“Low flying C-47 transport planes roar overhead as they carry supplies to the besieged American Forces battling the Germans at Bastogne, during the enemy breakthrough on January 6, 1945 in Belgium. In the distance, smoke rises from wrecked German equipment, while in the foreground, American tanks move up to support the infantry in the fighting.”


Countdown to the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015:
Japan’s breakthrough FIFA Women’s World Cup™ win at Germany 2011 was based around teamwork, short-passing and technical excellence. It is a methodology that remains a cornerstone of their game and is in keeping with the Nadeshiko Vision; Japan’s blueprint for women’s development. Japan boast few headline names, but rather they rely on teamwork and unity. They do however boast both depth and quality in attack and in creative midfield roles. Despite often being inferior physically to some of their opponents, few can outscore Japan for resilience and commitment. (x)

this is the first bathing suit I’ve owned in 7 years… I’ve been struggling with self-esteem/body issues my whole life. so after putting in hard work these past three years, I’m beginning to love my body. I’ve never felt more confidant in the twenty years I’ve lived and I think anyone who has hated their reflection as much as I understands the breakthrough that this is. I’m just really happy right now!! I know I still have more work to do on myself, but I’m more motived than ever before! 50lbs down, I think I have the right to feel good(; Now repeat after me: “focus on your goals, baby girl” 🌷 and everything else will fall into place ☺️✌️ #weightloss #fitness

I always did something I was a little not ready to do. I think that’s how you grow. When there’s that moment of ‘Wow, I’m not really sure I can do this,’ and you push through those moments, that’s when you have a breakthrough.
—  Marissa Mayer

I’ve just had this breakthrough today. I don’t know why or how it came to be, but suddenly everything feels different… in a good way. Suddenly I’m okay with the ending of old things and the starting of new things. I’m okay with the fact that the girl I’ve been stuck on for so long maybe doesn’t have feelings for me anymore. I don’t feel like bursting into tears just by looking at my mom’s fiance. I want to do good for myself. I want to start drinking more water and washing my face more often and wearing things that make me feel good instead of dressing to impress. I want to stop doing destructive things just to feel something, and to start doing positive things that can make me feel just as strongly, but in a better way. I want to go through life living for me instead of living for compliments from others. I want to smile at people who need it and compliment others instead of being so hung up on my own problems. I want to focus on my therapy and getting past my trauma instead of bullshitting my way through everything. I want to love myself and love other people and I want to spend more time in nature enjoying everything instead of wishing the days would pass by more quickly. I want to live in the now and I want to stop wishing it away. I suddenly feel like there’s a world of possibilities for me and that I don’t need to plan out my future bit by bit because I know it’s going to be okay. I want to respect others instead of being so god damn bitter all the time. I want to work on myself and I want to be happy. And I can do that. I’ve realized I can do that. 

I think. I THINK, I just may have gotten past the writers block that has kept Figure Drawing at a standstill for like a year. It was more of a how do I get them to the next part of the scene, and I couldn’t for the longest time, figure out how to create that situational bridge from one moment to the next. But I think I just had a breakthrough!

Although, it’ll have to wait till after work…

Break open the champagne 🎉🎉🎉

I have AT LAST completed the last maths assignment of my course. It’s been a real killer and I have spent hours and hours on it, especially one question I was just going round in circles with. BUT I finally had a breakthrough and got the rest of it finished 😃
Now I just need to start revising for the exam at the start of June, but I think I’ll have a little time off first. This assignment has consumed all my precious spare time for the last few weeks.
I was so caught up in maths, I’ve just realised it’s 2pm and I haven’t been to the shops to buy bread for lunch, never mind eaten lunch.
And before you all start getting at me (😜) I’m going to do that right now!!

あと「我慢していたら褒められるしいつか解ってもらえる、我慢が認められて尊重してもらえる日が来る」って思うんだけど、それは全くの嘘で我慢する人には他人はどこまでも我慢を強いるし口先で褒められても尊重してもらえる日は決して来ないんだよね。(@angelusace )

— ブレイクスルーな言葉 (@breakthrough_jp) from Twitter:
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When I was studying in my twenties and I tried to write… but I couldn’t write. Then I had a discovery when I was 26 or 27 that something was—I don’t know why it happened—but something was happening in my writing all of a sudden. It was like a breakthrough I had. I was just diving into it and something else came out of it, something I hadn’t seen before. I realized this is writing. You pour yourself in and you see something you haven’t seen before. It’s not yourself; it’s something else and that’s a combination of you, and before you, literature. You can’t think when you are doing that. You can’t calculate it. You can’t make it. It has to happen.

The new battery that could power the renewable revolution

A new high-performance ‘aluminum-ion’ battery could be the technical breakthrough needed to boost the renewable energy takeover. It’s safe, uses abundant low-cost materials, recharges in one minute and withstands many thousands of recharge cycles.
Stanford University scientists have invented the first high-performance aluminum battery that’s fast-charging, long-lasting, inexpensive - and safe.

anonymous asked:

I have had a hypomanic episode and a major depressive episode which is the criteria for BPII. Would I be in the wrong if I bought a workbook for BPII without being officially diagnosed?

You wouldn’t be wrong to buy it at all! Buying the book will probably help you out a lot, actually, regardless of whether or not you have BPII. And it’s def not bad to be self diagnosed–the point is that you are opening up new resources to help yourself with. For all you know this book could be a majour breakthrough and super beneficial to you, and it’s not like you need an official diagnosis to buy it–it’s right there for any and everyone! So go right ahead and good luck!

A baby girl in Mississippi who was born with HIV has been cured after very early treatment with standard drug therapy, U.S. researchers reported on Sunday, in a potentially ground-breaking case that could offer insights on how to eradicate HIV infection in its youngest victims.

The child’s story is the first account of an infant achieving a so-called functional cure, a rare event in which a person achieves remission without the need for drugs and standard blood tests show no signs that the virus is making copies of itself.