breakup infinity

Dodge is set to Introduce a Camouflage Ram 1500

I am sure at one point or another we have all wanted to have an invisible car; but that is obviously out of the question. SO, the next best thing would be to have your Ram 1500 decked out in camouflage (so at least the deer can’t see you!). Well, Dodge has introduced the new “Mossy Oak” edition Ram 1500 for just that. Dodge knows that a lot of their Ram customers are also avid outdoors people. Many of these owners like to hunt, fish, boat, and camp; so Dodge has tailored this truck to match that lifestyle. In conjunction with the “Mossy Oak” camouflage brand they have delivered a Ram 1500 that has a tailgate covered in the “Breakup Infinity” camouflage design with the Mossy Oak logo featured on the rear quarter panels. This truck even features camo on the center column of the interior’s instrument panel! Look for this truck to be hitting Dodge stores soon (but only available on the Ram 1500 series).