Are you fine?✨No you’re not baby, you’re not good and that’s ok…
You don’t need to be good all the time.💛If things get hard, just take a break, toss your hair in a bun, play music you like and relax.🌞Put your phone on airplane-mode and ignore messages or calls. Take as much time as you need, your friends will understand. If you have to cry, let it all out, honey.🌻 Don’t try to be strong, you don’t have to impress anybody. 💫If you can’t concentrate on work, get your nails done, take a shower and put on new clothes. Then sit down again and try to concentrate.🌜A lot of things get easier when you take care of yourself and listen to your body. Whenever you’re not feeling well, don’t fake a smile.🏆 Be honest with yourself and take a nap. I promise you’ll feel so much better…🌅 YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY DARLING!

I was originally planning an entire fanfiction for this picture but after a paragraph or two, I kinda lost steam so I never finished it.

A basic summary I was planning was a moment during the rebuilding of the Moon Theater after the final performance in the movie. I like the idea of Johnny and Ash getting together during that time and since the process was such a long one, they’d get closer and start dating half-way through. This is a moment where they take a rare break; Ash enjoying an iced coffee to stave off exhaustion when Johnny comes up on her as she relaxes on the balcony.

“You’re so dangerous sometimes.” he chuckles lightly in her ear, arms encircling her waist from her spot sitting on the ledge. “You need to be careful sitting up here like that.”

Ash smirks at his concern with a well-timed eye roll; cheeks flushing at how he cares even if it feels a little too much at times. She appreciates it nonetheless.

“This is one of the only places I can get some peace and quiet. Sue me.” she shrugs it off but leans against his touch anyway. Damn him for being so freaking cuddly…

Johnny bit his lip and she knew he intended to chide her actions further but swallowed them back and decided upon a lazy smile.

“Just be careful.”

“I will.” Ash wanted to roll her eyes but held back from the temptation; instead allowing her vision to take in the view. The Moon Theater was now structurally taller than it had been. A view any would envy and one she enjoyed immensely…Johnny’s steady heartbeat against her shoulder and breath cascading on her quills and neck making it all the better.

She was still surprised at herself for giving into the gorilla’s handsome face and charming personality so quick after the disaster of her and Lance’s relationship. How hesitant she had been about pursuing a romance so soon afterward faded away upon getting to know the gentle giant. Johnny had been so patient and not at all shy about how he felt for her; how obvious he had been by his flushed cheeks and soft mutterings of how he cared for her. As scared as she was for a repeat performance of her last relationship, she found herself falling for those pretty brown eyes anyway.

It may have been a bit taboo and a bit soon, but she embraced whatever this was.

Ash shifted against him, smiling at the far-off look in his eyes and how she’d come to adore his propensity to let his mind wander and daydream. He was too cute for words. Ash adjusted upon the stone surface underneath her, grasping his hand and caressing his face with a tender stroke of her paw.

It was only a second later when her lips found his.

After they parted, Johnny’s face was flushed and eyes crinkled at the edges in obvious affection. She sensed the hesitation for the slightly public kiss and him still trying to adjust to it.

“Heh. Eh, break-time is almost over.” he said demurely, eyes slipping down to the crew below.

“I think Moon can wait a little longer.” she chuckled before her mouth found his again.

Meh. I tried.

P.S. I updated my Johnny x Ash fict, “Beautiful Disaster” if you want to check it out. Have a great rest of your day! <3


For the ones who do not want to read my rambling: I am not leaving Tumblr.

For those who want to know why and more, plus other updates, go on.

SO. Some of you might have seen a post, telling you guys that I was planning on leaving Tumblr. I quickly got some messages telling me not to. Asks as well.

You guys really touched me. Especially @askstrawhatsanji, @askblackleg-sanji, @askkav and @minister-of-candy (I was still too afraid to contact you rip)

Everyone else too, thank you for your kind words, it really means a lot.

I will not be leaving Tumblr BUT I am going to take a little break for answering asks and such. One of the reasons why I considered leaving is because (some of you may disagree)…. because I think my drawings aren’t good enough (to my liking), my representation of Brook is poor and I feel like I don’t belong with all my fellow ask blog friends.

All the things that anon said is mort likely true, but RIGHT NOW I do not see everything they’re saying. My art may seem great to you but I see it on an other angle. It is good, but not good enough to be posted.. Colorful, yes I give you that. If by humour you are refering to my puns, then yes sure, I can be funny, people laugh at my stuff, cool. 

I do think that I belong in the ask blog community at a certain point. I LOVE One Piece, Brook, having lots of acquaintances and friends, RPing and much more. BUT On my side I see a Brook that is not really in character, awesome roleplayers (i havent roleplayed in like 2-3 years, i’m rusty) and way better art and love out there.

All of this may not make sense, sorry, it is really hard for me to put my feelings into text and such.


Reblogging stuff, talking to my people and probably roleplaying.

If you want to roleplay or just talk, hit me up, I never mind meeting new people. I will not be answering Brook asks for a bit, but if you want to ask ME (mun-chan), i’ll be happy to answer you. Questions. Answer you questions, yes.

I am also starting to work again (public uuuughh), so this might pump me to find a way to feel better (maybe come back quicker)

I do not know when I’ll be back, but I’ll never truely be gone. You guys are really nice to me and I don’t understand.

I would like to tag a few people and thank them, but I’ll do it in an other post. Maybe. 


Taking A Breather

Okay so you guys most likely don’t know this but the reason I write a lot (or usually do) is because I can’t work. I have problems with my joints (fibromyalgia) and severe anxiety however recently with the cold my right hand has been getting stiff and rather painful. So I have decided to take a break for a few days.

I didn’t want to take a break but I have a feeling if I keep pushing myself it’s going to get a lot worse.

I tend to let myself suffer because I hate complaining but my best friend pointed out that if I keep pushing I may end up not being able to write for even longer.

I am truly sorry I feel I take too many breaks recently so for that I’m sorry 😥

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