt in sight. I pulled the one I had off and turned my front to the boys. Michael started laughing and shaking his head. “Oh, Luke! Faster! Harder!” Calum said in a high pitched voice. “Ohm fuck!” Ashton had said in a lower voice. My face became bright red. “Guys-” “On a scale of 1-10 how is your chest because it is destroyed.” Michael said, trying to hold back himself and form a sentence. I looked down and noticed the red scratch marks from my collarbone to my hips. I avoided their faces and slid on the t-shirt I had in my hand quickly. Embarrassment is all I could feel and they continued to laugh at me. “It’s alright, mate. Been there, done that.” Ashton shrugged and grabbed my shoulder friendly.

Michael: “Hey, Ashton, glad you’re out of your bunk for first time in this weekend” Luke teased, causing all the boys to laugh. You walked in and gave them a confused look “what’s so funny?” you asked as you took a slice of bread. Luke blushed and winked at you. “Nothing, we’re going to the pool outside, wanna come?” Michael suggested, and you noticed that all the boys were already in their swimming trucks. “Why not, just let me get ready” you shrugged as you headed to get ready. You walked out a few moments later, the boys already in the pool. You noticed them giving you weird look as Michael blushed slightly. “We all know you love boobs mate, but you didn’t need to emphasize that” Calum laughed and you looked over your breats, giving Michael a dirty look when you noticed the marks on them. He just winked and pushed Ashton into the water before he could make any comments.

Calum *His POV*: “What’s up?” Michael asked as I was rubbing my back. “Back hurts a little” I shrugged it off, not wanting them to know exactly why it was hurting. They’d never let it go. “Sleep on it badly or had a long night with your lovely girlfriend?” Ashton asked as he took a seat down beside Luke. I shrugged my shoulders, trying to avoid any further questions. “Probably both of them” I said as I was about to sit down, thinking that they would shrug it off. Of course I was wrong. “You were with, (Y/N) last night, right?” Michael asked me as he gave me a weird look and smirked at me. I just nodded my head. “Let me see your back” Ashton said and I sighed, giving in and taking off my shirt. I knew if I didn’t he would most likely rip it off. “Turn around” he said as I slowly turned around. I could hear them all mumbling things then Michael touched my back and laughed; making me hiss in pain and arch my back. “In pain, uhu? She drew blood” he said as they all continued examining my back. “Guess she isn’t as innocent as we thought she was” Luke teased and I rolled my eyes at him.I turned around and grabbed my shirt and threw it on. “Alright, let’s move on now. It’s enough” I groaned frustrated as I sat down. They continued talking about my night with Y/N last night all the day.

Ashton: When you woke up, all the boys were already in your room, eating, and hanging out while Lou did their hair for the day. You sat up in bed still a tiny bit sore from Ashton last night. You stood up and made your way towards the table, sitting on your boyfriend’s lap. “Wild night last night, uhn?” Michael wiggled his eyebrows playfully as a smirk appeared on Ashton’s face. You shook your head and stood up and walked over the counter to grab a glass. All the boys had turned to look at you. “Jeez, mate. Now I see what all the screaming’s about" Luke laughed from the sofa at the and of the bed. Ashton have him a cheeky smile and kept eating a bowl of cereal. Across the room you could see yourself in the mirror. Ashton’s tank top you had been wearing had leaned up exposing the lower half of your bum. Peppered with a red love mark on one of your cheek “Oh stop’it” Louise said smacking Luke on the bottom of his foot with a comb. “Her ass is off limits, the next time I catch you looking at it and I won’t have a problem to rip your eyes” Ashton glared at the boys, being dead serious.