breaks of the game

Missed me? I’ve not posted in fucking ages…. I took a bit of a social media break for around 2 months which is my longest break by far. I lost a lot of motivation for YouTube after starting the LOU playthrough. Trying to record on the PS4 is a fucking nightmare. I have something like 4 hours of footage with no audio because of silly mistakes I’ve made like not ticking a box or adjusting sliders and it really put me off doing it. I wanted to try and get ahead before I started posting again so I have 5 episodes edited and ready to go but I think I’ll just give up on that series and not post them. I wanted to try out the Crash remaster but I don’t think I want to go through the PS4 shite again. I have no idea about what to post though, Overwatch is kinda dead just now and Destiny isn’t out for a few weeks. I was thinking Sonic Mania but I don’t know. I would stream more if anyone was active in the chat there, only been once or twice when people have actually joined in. On the plus side in those two months I have fixed my PC so there is a bit more options. I’m back now anyway so send me messages, give me some ideas or just chat whatever, I’m happy to be back :)

You still can call yourself a “fan”, even if you

  • have not watched every single episode
  • disagree with the choice of a character
  • do not follow the actors/actresses on social media
  • have not read the original book/comic
  • do not spend all your money on merchandise
  • do not know every single background info