African American women under the age of 35 have breast cancer rates that are two times higher than White women of the same age. 

Knowing this, and her family history of breast cancer, Jackie wanted to make sure she and her daughter had a bright future. Learn how she created a roadmap for managing her health.


R/p @iamhamamat “Happy Thursday #KingsandQueens
#tbt to when I made this video about the #soursop fruit .
This fruit has been linked to curing cancer .October is almost over but #breastcancer is still a silent killer.
Let’s remember to eat healthy foods at all times and not foods that silently kill us.
#travelwithhamamat #africanbeauty #Africa #Ghana”

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So apparently it is no bra day.
Now before we start with the obligatory inclusion of @airebeam  ;) in our post, it’s to raise breastcancer awareness.

Which is nothing to joke about.
So please read up on it, talk about it and discuss it. It could one day save your life!