breakup music

March 22

All of you guys know what happened on March, 22 2013. It is okay, I understand your feelings but please do not send hate messages or please-come-back messages to Gerard, Frank, Mikey or Ray or Twitter or any social network. They have their own, different things going on and maybe they will post something about March 22 but I think they don’t want to get spammed with such things.

sad-ish breakup songs for signs

aries: heartless by a day to remember
taurus: don’t stay by linkin park
gemini: gives you hell by all american rejects
cancer: all sad breakups songs combined x10 i mean the scientist by coldplay
leo: i don’t love you by my chemical romance
virgo: i hate everything about you by three days grace
libra: it’s not me, it’s you by skillet
scorpio: tell me why by back street boys
sagittarius: problem by ariana grande
capricorn: payphone by maroon 5
aquarius: if you can’t hang by sleeping with sirens
pisces: apologize by one republic

George Strait for Your Mood

Figuring out your next step?
I Got a Car

Wondering if they love you?
Check Yes or No

Need to let her know how you feel?
Write This Down

Enjoying yourself?
Here for a Good Time

Thinking about her? Missing her maybe?
She’ll Leave You With a Smile

Lose the love of your life?
Living for the Night.

Feeling like you’re meant to be?
It Just Comes Natural

Taking a big step? Need a little help?
Easy As You Go

Having a rough day?
I Hate Everything

Making that special promise?
I Cross My Heart

Need love that’s unconditional?
Love Without End, Amen.

Need to laugh?
All My Exes Live in Texas

Need to cry?
The Cowboy Rides Away

Amarillo by Morning

Feeling that genuine love?

There’s never a bad time to listen to the king.