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umbraljxrk  asked:

Do you have any Jindosh ships, BROTP or otherwise?

Hmm that’s a tough one. I don’t really ship him with anyone romantically.. I saw where he was being paired with Paolo, but idk where that came from?
He might’ve had a crush on Sokolov (I headcanon him as bisexual/pansexual) in his Academy years but I think that would have disappeared after he was banned. Or warped into something else.
As far as BROtp goes, I pair him with Breanna, Delilah, and Luca because they all write letters back and forth frequently and more than necessary. Kirin wanting to learn more about the occult is also super cute; he’s curious and Breanna and Delilah are just like “Kirin, stick to machines you don’t know what you’re talking about.” As far as Luca is concerned, I think they’d just share drinks every now and again. Luca and Kirin canonically share overlapping interests but I think their intellectual levels divide them.
NOTPs are… uhhh? KirinxDeath? KirinxMentalTrauma? KirinxSleepDeprivation?
I guess I don’t really ship him with Paolo, Emily, Luca, or Sokolov because I either A) can’t see it happening or B) don’t get it
But really, that’s all personal preference and I have no actual disdain for anything the DH fans produce for KJ. Just as long as there’s anything at all!