☀️ Breaking it down in the sunshine with some seated shoulder hooping🌀 #breakscience #shoulderhooping #hooping #sewell #thepolishambassador


😍The break queen breaking it down! #BreakScience #hooping #proudhoopmama #sewell #txst @therosieone


😍NEW BREAKS! Double arm in/out. Thanks to Rosemary for paving the way to new movement. #breakscience #hooping #hoopbreaks #sewell #txst #thepolishambassador

#DecadenceNye couldnt have been any better. @bassnectar #beatsantique and #breakscience were incredible. Not to mention dada life and tiesto and EVERYONE else. It was a hell of a trip! Cant wait to tell my grandkids about it someday haha. Finally found my way out of the rabbit hole. The boy with kaleidoscope eyes! Thanks fam for enjoying it with me! See you next year :)
P.s. @bassnectar ..your new song… wow..soooo good!!!


ummm obsessed


Electric Forest 2015 was one for the books. So many good sets, so many good people. I heard so many things leading up to this past weekend, but now that its over and now that i have seen it with my own eyes, all of the words and stories have come to life! So to celebrate, here are some pictures of one of my favorite sets…. I present to you, Break Science! I was fortunate enough to be in the front row with my best friends… what more could i ask for?